The Fountain Ch. 01

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As per Literotica’s guidelines, all sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen.

Ch. 01: DAMMED

This past year has been a very tough one. Six months ago my father died of a sudden heart attack while out running. Some fellow runners saw him stop, lean up against a tree and then use the tree as support as he slid down to a sitting position. Before anyone could give him first aid he expired. Everyone in my small family has taken it hard.

My Dad had been a wonderful man and truly loved by his entire family. He worked as a freelance film editor but he always had time to spend with me and my sisters. He was funny, very smart, and always found ways to both challenge and entertain his children.

As the months passed I noticed that grief had a physical cost, at least it did to my mother, grandmother, and Uncle Joe. Each one of them aged noticeably in the past six months. Grandma wrinkled dramatically and her hair quickly went from brown with some gray streaks to iron-gray to white. Uncle Joe also aged, going from looking fit and younger than his late fifties to gaining weight and lineaments to his features. His brown hair also became shot through with many strands of silver.

Mom also aged slightly gaining crow’s feet and gray strands through her red hair.

Grief over my father’s death had also had a profound psychological effect on me. It gave rise to a bizarre problem. Rather I should say that the grief caused the lack of rising. A few days after my father’s death, I noticed to my great horror and fear that I’d become impotent. I visited Kaci, my girlfriend a couple of days after my father’s death. She wanted to console me. Despite her enthusiastic efforts, I was unable to get an erection. Kaci was of course disappointed but understanding. However, her compassion over my plight soon dissipated as my condition continued.

After a week she insisted I talk to someone. Hell no, I wasn’t going to do that. After two weeks of my impotency and stubbornness, she moved onto a new boyfriend. Fortunately, she wasn’t vindictive and didn’t tell anyone about my problem. However, I stopped dating entirely knowing that eventually, word would get around if I couldn’t perform. The desire for sex was still there but the ability to perform was gone.

One of the main reasons I hadn’t wanted to talk to anyone about my impotence was because the whole subject of sex frankly embarrassed me. Kaci often said I was the most uptight teenaged boy she had ever met. Unlike many of my peers, I wanted a romantic relationship with sex being a major component. I was never really that much into porn. I watched it occasionally when I was between girlfriends and my horniness became too much to contain. However my interests were quite vanilla, straight hetero sex between a guy and a girl about the same age as me without any kinky shit.

Frankly, some of the things my friends talked about, especially granny porn and incest porn, disgusted me to the point where I almost retched when they described the videos they watched.

However, there was another reason I didn’t want to talk to anyone. There was an additional component to my condition. I wasn’t entirely impotent. I had wet dreams, so I was still functioning. Yet no amount of porn or self-stimulation could get me erect. The only outlet I had were wet dreams which I could not remember.

Then the pandemic struck, school shut down and everyone was on lockdown. Despite how horrible the disease was, I was glad that I didn’t have to go to school, see all those sexy girls, and be reminded of my emasculation every day. I was at home with my mom, two sisters, and grandma, women I shouldn’t and couldn’t be aroused by so my impotence wasn’t always forefront in my mind.

After a few weeks into sheltering in place, however, I awoke in horror as my cock flooded my PJs with spunk. I just had a dream about my older sister sucking my cock! Now my sister is not hideous or anything. She is quite lovely but she is my sister after all. You can imagine the absolute disgust and abject horror that this wet dream gave me. I woke up and had to vomit into my wastebasket.

My wet dreams became ever more vivid and ever more perverted. In these dreams, I received blowjobs from my older sister, my younger sister, my mother, and even my grandmother. Then in my dreams, I moved on to fucking them. The nights became pure torture for me.

Almost every morning I woke up disgusted with myself for dreaming about violating one of my female relatives. What’s worse after a few weeks of experiencing these wet dreams I found myself getting aroused when awake again. The first time this happened was after a particularly vivid dream of having sex with my Grandmother. I came down to breakfast alsancak escort bayan and found my family already eating. They were all dressed in their usual combinations of sleepwear, Grandma in a thin nightgown, Mom in a short nightie and panties, my older sister Ellie in a cutoff tee shirt and sleep shorts, and Tiff my little sis in a pink onesie.

