The Family

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My name is Ann. I am the mother of two children, Aaron, 19, 6′ tall, 180 lbs and a daughter Leslie, 18, 5’3″, 115lbs, 34D – 22 – 34 and the wife of Brad, 6’1″ tall, 195 lbs. Both my children are beautiful but then what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t believe that. Brad is not only good looking but a good provider and extremely well hung if you know what I mean.

This summer has been like no other in my life. The children have their own lives just as many teenagers do these days and Brad is busy with work. A Friday night about 3 weeks ago the weather was nasty outside with thunderstorms and heavy rains so both Aaron and Leslie decided to stay in. Power was out in many parts of town so venturing out would not have been fun anyway. Luckily we still had power so we settled in for a family night. Brad and I opened a nice bottle of wine and the kids had soft drinks. We decided to watch a movie together so we all piled on the couch except for Aaron who likes to sit on the floor next to me.

The movie got started and with Brad on one end of the couch, me on the other and Leslie in the middle. Of course Aaron was sitting on the floor leaning against the couch between Leslie and myself. The feel of Aaron’s strong arms on my legs was electric and comforting at the same time.

Although Brad is very satisfying in bed I have always had a thing for younger men but I would never think of cheating. The feel of Aaron against me was sending chills up my leg and into my crotch. Brad had been so busy lately that he hasn’t had the energy to satisfy my needs and I have been spending a great deal of time on my job also so I guess it was both our faults.

Just as the movie was getting started good Aaron started rubbing the lower part of my legs with his left hand. By that time Brad and I had finished off most of the bottle of wine. It felt so good that I moved my leg over his shoulder so he could have better access to it. Aaron took the hint and began rubbing my leg with both hands running his left hand up my leg just above my knee. I bent over to tell him how good it felt and thanks for getting the tightness out. He smiled and scooted over just enough to allow me to put both my legs over his shoulders. Now he was sitting directly in front of me with his head between my legs. He continued to rub but now he had access to both my legs. I scooted down to give him more leg to work with but at the same time my skirt slid up so my pussy was visible. Normally I don’t wear panties at all and when I do I get them off as soon as I get home. sincan escort

With the combination of the wine, relaxing and Aaron rubbing my legs I was starting to get really horny. Aaron continued to rub me and now my bare pussy was only about an inch from the back of his head. I sipped my wine and looked over just in time to see Brad taking a peek to see what was happening and smile at me. We have always had an excellent relationship and I was beginning to think that Brad was getting a thrill from this. I had know for sometime that Brad had a secret desire for Leslie and the thought of my son making love to me has always been a pleasurable thought. As I looked down and I could see a slight bulge in Brad’s pants. The wine was really getting to me and I was getting really turned on by this point as Aaron continued to rub my legs and with each stroke was inching higher and higher. This continued for about 20 minutes so I scooted down a little more so Aaron could reach even more of my legs and was now lightly pressing my bald wet pussy in the back of his head. By now I was steaming and my pussy was leaking juice.

Leslie noticed what was going on and apparently had lost all interest in the movie. She was staring wide eyed at the events taking place right next to her and was starting to breath a little harder. I could see she had her left hand buried between her legs but I couldn’t quite see what she was doing.

The next thing I know I looked over and saw that Leslie had reached behind her and had her right hand in her father’s lap. Brad was leaning back with his eyes closed and I suspected that Leslie had hold of his now hard prick. This was when I should have stopped but I was so worked up it would have taken a major earthquake to change the course of events.

The movie continued to play and had some fairly steamy parts so far which had added to the atmosphere. All of a sudden Aaron turned around unaware that my hairless pussy was staring him directly in the face. As he turned his mouth literally brushed my outer pussy lips. He was stunned but the electric shock that went through me was incredible. I reached forward and grabbed the back of his head and brought his face closer to my pussy forcing his mouth against me. “Lick me baby. Lick your mama’s pussy for me!” I don’t know if he had ever eaten pussy before but if not he was sure a fast learner and my first orgasm was almost immediate. His tongue shot out and parted my cunt lips sending the first of several orgasms through me.

As sincan escort bayan Aaron continued to lick my cunt I looked over to see my daughter bending down to engulf her father’s fat prick in her mouth. It seemed like in no time we had turned from a normal, healthy family to a bunch of horny wicked fuckers.

“That’s right baby, suck mama’s pussy for her. Your mama needs to cum so bad!”

