The Fall of a Depraved Mother Pt. 01

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My 19-year-old son and I are as close as a mother and son can be. I’d do anything for my little man to make him happy. At home, I treat him like my king. The only thing that ruins my day is seeing him coming home hurt with bruises all over his body and he just refuses to tell me the name of his bully. I guess he’s just afraid of him. I needed to find out who this boy was to put a stop to this.

I pulled up to the driveway in his school a bit earlier than usual to try to scout out who this bully might be. The entire time I was there so many of the boys at his school were checking me out in the car or whispering and snickering that I was a hot milf. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t blush or enjoy the attention I was getting even if they were little boys. I finally saw my son coming to the car seeming more timid than usual and walking with him was a boy who looked the same age as my son. Even though they seemed to be the same age this boy looked nothing like my son. He was a complete stud for his age, I’d envy the woman who’d get to take his virginity if he even still had it.

“Get in James or we’ll be late for your piano practice, does your friend want a ride?” I said without breaking eye contact with this boy. My son just awkwardly shrugged his shoulders and got in the car with canlı bahis his friend. I didn’t know what was going on with him but I didn’t think much of it, I was a bit ‘distracted’. While we were driving his friend introduced himself as Mike and we hit it off immediately laughing and giving jokes it would’ve been perfect if only my son would’ve joined the conversation. I just assumed that he was in a bad mood.

After I dropped my son off to piano practice it just hit me, I completely forgot to ask Mike where he was going. He got in the passenger seat and told me where he lived and that his mom wouldn’t be home until late that night. I didn’t want him to be home alone so I suggested he come with me until I have to pick my son back up from practice.

We got home and the sparks just ignited. Us being able to talk freely without my son being there, the flirting between each other and he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of my body. I wanted him so bad, I felt like a cougar for wanting a boy half my age and he’s my son’s friend no less. I felt so dirty and like a bad mother but to be honest, knowing it was so wrong and perverted made even hornier. I didn’t even realize I was biting my lips while staring at his cock thinking about it. He caught me and grabbed my ass and whispered in my ears with bahis siteleri his hot breath, “Something on your mind, MILF?” Something special just clicked when I heard this young stud call me a milf and knowing he wanted a woman my age. I don’t even remember my body moving, the next thing I know we’re passionately making out and my tongue is in his throat tasting all of him. He threw me on the couch and laid on top of me sucking my lips and groping every inch of my body. I felt his hard cock grinding against my thigh in his pants as he kept calling out my name. Feeling his throbbing cock in his pants I know he wanted to feel more than just my tits through my bra and shirt but he was too shy so I gave him some incentive and put his hand inside my shirt to grope my nipples. The moment I did that he lost control and he squeezed my nipple as he was having an orgasm in his pants on my thigh.

I sat up feeling so satisfied that I made a young man feel that way but it still wasn’t over. He looked me right in the eyes as he stuck his finger in my pussy, “You’re not going anywhere yet Nicole I’m not wasting an opportunity like with a milf.” He fingered me so well and he tried to take off my clothes but I wasn’t ready for him to see my body yet, I wanted him to work for it. Right as I rolled back bahis şirketleri my eyes to enjoy this boy doing his work my phone went off ringing and it was my son. I got so annoyed at the moment he called me and yelled out why is this fucking kid calling me now. It was the first time I ever spoke of my son that way and I didn’t even realize what I said. I answered the phone talking to my son thinking that Mike would wait for me to hang up before he continued but this boy didn’t care. He fingered me and played with my clit while I was still on the phone talking to my son. I could feel myself about to cum trying to get Mike to stop.

What kind of mother would I be if I squirted because of my son’s friend while on the phone with my son? Mike’s shyness was completely gone he refused to stop and was clearly into it. My son was over the phone hearing me trying to contain my lustful moans and asking if everything was okay with Mike and I. I was losing my mind, biting down on my hand trying to contain my voice but it was too much I lost my grip and Mike noticed my will breaking and kept pushing his fingers into me deeper and faster as my voice slowly slipped out. I could hear my concerned little boy calling out to his mommy but I was at a loss for words and I unconsciously yelled out Mike’s name as he made me squirt all over his hand in my pants.

My son hung up and I just laid there with my pussy and pants completely soaked, Mike’s fingers still inside me and thinking about how much of an immoral mother I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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