The Degrading of Patricia Ch. 07

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The Degrading of Patricia — ch 7

The day went by quickly for Patricia. Larry didn’t come into the office till it was almost time to leave for the day. Her pulse quickened when he stuck his head in her door. “In my office after everyone leaves.”

She found herself shaking again as she walked down the hall to Larry’s office. She had checked to make sure all the other secretaries had left. Patricia didn’t even knock, but just walked in.

Larry looked up from his desk as she closed the door behind her. “Strip! Everything!” Patricia obeyed, knowing it would be useless to resist. Her panties were the last piece she laid on the chair next to her. “Now on your knees. Crawl around here.” Larry watched with a smile on his face as she dropped to her knees and began crawling across his office floor and around his desk. He enjoyed watching her tits sway back and forth as she crawled. She crawled around the backside of his desk then sat back on her calves next to his chair. He stared at her, making her wait for his next instruction. She was a gorgeous creature. The kind of tits that would make for a great porn video. She had a slight belly. Probably more from age than overeating. “You’re my slut now. Start taking care of yourself better. Lose the belly. I don’t care how you do it. Just lose it. I’ve got plans for you.” He reached in his middle desk drawer and pulled out an envelope and handed it to her.

Patricia opened it and pulled out a set of keys and a document. “What’s this?”

“Keys to the condo I just bought. That’s why I was gone all day. Taking care of finalizing the deal. It’s also fully furnished and ready to go. Sign that contract and it’s all yours. I’ll sign over the title to you.”

“I know what you want. I’m not sure I’m ready to agree to that. You want me to just walk away from my family. I don’t know if I can do that yet.” Patricia began to read over the contract even as Larry responded.

He chuckled as he shook his head. “What I want? Would you quit playing this damn game. You know what you want is exactly what I want.” He let her finish reading the contract, and then look up at him. “I get it if you’re not ready to pull the plug. But don’t give me any bullshit about not knowing what you want.”

Patricia didn’t know what to say. She just knelt there staring at the contract. The longer she thought about it, the more aroused she became. The thought of being owned by a man like Larry, who knew how to use her and treat her the way she craved was intoxicating. She was lost in her thoughts and didn’t notice Larry pull a Sharpie out of his desk.

Larry pulled the black cap off the marker with his teeth and leaned forward. “Keep you reminded what you are.” He said with gritted teeth as he held the cap between them. He then wrote SLUT across her right tit, and WHORE across her left tit. “Take those home with you. Remind you what you are as you’re staring at them in the mirror in your bathroom as you’re trying to scrub them clean.”

“I know what I am.” Patricia said with a measure of defiance in her voice. “You don’t have to keep reminding me.”

Larry laughed. “Of course I do! I remind you because it’s fun.” He unbuckled his pants. “Now show me those slut skills of yours.”

Patricia laid the envelope with the keys and contract on the desk. Then reached for his pants. Larry lifted his hips just enough for her to pull his pants and shorts down till they puddled on the floor, covering his feet. Patricia reached for his cock without being told. She knew what was expected. And she’d grown to enjoy doing it. She stroked his cock with her left hand as she cupped and massaged his nut sack with her right hand.

“You’re welcome to come and go at the condo whenever you please. But plan on spending the day there Saturday.” He had plans for her most of the day that involved a few other guys. But he wasn’t going to tell her that.

Patricia looked up at him with pleading in her eyes. “Please not this Saturday! It’s my son’s birthday!”

Larry just chuckled as he shook his head. “You dumb slut! Do you think I care?” He leaned forward and grabbed one of her tits. “You’ve become really good at lying and cheating.” Patricia winced as he squeezed her tit, digging his fingers into her tender flesh. “I’m sure you’ll come up with a good lie to cover you for the day.”

She had become good at lying to her family. She hated to admit it to herself. But she had. Larry didn’t have to force her anymore. There was a thrill and excitement she got from sneaking around. She had never understood those who lived this way. She was beginning to. It wasn’t just the illicit sex. It was the thrill of the act with the danger of being caught. Her mind immediately began going through some scenarios she might use to cover her for Saturday. “Can I have Thursday off? I need to do some shopping for my son’s birthday.”

