The Family D’Enfer Redux Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The front door of Prudence’s old house banged once as Justine entered. Prudence was waiting for her on the couch, her hands wrapped around a white handkerchief. Justine smiled broadly as she came up and sat next to her aunt on the couch. “Hi, Aunty Pru, how’s with you?” she chirped while planting a wet kiss on Prudence’s cheek. It was a greeting that Justine and her brother had given since they were first articulate. “Did you get the booze for us?”

“No, sweetheart, I forgot.”

“Well, you’ll have to be punished for that. Don’t worry Auntie Pru, I’ve read Mom’s diary over and over again, and looked at a lot of ‘how to’ websites. I won’t gag you and all you have to do is tell me what works and what doesn’t work for you.”

“I’m still worried about whether this is right or not.”

“Gosh Auntie, was it right when you sucked on Mom’s boobs and clit until she came? Was it right that your back rubs that included front rubs and pussy rubs? Was it right that you let her smack your titties, your ass and your cunt with a belt until they turned beet red? I know Mom’s a mean, abusive bitch who’d do it just for kicks, but you asked for it after a while, and as recently as a year ago you were begging her to work you over again. She told you no.”

“Well, yes, that was your mother and I, but I’m not sure that you can handle this, or I can handle this with you.”

“Well, I’ve had sex with family members already. I blew Uncle Fabian the night before he was killed in the car wreck, I’ve been sidetracking Dad’s lust with a lick and a promise, and I’ve been letting little brother Justin do a little exploration of the female body. I’ve seen Mom and Dad naked a lot, even watched their monthly fuck session when they thought I wasn’t around, so seeing you naked isn’t going to warp me anymore than I’m warped already.” Prudence blushed. Justine moved over behind the woman on the couch: she started stroking her aunt’s shoulders softly, savoring the feel of the silk against her hands and teased the back of her aunt’s neck and earlobes with open mouthed kisses.

Prudence struggled to contain herself, but she slowly warmed up to her niece’s attentions. The younger woman’s hands ranged farther, tracing the grand curves of the mammoth breasts, fingering the nipples through the fabric, teasing the sides with sharp fingernails. Prudence moaned once, twice, three times, then stated to unbutton the soft white tent. As her grand white torso was exposed, Justine started running her long red fingernails over bare skin, leaving fleeting red trails. Justine unhooked the huge white bra, maneuvered it off and encouraged the older woman to put her hands on top of her head. Licking her aunt’s left ear, Justine continued to trace hard fingers across the white expanses, sharply scraping huge areolas and squeezing the long nipples while her aunt savored the sensations.

Justine pulled away and brought a small item from her purse. A husky whisper caressed Prudence’s ear: “Wow, you’ve got some really big hooters there, Auntie. I bet the guys coming through library cream their jeans thinking about them.”

“Well, thank you, sweety, but I always wear clothes that kind of hide them. My face isn’t that attractive, so most folks don’t think about the rest of me. . .”

“They’re huge and so nice and white. Ooh, it’s a little cold in here, I can tell by your nipples perking up.” Justine cooly reached out to flick the nipples that stood out urgently. The flicks brought flashes of delight to Prudence’s face, with her eyes closed, and the flicks continued as Justine watched with the detachment of a scientist. “Arch your back a little more so your boobs stick out more, yeah, that’s it.. Mom said you liked to go straight to some serious shit.” She showed her aunt the item in her hand: a small, delicate handle that held five leather strips that were one inch wide and seven inches long. “Mom’s custom tit flogger.” She started to dangle and rub the tails over the milky skin as the older woman licked her lips in anticipation.

Prudence stuck her chest out and raised her sagging bust line more. “Anytime you want to get started, dear.”

Justine flicked her wrist and marks appeared on her right breast. “Wow, that really rocks.” She traced the red marks with her fingernail before suddenly releasing a flurry of lashes. A dancing leer lit up her face. “I like how they jiggle a little bit when I hit them.” Prudence was breathing heavily as her niece savaged her skin, salt water leaking from the edges of her eyes. Justine stopped abruptly with a puzzled look: “Should you be crying? I thought you liked this?”

Prudence smiled through the tears, her eyes closed in bliss. “It hurts and it makes my cry, but they’re good tears. The pain travels down and makes me all moist below. You’re doing all right.”

