The Experience

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Mom’s eyes were closed in concentration. Her hair was short and mousy brown. She had no curves, what little she had for breasts were flat and saggy, although her nipples and areolas were big. She was on her knees and she had a thicket of bushy dark hair between her legs. What can I say, I don’t think many people would find their own mother attractive. I certainly didn’t, not in that way.

She was trying really hard, though. Her head was bobbing in a quickening pace, but I could see she was getting tired, so I had to just gently touch her shoulder and whisper: “I’m sorry, mom. It’s still not quite happening.”

Mom paused for a while. “Don’t worry,” she said as she looked at me understandingly. “You don’t have to be nervous with me.”

“Yeah, I understand that.” It was still pretty difficult. I had not wanted to turn twenty without having any experience with girls. Mom had been really understanding when we had talked about it, and we had already tried it once on the bed, but that had not worked out. I had been ready to give up then, but mom had taught me I shouldn’t quit so easily, so we were now trying it again. Mom had thought it might be a good idea to start like this. It wasn’t really the same as being with a girl, of course, but mom was trying to do her best.

Mom bent down and started again. Her lips were slow and gently at first slowly and then she started building up the rhythm.

I looked out of the window, canlı bahis trying to relax. The sun was shining and the old oak tree outside stood as study as ever, its leaves barely moving in the wind. Dad and sis were playing with our dog down on the yard. It had been dad’s idea to ask mom if I could practice with her. I hadn’t been so sure about it initially, but today I had finally gathered my courage and talked to her.

After some time I had to shift my hips a little. My testicles were tightening and I had to lay my hands on mom’s shoulders because my legs suddenly twitched.

Mom looked up at me and made a questioning sound: “Mh-h?”

I looked back at her and softly whispered: “I think it’s working, mom. I can feel it.”

Mom accelerated the rhythm and tried to patiently keep it on without getting tired. Her hands were on my thighs and around her neck she was wearing the necklace my sister had given to her. It was a little silver cross. I knew mom believed in God, even though we did not talk about it often. I was not so sure about that myself, but she was trying her best to change my mind, just like right now.

I groaned and moved my legs, and mom kept going. She was bobbing her head as fast as she could. She was not going to stop now. She needed to have the determination and endurance to make it happen.

My knees were buckling, so I had to hold tighter on mom’s hair and shoulders, but she still patiently kept up bahis siteleri the same rapid pace.

Mom looked up at me again with concern in her eyes when a sudden squirt made her flinch and stiffen, uttering a phlegmy sound of denial: “Mm-m!”

I guess I should have warned her, but mom was nice enough to swallow whatever she had caught in her mouth even though she mumbled some complaints.

I was feeling warm and relaxed after having shot my balls dry for the first time in my life. I glanced at the clock on the wall. It had taken mom over an hour to make me come. I didn’t know what else to say except: “Thanks, mom.”

“Just say when you’re ready to try again,” mom said. She got up and sat on my bed.

I was feeling more comfortable about the situation now, so I sat next to her on the bed, and it didn’t take long until I said: “I think I can do it now, mom.”

Mom lay down and opened her legs. I clumsily got on top of her and I knew I had to do the work now, but I managed to stay hard and it gave me confidence.

“You can do it,” mom said reassuringly, and I could. It was still difficult for me to find mom attractive in any way, of course, so it took quite a while, but it did not feel impossible like the first time we had tried this.

I leaned closer and laid my head on her shoulder. I could feel mom’s nipples against my chest. The vagina was really wide and hairy, but its warmth made my hips move instinctively.

“Just bahis şirketleri like that. Keep going,” mom said when she noticed my clumsy thrusting.

It still felt awkward to be doing this with my own mother, but unlike the previous time, my breathing was becoming more agitated and I started feeling tingling warmth all over. It was really going to happen this time.

“Faster,” mom instructed, and I tried to do my best. I was hugging her tightly, although I had my face turned away from her, and my hips were working between her thighs. The tightening feeling in my testicles was becoming unbearable.

“Mom, I think I’m gonna..!” I whimpered.

“Good. Don’t stop,” mom answered.

Then it finally happened. I groaned hard and came with an audible squirt into the safety of my own mother’s womb. Mom’s hairy vagina had instinctively opened for her own child, allowing me to shoot my sperm deep into it. I didn’t pull out for a while. I let my balls rest on mom’s buttocks until they had stopped contracting and everything was gone.

Now I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I had done it with my own mother. Both were confusing thoughts, but I was feeling good, all things considered. I gave mom a kiss on the cheek because it felt like something I should do.

Dad came in when I went downstairs. There must have been something peculiar about my expression, because he immediately said “Congratulations” and smiled when he saw me.

“Umm… Thanks, dad, I’ll go help Mary fix her bike,” I said sheepishly and went to meet my sister in the back yard.

That was my first time, and I will always remain grateful to my mother about it.

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