The First Day of Summer

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I was idling my ’57 convertible at the curb in front of Southwest High School. I was in a no parking zone but at the end of the school day everyone waited there to do pick ups. That’s what I was doing. Waiting for Patty Yates, an eighteen year old beauty, to offer her a ride home on the last day of school.

I pick her up once a week or so. She never knows when but she has always accepted the ride. I looked straight up into the sky, it was a brilliant blue and a rare site, clear of a single cloud. Normally By early June you can expect blackening skies and thunderstorms by late afternoon here in south Florida.

Ah, top down, bright sunshine, temperature in the upper eighties. Then the bell rang, and hopefully, a beautiful young girl to share it with, I thought. My name is Robert, Bobby to most everyone I know. I’m twenty-two and for the last four years since graduation I have been living near by in an apartment complex, working nights as a motel clerk and taking classes at the community college. I’m nearly six feet tall, a hundred and eighty pounds and quite the handsome fellow, if I do say so.

I spied Patty as soon as she exited the front door of the school building. Also tall and lean with long legs showing from under a short skirt. A plain white tee shirt and white knee socks with black loafers completed her outfit. She was looking straight at either the red convertible or me and that was a good sign. She must have been hoping I would be there.

“Hi.” Was all she said as she stood beside the car.

“Hi? That’s all I get for coming by to give you a ride home on the last day of school?” I grinned at her.

“Bobby, I thought we decided we shouldn’t see each other anymore?”

“I thing you decided that, not me.” I said. “Get in.”

‘I think I’ll walk today. It’s such a beautiful day.” She had pulled back and started to turn away.

“Patty.” She stopped. “Get in.” she didn’t move. “I’ll take you home, I promise.”

She slowing returned, opened the passenger door and slid into the seat. Her hands were trying to keep her skirt from riding up too high but from my vantage point, it wasn’t working. I pulled away from the curb and turned right into McFarlane road. Patty immediately turned to me and said. “This isn’t the way, stop the car.”

“Were just going to stop at A & W, to celebrate the end of school. Relax. “We’ll get burgers and fries and a shake and I’ll take you home.”

Patty started to relax and put her head back and let the wind whip her hair and felt the sun on her face. Her legs had moved a bit farther apart and the hem of her skirt rose a couple of inches. “I love your car.” She said.

“I know.” I replied. “I love it too.” She looked over at me and she smiled and I knew at that moment that even though her resistance was not completely gone and she would continue to insist that we go directly to her house, she was going to yield to me once again.

We had finished eating and were pulling out onto the main highway leading south out of town. “Bobby, you promised me. I want to go home.”

I reached over and took her by the arm and pulled her across the seat next to me. She didn’t fight it very hard. Her skirt was up high on her thighs and I let my right hand slip between her legs, massaging her creamy inner thighs.. She put her hand on mine and said. “Please Bobby.”

I held my hand firm and looked at her. I let the side of my little finger brush against her panties and she sucked in air and let her head fall back and she released her hold on my arm. Her hands fell to her side and she let her legs spread some more. It was always this way. She would resist just enough to protect her own pride then she would submit and enjoy being with me.

I turned onto a narrow road leading east into canlı bahis the everglades and a few miles down, I stopped at a weed covered trail with a cable blocking the entrance. I fished a key ring out of the glove box and got out. We were in what was a part of the Lee county park system, a two hundred acre tract of swamp taken for unpaid taxes. I had gotten the key years ago while working summers for the park service.

We had entered, replaced the cable and driven far enough into the cypress trees to go unseen by any passers-by. “I turned to Patty and pulled her to me. I cupped my hands around her face and kissed her gently. I let my tongue part her lips and explore her mouth. I dropped my left hand to her lap and her skirt was well out of the way. I ran my fingers along her inner leg and she opened them to my advance. My hand found her panty covered mound and I pressed a knuckle against her clit and listened to her moan.

I do love her, I do. I always have but I have this need to be in control. I need to know my lover wants me to be in control. “Climb in the back seat and get undressed.” I whispered to her.

‘Bobby, I can’t do……” she stopped speaking when I brought my lips back to hers. I kissed her face, her chin line, down along her neck.

“Get into the back seat.’ I repeated.

