The Dinner Dance

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I was once an assistant teacher in a dancing academy, and although I was teaching classes in ballet and tap I also taught ballroom dancing, and shared our long list of clients with my principal.

I got quite friendly with some of these clients, naturally, as they strove for medals, and, naturally as a dance teacher, I was quite blasé when my breasts pressed sexily onto a man’s chest as we danced.

I never dressed provocatively when teaching, although I was not averse to doing so when away on holiday and I was able to attend dances.

That is, until one occasion when one of my students mentioned that it was his forthcoming Firm’s Dinner Dance, and, being single, he had no partner, and having obtained his silver medal he would have loved to have been able to show off his prowess.

Although he did not ask me outright I could sense that he was probing to see what my response would be if he asked me to be his partner. So, when I half-suggested it he immediately responded by saying, “Would you really? All the expenses would be on me, of course – tickets, drinks, and so on.”

It was when I probed a little more deeply, though, that I realised that he worked for a national company, and that the venue would be in another county altogether! I was certainly not known there, and he said as much as if to suggest that I would be accompanying him in the guise of his girl-friend or similar.

It was only when I actually agreed to be his partner for the occasion that he mentioned that we would have to stay in an hotel for the night, but that he would pay for that, too.

It was now his turn for a surprise, for my reply was that if I would have to stay away for the night then I had better put it to my husband, although, I reassured him, I doubted whether there would be any objection whatsoever. Evidently he was not aware that I was married.

“Look,” I said. “If Geoff does not agree then I’ll destroy all his porno DVDs. That would be a real blow, but it will not come to that at all. I know Geoff well enough, and I can state here and now that his answer will definitely be a big “YES”! – Mind you, I shall have to tell him all about it when I get home again.”

“Tell you what,” I added. “I shall ring him here and now and you can hear his answer for yourself.”

I took out my mobile phone and dialled his number, putting the volume to external. Seconds later he replied.

“Darling,” I began. “One of my students has asked if I can accompany home to his firm’s Dinner-Dance, but it will mean a night away from home as it is so far away. Would you mind? And I have put the external volume on so that he can hear your answer.”

Back came Geoff’s voice, loud and clear.

“You know what my reaction would be, so why bother ringing?” he asked.

“So that he can hear you for himself,” I answered.

“Is he listening in, then?” came the next from Geoff.

“Every single word,” I answered.

“Right then, whoever you are, and I shall want to know your name at the end of this conversation. Hear this. I have no objections whatsoever to Janice staying away with you for one night, but there are two conditions. Firstly, that I shall choose her dance dress and whatever else she may wear for the weekend, and secondly that she tells me everything about it when she comes home again. Now, who are you?”

“I’m Clive,” said my student. “And thanks. I did not realise that Janice was married, or I might have thought twice about even considering the invitation.”

“Nonsense!” called out Geoff. “You’ll enjoy her company.” And with that he closed the line.

I turned to Clive. “Satisfied?” I asked him, and he answered a little cautiously as he once more apologised for not realising that I was married.

I told him that Geoff and I had a marvellous relationship, and that my career was paramount to him. Whatever could advance my career was good enough for him.

Anyway, I had another student waiting his turn, and so I told Clive to get in touch with the details as soon as he knew them, whereupon he told me that the occasion was actually the following weekend, so that I would not be seeing him again before then.

So I gave him my home address and told him to give me a ring before he called for me and that I would be absolutely ready for him.

I could have guessed beforehand which outfit Geoff would choose for my “date”, and I was proved right. I shall not say at this point what it was, but will wait until I come to the part of the story where Clive saw it.

Anyway, on the following Saturday Geoff packed my overnight bag and laid out my dance outfit for me to wear, and we awaited Clive’s arrival.

Dead on his promised time he arrived in his company car and I slipped a light summer coat over my dress, telling Clive that he could see what Geoff had chosen when we were actually at the dinner.

An hour or so later we arrived at the hotel where Clive had booked two separate rooms. We had a quick drink at the bar, and then I told Clive that I would go güvenilir bahis to my room and change for the dinner, and that he could do the same, meeting again in the bar lounge in about half an hour.

