The Devil’s Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 9: Captured

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The Devil’s Pact, The Hell Chronicles
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Chapter Nine: Captured

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Brandon Fitzsimmons – The Abyss

“God-King,” Milly purred as she dragged in the auburn-haired Wendy.

Wendy was a lovely woman, the face of a twenty-one-year old, a set of perky tits, and a plump ass. She had been founding hiding in the city two days ago. I wanted her for my personal harem. But the whore refused to submit to my will.

“I bathed and perfumed her,” Milly smiled. “And shaved her bare, just the way you wanted, my Lord.”

Milly was the fiercest of my personal harem, a fiery-haired beauty that had more balls than half the men that served me. She was lovely, her small breasts topped by pink nipples, her green eyes shining with excitement.

“Why do you fight?” Hannah asked, the teen lounging on pillows, her budding breasts topped by hard nipples. Hannah’s petulant face twisted with lust as Milly threw Wendy at my feet. “I resisted, but then I discovered the joys of directly serving the God-King. His harem is full of delights.”

“Unless you want to go back to join the others whores,” Brenda giggled. She was a voluptuous beauty with a pair of huge tits. “Do you want to service our Lord’s soldiers?”

“I think she does,” my wife purred as she lounged beside me. “Why else does the whore resist? She must yearn to be taken over and over, her pussy and ass overflowing with cum. She wants to be fucked so many times until her holes are stretched and loose.”

“I think so,” I grinned, standing up, my cock throbbing with the need to fuck her.

Wendy looked up at me, hatred in her eyes. “Fuck you!”

I hit her across the lips. She sprawled, blood trickling out of her mouth.

“Why do you force me to hurt you?” I asked, kicking her in the stomach. She was like my ex-wives.

“Maybe she’s a sadist?” Milly asked, planting her heel on Wendy’s back, keeping the whore from squirming away. A whip appeared in Milly’s hand, drawn from the sea of power I possessed. The whip cracked, painting a red strip across Wendy’s bubbly ass.

She yelped.

“She definitely enjoyed that,” giggled Hannah. “Whip the slut again, Milly.”


Wendy‘s yelp of pain made my cock even harder. I was glad she kept refusing. It was so satisfying to break her. My wife, Emi, stood up, her black silks melting off her petite figure, her small, olive-toned breasts jiggling as she walked. The Japanese woman walked with all the regalia of a God-Queen as she seized Wendy’s auburn hair, hauling her head up.

Emi spat in her face. “You’re a disgusting worm. You refuse to submit to justice. That’s why we punish you.”

“How’s this justice?” Wendy demanded, tears staining her face.

The whip cracked and she yelped. Milly giggled, a line of her juices trickling down her thighs. She kicked Wendy’s thighs apart and let the whip crack on her naked pussy. Wendy howled in pain. Emi yanked Wendy’s hair, pulling the whore’s head to her pussy. Wendy’s yowls were muffled.

“Whip her again,” I groaned, stroking my cock.

Crack. Emi shuddered, a cruel smile crossing her face as Wendy howled into her pussy again.

“Let me attend you, my Lord,” Brenda smiled, her heavy tits jiggling as she walked over. She knelt, wrapping her ponderous breasts about my cock and sliding them up and down my shaft as she smiled up at me.

Hannah masturbated, the petulant, young woman moaning in delight. “Keep whipping the whore, Milly. Make her pussy burn.”

Milly snapped the whip again.

My cock throbbed between Brenda’s silky tits. Wendy shook as my wife ground her pussy into the whore’s face. Milly’s whip hissed and cracked, more lines of red crisscrossing Wendy’s ass and thighs. The slut’s hips bucked as she tried to escape the whip.

“I’m so hot. Come eat my pussy, Hannah,” Milly moaned. “I need to cum so bad.”

“Yes, yes!” Hannah purred, her back arching, her small tits jiggling as her orgasm burned through her. Then she shuddered and stood, walking over. She wrapped her arms around Milly, pushing her hands between Milly’s thighs and frigged my concubine.

“Keep whipping her,” Hannah moaned into Milly’s ear.

The whip cracked again.

My balls contracted as Wendy screamed in pain. Such sweet sounds.

Brenda rubbed her tits faster, hissing encouragements and begging for my cum. The itch at the tip of my cock increased, and then I groaned, spurting my load on her big tits. I shuddered as every blast pumped out, leaving creamy-white trails splattered across her tits.