Patty rose and slipped her right leg over the seat then her left and knelt on the rear seat facing away from me. She started to unbutton her blouse and pulled it from the waist of her skirt. She slipped it off of her shoulders and let if drop in the front seat. She then pealed off her little spots bra. Her breast were so small, it was all the support she needed. She pulled off her loafers and unbuttoned her skirt. When she took hold of the zipper she hesitated. “Please, Bobby?” She was hoping for a reprieve.

When I sat quiet and just watched her she finally pulled the zipper down and slid the skirt over her hips. Lifting one knee at a time she tugged her skirt off and placed it into the front seat. She remained still, kneeling in my back seat, facing the trees. I opened the car door and stood and pulled off my tee shirt. I unbuckled my jeans and slid them off of my feet. I kicked off tennis shoes and pealed down my briefs.

When I folded the seat back forward and stepped into the rear of the car she turned her face to me for the first time. She had tears in the corners of her eyes. I kissed her on her cheek. ‘Take them off.”

She hooked trembling fingers into the top of her panties and slowly lowered them revealing a truly magnificent tight little ass. When she had them completely off she reached for her knee socks. I caught her hand. “Leave them on.”

I ran my hands up the sides of her long lean back. I let my fingers roll over every single rib. I massaged her shoulders and her neck. With my left hand I urged her to lay over the back seat and onto the vinyl cover of the retracted top. She lay flat with her head turned away. She, without instruction, moved her knees wide apart.

When I let my hands drift down her back and across her hips and begin to massage her butt cheeks, she arched her back and raised he hips slightly. She knew so well what it took from here on for us to mate properly.

I guided my cock to her and rubbed it along her lips and felt the fluid coat my head. I could see her begin of let her ass rise and fall against my cock head. I could feel her gently push back now wanting to feel it inside of her.

“You always protest yet you always end up wanting it so bad. Why do you do that?” I was leaning over her back and whispering.

“Please.” She said but this was not a please of resistance, this was a please to take her.

When I pushed the head into her she gasped and moaned and rocked onto me. I began a bahis siteleri fluid motion, stroking into her and pulling out till she held only the fat head and then pushing entirely into her again. I fucked her for twenty minutes and she rode me through two violent orgasms. She was so vocal the second time, she shoved three fingers into her mouth, afraid someone might hear. But no one would.

I finally pulled free of her sweet sex and turned and sat down on the seat back. She was still collapsed face down and panting, her ass still in the air. When I raised her up by her armpits and pulled her to me, she knew the drill. Why change a perfect world.

She easily moved between my legs and took hold of my very slippery cock. She lowered her mouth onto me without instruction. This young girl gave better head that I had ever experienced. Her mouth was soft and wet and she could create magic with her tongue. In very short time she was able to slide my entire length down her throat. She was making love to it.

When the fire in my sack began to burn bright, I whispered to her. “Swallow me.”

After only a few more strokes, she sensed the rise of my seed and pressed her mouth down onto me to the hilt. She held very still letting me pump my sperm into her. When I had finished and she could hold her breath no longer, she pulled herself off of my cock and dropped back onto he seat, her eyes closed and licking her lips.

We had remained in the backseat talking for a long time. She always got very chatty and friendly after we had sex. We would set for hours and talk about any number of topics, but never sex. “Your last day of high school is over.” She just nodded. “Are you still planning to leave for college this fall?”

“Mom and Dad are insisting I go to Florida State.” She explained.

“I am going to miss you.” I offered.

“I think it’s for the best.” She replied.

I pulled open the pouch on the back of the front seat and pulled out a condom and a small foil pouch of lube. “What do you say we celebrate our last summer together? I’ll teach you one more new thing to take off to college. You’re going to drive those frat boys wild.”

She was staring at me as I stroked my cock bringing it back to full strength. I tore open to condom pack and began to roll it onto my penis.

‘Why are you doing that? You said you hate condoms.” She asked

“I do.” I said. “But some time they serve a purpose.”

“What?’ she asked

I knelt on the seat and hooked my hand under her right leg. I lifted her so easily and rolled her onto her stomach. I pressed her shouldered into the seat and then took her hips and lifted them until she was resting on her knees with her butt in the air. “Condoms are very slippery.” I explained.