I showered, freshened up, and made up my face once again after slipping into the dress which Geoff had chosen for me. It was actually one which he had ordered a short time ago from a selection on the Internet and one which we had been saving for “that special occasion.”

It was fiery red (I always find red so sexy and enticing), halter-necked, deep plunging and backless so that it was impossible to wear a bra beneath it, and the front slip from ankle upwards was high enough yet low enough at the same time to just cover my modesty.

I slipped on my coat once again, still in a teasing mood, so that Clive would have to wait until I had been to the cloakroom to see what I was wearing. He had ordered a taxi, as obviously we would almost certainly have a drink or two with the meal and afterwards, and he was obviously most concerned about not losing his licence.

We went to our separate cloakrooms, and I cam out to find Clive waiting, resplendent in dinner suit and bow tie, and for the first time he saw my dress.

His eyes almost left their sockets as he came forward to drink it all in, then, as if involuntarily, he kissed me, then stepped back again as if he had overstepped the mark. After all, I was his dancing teacher and his escort, not really the fiancée he had told the others he was bringing. To help this deception I had left off my wedding ring, but had retained my engagement ring. This had already been approved by Geoff from whom I had hid nothing.

Anyway, he led me into the bar where we waited the call to be seated.

He introduced me to one or two of his colleagues as “Janice – my fiancée”.

I did not enlighten them otherwise. I noticed, too, that the men were quite openly admiring my dress, and actually one or two of their wives did not look disapprovingly, either.

When the call came to be seated, we formally sat down in our designated places, and I sat facing Clive as I sat between two of his male colleagues, just as he sat between two wives or female colleagues, I did not know which.

Again, we were quiet decorous in our small talk as we ploughed our way through the meal, finally sitting back through the toasts and the after-dinner speech which was not memorable in any way, but not boring just the same.

Afterwards we moved into the large ballroom, where seating was in alcoves round the sides, and found ourselves with one of Clive’s female colleagues and her husband. Clive introduced them as Bonnie and Jason. Bonnie immediately commented on my dress, saying how much she not only envied my owning it, but she also envied my daring in wearing it, saying that she wished that she had similar courage, to which Jason agreed, saying that he wished that Bonnie had something like that.

She asked me where I had bought it, and I told her that I had ordered it over the Internet and gave her the name of the company which she found by peeping at the label just below my waist at the back.

(If any reader is interested he (or she) could look up the actual dress by keying in the following 🙂

When she had looked she gave me a really knowing look, but said nothing otherwise.

Then Geoff asked me to dance. After all, that was his reason for inviting me, and this was also the first opportunity since we arrived to say something without being overheard by anyone else.

We danced a very enjoyable slow foxtrot, a dance at which Clive was beginning to excel, and many an eye turned to watch us as we performed some quite complicated steps, worthy of competition dancing.

But then we smooched a little during a slow number which was too slow for a slow foxtrot, and he told me that he had seen Bonnie’s querying look, and wondered what it was for.

“You’ll find out eventually,” I told him, and to reassure him once more I took the lead and openly gave him a kiss. He was a little stunned at first, but seemed delighted that I was returning what he had assumed was presumption on his part earlier when he had actually kissed me.

This made him a little bolder, and still smooching to the very slow music he put his mouth to my ear, as he said, “This dress does not allow you to wear a bra, does it?”

A little apprehensively he waited for my reply, whereupon his entire attitude changed as I said to him, “I am not only not wearing any bra, I am also not wearing any knickers!”

His immediate reaction was to move apart slightly as he composed himself and the realisation of what I had said sank in, and then he closed in even nearer as he held me in such as way that we were squeezed together tightly, our mouths to one another’s ears as I said to him, “So if you put your hand at the bottom of my back where the material starts you can push it down and feel for yourself!”

As türkçe bahis he did so I continued, “So you know now why Bonnie looked at me like she did, and had probably told Jason as well by now! Do you approve?”

