The Day The World Came Pt. 09

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My last entry takes place one year later in San Francisco. To mark the first anniversary of O Day an event was held in Golden Gate Park. Some hoped there would be a recurrence of mass uncontrollable orgasms. Others gathered simply to celebrate what many consider to be a pivotal moment in modern history.

Security was tight, as outbursts of sexual activity were expected, especially first thing in the morning at 6:24. Attempts were made to stop minors from entering the park, and the city provided free condoms in a bid to stop another mass pregnancy crisis.

I attended a similar event in Hyde Park, London. There was nothing like the reported scenes from across the globe as the police (and weather) made sure public decency was maintained. O Day may have changed societal attitudes, but we were still British.

This is the account of Anna, an art student who had been visiting San Francisco on O Day. One year later, she was searching for; “him.”


It was only in the months leading up to the anniversary that I had realised I was obsessed. A few of my friends had been telling me this for a while, but it was as I made plans to return to San Francisco that I realised I was behaving abnormally.

I arrived a few days before, and already you could sense some sort of anticipation. It was probably the best city to be in for those few days, already the openness about sexuality was there to be seen, even in a city that would already have been described as fairly open before O Day.

I should probably describe what happened to me on O Day. I was staying in San Francisco with my friend Milly. We had planned it for years, we didn’t want some sweeping visit, see the tourist attractions, then leave. We wanted to feel like we were living in the city. So we booked ourselves into an apartment for four weeks. I’ll admit my father bore most of the expense, but it was worth it. I’d got into a routine of going for a run in the morning. It goes without saying that you have to keep fit when in San Francisco, it’s not much fun if you’re out of shape. I was out running on O Day, when 6:24 struck.

Spring was in full swing, so the weather was warming up, although it was cloudy, it was bright out. I had made my way to Golden Gate Park and had been making steady progress when it struck. I didn’t notice until moments before when my legs started to go, they just turned to jello and I managed to steer myself to a patch of grass. As I bent over, catching my breath and wandering what the hell was going on, it struck. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor clutching my groin. I had the wits about me to see if anyone was around, then my hands sunk into my running shorts. What followed was the most incredible orgasm I’d ever felt, lying on the grass, out in the open. An animal instinct had taken over me, I needed more. Again canlı bahis I searched around, and that’s when I spotted him. With absolutely no consideration for my surroundings, I removed my running gear, and strolled across the grass to a man crouched by a tree. I have to say I was happy with my body, I was in my early 20’s and the running had kept me toned. I didn’t really give the man a chance.

As I got close I could see his erection, and the last of his semen dribbling from the end. He was still hard, so I made sure he stayed that way. I let my hair down, fell to my knees, and grabbed his cock. He got the drift and removed his shorts, then I took him in my mouth and made sure he stayed hard for me.

He reached across and felt my warm, dripping pussy. Feeling his touch, I looked up and grabbed his shirt. Just seeing the muscles underneath caused a guttural moan to escape my lips, and I pushed him down on the grass. With a quick shift of the hips I had him inside me. I hadn’t taken into account how large he was, and I can only assume it was my own wetness that helped him slip inside.

I cannot describe how wonderful that fuck was. Outside, completely naked, under a tree, riding this complete stranger bareback, me on top. It seemed like we just fitted together perfectly, it felt heavenly. I came pretty quickly, but kept going, I must have looked insane as I ground my hips into his crotch, using his big dick to make me cum over and over.

After my third orgasm I bent down and kissed him long and hard. He kissed me back and told me I was beautiful, I almost came again there and then, but this time it was his turn. He held my face close and looked me in the eyes as his cock gave way and ejaculated inside me. It was intense, I felt a pang of sadness that our fuck was over, but I still had time for one last climax, before I climbed off and played with the mixture of cum that leaked from my pussy.

Somehow we’d managed to avoid attention so we gathered our clothes and got dressed. I spent the rest of the morning with him. He was utterly charming, but at the time I had a boyfriend I thought I loved. So we didn’t exchange numbers, and I only got a first name. But that night I lay in bed, hand between my legs, thinking about him. When I next met my boyfriend I realised I’d been having terrible sex for far too long, and he was a bit of an asshole. We split shortly afterwards, but I was fortunate to have a short line of guys queuing up to date me. Each one paled in comparison to the man in the park, and eventually I knew I had to find him.

Which leads me to standing in Golden Gate Park on the first anniversary, under the tree where our fuckfest had taken place, hoping he would show.