Influenced by my dreams I noticed for the first time how Grandma’s nightgown clung to her aged but still lush form. And Mom and Ellie both exuded sexuality in their respective outfits. Tiff started giggling and pointed to my crotch. “Mommy! Henry has a woooodieee!”

I looked down and to my horror saw that not only did I have an erection but that it was poking out of my boxers. Ellie looked down and laughed, “Niiiiice, bro!”

Embarrassed and freaked out by what had happened I fled back to my room. I’d gotten rather lax about not wearing anything but boxers since my impotence began. I put on a pair of sweats but waited until I was certain everyone was gone from the kitchen.

As I was eating my mother came into the kitchen and sat down next to me. Her eyes twinkled with amusement and she gave me a little smile. “You didn’t have to run back to your room, you know. You could have just tucked it back in. But in the future, it might be a good idea to wear more than underwear around the house.”

“Weren’t you disgusted by that, Mom?”

“It’s just a dick, honey. And a nice one at that. You shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed. All men get erections.” She patted my hand “And if you feel a bit weird because it was one or all of us that caused your boner, well, we are all rather gorgeous,” she laughed. “Besides with us being in close proximity to each other, it’s only natural that you might be excited by sexy women, despite being related to them. And we’re not about to start wearing burkas just to stop you from getting excited.”

That was just the start of it however as the days passed it soon became apparent that my body reacted to my female relatives, and only to them. After I became erect once again from seeing my mom in her nightie I hurried to my room. I planned to expunge the taboo images in my mind by masturbating to porn and finally get some relief. However, my erection faded quickly, and watching porn failed to revive it.

I also learned there was another odd twist to my strange impotence. Not only were my mother, my sisters, and my grandmother the only women that aroused me, I only became so in proximity to them. Once I left their presence my cock went limp and no amount of coaxing would get a rise. In desperation, I even tried masturbating while thinking of the images of my mother, sisters, and grandmother but these also failed to achieve the desired result.

I threw myself into schoolwork and diverted my attention from my problem by reading and playing games. Due to the lockdown and diverting my attention, time passed by almost unnoticed.

One day while I was eating lunch and watching Futureman, my mother sat next to me on the sofa.

“I know it’s not going to be a very great birthday for you this year, honey but I can order whatever you want and have it delivered.”

I realized with a start that my nineteenth birthday was only two weeks away. I wasn’t excited about it at all.

“Ahhh don’t worry about it Mom, I really don’t feel like celebrating. I think I’ll skip it this year.”

Mom scowled at me and angrily said, “Henry Delunn! You’ll do no such thing! It’s been a shitty year for everyone. The one thing that your family was looking forward to was celebrating your 19th birthday. Your sisters, your Grandma, and I have all ordered outfits for your party! So what kind of cake and ice cream do you want and what presents do you want!”

No amount of arguing on my part would dissuade her so I was resigned to having a 19th birthday party only attended by relatives.

The day finally arrived and at noon the party commenced. And it was a party, at least as much of one as five people could have. Although I only wore casual clothes; a t-shirt, jeans, and sandals my female relatives dressed up like this was a social occasion. All were decked out in dresses and had done their hair, nails, and faces.

Grandma wore a tight black dress with a v-shaped lacy décolletage which showed off her deep cleavage. Half of her large mounds were exposed under the lace, enough so that it was apparent that she did not wear a bra. A slit down the right side of her dress revealed a black stocking-clad leg in a shiny black pump. She wore her hair up in a beehive and wore an onyx necklace and large black earrings. The contrast between my Grandma’s dress and accessories and her white hair and dusky skin was quite alsancak escort bayan striking and drew my attention to just how sexy she looked despite her age.

My mother chose an ensemble from the other end of the color spectrum. She had poured herself into a translucent white dress that reached mid-thigh and hugged every one of her curves. The dress had a plunging neckline that curved over her large breasts held in place by a small translucent bra. She complimented the dress with black stockings and white shoes. She also wore white silver earrings and a pearl necklace.

