The Emperor’s Concubine

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The guards want me, the Emperor owns me. Women dislike me, the Queen despises me. Little does she know I don’t want her rancid husband. Little does she know I’m planning his death.

Everyday, since I was a girl, I am bathed in honey milk, fucked until I can’t stand, then painted in gold. Rinse and repeat. I am the Emperor’s concubine, his mistress, his whore. I was once a princess, but my kingdom was conquered. Now I’m painted so if any man ever places his hands on me it smears the intricately woven pattern of paint and he will be killed on site.

I wear no clothes, my body his temple. I stand straight as a statue staring at the mirror for hours as they paint me, hating every inch of my curving hips, willowy waist and plump full tits. I’m not allowed to cut my hair so it cascades down my back in a pool of black, the rest of me waxed before my bath. The gold hides the lashes and bruises made by my master, the tracks of tears that slide down my face. I was chosen for the beautiful delicate features of my face when I was younger, but now that I am a woman it is because of my feminine form that I am chosen to stay.

He drags me close at a huge feast in his honor. I’m dangling grapes to his lips and he rests me upon his lap. The Queen sits there, still and frigid at his side, she looks forward at nothing, but I’m forced to look at him. He squeezes my cheeks as he turns my head to face him for a kiss. Plump fingers dip between my legs and curl into my slit, fingering me angrily without need for response. This is a show of his power and pride, not of his skills in pleasure. He has none.

His breath is soured by drink as he licks up my neck before breathing into my ear. “Tonight. After the war counsel.” This is not unusual. However he usually skips such meetings. He’d rather be violent in the bed chamber than the battle grounds. No matter, this gives me time to enact my plans.

He lifts me off his lap with a firm slap on my ass, his touches marring the golden paint, branding me as his to violate. The men in the chamber roar with pleasure and it goats him to draw me back by the wrist and grabbing a fist full of my mane to press me down into his lap. A further roar in applause causes him to untie his velvet breeches to release a fat hard prick. My head is pressed down without pause as I obey the sucking of his cock. The flesh and salt filling my mouth while the men cheer and raise glasses to their fierce and powerful lord.

As he splashes his seed down my throat I’m pulled up but do not gasp for air. This has been trained out of me. Instead as he raises my head by my hair like a prized kill I swallow, licking the remaining cum from my lips. I’m then cast aside as the party continues. I must go to prepare for my evening with the Emperor. My bath is waiting.

My bath water steams as I enter it, the gold paint pooling to the top like oil as I slip in. My breasts are tender in the heat but the rest of my body hails the warmth as it washes all of the filth away.

The guard whom I have charmed by whispering sweet nothings watches me bath. I massage my large aching breasts for him, letting out a groan as I throw my head back and twist the dusty pink of my nipples into peaks. His face never moves but his eyes roam over my body as I bathe. He knows what to do and what I have asked of him and he ever so slightly releases his dagger from his side and sets it behind the heavy curtains draped along the balcony terrance. I continue my bath until the servants come in, removing me, drying me and beginning the detailed patterns of paint across my body.

As the Emperor comes in I see he’s enraged. He storms through the görükl escort doors and without pause slaps one of the servant girls to the ground. She does not rise and he turns to me. My face is a blank mask allowing him to decide my emotion. Grabbing me by the throat he raises me off the ground. Air tries and fails to enter my lungs and it takes all of my training to keep my body limp, my arms dangling to my sides as he carries me gasping to slam against a wall. The back of my head feels a burst of pain as I make contact with the hard stones. Servants silently ascend shackling my wrists together from a chain pulley in the high ceilings above. The chain is adjusted to match where in the air I am as he clenches my throat. Upon the securing of the chains he drops me and I jolt as my weight pulls on the chains, my body resting just above the floor, stretched out long and naked.

His face is red and bulging as he takes hold of the bamboo cane leaned against the wall for this purpose. ??“Do you know what I was told in the council chamber today?” He draws back and slaps my thigh causing a searing pain and spasm in my right leg. The question is rhetorical. He’s sure to tell me what ails him as he beats me.