“Yeah, sure! You can take a personal day.” He laughed. He leaned back in his chair enjoying escort ataşehir her skills as she brought his manhood to full erection.

Patricia stroked his shaft and massaged his balls till the head swelled with blood. She leaned forward and licked the length of shaft slowly. When she got to the head she kissed it softly, then licked it with the tip of her tongue, watching Larry’s reaction the whole time. She knew what she did pleased him. But her need for approval compelled her to look for all those signs he gave. The look on his face. The noises he made. His words. His moan was all she needed. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and slowly slid them down the length of it. Patricia alternated between raking her teeth over his shaft and swirling her tongue around it as her head bobbed up and down on it.

Larry moaned his approval with his eyes closed, savoring every sensation. “Fuck you’re good! This is why I’m keeping you.” He opened his eyes and looked down at her. “Sluts like you don’t come along every day.” He watched her head bob up and down as they stared at each other. “I got to thinking after our time with Randy and his son. I could make some good money off you.” Her eyes lit up. “Use those tits slut.”

Patricia pulled her mouth off his cock with a slight popping noise. Leaning forward she laid his cock in the valley between her tits, then squeezed them together. She looked down and watched the head of his cock pop through her cleavage with every downward stroke. Then she felt her head being yanked back with a fistful of hair. She looked back at Larry just as he leaned forward and slapped her face softly.

“What do you think slut? How about I farm you out like a real whore? I’ll bet you’d be good at it.”

Patricia had wondered what the life of a whore was like at times. She’d even found herself getting aroused as she thought about it. “Would you really do that to me?”

“Damn right I would.” He grinned at her. Then he did something she wasn’t expecting. He leaned forward and kissed her with a passion he’d never shown her before. When he broke the kiss he sat back and stared at her as she knelt there not moving, panting from the kiss. “Yeah! You’ll make a great whore.”

Patricia’s emotions were a jumbled mess. In just a few weeks she had gone from a bored housewife and mother to a blackmailed and degraded victim, to a willing cheating adulteress, to a pimped-out whore. She was getting turned on just thinking about it. She squeezed her tits together a little tighter, bowing her head to lick the head of his cock when it popped through her tits.

Larry smiled as he watched her work his cock. He knew she wouldn’t need to be coerced to serve him as a whore. The sight of his cock gliding between her tits was visually stimulating enough to push him to the edge. He grabbed her head with both hands, pushing it down. “Finish it slut!”

Patricia released his cock from between her tits, dropping her head to devour it with her mouth, sucking it with the eagerness of whore wanting to please her pimp. Hearing Larry moan his approval only spurred her on in her efforts. She slurped and sucked as she felt his shaft swell and his body tense. She began to purr like a cat when his cock exploded in her mouth, filling it with his salty tasting seed. She swallowed it with the same eagerness. Her head bobbed up and down with a fury, Larry’s body spasming as she worked his cock through his orgasm.

Larry finally opened his eyes and looked down at Patricia. She continued to suck his cock even as it began to deflate. “Damn you’re good!” He panted.

Patricia looked up at him, her eyes smiling at his compliment. She refused to pull her mouth off his cock, wanting to give him more pleasure.

Larry sat there, not wanting to stop her. But he knew he had to. He stroked her head. “I’d love to stay here all evening and let you work your magic. But I need to meet with the realtor and sign a few more papers.” He pulled her head off his cock and leaned forward till their faces were just inches apart.

Patricia was panting. She was so turned on, her pussy was throbbing. “Fuck me! Please! I need it so bad right now!”

Larry chuckled. “No! You’re a worthless slut who doesn’t deserve any pleasure. I’ll decide when you get fucked. But I’ll make you a deal slut. You take care of me, and I’ll take care of you. Got it?”

Patricia continued panting. “Yes!”

He smiled as he looked down at her heaving chest. Her tits labeled SLUT and WHORE. “I may make that permanent after I take complete ownership. You look good labeled for what you are.” He leaned forward and caressed her tits one last time. “Get dressed and get out of here. I have to get going myself.”