“Mmm, thank you, my Lord,” Brenda purred, lifting a heavy tit to her lips and licking my cum clean like the true slut she was.

My cock was still hard. In Hell, I had all the stamina I needed.

“Come fuck this whore’s ass,” my wife panted, her eyes fluttering. “Let me feel her screams on my cunt as you rape her ass.”

“What a good idea,” I smiled. My wife was a rare creature. She was a sadist before I claimed her. Unlike my harem, whom I shaped into being sadists, my wife enjoyed inflicting pain and humiliation. It was so hot watching her rape a woman.

“Oh, yes, you little whore,” she purred. “My husband will stick his giant cock right up your ass. You are going to howl into my pussy. Oh, yes! Oh, fucking yes!”

Emi writhed, her black hair flying as she humped her hips.

I reached Wendy, bending down to haul her up into a kneeling position. “Fuck her hard, my Lord,” Milly purred, shuddering on Hannah’s fingers. “Use her.”

“Rape her into submission,” Hannah smiled. “Just like you raped me. Teach her to love the pain.”

I knelt down, seizing Wendy’s burning ass. I spread her asscheeks apart and found her asshole. I thrust my cock in. She was tight and dry. She howled so loud as I shoved my unlubed cock deep into her, tearing up her ass.

“That’s it! Rape her!” hissed Emi. “Her screams are vibrating my clit. Oh, yes! I’m going to cum again on her lips.”

I drew back my cock and slammed in again. The whore shuddered beneath me. “The pain ends when you submit,” I growled fucking her hard and fast. “Then you get pleasure.”

“So much pleasure,” Milly moaned, her hips writhing. “Oh, yes! Just submit, Wendy. Submit to your Gods.”

“Not…Gods…” Wendy howled, ripping her face from Emi’s pussy. “Just a stupid Warlock like me!”

Milly’s whip cracked on Wendy’s back, painting a line of red. The whore’s ass tightened on my cock. I shuddered as Emi yanked Wendy’s face back to her pussy. Milly whipped again and again, the whip swishing past my face to crack on Wendy’s back. Every new stripe caused Wendy’s ass to tighten on me.

I shuddered, my balls slapping into her pussy. Emi writhed and moaned, cumming again and again the whore’s lips. And then my wife smiled. The acrid reek of piss filled my nose. Emi let out a wicked moan as her yellow pee splashed on Wendy’s face and hair. The whore sputtered in surprise, squeezing down on my cock.

I erupted in her ass. “Humiliate the slut!” I gasped as my cum rushed out into her abused asshole. “Degrade her! If she won’t serve then she is trash.”

I ripped my cock out, still shuddering as my orgasm faded, and pissed on her burning ass. Milly and Hanna bent over, their urine splashing on her back. We bathed the whore. She fell onto the ground, curling into a ball as we drenched her.

“If you won’t be my concubine,” I growled, “then you’ll be my toilet, whore.”

“I won’t be yours!” she screamed. “You won’t break me!”

“Everyone breaks,” Emi purred. “Justice always triumphs. Milly, take this garbage back to the holding yard. Let her reflect on how she wants to spend eternity.”

“Yes, God-Queen,” Milly smiled, reaching down and grasping Wendy’s pee-soaked hair. The fiery concubine yanked, dragging Wendy out.

Yunjin strode in as Milly dragged the sobbing Wendy out. The Korean woman was one of Emi’s pets. “God-King,” she purred, bowing low. “The Samurai returns with prisoners.”


Chantelle Paquet-Holub

The collar around my neck hurt, digging in every time my chain snapped taut. I marched in the middle of other women. Many were followers of Lilith who, like me, were captured by the Samurai in our disastrous attack.

The Samurai rode at the head of his column of barbarous men. They all prowled around us, staring at our naked bodies with görükle lust. They hadn’t raped us yet, but only because the God-King was allowed first choice. Those not chosen for service in the palace or his personal harem would be whores for his soldiers.

I shuddered in disgust. Brandon was a pig.

The column marched through the gates of Dis, a yawning opening in the brass walls. Darkness fell upon us as we were swallowed by the City of Brass. I shuddered, fear hammering in my heart. But I needed to keep hope. My wife, Lana, was free, and she marched to our rescue with our new allies.

We stumbled through the City of Brass, our shackles rattling. Disgusting men lounged as naked women, chained and abused, ran errands. I shuddered as I witnessed rapes, the poor women pulled down by any man that desired to use them.