Ellie wore a lacy red top that was mostly transparent but translucent over her breasts. Her heavy breasts bounced easily in the top as if they were going to pop out. She also wore a tight slinky leatherette mini skirt and transparent wedge heels.

My practical younger sibling wore her sweet sixteen dress, which still fit very well despite being just over two years old. It was a two-piece dress, the bottom part was a flowing, calf-length sea-green satiny skirt that was split up the front from mid-thigh. The top was a glittery sea green blouse. Tiff was the only one not displaying cleavage although her top was so tight there was no question as to the size and shape of her softball-sized breasts. Yes, Tiff was eighteen. We were Irish Twins and for two months of the year, we were the same age.

Mom and the girls had prepared sandwiches, shrimp and dip and nachos. My favorite cake and ice cream were also present. Since it was a female-dominated party, although purportedly mine, there was music and dancing. Grandma, Mom, Ellie, and Tiff all insisted on dancing with me.

Grandma was first and she chose a slow, tune from the 1950s. I took her hand and put my other one on her waist ready to dance an open semi-waltz. However Grandma had other ideas, she took hold of my hands and pulled my arms around her, placing my hands against the small of her back. Then she put her arms around my waist and pulled me close against her. Her hands slipped down to cup my buttocks.

As she pulled me into an embrace Grandma kissed me on the cheek, whispering “Happy birthday Henry” She rubbed her cheek against mine and held me as she slowly brushed against me in time to the music The song she had chosen was called “Love is Strange” by Sylvia and Mickey. In her heels, Grandma was still a few inches shorter than me. A cloud of white tickled my nose as the top of her beehive rubbed across my face.

A rush of scents flooded my nostrils; the almost antiseptic smell of her hairspray, cocoa butter from her skin lotion, the sweet, flowery scent of her perfume, and hints of musk that sent an odd tingle through me. I grew embarrassed as my prick stirred and ducked my face away from direct contact with Grandma. However, as I looked away I found myself staring down to where Grandma’s bosom met my chest. My eyes fastened upon the deep crevasse formed as her full, round orbs half flattened against me. Warmth rose from her barely covered breasts and flowed into my chest. At the same time, I was suddenly aware that Grandma’s soft belly was pressed against my tingly cock.

My mind screamed no no no! As my unbidden prick stiffened and swelled until it was like a hot bar of metal pressed against Grandma’s stomach. She chuckled, “The old gal’s still got it!” Grandma kissed my cheek again and to my great surprise pressed harder against me so that my stiff cock flattened deeper against her stomach.

The song ended and Mom tapped Grandma on the shoulder. “My turn”

I’d hoped to sit down and allow my raging hard-on to fade before dancing with anyone else but as Grandma stepped back, reluctantly it seemed, Mom moved to take her place. Her exact place. Mom hugged me tightly and also kissed my cheek “Happy birthday my sweet, beautiful boy!” A second later she became aware of my thick, hard shaft pressing against her. She looked at me and laughed, “Oh my you have been without a girlfriend for too long if two old ladies can make you so excited.” Mom stood back a few steps and gave me the once over. “Hmmm, some lucky ladies will certainly have fun with that thing.”

Mom then held me close in a slow dance unfazed by the erection poking her upper groin. With my mother’s grapefruit-sized breasts pressed against me, my erection didn’t have a chance of subsiding. Especially not when my plight was compounded by the heat I felt rising from her crotch which pressed against my upper thighs and balls. Mom’s dress and panties seemed like no barrier to the warmth she exuded. I was all too aware that my cock was separated from her pussy by only a few thin pieces of cloth. Mom’s song of choice, Dream Lover, ended and she hugged me tighter. “I love escort alsancak you so much, son.”

After Mom’s dance, I begged off anymore dancing until I had a drink. As I drank a glass of soda my cock thankfully went limp. However, I was not allowed to sit down too much longer. My older, flirty sister Ellie came over to where I sat and grabbed my hands. She pulled me out of the chair. “My turn to dance with the sexy birthday boy!”