She heard the foil pack tear and squirmed as I squeezed it onto my cock. I spread the lubricant generously along my shaft. When I had finished I pointed a slippery finger to her anus. “No.” she cried. “We can’t do that. I’ve never done that.”

I whispered into her ear. “I’m the only guy you have ever been with. I already know what you have and have not done. And I know what you are going to do.” I pushed my finger half way into her. She jerked in protest. When I pushed the entire middle finger into her she cried out and tried the move away. Her head was against the side panel and my hand was on her back. She could not escape and she knew it.

I rubbed my sheaved spear around her anus and attempted to enter. Her ass would not yield to me. I placed two fingers at her brown hole and shoved them in all the way. She screamed and tried to twist away from the invader. I rammed them in and out of her a fast as I could for a full minute. I could feel her sphere giving ground, opening to me. She had stopped yelling bahis şirketleri and just lay there taking it.

I pulled my fingers out of her and replaced it with the head of my cock. I was going to enter her this time. I pushed into her so hard her head was twisted sideways against the side of the car. When the head finally entered her with a pop, she gasped for air. She sucked in and shook her head and pleaded.

I gave her a few seconds to adjust and pushed again. This time I was surprised that the resistance was much less. My cock slid into her another three inches and she felt moist, the lube was working.

She grunted and finally moaned. I took that as a very good sign. I had a nice eight inch penis and when I withdrew next, I leaned on her and let most all of it slide into her bowels. I had never felt anything so tight yet so inviting. I began to fuck my love in a totally new way. Slow gentle long strokes and my love was responding. She was rocking now, lifting her hips a little each time I entered her. She moaned out from deep inside. Her fingers were clawing at the upholstery trying to find something to hold on to.

She was grunting every time I pulled my cock out to it’s head and gasping every time I returned it into her deepest private place. She drew her head back so far it looked painful. Her ass was vibrating, fuck me, she was Cuming. I slid a finger down to find her clit. When I pressed it into her as hard as I could She froze. She began to squeal and I swore she was forgetting to breath. It went on for some time; just a very high pitched squeal and a vibrating, shaking ass.

I realized that I had not moved since her orgasm began and as her climax slowed I began to once again enjoy her snug anus. I returned to that long steady stroke and she lay exhausted in the seat beneath me. “Please.” She begged. I had no doubt she had had all she could handle and wanted nothing more than peace. “Please Bobby. I can’t breath. Please stop.”

I put a hand on her back to monitor her breathing, she was. I was still stroking into her, a steady advance. I had cum not to long ago and was good of a while before I could erupt again. As I continued to enjoy her she eventually started to stir. She drew her shoulders back and amazingly, her hips began to rock on my cock again.

“Please Bobby, I’m so sore. I’ll do anything, please stop.”

I leaned down so my mouth was right next to her ear. “Will you let me come to visit you at college when ever I want?”

“Oh God, yes, Please.”

“Can I have you any way I want when we fuck.”

“I’ll do anything you ask, yes.” She was in hysterics.

“I really like your ass. Can I have your ass when ever I want.”

“Yes God, it was fantastic but I can’t right now. I’m sore and I think I’m going to pass out.” She was begging.

I pulled my cock from her and pealed off the condom and tossed it into the weeds.

She just lay still while I dressed. I’m going over behind that tree to whiz. You might want to get dressed too.

When I returned to the car Patty was fully clothed and setting in the front seat. I slid behind the wheel and drove off. After I had replaced the cable at the entrance, I looked at Patty and smiled. “You said you would do anything.” I unzipped my jeans and freed my still erect cock. “All the way home please.”

She was good to her word. Her little mouth bobbed on my knob until there were only two blocks to go. I pulled to the curb, placed a hand on the back of her head and forced it down onto me. I then expelled the biggest load I had ever produced right into her mouth.

I zipped and she straightened and when I pulled into her driveway her mom was on the porch waving to us. “Thanks for picking Patty up from school Bobby. Would you like to stay for dinner?

Patty was on the porch with her mom’s arm around her. “I have to get ready for work.” I said. “But thanks anyway, Mom, I’ll see you and dad this weekend.” They both managed another wave as I pulled away.

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