Brandon would pay for the atrocities he committed.

The column finally reached the grand palace at the heart of Dis. Brandon awaited, dressed in regal finery like some Emperor of old. A young, Japanese woman clung to his arm, her face haughty and imperious. The Samurai marched forward, his three concubines at his heels. They were among the few women not chained. The Samurai knelt, and his three women prostrated themselves.

“Great God-King,” the Samurai boomed. “I return with tributes. Our forces were victorious against the petty demon that controlled the Sulfur Plains. We also routed a force of Lilithites and captured many of their women.”

Brandon, his body sculpted from his fat, balding Mortal form into a hulking Adonis, nodded his head, his eyes scanning us. “My Queen and I are pleased with you.”

“You have extended Justice’s reach,” the Queen purred, her eyes falling on the prisoners. She smiled, pointing into the chained prisoners. “Bring her forward to please my husband.”

Crystal screamed in horror, the young woman seized by the soldiers. “Please, no,” Crystal sobbed as she was unchained and pulled forward. “I don’t like men!”

“Be strong, Crystal,” I shouted. “Remember who you worship.”

“Lilith!” the young woman nodded.

But Babylon, her mother, objected, fighting at her chain. “No! Not my daughter, you pig! I’ll kill you!”

The God-Queen licked her lips, seizing blonde hair and yanking her in for a kiss. She was just as horrible as Brandon, her fingernails scratching at Crystal’s breasts, the poor girl shaking and moaning in pain.

“You bitch! I’ll fucking kill you!” Babylon howled.

A soldier cracked Crystal across the head with a spear. I pulled at my own chain. My rage filling me. But I didn’t have enough power to take on Brandon. I could feel it radiating off of him. So many souls served him and his wife.

I fixed a murderous stare at Brandon, hating the lust in his eyes as he watched his wife hurt Crystal, his cock swelling in his rich robes. He was a monster. I would see him topple one day.

*How far away are you?* I sent my wife.

*An hour,* she answered. *We’re moving as fast as possible. Be strong.*

I forced myself to be strong. I was Lilith’s High Priestess. I had to be strong for all these women. As Crystal was thrown down and Brandon fell upon her, thrusting his cock into the young woman, we were herded out of the square and marched into a large courtyard. There hundreds of women huddled together.

I smiled.

These women hadn’t yet submitted to Brandon. Many bore wounds, obvious signs of their struggle against his brutality. A plan formed in my mind as our chains were taken off. These women needed to learn about Lilith and how much the Goddess cared for them.

A woman was dragged forward out of the crowd, led by a pudgy man, his cock hard thrusting before him. The woman was thrown down. Her body had been whipped, and an acrid reek filled my nose. Urine matted her auburn hair and dripped off her body.

“I am Simon,” the man declared. “I am the man that decides your fate! You can be like this whore, defying our great God-King and—”

“He’s not a god,” the woman hissed.

Simon kicked her in the stomach.

My fists clenched.

“You can be like this whore and keep defying our God-King, or you can submit,” Simon smiled. “The most beautiful will join the Gods’ private harem. Those who are pretty will serve in the palace. The rest will serve the soldiers and keep their morale up. You shall be protected from the horrors of Hell, but only if you submit. Resist and be punished. Defy me, and be punished.” Simon licked his lips, leering at a young, nubile woman. “Please me, and you shall be rewarded.”

I stepped forward, my hands on my hips. “Or you can serve Lilith,” I snarled, “and be free from rape entirely.”

Simon goggled at me. A whip flashed into being in his hand, made of braided, black leather that coiled sinuously across the ground. Simon growled, snapping it at my face. I wasn’t afraid. I had power enough to fight this pissant. I caught his whip with my hand and ripped it out his grip.

“You like to rape helpless women,” I howled, striding forward. The whipped woman looked up, her eyes widening. “You enjoy inflicting pain on us.” I cracked the whip, slashing it across Simon’s face hard.

Blood spurted.

Simon stumbled back. The whipped woman kicked out her foot, tripping him.

“What?” he gaped as he sprawled on the ground. “How?”

“You think to hurt those protected by Lilith?” I snarled, snapping the whip down again. He howled in pain. “You disgusting, verminous man.”

“Who are you?” the whipped woman asked, rising up.

I handed her the whip. “I am Chantelle, High Priestess of the Goddess Lilith.”