“Does that mean….” He began saying, but I interrupted him just there and said, “I hope it does mean – yes! In case you have any doubts, let me tell you that Geoff gave me an extra careful shave down there in readiness for tonight. He knows that I will be knickerless and that I would want you to know it. Now, answer my last question. Do you still approve?”

“Most decidedly,” came his answer. Then he added, “But if Bonnie now knows and presumably she had told Jason, what is going to be the outcome when we sit down again?”

“Who cares?” I laughed. “Perhaps he will ask me to prove it!”

Clive was now far more at ease than he had been all evening, probably as a result of my acceptance of the role of his fiancée which I seemed to be playing for real.

“And would you?” he cheekily asked.

“Depends,” I replied. “Let’s see what happens when we get back.

Actually when we got back we found that Jason and Bonnie were on the dance floor and we had the alcove to ourselves.

So, as we were hidden from most of the room apart from the dancers who were closest to us, when we sat down I snuggled up to Clive and as I kissed him intensely I took his hand and audaciously put it on the outside of my dress on my breast. Clive was immediately thrilled and he started to squeeze and roll his fingers on the protruding nipple.

As Bonnie and Jason had still not returned I broke away to say, ever so softly, “But if your hand were to accidentally find its way under the dress onto my bare breast be careful you don’t dislodge the press-stud on the halter or everything will fall down. And that is for later when we are back at the hotel!”

What an invitation! His hand, as I had wanted, instantly slid under the material and cupped my firm breast, once again toying with the ever-hardening nipple. I did not dare retaliate, though, by putting my hand onto his lap, in case it caused him to explode. In any case, we were disturbed by Jason and Bonnie returning.

Bonnie was first, and a huge smile crossed her face as Clive hurriedly and embarrassedly withdrew his hand from under my halter, and she turned to Jason who was behind her and had seen nothing as she said, “I am afraid I have disturbed the love-birds, Jason. Buy them a drink by way of an apology.”

With no more ado Jason turned and went to fetch drinks as Bonnie sat down besides us.

But she then turned to Clive, and said, “Clive, you rascal. You have never let on that you even had a girl-friend, let alone a fiancée. But I know you so well, and I also saw you dancing together like two professionals. Come on – admit it to me, at least. She is not really your fiancée, is she?”

I looked her straight in the eye and without any pretence I told her the truth. That I was his dancing teacher, that he had no partner tonight otherwise, and that although I was married my husband was quite acceptable to my being Clive’s companion for the evening.

She then told me that more than ever she admired my courage in dressing the way I was, seeming to indicate my short skirt and halter neck, and so without any reserve whatsoever I looked her full in the face as I said, “Thanks, Bonnie. I have dressed this way, though, especially for Clive, and in case you are reticent to ask me what is really behind your question (and I smiled at her as broadly as she had smiled at me when she was saying all this) the answer is – Yes. He does know I have no knickers on as well as not wearing a bra.” I waited to see her reaction with some amusement, and was extremely delighted with the effect of my disclosure, which was to start to congratulate Clive on having found such a wonderful friend.

I then asked, though, if she would mind being discreet for Clive’s sake. “I do not mind in the least if Jason knows everything, but I think it might spoil his evening if the whole world were to know.

“Good heavens, of course it will go not further, although I am glad you have included Jason. In fact, I had already told him about your complete lack of underwear, and I had also passed onto him my suspicions about your actual relationship with Clive. You see, Clive and I are very close at work. We share the same territory and there are just the two of us manning the same branch office. Clive knows that I tell Jason everything which ever happens in the office, and by that I mean everything. Clive and I have often shared confidences and when I say that we are close at work I mean just that. He always kisses me goodnight at the end of the day, and Jason is fully aware of it. And he often attempts to fondle my breast when he does so, although he has never done so onto the bare flesh – yet – like he was doing to you when I inadvertently interrupted. But Jason knows about that, too, and he makes no objections either. So your secret is in safe hands, güvenilir bahis siteleri (and here she made a risqué joke, which could have backfired for her, except that she was reassured by my smile as she said it), like your breast was in Clive’s!”