At 6:24 there were cheers around the park, a lot of people were naked, a lot of people were masturbating, a few more were fucking. bahis siteleri Yet I stood alone, in my sexiest summer dress, hoping. A few guys asked me to join in, but I politely declined, most were pretty hot, but I didn’t want to miss him. It was arousing, and pretty frustrating watching everyone else get off, the fucking was the worst. I could feel him, every inch filling me, touching me from the inside. I felt something run down my leg, I hadn’t worn panties, and I was dripping onto the grass. I didn’t want to draw attention, so I gave it a few more minutes, then, trying to hide my tears, I started to head back to my hotel.

I couldn’t really see properly, the tears I tried to stifle blurred my vision, but as I turned the corner I heard someone say my name. I looked up and there he was! I wiped my eyes and looked again; I’d been standing under the wrong fucking tree!

As I hesitantly walked towards him, doubts did enter my mind. Was I sure he was here to see me? It sure looked like he was waiting for someone, and he was holding something. He had my panties.

I tried to speak like a human being and attempted to say “I think you’ll find they’re mine,” but it didn’t come out half as cool as I needed it to. However as he turned to me, any worry that I had lost my cool, was immediately put to rest, when he stuttered and gasped before adding “I have washed them, I promise!”

I’ll admit, it was pretty awkward. We had spent an amorous five minutes under a tree, followed by a slightly awkward post-coital walk around a park, before I rejected him and told him I was taken. Neither knew quite what to say, so we didn’t, we just joined in with the festivities.

I got on my knees, fumbled with his zipper, then reached for the tool I’d been craving for twelve months. As he sprang free it all seemed so familiar, I could almost remember every vein, every bump, the slight curve; yeah my friends were right, I was obsessed.

I removed the straps from my dress letting it hang around my chest whilst he removed his shirt, unveiling his wonderful chest. I had admired his cock for far too long, so I gave him a couple of strokes, then took him in my mouth. I guess I wanted to show him how much I’d wanted him as I got him hard within a minute, saliva dripping from my mouth. I got a little carried away so he had to stop me before he came. I was both mortified and thrilled at the same time, still I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down, and he was as naked as when I first met him.

He asked me to stand, then looked me in the eyes and asked about my ex. To his credit this guy was naked with my spit dripping from his rock hard erection, and he still wanted to check I was available. I smiled and nodded adding “didn’t touch the sides after you.” Then we kissed; hard.

Quickly he had me up against the tree, my sexy little dress bahis şirketleri was removed, and my toned, naked body was revealed to him once again. He smiled at the lack of underwear, then took my left hand and held it against the tree, whilst his other hand fell between my legs and his delicious fingers probed my pussy. Within moments I was crying out, my skin already flushed. He was just making sure I was ready, but I had been dripping wet for what seemed like hours.

It was all too much, I dug my nails into his hand and came, so very, very hard.

I caught my bearings long enough to beg him to fuck me, so he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his back, and he launched his big dick into my pussy. Feeling him again was heaven, it was just as I remembered, he fitted me perfectly as we fucked against the tree. Now if anything we were hotter than the year before, and my first orgasm had done nothing to discourage a large crowd forming round us. In fairness they left us alone, the worst were a couple of lonely masturbators, but that only served as encouragement.

My hands ran over his muscled back making me hotter, and hotter until once again it was too much and I came. I must have screeched in his ear it felt so fucking good, my toes tingled and curled as I thrust manically into his crotch. It wasn’t long before my muscles gave way and he had to put me down, but he wasn’t stopping. He spun me around, bent me over and took me from behind. I thought he fitted before, this was snug!

Now it was his turn to let his passions take control. As I lent against the tree his hands were on my hips, and he fucked me as hard as he could. I turned my head and found him staring at my butt. I don’t know why but this made me feel incredibly happy, I guess it meant he found me sexy. Like I needed any more encouragement. He saw that I’d caught him and he looked embarrassed (yeah, the naked guy fucking a woman against a tree in a public park was embarrassed). I told him to keep looking, so he did.

Soon I could feel him twitching and I knew he was close. I was pretty tight back then, and I was impressed he was still going. Noting the enthralled crowd I told him to put on a show, I fucking love that he knew what I meant. I could really feel it now, his body tensing, his cock as hard as it could get. I could feel the base of his cock quivering as he bottomed out, then after three quick thrusts I felt his resistance collapse. He pulled out, jerked his cock twice, and ejaculated all over my back. He came so fucking hard we found cum on the tree, half the crowd cheered and applauded, the rest stood in awe.

When the fireworks were nearly over he pushed himself back inside me, and finished deep in my pussy. The last few drops just for me before his erection melted away.

As the crowd began to disperse, or start their own shows, he span me round again, held me against the tree, and kissed me really fucking hard.

10 years later, we didn’t celebrate in public. We sent the kids off to a friends, and fucked in the comfort of our marital bed.

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