The woman seized the whip. “A Goddess, huh?”

“One whom loves every woman,” I told her. “She wants you all to be free. She sent me to do just that.” I looked around, yelling louder. “Give me your allegiance. Pledge your souls to your new goddess and we shall escape this foul city! You are weak individually, but together, we can be just as powerful as the monster Brandon.”

The woman cracked her whip down on Simon, her eyes brimming with hope. “I’ll follow your Goddess,” she laughed. Then turned and faced Simon. “My name is Wendy, pig,” she screeched as she cracked her whip across the whimpering man’s body again and again.

“I’ll follow!” another woman shouted.

“If you free us from this hellhole, I’ll worship Lilith!”

Power flooded me as I gained more and more souls.


Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub

“Mother,” Cora growled as she strode forward, her clawed fingers dripping with blood. “Brandon’s scouts have been neutralized. They have not spotted us. The gates of Dis remain open.”

*Are you nearby?* Chantelle screamed in my mind.

*Yes, I sent. *We’re in position to attack.*


Power flooded me. My wife was recruiting new worshipers. Every moment I swelled with the energy we shared. I flexed my hand, glancing over at Bray Colton at the head of his army. I wasn’t pleased he had married Lamia or that we had to ally with a man, but we had little choice.

“Will you attack?” I demanded of the Lord Mayor.

“What does your wife report?” Bray asked.

“She’s ready to make her escape.”

“Then we attack!” Bray snarled. “Let’s end the murderous reign of the God-King.”


Emi Yoshida

I smiled as Crystal was dragged off to the holding yard. The young woman had resisted Justice, and the pain I had inflicted on her flesh burned through me. My pussy itched for release. I scanned about, my eyes falling on the Samurai’s concubines.

Orihime, Hikaru, and Chisato were regal and beautiful. The three girls had the poise of true geisha, with all their erotic grace. Their nubile bodies bled through the translucent silk of their yukatas. I wanted them.

But I couldn’t touch them.

That was the agreement my husband made with the Samurai.

I licked my lips, staring at Orihime’s ripe breasts. I wanted to suckle on them. I wanted to hear her sweet voice cry out in pleasure before she fell to her knees and licked my pussy. I wanted all three of them, but she was the most beautiful.

The Samurai addressed his men, his women drifting about, heading into the palace.

I followed, my hips swaying. The young women giggled, watching the palace servants traipse about naked and collared, bearing trays of food. Sustenance wasn’t necessary in Hell, but it still görükle escort bayan was pleasant to eat.

Orihime moved to a table bearing chocolate delicacies, plucking one up. Her painted-red lips opened and swallowed the dark treat. The other pair drifted towards a group of women dancing to drums, the music primal and pulsing. The Samurai’s officers were there, clapping and hooting as they celebrated their victory and the palace’s whores.

And Orihime was alone.

My pussy itched. I moved to her.

“Attend me,” I commanded the woman, seizing her arm.

“God-Queen?” she gasped as I pulled her away from the room. “Where are we going?”

“You are a radiant creature,” I smiled at her as I led her down a corridor.

She swallowed, her feet slowing. I yanked on her arm. Her white-painted face tensed, her eyes flashing about. “I need to return to my Lord,” she purred. “I must attend to him.”

“Chisato and Hikaru can care for the Samurai,” I purred. “I need you.”

“But…I’m only his.”

I shoved her against the wall, pressing my body on hers. I kissed her. She squirmed, trying to turn away as my tongue wormed into her mouth. She tasted sweet. Her pillowy breasts pressed against my own through her yukata. My hands found her leg beneath the short robe’s hem, sliding up beneath to her pussy.

“God-Queen!” she squeaked, finally breaking our kiss. “I’m only his. No one else may touch me.”

“And I am your Goddess,” I purred, sucking on her ear, my hand sliding up into her warmth.

“No, no!” she protested as I stroked her pussy. She shuddered, her flesh hot, growing damp at my touch. “This isn’t right.”

“Yes, it is,” I purred. “Submit to me. I’ll show you pleasures your Samurai can never—”

Great horns sounded, ringing through the palace’s corridors.

“What?” I asked, looking up in confusion.

Orihime squirmed out of my grasp.

“My Lord,” she shouted, dashing down the hall.

The Samurai stared at me from behind his demonic war mask I smiled at him, licking my fingers clean of his concubine’s juices. They tasted delicious. One day, I would experience all the delights sweet Orihime possessed.