Patricia raised her hand to feel the vein in her temple as she showered. She was getting ready for the day ahead with Larry. Her head was pounding as she tried to calm herself. The minutes ticked down in her head to when kadıköy escort she’d see him at the condo. The excitement and fear built with each ticking moment. ‘What is he going to do to me? What is he going to make me do?’ Her mind kept racing. She had told so many lies over the last few days, she’d lost track of what she’d said. But she had assured her son she’d be home later that evening and fix him his favorite meal for his birthday.

She held her hand out as she dried off. She couldn’t stop it from shaking. The excitement was building to the point she began to shake all over uncontrollably. Then she realized, as terrified as she was at that moment, she’d never felt more alive. She was going as a willing participant for a day of illicit sex. Her fantasies had come to fruition. She dressed as provocatively as her wardrobe allowed, getting ready for the day. John and their son had left early to go out for breakfast.

Patricia smiled at the mirror as she gave herself one last glance. She did look good. She knew she’d look even better as she lost the weight. She wouldn’t admit it to him, but Larry was right. She’d not only look better, she knew she’d feel better about herself once she dropped those pounds.

She parked in the parking garage and took the elevator to the fifth floor. She wanted to crawl out of her skin as she walked down the hallway. She stood in front of the front door to the condo for the first time and just stared at it. Just was going to knock when she remembered she had been given the key. She pulled it out of her purse and opened the door. Stepping inside, she looked around the condo for the first time. It was beautiful.

“It’s all yours if you want it.” Larry said as she walked into the living room from the kitchen. “You know the price tag.” He reminded her smiling.

“I know.” Patricia responded as her head dropped. She felt herself slipping into her submissive slut mode.

Larry stepped in front of her holding a cup of coffee. He eyed her body up and down as she stood before him trembling slightly. “You look good.” He said as he reached out with his free hand and caressed the exposed cleavage.

“Thank you.” Patricia replied softly. “Please! I need to get home early enough for my son’s birthday today. Please!”

Larry slipped a couple fingers inside her bra and pulled her to his body till they were just inches apart. Staring into her eyes, “Serve me well today and perform to my satisfaction and I’ll make sure you get home in plenty of time.”

“How do I have to perform?” She had no idea what he had planned for the day. “What are you going to make me do?”

Larry laughed again. He’d grown to really enjoy watching her squirm with fear. But then watching the transformation as she embraced her slut side. “My nephew, my sister’s boy, and a couple friends of his are coming over this morning. The three of them just graduated from high school, and I think all three are virgins. At least I know he is. I told him as a graduation and birthday present combined I’d get him a whore to take his cherry.” He just smiled as he watched her reaction. “Relax slut! They’re all eighteen! No jail time for my whore or me.”

“What?! How could you do this to your nephew? What’s your sister going to say when she finds out?”

Larry burst out laughing. “It was my sister’s idea! There are times I think she’s a bigger slut than you.”

Patricia didn’t know what to say as she stared back at him. Three men young enough to be her sons. She knew better than to ask why he was doing this to her. She was his whore, and he was going to use her as such. “What do I have to do?” She finally asked resigned to her fate.

“You give my nephew and his friends a good time and show them what a great whore I have. You can go home after you’ve brought all three off three times each.” He told her as his fingers slid inside her bra till his index and middle finger were pinching her swelling nipple. He snickered. “You dirty fucking whore. You’re turned on just thinking about it! Aren’t you?”

Patricia’s mouth opened without saying anything, gasping from the pain of her nipple being squeezed. She finally gasped in a lung full of air. “Yes!”

Larry just continued to smile as he rubbed her nipple between his two fingers. “Boys won’t be here for about an hour. Enough time for you to take care of me.” He pulled his fingers out of her bra. Then slapped her across the face. “Worthless slut! Get in the bedroom and strip. Leave the heels on. You’re a whore that’s going to be fucked in her heels all day. My whore’s going to look like one today, not just behave like one.”

Patricia walked into the master bedroom and did as she was told. She was laying her last piece of clothing on a chair in the corner of the bedroom and slipping her heels back on just as Larry walked in. She watched as he undressed.

“Get over here!” He commanded her as he laid his pants on the bed. Patricia walked maltepe escort bayan over wondering how he was going to use her. “On your knees bitch!” He commanded her when she stepped in front of him.