Brad opened his eyes just long enough to see Aaron lapping my pussy.

“Damn Ann, looks like you found someone to eat your pussy when I’m not around.”

I looked over and saw my daughter take over half her father’s prick in her young mouth.

“Do it Leslie, suck your father’s big prick! Suck that cock all the way down your throat! Ahhhhh…..Oh fuck you eat good pussy son. That’s it fuck me with your tongue!!!”

It was only seconds later that Aaron gave me a second orgasm which was stronger than the first. As soon as I had partially recovered from that one I pulled Aaron up from the floor and pulled his shorts down. I can say one thing his father didn’t have anything on him in the size department. I quickly unzipped my dress and slipped it over my head leaving me with only my half cup bra on. Aaron’s cock was pointed straight at me so I pulled him towards me. I looked directly at him and said “Fuck me, stuff that big prick in my pussy and fuck your mama!!.”

I was so hot that nothing could have stopped me by that point. I slipped down so my hips were resting over the edge of the couch as Aaron fell to his knees and pointed his big cock directly at my pussy. As he eased the head into my cunt I thought I was going to faint. I pulled my feet up on the edge of the couch to give my son full access to my dripping wet pussy. I started pulling on my nipples which is something that always makes me wet and horny.

I quickly looked over and saw Leslie facing away from her father squatting over his thick prick and holding it with two hands as she eased the head into her bald little pussy. Brad was holding her hips as she eased herself down on his cock. She still had her skirt and tube top on but she had lifted her top to expose a nice set of tits. Her nipples were rock hard and pink. She continued to slowly lower herself until she had taken all of Brad’s cock deep into her. I could hear her moan as she was lowering herself on her dad’s fat cock. Once she had taken the entire length of her father’s prick up her cunt she leaned back against her dad as he began to rub her tits and slowly escort sincan pump his cock in and out of her bald pussy. Brad reached over and started rubbing his daughter’s pussy which made her moan even louder. She was slowly rocking back and forth enjoying the sensation that a big cock brings.

“Oh fuck me daddy! That’s it! Rub my cunt. Fuck your little girl. Your cock is so fucking big and my little pussy is so tight! I know you want to fuck me daddy! I can tell you like fucking my tight little pussy!! Ahhhh!!! Oh fuck your cock feels so good!!”

“That’s it honey, fuck her!! Fuck your horny daughter. I know you’ve wanted to for a long time. Give it to her! Make her cum on that fat cock of yours!”

Aaron quickly got my attention as he started pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my dripping pussy. He reached up and grabbed my tits as he continued to push more and more of his massive prick deeper into my cunt. I locked my legs around his ass and pulled him forward as hard as I could try to get all of that incredible cock into me. At last I felt him bottom out as the hair around his cock was pressing against my bald pussy lips. I was creaming like I never had before as Aaron starting pumping his horse cock in and out of me. He continued to squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples as he pumped harder and faster into my cunt.

“That’s it baby. Fuck me, fuck your mama. Fuck me with your big prick. Make me cum hard baby!!! Oh fuck I want that prick of yours so fucking bad! Harder!! Oh yea…harder baby! Shove all that cock deep your mama’s cunt.”

Next to me I could hear Leslie making moaning noises as she was cumming. Brad had turned her around on his cock so she was facing him so he could suck on her 34C tits while he was fucking his little girl. Leslie was bouncing up and down on her father’s cock and telling him to keep fucking her. “Fuck me! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your horny daughter!! I’ve wanted this for so long!”

By now I could start feeling Aaron starting build towards orgasm which triggered my own orgasm. “OH YES!! FUCK ME! CUM IN YOUR MAMA’S PUSSY! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM YOU MOTHERFUCKER! OH FUCK YES! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! MAKE YOUR MAMA CUM ON THAT BIG FUCKING PRICK OF YOURS!! OH FUCK YEA! CUM IN ME! CUM DEEP IN YOUR MAMA’S CUNT!! OH FUCK!!! YOU’RE FUCKING MAKING ME CUM!!! AHHHHH!!” I started cumming just as I felt Aaron shooting his huge load of cum into my pussy.

Just as my orgasm had started to subside I hear Brad give a long deep grunt which I knew meant that he was cumming in Leslie. I looked over just in time to see Leslie having what appeared to be a huge orgasm as her father continued to suck on her left tit.

Later as we were all recovering from our ordeal I looked over at my family and ask “Would anyone like to watch another movie?”.

The End

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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