He draws back and slaps my thigh causing a searing pain and spasm in my right leg. The question is rhetorical. He’s sure to tell me what ails him as he beats me.??“It’s war.” thwack

??“With the Levythyns” thwack

This last hit lands squarely on my ass as I spin from the force of the hit. My body shutters from the pain and it is either the movement or the Levythyns that cause him to land another blow to my ass. The pain so excruciating that I bite my lip to fight back a whimper. ??“I’ll have to lead the damn army over the tundra. We’ll have to take the land back by force.” thwack. “Breastplate.”?

He does not refer to an armored breastplate but instead a thinly made chain of jewelry that covers my torso like a vest. diamonds are impeded in the mesh, as are clamps that pinch and hold my nipples. It is fastened around my neck, back and chest, as even servants may not touch me the Emperor himself opens the clamps. Holding my breasts, which fill and overflow in his hands, he cups the heft of them with his palms, almost delicately before using his thumb and pointer finger to pinch my nipples so they harden in the twist of his movement. He then shuts the clamps down on my breast’s jeweled prison and resumes with the stick, hitting me now in a way that catches and pulls on the chains. ?

This goes on for almost thirty minutes. He huffs and growls over the suffering of war and the pride of men, all the while leaving red welts on my skin. Finally he snaps his fingers.??

??“Drop her.”?

The chains are released and I collapse to the ground on my hands and knees. As desired. Gripping my hair in his meaty fist he begins to slap my bruised ass, hitting along the welt lines in order to create a sting both erotic and painful and I finally let out a small cry. ??He pauses. The moment is to untie his breeches in order to release himself. Mounting me like a mare he’s within me in moments, gliding in and out of my slit with skilled precision. A master who knows his slave.


I’m held onto by my hips that jut out as if designed for his grasp, the raw grinding of his shaft slowly building momentum and heat in my core, I feel my body tighten around him while moistening and softening to lighten the blow of his constant thrusts. He’s groaning into me, a wild beast unable to be tamed. My tits are heavy and rapidly sway beneath me, gravity pulling at them and causing an ache that I can’t contain. I moan and he digs deeper, lurching görükle escort bayan into me with more force as he pulls at my shoulder. Sweat begins around the nape of my neck and curve of my hips. His sweat drips onto my ass as he rocks into me. As he releases his seed inside of me I feel no relief, the aphrodisiac he drinks with his evening meal keeping him hard and wanting. ?

I claw my way forward toward the balcony and curtains. He’s focused, furious and paying me no mind. Simply enjoying pounding into my soft flesh. Owning something fully. He rears me up as we reach the balcony, squeezing my tits that are still encased in the mesh and clamps. I cry out in pain and ecstasy and just before it’s too late grasp the knife within the ruffles of the curtains. ??I’m bent over the balcony, all of the palace guards, fine ladies and courtiers around and below seeing my used body folded over the low wall, dagger still in my hand dangling over the side. As he pulls out from me there is a moment where I feel hollowed out, empty upon his exit from my body. Then he turns me to plunge back in, only to have me plunge into him. ??The knife sticks out of his chest and for a terrifying moment I’m afraid he’ll let go of me and I’ll fall. tumbling over the side of the edge with him to die by his side. Then his face screws up in blind fury, a rage I have yet to witness.

??“You stupid bitch.” His voice so cold and low I can barley make out his words. “You missed.”

My head is slammed into a wall and all I see is black.


When I awake i’m staring at the ground from a horse. I’m bent over a large stallion and tied to it like a freshly hunted stag. The ground is covered in frost and as I try to move I feel all the aches and pains from my body left over from my last memories. Was it last night? I feel my mind fading back into black before a jolt of pain as a hand slaps my rump. ?“We’ll camp here tonight men!”?sounds of unpacking and the taking off of armor clangs around me. I’m straddled over the horse for the duration of camp set up and it is night fall before I’m pulled off and unfastened from the saddle.

?Drinking and cheer awaits me as I’m pulled into camp, but my heart beats with fear as I enter. The man guiding me by my arm is not the Emperor. He is just a man. A warrior. I’m thrust into a tent and my bath is prepared. I’m disoriented as I enter, but confused as my gold paint is applied. Why had he not killed me? Upon being painted I am lead out to the fire where men feast and drink. Wenches sit upon laps and poor ale into goblets. I’m cheered upon my arrival and placed on my masters lap. A reddened bandage covers just above his heart where my knife pierced him. Men mutter “death slayer” under their breath as his wound and survival.

