The Encounter: Brad , Lucy Pt. 02

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Pre-amble: This story contains sex between consenting adults. I enjoy reading erotica which gives the mind complete freedom to wander which is why I omitted their ages to enable the reader to place themselves in one of the roles with a partner of an age of their choice.


Brad was the first to awake and he found Lucy lying face down. He slowly removed the bed sheet to reveal her fabulous curvaceous body and her lovely round arse. He gently moved round to get his face close to her cheeks and spread her arse cheeks apart. A little kiss here and another there to see how she responded, if at all. She lay still.

He moved closer to her anus and licked her tight little arse ring and sphincter. She moaned in pleasure but was still in dreamland. He ran his tongue up and down the crack between those delightful cheeks making the whole area glisten. Then he poked his tongue into her anus and moved it around inside the tight area.

It relaxed and opened up inviting him to explore deeper. Without hesitation the tongue slipped in further and Brad’s saliva increased as he drooled at the prospect of what was about to follow. He tongued and sucked her gorgeous butt hole and it reacted by poking upwards. ‘She wants it!’, Brad thought (as if there was any doubt in the first place).

With each stroke of his tongue he could feel a long string of saliva as he licked her anus and canlı bahis the area around the hole. Although still asleep, Lucy’s body started writhing and he wanted to attempt fucking her arse before she awoke. He pushed his tongue in as deep as possible tasting her dirty back passage. It didn’t bother him as he was overwhelmed with lust. Filth and Lust! What a powerful combination that was.

He sucked and licked, cleaning inside that most private of private areas a woman possesses. Bizarrely, she tasted erotically wonderful. He thought ‘How could that be? Shit shouldn’t really taste like that. Must be the effects of Lust, make the most of it Brad’. He continued for a little while longer until her sphincter was completely open and ready.

His cock was now bursting and needed to feel her warmth around it. He decided it was time to enter her and got into position easing his shaft into her. Despite all his tongue action and the feeling that her anus had opened right up, the tongue had deceived him and it wasn’t quite as large an opening as he thought. But it was heaven none-the-less. As he entered, Lucy awoke slightly bleary-eyed but soon worked out what going on and moved her arse to greet him. She purred.

He moved gently at first as she did in unison with him. Stroke by stroke he gradually worked his way deeper inside her moist tongue-cleaned rectum. With each thrust forward Brad’s bahis siteleri testicles snacked against Lucy’s cunt with a wet thudding sound. She was dripping! Both of them felt great.

Brad reach round her with both arms to embrace her and to squeeze her breast which were by now swinging to and fro with her raised up on all fours. They fucked and fucked and fucked with sweat pouring off of them until they both felt the results of their hard labour within their groins bearing fruit.

“I’m cumming, darling. I’m cumming!” Brad cried.

“So am I, oh fuck, so am I,” Lucy replied.

With that they both climaxed together. Brad filling her arse with his semen and Lucy having an almighty orgasm soaking the bed beneath her. Brad wanted to taste her orgasmic juices immediately but at the same time didn’t want to withdraw as it felt so wonderful being inside her gorgeous arse.

Both panting and sweating, they stayed locked together with Brad’s arms around her. He stirred his cock around and felt how slippery it was in her rectum as his hardness started to wane.

“I’d love to taste your orgasm, Lucy. Let me move round under you.”

Brad slowly eased his wet and sticky cock out of Lucy’s dirty anus and gets himself into a 69 position. Lucy lowers her wet cunt onto his face and as she does so is confronted by a rather messy semi-hard penis. The temptation is too much for both bahis şirketleri of them. She starts licking the dirty cum covered dick and Brad laps up the juice between her vagina lips.

As he does so his own cum dribbles out of her arse hole, down between her lips and into his mouth. ‘Quite a cock-tail’ he thinks. This excites him and coupled with the attention Lucy is giving to his cock his blood starts returning and slowly he gets another erection.

Lucy expertly gives Brad the blowjob of his life and Brad returns the favour but using all his expertise of his tongue in her cunt and fingers in her wet and sticky arse. Lucy likewise fingers his arse. Together they work each others genitalia as lust reigns supreme again.

They are besotted with each other as fingers, hands, mouths, lips and tongues drive each wild. Lucy gets wetter and wetter and Brad gets a hard as any man can. He throat-fucks her hard and she sucks and sucks as hard as she can on his penis. Fingers go deep into her arse and stir her inside-out. It makes her dizzy. She teases and fucks his arse with her fingers. It makes him dizzy.

This mad passion continues as Brad’s face get soaked and Lucy’s throat is gets sore. Brad then explodes his load down her throat and she almost gags. Lucy squirts big time over his face as if he’s having a shower.

She slumps on him panting and he is gasping for air. They move round facing each other, smile, embrace and kiss, each tasting their own juices on each other.

The bed sheet is pulled up and, with extremely satisfied expressions on their faces, they gradually fall asleep again…

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