“What is going on?” I asked, striding forward, unconcerned that he was armed and armored. I was a Goddess. I commanded Justice.

“I do not know,” the Samurai answered. “But those horns come from the direction of the holding yard.”

“Well, you better run along and attend to it,” I purred. “I’ll keep an eye on your concubine for you. She will be quite safe.”

Orihime trembled, clutching at him from behind.

“She is safest at my side,” he growled. His other two concubines were behind him, watching with apprehension.

“As you wish,” I shrugged, smiling as I walked by.

One day, I would enjoy his women. The Samurai couldn’t keep them by his side forever. I had eternity to be patient.


Chantelle Paquet-Holub

The women burst through the guards, flooding out of the square. I cheered for joy, leading the new worshipers of Lilith to freedom. The men, their rapists, were torn to pieces by the frenzy of women, as wild as the bacchanalia of Greek mythology.

I reached one of the guards, my hand seizing his more intimate weapon. He howled as I squeezed his flesh organ and ripped it from his body. I savored the rapist’s agony. At my side, Supergirl, the former man, joined me, screaming her rage as she stomped the soldiers face into the dirt.

“To the gate!” I roared, tugging on all the souls. “Our freedom.”

We poured out, screaming for joy. Nothing could stop us. We were the ocean coming to sweep this city clean of its filth. I cackled as I led my women, savoring the blood of our would-be rapist running down my hands. Horns sounded about the city, the disorganized call of the men.

I rounded the corner onto the main street that led to the gate. Our freedom in hand.

The Samurai stood before us mounted on his demonic nightmare, his three whores at his back, and an army of spearmen forming up behind him. A forest of bristling spears stood between us and freedom. They advanced, moving almost as one, their footsteps booming down the metallic streets. The Samurai drew his katana. His three whores, riding side-saddle behind him on their own nightmares, seemed as calm as if it was a Sunday jaunt.

More soldiers poured into the streets from around us. I focused on the Samurai and shot out my new-found power, lashing out with a fist of force at the red-clad monster. I poured all my hate into smashing his snarling war-mask and beating him down to a pulp.

His sword slashed, meeting my invisible power. The street before him rang like a gong, the brass plates of the street bending and warping as the force was unleashed. The energy spilled to the sides and slammed into brass buildings, crumpling walls.

The Samurai stood calm, his nightmare snorting fire.

He drew on Brandon’s power. Despite all the souls I had gained, the bastard God-King was like an ocean to my lake.

My elation was damped by a rising tide of fear.


The Samurai

I stared at the leader of the escaped prisoners, anger seething through me. That whore Emi had touched one of my loves. She swore to never molest my women, and she broke her word. I gripped my sword, barely caring about the escaped prisoners.

I should just walk away. I shouldn’t keep my oath to Brandon if his queen was so false.

But the risks were so great. I had my Orihime, Chisato, and Hikaru to worry about. If it was just me, I would ride out of this city and let Brandon lead his own troops. Without me, they would loose their discipline and become a mindless, raping horde again.

The black-haired woman screamed something at the others as I advanced before my men, my concubines behind me. That was where they were safe. I could never let them out of my sight in Hell. This place was evil. No one could be trusted with my loves.

The leader of the escaped prisoners, the very woman that had led the ambush on my column two days past, pointed to the left. I believe her name was Chantelle. Some sort of Priestess to Lilith. She had beauty and grace, standing with poise before my advance. A magnificent woman.

The women fled down a side street, her power barreling through a squadron of my men. I pictured the streets of Dis. She could reach the gates that way. I could cut them off. If I turned around, went a few blocks and then took a left, I could intercept them on their way to the gate and crush them.

But why?

I pursued them instead. Let the women escape. Let Brandon and his Queen suffer that humiliation. If they wanted to break their word, why should I put all my effort into leading their armies?

The women fled before us while Chantelle warped the brass streets, creating barricade after barricade. I smiled behind my mask. She was smart. Now I had even more of an excuse to give them distance.

“Tear it down,” I ordered my men. I sat on my demonic horse and watched the women fall back. I would chase them out of the city and beyond. If the women were crafty they would escape.

If not, I would do my duty. I wouldn’t entirely shirk it.

Orihime’s nightmare reined up beside me. Her hand reached out, touching my armored fist, her face calm. Chisato came up on my other side, her hand on my shoulder. They knew I gave the prisoners a chance to escape. They agreed with my decision.

