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“What? You have not been fucked properly in years? How is that possible?”

The two women sat on a vast deck in the afternoon sun, sipping wine from elegant glasses. The brunette looked at her friend and continued.

“Can your husband not get it up anymore?”

The blonde sighed: “No, that’s not it. He just does not last. He gets hard, enters me and almost immediately shoots his load.”

“Oh, no, that is just so sad. What if you make him ejaculate right before you have sex?”

“We have tried that. No success. And all the creams and potions we could find. But it does not change anything. It is like a reflex for him. Erection … pussy … orgasm,” the blonde explained with a roll of her eyes.

“But then he at least spends the evening eating you out?” the brunette inquired.

“Sometimes he goes down on me but before climaxing he is too excited and afterwards he is too tired to do it properly. So I end up masturbating while he drifts off to sleep.”

The blonde looked sadly into the distance. Her friend pondered a proposal that had just occurred to her. And then she presented her pitch.

“My man is very disciplined. I only let him climax occasionally and only when I feel that he is so desperate that he can’t think straight. His cock is then so sensitive that the slightest breeze will make him hard.”

The blonde raised her eyebrows in astonishment.

“He is totally focused on servicing me and has trained himself to last a long time. Sometimes I get so sore that I ask him to stop. We then just cuddle and I can feel his throbbing cock push up against me.”

“He doesn’t mind to be denied like this?” the blonde asked.

“Oh, no. He loves it. He tells me that he sometimes leaks precum into his pants the whole day after a lovemaking session. And you know what else he loves? My pussy. There’s rarely a night when he does not insist on getting me off a few times before we go to sleep.”

Clearly, the blonde now was listening with envy and growing frustration at the description of her best friend’s husband.

“But let me tell you something,” the brunette continued. “If you want, I will send him over tonight after I have had my fun with him. He is early in the denial cycle. He came before we canlı bahis went on this trip. There is no need for him to have an orgasm and he is still capable of giving it to someone for a long time. It sounds like you could need some, no? What do you think?”

The blonde was surprised by the proposal but she could also feel the faint tinge of excitement in her pussy.

“But what about my husband? Is he supposed to watch?” She asked.

“Well, it sounds like he could learn a thing or two. But maybe that is a bit much for tonight. Instead of letting him watch, just send him over to our room and I will provide some tutoring for him.”

The blonde nodded in agreement.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet and restful but both women were looking forward to the post-dinner activities.


He pulled her hips backwards a few more times in coordination with every thrust. Her pussy clenched around his stiff cock and she moaned loudly.

“Yes, be a good girl and come on my cock,” he whispered.

The brunette woman came as ordered and let out a deep guttural groan. As her orgasm subsided she collapsed onto the bed. She looked back at her husband. She very much liked what she saw. He was middle-aged and in great shape. Athletic and toned with a cock that was standing straight up and glistening with both of their juices.

“You did well, my dear,” she praised him. “Now go to our friends’ room and do what I told you. She needs some renewed faith and attention and you will give it to her please. Don’t disappoint her. She is my best friend.”

He nodded, stepped off the bed and put on his robe.

He was almost out the door when he heard his wife calling after him:”But absolutely no coming!”

He nodded again and closed the door behind him. With his cock still buzzing from the thorough fucking he had just given his wife, he walked down the hall and stopped in front of the other bedroom’s door. He knocked, heard a dim voice, and stepped into the room.

The room was fairly dark except for one candle on the night stand. The blonde woman sat on the edge of the bed. Her long hair flowed down her shoulders and chest. She looked nervous and immediately started speaking when the man entered the room.

“I bahis siteleri don’t think we should be doing this. It is not right…”

He softly put a finger on her mouth and she fell silent. He kissed her softly to ease her nerves. She was hesitant but his masculine taste started to arouse her.

“Just trust me. You’ll enjoy this,” he said and kneeled in front of her. His rope opened, giving her a great look at his semi-erect penis. He placed his hands on her knees and slowly pushed her legs apart.

“Lie back,” he ordered gently.

She did as she was told and could feel his hands pulling away the silky fabric of her robe. Her pussy felt exposed, not only because she was no longer covered but also because he was now directly looking at her.

“You look beautiful. Let me taste you.”

He started licking her with broad strokes, slowly working his tongue into her pussy. She took a deep breath. His tongue felt amazing on her. Here gaze escaped to the ceiling and she felt a fire building up inside of her. The soft caresses of this powerful tongue teased her clit and she could feel herself getting wet.

His tongue performed miracles on her and eased away all the tension of the last few weeks. She felt like a powerful but soft being was exploring every one of her folds.

Suddenly, it was not only a tongue but now there were fingers; fingers that were playing with her, entering her, fucking her slowly and steadily.

She gasped as two fingers entered her simultaneously and added to the assault on her pussy. She could not remember the last time she had felt like this. She gasped for air and her hands dug into the bedsheets.

The blonde woman looked down and saw his face deeply buried in her pussy. She heard his muffled voice:”I want you to come for me … now!”

Now … so fast? Oh so intense, can she? Would she? Her senses exploded with pleasure as he slowly sucked her clit into his mouth. There were colors everywhere and she could not hold back her orgasm any longer. It was like a wave that had risen unexpectedly but now threatened to drown her.

She came hard but that was just the beginning. He kept eating her with endurance and attention to her needs.

“”What a connaisseur,” she thought.

A bahis şirketleri series of orgasms all blended together. She grabbed his head and pushed his face further into her wetness. She slung her legs around him to keep his body in place.

After what seemed like an eternity, he lifted his head and looked at her.

“I want you on your hands and knees,” he ordered.

She obediently obliged and only seconds later she could feel his hard cock split her open. With a few thrusts he forced himself inside of her. He felt big and swollen.

Her friend had not lied. He was a real expert. Vigorously, he worked his cock in and out of her pussy. Every few strokes, he slapped her ass and left bright red marks on her white skin. She could feel his cock swelling every time his hand made contact. At first, she was shocked by how much her ass cheeks stung but then she needed more.

“Harder! Harder! Don’t stop! Deeper! Give it to me. Fuck me as hard as you can!”

She was now completely taken over with lust. He rammed his cock into her again and again.

“Yes… oh, yes, that … faster… no stopping now … I am coming! Here… it … comes…”

Her pussy was on fire as she came. To her amazement, he never stopped but simply kept thrusting throughout her orgasm. Long broad strokes while she exploded in a bright and blinding climax! Then there was another and another …

“Oh, yes …so good.” She squealed and moaned.

She fell forward and landed on the matress. The blonde woman let out a deep sigh and looked at the man who had just given her so much pleasure. His body was sweaty and his cock still hard. She was tempted to reach for him and suck him off. But she remembered her friend’s instructions.

“You can go now. This was amazing. Thank you,” she said.

He quietly slipped out the room and back to his own room. The woman continued her decent into blissful calm as the door opened again and her own husband came inside. His face was red and he seemed out of breath. One of his hands was cupping his balls.

“Hi my dear! You are back. I hope you have learned a lot because you have very big shoes to fill. I am a woman who deserves to be taken. And you will have to give it to me. But maybe there will have to be multiple sessions of additional training before you can perform to my satisfaction,” she smiled. She knew that there was no rush as long as her friend would continue to share her amazing lover…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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