“Good,” sincan escort Justine said, and gave her aunt several more lashes to her breasts before grabbing her left nipple to squeeze it tightly for several seconds before twisting it hard. Prudence screamed and screamed, and Justine finished her work of turning Prudence’s breasts crimson.

“Thanks. Gosh, they’re pretty red. Why don’t you bend over the chair and I’ll do your butt? Take your pants and your panties down.” Her aunt obeyed her quickly, stepping out of the rest of her clothes and bending over a straight chair naked. “My, my, my, that smell is familiar. You’re really turned on by this. Here comes two rosy cheeks.” Justine went about her work enthusiastically, moving around to cover the huge target.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ouch! Slow the pace a little bit; let the pain sink in before you do the next one. Rub the red skin a little between smacks.” With one hand, Justine undid her buttons and pulled off her clothes. Hearing the whispering fabric, Prudence opened her eyes and smiled. “What a beautiful body you have, Justine. Just like your mother’s at your age. How did you get so hairless?”

“A Brazilian bikini wax. It huts like hell, but it really cleans up the area and you don’t have to do it again for six weeks. I used to shave all year round; but last time I let Justin to do some waxing.”


“Yeah, the little pervert picks things up quickly. Mom had him taught how to do the whole Brazilian treatment. You should see the donkey dick he’s got now. Well, back to business.” She worked methodically, expanding the red area gradually.

Prudence winced as the blows landed, and her backside turned bright red. As Justine paused, Prudence said, “Yes, sweety, yes. If you hit my breasts in this position, they’ll bounce around a lot. You might like that.”

“Let me get down so I can look up.” She dropped to the floor and slid underneath the chair on her back, looking up at her aunt. “Oh, it’s so nice to see your face.” She hit her aunt’s breasts a couple of times forcefully with the flogger. “Gosh, they do fly pretty dramatically.”

“Slap them with your hand and they’ll dance better.”

Justine giggled as she slapped her aunt’s breasts hard, sending them on a wide wobbly dance. She reached up to suck Prudence’s breasts and earned a dramatic intake of breath as reward. Prudence moaned: “Your mouth feels so nice on my nipples, oh, oh, oh, oh, my god you’re biting them! Yesssssss. Yessssss.” Prudence continued to hiss and sputter as Justine brought her to a tit orgasm.

Justine stopped and took a deep breath. “Left you a bit breathless, didn’t I? Gosh, I’m so wet. I’m going to sit on the couch and let you eat me, auntie. Crawl over on all fours.” Her aunt eagerly did what she was told. “Yes, take a good breath of my cunt, now stick your tongue in there. Oh, oh, oh, oh, my god, I can’t believe that you’re so good at this. Let me reach over and rub your tits, oh they feel so hot under my hands. Yes, yes, yes, I’m so close, I’m close, I’m so close, oh, you like it when I pinch them like that.” Prudence redoubled her efforts, sending Justine into wild spasms and a high pitched ululation.

After Justine calmed down, she looked at Prudence. “Was it good for you?”

Prudence gingerly touched her red striped skin as she reclined in her niece’s crotch. “It’s been too long. You’re such a good student, sweetheart. We’ll do this again.”

“I don’t go to Italy for another three weeks. How does twice a week sound?”

“Gosh, baby, I don’t know. It’s been so long. It will take me a day to recover from this; I won’t be able to wear a bra tomorrow. You probably will have a hot date Friday night, don’t you?”

“Just some rich loser. If he doesn’t have the minimum, I’ll be over here in a flash. If not, then I’ll just come around later with some sexual frustration from a bad college lay.”

“Well, I’ll be here, sweety. Give me a little call to let me know when you’ll be here so I can get ready.”

Justine gave her aunt a child-like peck on the cheek. “See you later, Auntie Pru.”


The front door of the D’Enfer family residence snicked open, and slammed closed with the snap of the deadbolt returning. Justine hung her coat in the hall closet and bellowed: “Hey donkey dick, you beating off somewhere?”

A faint reply came to her, “I’m in the hot tub, slut sister. Get out here.”

Justine went down to the family room and saw her brother in the hot tub just outside the sliding door. She kicked off her shoes and walked up the steps to sit on the rim of the tub, dangling her feet in the water.