My three concubines were all that really mattered. Serving Brandon kept them safe.

For now.


Brandon Fitzsimmons

I stared out at the battle raging before my city. The Samurai led my forces, engaging the army that had appeared out of nowhere to rescue the escaped women. Wendy was out there. Those women were all mine.

I clenched my fist in anger.

The attacking force had demons and monsters. Their numbers where almost equal to mine. But the Samurai seemed to be winning. I watched as he slowly drove them back. Bit-by-bit, the disorganized enemy army fell back before the Samurai’s rigid discipline.

But it was so close.

“Here’s the idiot you put in charge of the holding pen, God-King” Milly growled, throwing the fat, blubbering Simon at my feet. “I found him hiding in the ovens. I think he missed Lucifer’s torture.”

“Please, great God-King,” blubbered Simon. “The escort görükle new women were demons in disguise. They pretended to be weak, but they were so powerful.”

His body had been badly beaten by the escaping women. Several bones were broken and his skin was marred by cuts and welts. My cock hardened as an idea formed. The knife sprang into Milly’s hand. Hannah fell to her knees, her mouth opening to swallow my cock. She sucked hard as Simon screamed. Milly laughed louder as she flayed the man with her knife.

“Justice,” purred my wife as Yunjin licked and nuzzled at her pussy.

Simon kept howling after his skin had been removed. He would suffer in pain for eternity for letting Wendy escape. I glanced at the battle. The enemy forces withdrew, fleeing towards the Sulfur Plains.

The Samurai did not follow.

I came into Hannah’s mouth twice by the time the Samurai and his three concubines reached the battlements. His armor clinked as he walked, his three women moved with grace behind him. None gave the site of the bloody, flayed Simon a glance, though his women did step daintily around the pools of blood.

“Why didn’t you follow?” I demanded.

“If there is more to their forces,” the Samurai answered, “we would be crushed out there. That army is powerful. It was close for a time.”

“They stole my women!”

The Samurai didn’t flinch. “You need more power to contend with them. They fled east to the plains. Clearly, powerful demons rule out there. They thought to take the city. Had my army still been in the field, they would have succeeded in conquering Dis.”

I swallowed, glancing at the retreating army. Had I really come so close to utter defeat?

“You need to consolidate your power and expand slowly. Perhaps to the west. My scouts report three lesser domains we could easily conquer.”

“We do have all eternity,” Emi purred, coming up alongside me. “One day we will crush them and reclaim our women.”

I nodded my head. “Fine. Samurai, draw up your plans to expand while leaving enough men to hold Dis.”

“As you command, God-King.” The Samurai bowed in his armor, then turned, his women following.

I turned and watched the attacking army disappear into the rugged, red rocks. One day I would crush them.


Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub

I pulled my wife into the tent when the army stopped marching to rest. Our lips met in a passionate meeting, tongue dancing. I stroked her black hair, holding her tight as we fell to the pillows.

*You’re safe,* I whispered in her mind, relief flooding inside me.

*Because of you,* Chantelle answered.

Even though Chantelle and the women escaped the city on their own, the Samurai and his army were on their heels. If Bray Colton and his army hadn’t been there to block the Samurai, I knew my wife wouldn’t have escaped.

It was a shame we didn’t have the forces to take Dis and had to retreat.

But that didn’t matter right now.

I kissed my wife, her hands playing with my large breasts. My pussy grew wet with excitement and my cock swelled, pressing into her flat belly. Chantelle giggled, breaking the kiss. “Mmm, you did miss me.”

“Always,” I smiled, touching her delicate face.

The tent threw open and Lamia strode in. The succubus daughter of my wife and Lilith had a hesitant look on her face, her violet hair falling about her perfect breasts. Lamia exuded sex almost as much as Lilith did.

“Mother,” she whispered.

Chantelle looked up at her. “You married a man.”

“And a woman, Mother,” Lamia said, stepping closer. “I did what I had to for our people and Goddess.”

Chantelle nodded her head, holding open her arms. “You did.”

Lamia smiled and fell up on us, cuddling up to Chantelle. Lamia kissed her mother on the lips, my wife moaning in delight. Chantelle’s cock sprouted, hard and throbbing. I smiled, grasping it and stroking her girth.

Lamia’s hand joined mine.

“I’m happy you understand, Mother,” Lamia purred. “And I’m so happy you’re free.”

