The Curvy Conductor Ch. 02

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In the days that followed, my new friend was on my mind all day, every day. I kept in touch by texting her, but avoiding making calls during the day when she would be on the road. But even with all that, we still desired to see each other again.

She surprised me one evening telling me that the following day she and her driver would be plying a different route: that from Kikuyu to Ruiru. It was run mostly on the newly-built bypass through quite scenic countryside. My love of traveling seized me at that moment, when I felt something like invitation in her voice. It occurred to me that I could take my iPad with me and work as the matatu sped along.

“You would not expect me to take the first trip in the morning, would you,” I asked her.

She paused for a heartbeat while the implication of my question sank in. “Definitely not, darling,” she replied. “We start before 6am. Why would I want to drag you out of your bed at such an hour?”

“It would give us more time together.” I posited, chuckling. “Anyway what time do you stop for lunch, and where?”

She also chuckled with me, then added, “It is usually after our third one, wherever we would be.”

“Ok I will be at Kikuyu soon after 9, and you will keep me updated on how far you have gone.”

“Oh, my! I cant imagine you want to drop your normal work just to be with me in my world.” Then her voice changed. “Matatu conductors are usually rough-mannered people. I have to keep beating off certain individuals who try to touch me familiarly,” she finished with a hint of worry.

“Would you rather I did not see such scenes?”

“No, no I want you to come. I want to be in your company so much! I can hardly wait for 9 tomorrow morning.” Any suspicions I may have had evaporated in that moment. We bade each other good night, each of us wrapped up in dreams of what could be.

As usual we wished each other good morning as soon as either of us awoke. More often than not, I was the first up even though I did not need to get up before about seven. She had told me that I was more timely than her alarm clock, since my sms beeped some minutes before it.

“Good morning darling,” she responded to me. “Yes, I swam the river of night and have landed safely on this shore,” she added, quoting from one of my messages earlier in the week.

I knew from her routines that she would soon be out of her house to meet her vehicle at the petrol station where the driver parked it for the night. I would be asleep again by the time they would be taking their first trip towards Ruiru.

I awoke at my usual time of seven and made my breakfast. Following my normal routines I was soon at my desk buying and selling on eBay. It crossed my mind to ask Edith if she would be interested in looking at another way of making money, than spending her days screaming for passengers. That thought filled me with a warm joy. I filled some orders that had come in by email while I slept. I then responded to mails of a personal nature. When I next checked the time I was shocked that it was somewhat after eight. I needed to shower and dress and be out of the house by half past. Sending Edith an sms to gauge how far she was, I ducked into the shower, and out again in just minutes. Pulling on black khaki trousers and a light blue short-sleeved shirt, I donned a grey jacket.

The walk to the bus stop took me no more than the customary five or six minutes. I took a matatu to Kikuyu, a ride that would take us through a portion that was under construction. This sometimes caused traffic jams to build up but today it did not cause too many delays. As the matatu inched along, Edith’s message that they were nearing Wangige, somewhat more than three-quarters of the way, beeped on my phone. I figured it would take them half an hour or less. That meant my wait was no more than ten or fifteen minutes. We arrived in Kikuyu shortly after that. I paid a lingering visit to the Cleanshelf supermarket, picking up a bar of chocolate, some Digestive biscuits and some drinking water.

As I was paying my bill by mobile money, the phone beeped a new message. “We are in Kikuyu now.”

“I am just on the point of leaving the supermarket. Keep the seat for me.”

“Don’t break your long legs running here. We still have to fill our seats, which takes more time than earlier in the day.”

I sauntered over to the stop to find the usual racket of sincan escort various conductors yelling at the tops of their voices for passengers, which I always found annoying. Why did they not display the route and fare on a board and let us choose from the available matatus? I walked in a leisurely manner to where the vehicles to Ruiru were to be found. The hot sun would not allow me to keep standing outside after I had said ‘hi’ to Edith and surreptitiously passed her the chocolate. I took a seat across the aisle from the conductor’s.

Passengers came one by one, slowly filling the vehicle. I had my iPad out on my lap putting up more adverts for items I thought customers might be interested in, while reviewing others I had put up but had yet to receive a response.

Presently we were ready to leave and the driver inched his vehicle through the narrow gaps left by the others. I never could understand the tendency for the matatus to block each other. But soon we were at the exit and then on the open road.

Edith gave the passengers a few minutes to settle before taking up their fares. When she came to me she wanted to tell me to hold on, but I told her I was paying by mobile money.