Justin was naked in the tub, unconcerned about his nudity as a child. Giving her a suspicious sincan escort bayan smile, he leered at her. “I think somebody finally got some action tonight.”

“I don’t know what you talking about,” Justine replied with mock innocence, flicking water in his face with her toes. “I just went over to visit Auntie Pru.”

Justin’s smile did not waver. “How did it go? Did you use your leverage on her?”

She nodded. “Auntie Pru is in our pocket. I am the mistress and she is the slave. It will take a while before we can get away with anything, but in a few months everything will be fine and she’ll be contented as a cow getting milked every morning. She’s even going to keep our liquor cabinet stocked for us.”

Justin shook his head. “All right, I believe you. But you have this glow that I’m jealous of already, and it’s been a week since I got even a handjob. I need a little action and I’m tired of beating off.”

“Be nice and you might get more,” she said, giving him another flick with her toes. He grabbed her foot and sucked on three of her toes into his mouth hungrily until she sighed before releasing her. “Mmm, that persuasion may get you somewhere. Anyway, I’ve got a lot to do before I take off for Italy in a couple of weeks.”

Justin nodded. “I’ve got the day off work at the station, so I’ll be able to see you off. Are you going to tell the folks you’re going through with this trip anyway?”

“Hell no, they might expect me to come see them in Morocco. Last time I talked to them, I said I was so broke up over their being forced to live in a country that had no extradition treaty, that I didn’t think I’d be going to Italy after all.”

“Well, it should be a scream for Mom and Dad; they can hardly stand each other these days and now they’re stuck together in a country where they don’t know anybody else and don’t speak the language. Their plane should be close to touching down soon.”

“Yeah, they might even fuck more than once a month just out of boredom. They deserve each other, the arrogant bastards.”

Justine pursed her lips and batted her eyes at her brother. “They’re really kind of crazy, seeing what things they could be uptight about. We always had to sneak around when you were sucking my clit and I was jacking you off. They would have disowned us if they thought we were doing anything like that; yet they were always getting their rocks off with anybody they felt like without a care in the world. They almost couldn’t stand each other, yet they thought they had to have sex the 13th of every month, on the date of their marriage, just for some weird validation.”

“Yeah, they could be traditional about the strangest things. Maybe they liked that once a month together as a odd change of pace; Dad said once that Mom was the tightest bitch he ever fucked. And they never wanted to know exactly what the other was up to. I could get those handjobs from Mom to keep quiet about how she got hairless; I don’t think Dad could have handled me waxing her and all those old women. And I could get the car from Dad anytime by threatening to tell her about his hookers.”

“Well, I’ll kind of miss them, too.” She said as she tousled his hair.

Justin started stroking his sister’s calf and gently tickling the inside of her kneecap. “You better be careful with those Italian men. They think that every American woman dreams of getting fucked by an Italian.”

“I know, I know. I’ve already learned how to tell them to get lost in Italian and if nothing else, a knee in the balls will do as much damage there as it does here.” She leaned back to savor his teasing attention.

Justin slipped up out of the water to sit naked on the lip of the hot tub. His nine inch cock was at quarter staff above his huge testicles. Justine looked at them hungrily and licked her lips once. He pouted and said, “You know, every chick my age I’ve asked to suck or fuck this thing has freaked out. I keep reading that a big dick makes you popular, but you couldn’t prove it by me. All the girls I know are cowards.”

Justine waggled her eyebrows playfully and started stroking the water with her other foot. “So you think I might be interested in your tube steak, little brother?”

“Well, we do have a deal, and I did give you a good supper tonight. I made you fresh pasta and sauce for your Fettucini Alfredo and you did lick the plate clean, you little pig. You could thank me with a little personal licking in return.”

Justine stuck her bare foot in Justin’s crotch and started to tease his shaft and nuts with her toes. He relaxed with that attention and moaned as she teased him for five minutes, coaxing some of his wetness. She looked wistfully at the stars. “Well, I haven’t had much lately, either, and no guy has filled my criteria escort sincan for a year and a half. I’ve wanted to get hold of this donkey dick since I saw it this afternoon.” Justine stood up, slipped off her dress, unhooked her bra and took off her panties. “I’ve done all your other firsts; it would cap things off to take your cherry. Talk nice to me and I’ll see what I can do.” She sat back down on the lip of the tub with her legs spread and her calves in the water.