The Emperor merrily drinks and all is as it was. A joke arises among the men and he buries his face between my breasts and shakes, sputtering and dribbling his drink on me. There are rolls of laughter and jovial pinches and slaps on the other wenches behinds. He turns me so I straddle him and pulls my hair back arching my back and exposing my tits to his face. He places my right nipple between his lips and begins to suckle me as if a babe. Hooting and hollering can be heard behind me as he continues, taking the other nipple into his mouth to suckle. His teeth nipping at my flesh and causing me to moan. The men grow frantic. He stops and releases me. Bidding me rise. I do so and stand beside him, flushed and throbbing all over.

“Am I not the luckiest man alive?”

?“Here here!” they all cheered

“Do I not conquer Kingdoms?”?

“Here Here!”?

“Take their Princesses?”

“Here escort görükle Here!”

“Am I not the conqueror of death?”

?“Here Here!”?

“But!” he paused. “Does one man win wars? Should I not share my luck, and power with my army? My pleasures with my people?”

?“Here Here!”

?“I present to you, the lovely Princess Neferet. May she dance for you all and spare some of her fine luck on you, as she has for me.”?As I startled at the use of my name and title, so rarely used the crowd roared and the Emperor growled in my ear. ?“Dance you bitch.” Before shoving me forward towards the fire.

The music started up and I went into one of my dances I performed for the Emperor alone in his chamber on more peaceful nights where he was interested in my body and not in punishing it. My hips lifted to the beat, I spun and moved with grace about the fire. As I did so hands began to clasp my wrist or slap my ass. One soldier drew me into a hard kiss while squeezing my body into his rock hard cock. The tempo picked up and more men joined in, touching and pulling and squeezing the object of their desires for so long. The forbidden prize they had all watched enjoyed from afar.

Now, here for the taking. Men began to push each other out of the way, two fights broke out before the booming voice of the Emperor stopped them.?“Gentleman, Gentleman. Save the battles for on the battlefield. There’s enough flesh to go around. Tonight we share as brothers, for tomorrow we take back what’s ours!”??

With that I was forcefully brought down to my knees. A man with rough hands crouched down and rubbed my body all over, on his knees he took me, raising me to wrap around his lap and take his girth. soon I was pressed into him, an invasive force on my ass as another man knelt behind me, fingering my asshole with wet fingers. I gasped, my arms going around the first man as I leaned in to accept his fingers that were then removed and replaced by a long thin dick that pressed inside of me, the two cocks together grinding my insides making me feel like I would be cleaved in two. ??I screamed as the uneven thrusts tore into me. My cry cut off by my head being raised and a man standing behind the first pushing his cock into my mouth.

?None of the men kept the same pace, my mouth worked furiously as I choked upon the fat cock inside of it, the first man’s slow rhythmic thumps digging deep and creating a dull thump of pain as it bruised my cervix. The man at my back gliding his full length in and out of my ass. The pain was so great I heard a far off ringing in my ears. Hot slick liquid flows freely down my throat and, just as suddenly a wash of air, before a new cock entered. This one commanding the use of my tongue down the vein of his bulging shaft.

Men moved in and out of me for the remainder of the night. Sometimes one, sometimes many. I prayed for unconsciousness or death. Neither came. My nipples were rubbed raw, my ass cheeks beaten red and I felt like cum dripped out of me from every orifice. When no one else entered me my body remained on the cold ground, unable to stand or hold itself up. Each man went to bed, well fed, and well fucked for battle the next morning.

At some point I was dragged to a tent and cleaned off in my bath, they had to hold my head up above the water. Once painted I was brought to his chambers, he lay in bed crown placed beside him. I was laid next to him and he smoothed his hands down my supple bruised curves.

??“Every night, until this war is won, you are theirs. If I die in battle, you belong to the army. When this battle is over, I shall return with you, and you shall be solely mine once more, but such a position must be earned. Go to sleep my pet. You have quite the battle ahead of you.”

?I fell asleep tangled in my master’s arms.

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