As soon and we went to the improvised dance floor, the living room with all the furniture pulled to the side, Ellie grabbed me and pulled me into a big hug. The tips of her hard nipples pressed through her thin blouse and my t-shirt like warm buttons. Ellie leaned in and planted a kiss on me. This was a hot passionate kiss that involved a lot of tongue wrestling.

Behind me, I heard Grandma slap the table hard and shout “Eleanor!”

Ellie broke our kiss with an unabashed laugh and grin. “Aw Granny, every birthday boy deserves a good kiss from a sexy babe!” She winked at me, “Even my lame lil bro!” Ellie then began dancing with me. Well, my sexy, flirty sister didn’t so much dance with me as she danced for me. She gyrated and twirled around me, sliding up against me, rubbing her breasts, buttocks, legs, and hands against me as she slowly sang “Talking Body” her song of choice. Her eyes glimmered with laughter and a pleased smile spread across her face as I once again became rampantly aroused.

As the song finished she hugged me again, kissed my ear, and whispered, “I really do love you, you little dork”

Tiff was eating another bowl of ice cream so I had a few minutes break. I ate some more cake and I was finishing she kept giving me looks. I walked over to where she sat and said, “Would you like to dance?” She beamed at me, “Yesssss, please!” She grabbed my hand and led me out onto the floor. Our dance was more of a walking hug. Tiff held me tight, laid her head on my shoulder, and looked up at me with a dreamy smile.

“I’m always sad on your birthday because that means we’re no longer twinsies. This year is especially tough.”

“Ten months will pass before you know it.”

Tiff gave me a wry smile and then pecked me softly on the lips. “You’re clueless big bro, but I love you anyway!”

The next two hours were exhausting as I took turns dancing with them all again for a total of three times each. Their combined innocent flirting and teasing kept my cock a blood-pounding bar of flesh that ached for relief. I sadly knew that relief would only be realized with yet another incestuous wet dream. Although Mom, Grandma, and the girls thought they were making my day special by teasing me, in reality, the party was more torture than fun.

After I finished my third dance with Tiffany, Grandma held up her hands. “Okay, ladies let’s not wear Henry out too much. As is customary for the coming of age birthdays in our family, we shall drink of our wine.” She went to the counter and picked up a decanter of chilled wine out of a bucket and poured out four small snifters. Then she poured out a larger portion into a glass goblet which she handed to me.

As she raised her snifter Mom and the girls followed in kind. Grandma smiled warmly. “Happy birthday Dear beloved grandson, welcome to being an adult with all the joys, and unfortunately, all the uncertainties that it entails. Remember, however chaotic the future may seem, no matter how insane the world may seem, that the lovely women of your special family will aid, guide, and support you with all the love you will need to become the great man we all know you can be. To Henry, the new man of this house!”

“To Henry!” echoed my Mom and sisters.

I sipped at my wine but I’m not much of a drinker. Of course, like many eighteen-year-olds, even though I’m not old enough to drink legally, I’ve drunk my share of beer and the occasional wine but never really got the temptation to get drunk. I prefer to be clear-minded.

Grandma noted my polite but shallow drinking. She gave me a stern look. “Young man, the wine in your glass is worth about three thousand dollars. We opened one of seventy-three remaining bottles of Domaine de Leon Grand Cru, especially for this occasion. The least you can do is finish one glass.” Under Grandma’s watchful eye I drank down the goblet of wine. It was strong, slightly sweet with hints of a smoky meatiness and a very slight metallic taste. Not bad, but it went to my head fast.

After I’d finished my glass of wine I became flushed and dizzy. I couldn’t believe that one glass of wine affected me like this. I’d drunk more wine than this before without this sort of effect.

“Henry… are you alright?” Mom asked placing her hand on my shoulder. Her face showed concern and yet there was something else there.

“Sorry to end the party Mom, but I’m gonna lay down for a while. Too much excitement or that was some potent wine.” As I left the room I thought I saw Mom and Grandma exchange small smiles. The hall began spinning as I lurched towards my room. I fell onto my spinning bed which became a whirlpool that sucked me down into unconsciousness.

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