Chantelle groaned as Lamia and my hands stroked her. “I’m happy to see you again.”

I shifted, Chantelle’s hand grasping my cock, stroking me hard. I shuddered in delight. Lamia leaned over, still stroking Chantelle’s shaft, and licked at the tip of my dick. I groaned, lying back and savoring the bliss of her mouth.

Lamia shifted, still sucking my cock as she straddled Chantelle’s waist. Lamia was limber, her body contorting in a way no human woman could as she sucked me and mounted her mother. Chantelle gasped as Lamia sank her pussy down on her mother’s dick.

“That’s so hot,” I gasped.

Lamia sucking harder on my cock as her pleasure grew. She rolled her hips, bringing moans from Chantelle. Lamia’s tongue slid about my cock as she sucked me. I shuddered in delight, her fingers sliding down to pet and stroke my pussy. She shoved two fingers into my cunt, twirling them about as my cock throbbed in her mouth.

“Suck my wife’s cock,” moaned Chantelle. “Make her cum so hard. Drink all her cum down like a good girl.”

“She’s definitely that,” I panted, leaning over and capturing my wife’s lips in a kiss. Heat burned through me as I moaned into Chantelle’s mouth. Our tongues danced and played, her hands finding my large breasts and playing with my heavy tits.

I shuddered, my ovaries tightening. Lamia’s fingers stirred up my pussy, bringing me closer and closer to erupting. She twisted them, brushing along the top of my walls. I gasped and shuddered, my hips bucking as my cum shot out of my cock.

Lamia slurped and swallowed, drinking down all my cum as she continued to ride her mother’s cock. The last spurt of cum fired from my cock and Lamia rose, her perfect breasts jiggling as she bounced on Chantelle.

“Oh, yes, Mother,” she moaned. “I love your cock.”

“Fuck me! Be a good girl and make me cum!”

Chantelle’s face contorted. She thrust her hips up into Lamia’s sopping pussy. Her small breasts jiggled as she squirmed. Her cum fired into Lamia’s hungry pussy. The purple-haired succubus shuddered and writhed, her pussy milking my wife’s cock.

“Yes, yes, Mother! That’s so hot! I love it when you cum in me!”

“Me, too,” I giggled, my hands playing with Chantelle’s stomach.

Lamia slipped off, her pussy dripping with my wife’s cum. I licked my lips. That looked so tasty. Chantelle saw my gaze. “Go lick my daughter out,” she laughed, slapping my ass, “and I’ll fuck your pussy.”

“What a lovely idea,” I smiled, leaning over to bury my face between Lamia’s legs. Salty cum and sweet pussy juices exploded on my tongue.

Chantelle wiggled out from beneath me, moving behind me. She grasped my hips, raising me up, eager to bury her cock in me. She rubbed it on the tip, driving it into my pussy. I shuddered, squeezing down in delight.

“High Priestesses,” a voice hissed before one of the Nirah, a species of Lilith’s monstrous daughters, burst in.

I looked up from Lamia’s pussy to stare the Nirah. Her name was Iris. Her tall, sinuous body moved with a serpents grace, a pink tongue flicking out from between her lush lips. Her skin was light green and shiny, almost like scales, and her eyes were slitted.

“What?” I moaned as Chantelle hammered my pussy.

“I had a vision,” Iris moaned. Nirah were diviners. “I know where Mother is!”

“You found Lilith?” I gasped, my pussy exploding in delight.



I knelt, shuddering in delight as the Ghost pounded my pussy.

I should hate this. I should hate him. He was a man.

And yet his touch brought such joy.

Around me, his other women moaned and panted, loving each other as they watched him take me. His invisible hands reached around, grasping my heavy breasts. I shuddered, pushing back into his thrusts.

“Cum in me,” I moaned. “Please, Ghost. I need it. Cum in me!”

This was my life now. I was his whore.

And I loved it.

My silver hair flew as he buried his cock into me. My new Master’s hands squeezed my tits as he spilled his cum in me. My orgasm exploded, shuddering through me. I quavered and shuddered as the bliss burned through me.

“Good one?” Rhonda May asked as she cuddled with her twin sister, both auburn-haired beauties beaming at me.

“Yes,” I smiled, collapsing on the ground. “You want to lick me clean?”

“I reckon I do,” Rhonda May nodded.

Being the Ghost concubine’s was a wonderful experience. My fate could have been far worse.

To be continued…

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