Just then Jason returned with a tray of drinks which he placed on the table. Bonnie looked at me, then at Jason, and then said to him, “I was right, Jason. Janice is actually his dance teacher and he is one lucky man. And she does not mind that I told you that she was naked underneath her dress – not even a thong!”

It was then that I grew bolder. “Actually, Bonnie, if I could be sure that no dancers would be able to see I would be willing to prove it!”

Bonnie was equal to that. She beckoned Clive and Jason to stand alongside her so that they virtually cut off all view from the dance floor as I sat back on the seat, parted my legs slightly, then whisked up my short skirt sufficiently for the three of them to see my naked state.

Because of where we were it was a short flash, but well appreciated by the others who gasped at my audacity but with eager eyes nevertheless, as Jason remarked, “And you keep it shaved, too!”

I looked straight at Clive as if to challenge him to say something, and as if he were reading my mind he said exactly what I was willing him to say.

“She told me that her husband had shaved it especially smooth just for tonight,” he said. And turning towards the other two he added, “So I feel sure that I am on a promise for later on, wouldn’t you think so?”

By now the other two were re-seating themselves as Bonnie looked at the two men in turn. Then she addressed her own husband.

“So does that mean that some time next week in the office I shall have to match Janice and turn up knickerless after you have shaved mine?”

“Only on condition that you take the digital camera with you and take a picture of the two of you when you show him!” came the unexpected reply.

Jason was proving to be as accommodating as Geoff was with me. I was beginning to wonder if we should not invite Jason and Bonnie back to our hotel for a night-cap!

Just then Jason asked me to dance. Clive immediately followed with Bonnie, and as we danced side by side (Jason was not a brilliant dance, but at least he could dance a little) Bonnie asked us which hotel we were staying in. When Clive told her she said that so were they. Perhaps we could all share a taxi, even though it would be charged to expenses.

That was readily agreed, and we went our own ways round the floor until the end of the number when we all duly returned to our little alcove.

It was then that we really discussed the situation.

We all readily agreed that sharing a taxi would be no problem, although both Bonnie and Clive could have claimed the costs on expenses, but there was this factor of convenience.

Having decided that, though, we all made certain that we enjoyed the rest of the evening. The cabaret was superb, the meal had been fabulous, the band was good, and we each took turns dancing with our own and with each other’s partners.

But a little before the end was due, Jason suggested we call it a day so as to be early for the demand for taxis, and we all agreed.

Bonnie and I went for our outer coats and the men also, meeting together in the corridor before going outside to the taxi rank.

There was the beginning of a queue, but we soon reached the front and we all four entered at the rear. As the taxi only had three seats width and extra passengers were accommodated on two rear facing seats opposite the rear passengers, the driver naturally assumed we would seat ourselves accordingly.

But Clive sat down and I sat on his lap (I motioned him to take this position) and although Bonnie and Jason had begun by sitting side by side, they, too, now copied our position.

I suppose it was wrong for the driver to have accepted this from us, but it was only a short distance and he probably decided to risk not being seen by any authority rather than perhaps forfeit what could be a decent sized tip. In fact he was right, for Clive was more than generous when we got out, doubling the fare in fact, but probably already charging it up to his expenses.

But as soon as we started to go Jason asked the driver to take his time, and even go the “long way round”, adding that cost was no object.

He said this for he could see already that Clive had his arms round me, or rather partly round me, as each hand had slipped under the enticing strips of material covering my breasts, and he was already working me up there!

What I did not realise at the time, not that I would have cared if I had known, was that owing to my position on Clive’s knees the front slit of my long skirt had not only opened out but had ridden up so that my bare pussy was completely on view to both Bonnie and Jason. It was probably on view to the taxi driver had his mirror been positioned to look that way!

We finally arrived at the hotel, having taken double the amount of time it should have taken, but nevertheless still fairly short, Clive thanked the driver, and, as I said previously, gave him a tip equivalent to the fare on the clock, so he was very happy.

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