Justin came off the lip of the tub and buried his face in her crotch. She gasped as he traced the contours of her outer and inner lips, perking her clitoris to attention. His hands found her breasts and started tracing delicate patterns on their fullness, working in circles that focused on her nipples occasionally. Already aroused from the early evening activities with her aunt, it didn’t take her long to reach a screaming orgasm. He came up from between her legs with a Cheshire cat grin.

Justine nodded her head. “All right, donkey dick, but let’s go inside to finish this. This deck is kind of hard.” They went inside to the guest bedroom which was directly off the family room, and she laid him on the bed to give his cock her oral attention.

“Aw sis, you’re the best. Nobody runs their tongue over my balls like you do, ah, ah, ah, ah. Yes, yes, up my shaft, around the rim, oh, oh, oh, your mouth is heaven. I’m not going to last long like this. I love it when you tea bag me; you can almost make me come like that. Oh, I’m so close. Yeah, deep throat time. Five inches, five and a half, six, seven, oh, it’s so good when you come up for air, you swirl the head so good. Eight, almost there, ah, ah, ah, all the way, I’m going to bust my nuts, ah, ah, ah, ah, aroooga!”

Justine kept him in her mouth and throat until he was soft again. “Hmm, baby bro, this is the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted. Now for the Main Event; you’re not going to be a virgin any longer.”

“Yippee! I’m getting hard already looking forward to your cunt. Rub me while I work your clit.” They turned around sixty nine to finger each other into readiness.

Justine sighed. “Yes, yes, oh, I like it like that. I’m going to miss you the next six months, donkey dick. Let me make sure you’re hard. Oh yes, I’m just boiling at the thought of that monster inside me. Mount up, kiddo, let’s get him in there. Oh, oh, oh, oh, slowly, just a little at a time. Gosh, how you fill me up, I feel that I’m being split in two. Yes, all the way in. Lay down flat on me, cheek to cheek. Yes, it’s so good. You like it when I grind my hips like that? Oh yes, I can tell. Now, even though I’m wound up, you’ll have to pump me slowly at first. That’s right, long strokes, oh this feels so good.”

“Sis, it feels so good to have you under me, welded to your body like this. Let me know when you want to change.”

“Let’s go all the way in this position, first time. Oh baby, now I know why I’m on the Pill. I’m almost sorry to be leaving in a couple of weeks; too bad you can’t come along.”

“I agree, sis. Will have to live off the fantasy until you come back.”

“I’m getting close, sweetheart, are you?”

“Oh yeah, the cum factory is almost ready for business again.”

“Let’s speed up and get to the top together.” Their pace increased frantically. Justine cried out, “O, why do I let other men try to fuck me? You’re splitting me in half, it’s so wonderful, aaarrrrggggghhh! Ah, ah, ah, ah, oh baby, oh baby, what have I been missing?” She panted as she came down from her ecstacy, tracing the outline of his jaw with her finger. “Did you come?”

Justin gave her his broad, winning smile. “Yes, sis, I popped a fountain deep inside just when you came. We’ll have to wash these sheets.”

They lay entwined as they came down from their exertions, running gentle hands over one another and staring into each other’s eyes. She broke the spell: “I think I can stay away from the Italians for sure now; you’re got me hooked. Don’t make plans the next couple weeks; I’m going to need a lot in my fuck account to tide me over before I go.”

“Sure thing, Justine. You’re a such a bitch, but you know what buttons to push and you’re so tight. Wear me out the next couple of weeks and I’ll be all right while you’re gone. I like my job at the radio station and it’s good experience for me. I’ll be in classes, too, so I’ll have a lot to occupy me. Don’t make any plans the week after jet lag.”

“Don’t worry about it. Now, two things your big sister has to check on: we agreed that there’ll be no parties here.”

“Yes, we agreed. I know what kind of pigs my friends are; we’ll trash their pads. I’ll tell them Aunt Pru is staying with me.”

“And look after Auntie Pru. She’s getting to be forty six in a few days, and she needs more than help around the yard. I’m going to see her in a couple of nights; she’ll be looking for you.”

“She’s a great cook, too. I get tired of cooking for one, and she feeds me pretty well.”

“She may feed you in some unexpected ways, if you know what I mean. . .”

“Tell me more. . .”

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