Patricia dropped to her knees and reached for his cock in one motion. She knew what he wanted. She sucked his flaccid cock into her mouth as she breathed in his scent. She had grown to love his scent. She felt her pussy twitch as she heard his groan of approval.

Larry’s head dropped back till he was staring at the ceiling. “Oh fuck that feels so good!” He stood there for several minutes enjoying the feel of her lips sliding the length of his cock as she slowly brought it to full erection. He then looked down at her and gripped her head with both hands as he continued to watch. “You filthy, cheating cock sucking whore. Here you are on your son’s birthday servicing my cock like a cheap whore.” He slapped her face softly. Patricia looked up at him as her mouth continued to work his cock. Tears beginning to well up in her eyes as she thought about her son. “You show those boys a good time today and I’ll make sure you get home in time for you to play the adoring mother.”

Larry lifted her by her hair till she was standing. “Get on the bed on all fours! Ass facing me!” Patricia did as she was told with her feet hanging over the edge of the bed. Larry pulled both her arms behind her back as he drove her head into the mattress. He bound her wrists together with a pair of padded cuffs. Then lifted her head with a fistful of hair and shoved a rolled up sock in her mouth. Fear gripped her, not knowing what he was going to do next. Then she got a glimpse of Larry in the mirror pulling his belt out of the loops in his pants and doubling it over. Larry stood behind her, leaning forward to grab a fistful of hair with his left hand. He yanked her head back. “Now let’s warm this ass up!” He raised his right arm and brought the belt down on her ass as hard as he could.

Patricia let out a muffled scream with her mouth stuffed full of sock. The searing pain in her ass felt like he was ripping the flesh off. He brought the belt down again with the same intensity. Patricia’s body began to twitch and convulse as she tried to lurch forward to escape from the onslaught. But her hands were bound securely behind her back, and Larry showed no signs of releasing his grip on her head. She was completely at his mercy. His assault on her ass continued without mercy. After a dozen or more strikes across her ass he focused his attention on the backs of her thighs.

Patricia erupted with a new round of muffled screams. The tears were flowing down her cheeks now. The intensity of the pain was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. The backs of her thighs felt like they were on fire.

After a dozen or so strikes on her thighs Larry threw the belt on the bed, then saddled up behind her upturned ass. He stroked the length of her slit with the head of his cock. “Fucking whore! You’re soaked!” Then he backed up enough to look between her legs. He could see her juices running down the insides of her thighs. He reached around her head and pulled the sock from her mouth.

Patricia gulped in a lung-full of air as she tried to recover from the whipping she’d just received. “Please no more! Please!” She begged him.

Larry just ignored her pleas as he scooped up her juices with his free hand between her legs, then fed it to her mouth. Patricia began to gag and wretch when he shoved his fingers in her mouth so far they hit the back of her mouth. He could feel her body tense as he slipped a finger into her throat, triggering her gag reflex. “Gag bitch!” He taunted her. “Before this day’s over you’re going to be doing a lot of gagging.” He saddled up behind her again and held the head of his cock at the opening to her womb. The heat coming from between her legs was incredible.

“Oh fuck!” Larry moaned as he shoved his cock inside her, yanking her head back harder. He slapped the side of her ass, keeping his cock buried inside her. “This is the only thing a whore like you is good for.” He began a hard pounding of her pussy, their bodies slapping together. He smacked her ass with every thrust of his cock, yanking her head back without mercy.

Patricia’s pleas for release slowly morphed into moans of pleasure as Larry drove her mind and body. She felt her body responding with each thrust of his cock inside her. “Fuck me you bastard!” She moaned as she felt her orgasm building. “Ooohhh! Fuck me!”

Larry chuckled as his cock pistoned in and out of her. He felt his own orgasm approaching. After several more thrusts he grunted as he filled her pussy with his cum. Patricia squealed as her own orgasm took control. Larry pumped and grunted as he kept her head yanked back. Their bodies continued to slap together as Larry slowly came down from his orgasm.

“Please don’t stop!” Patricia begged, needing him to continue to plow her pussy as her orgasm kept washing over her. Her body spasming with an intensity she’d never felt before. Larry pulled his cock out of her, even though he would have enjoyed riding her for a few more minutes. Patricia groaned with need having been denied the completion her body craved.

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