“Do I send it to your usual number?” I inquired.

“No, that is my personal one. Please send it to the paybill number, which is controlled by the owner,” she said, pointing to the banner displaying the payment details.

I went through the menus and sent my fare to the paybill, without the need to handle cash or wait for the balance.

When she had gathered all she stood by the open door, despite a warning poster that this was not allowed. We carried on a casual conversation in snatches as she would need to knock on the panel above the door with a coin to let the driver know he needs to let down a passenger. She then tried to get another one, but if there was no one willing she used a coin to rap out a signal that they could continue. As she stood at the entrance, she would at times face inward. I enjoyed looking at her body, especially her crotch where the trouser hugged her so closely that I could see her pubic area clearly. I thought I could see the outline of her vaginal lips. I had to draw my eyes away from all this temptation to continue with my work.

I spared a moment to think of those young girls who would ride in the back seat at the pleasure of driver or conductor but would not pay. Probably they would be later told that since they had received favours, they should surrender sexual ones in return.

I was in a nearly related position, riding a matatu without really going anywhere, only that I was not getting any favours. As we crossed Kiambu Road so many passengers got off that we had to wait there until the empty seats were taken. That took some minutes, but since these matatus did not run on fixed timetables it did not really matter how long a trip took as long as they collected a certain minimum amount during the day, as required by the owner; sometimes they would get more than the owner’s requirements, which they divided between themselves.

“If it were the morning trip by now we would have been in Ruiru, but now it will take another forty minutes to get there.”

“Do you want me to remain there, or for us to take lunch back in Kikuyu,” I asked a single-choice question.

“You have no permission to leave that seat!” she said with mock-severity. I raised my hands in a sign of surrender.

When we arrived at the terminus, I took a walk around it to stretch my legs while Edith was speaking with her fellow conductors. There were touts shouting at the top of their voices to attract passengers, giving the conductors a chance to rest their voices. There was one, however, who needed no tout to invite him to go to Kikuyu or any of the other stops along the way. I got on and took my seat where I had left my jacket as a marker. In a short while we were on our way back to Kikuyu.

The trip was much like that of coming to Ruiru. We stopped to drop and pick passengers at the various stops, some at which we took some time to pick more of them.

“I will wait for you at Crave when we get to Kikuyu,” I said to Edith. She could not reply immediately because a passenger shouted they wanted to get off at the next stop.

She rapped the panel with her coin, and opened the door when the driver stopped. The passenger tandoğan escort got off, and there was nobody nearby who could be enticed to join us. At the usual signal we took off again.

“I will tell the driver what time we shall meet back at our vehicle,” she said to me.

Three hours since we had left Kikuyu we pulled into the terminus. It was lunchtime.

I did as I promised, heading towards the railway station which gave Kikuyu its origins. Just before the railway tracks I went in through the door of the establishment. Its atmosphere was rustic and spare. The furniture was made of bare wood, and on the walls were paintings and other pieces of art. There in the corner was a bookshelf, with some of them for sale. In my time I had read a few of those volumes.

I went through to the garden in the back where tables were set in lush greenery under a patio. One could hear the locomotives just beyond the wall. In fact it was said that the premises was once a railways warehouse, which they now rented out. I sent Edith an sms to tell her to come through to the back.

She found me sipping at a juice, while waiting to order our food. She wanted mashed potatoes with sausage, served with lots of vegetables. I ordered marinated pork with rice, again with a healthy serving of vegetables.

“Wow, that was the best journey I have ever taken to Ruiru and back. Wait, no, the best two. The morning run was full of anticipation of when I will do it with you,” enthused Edith.

“I have gone to lots of places by matatus but I can vow today was the best of them. Because of having you there,” I replied. “I do not think any couple has ever had a date like we had today.”

“You made it so original. If anyone would have suggested, as late as last week, that I would do such a thing, I would have dismissed them off-hand,” declared she.

I then talked to her about doing an online business selling items off eBay. It got her very excited that she could earn money where her boss, the owner of the vehicle, had no control over how much she could earn.

“I gave this afternoons trips to a conductor friend so I do not need to go back to work,” she said.

“What? So we can now spend the day together? That is awesome!”

I saw her eyes swivel to the wall near us. Following them I realized she was reading the small poster advertising the room rates. Now, it is true that it was not the first time I had seen the poster. It gave advantages of the hotel’s accommodations among them being its proximity to Kikuyu Hospital which brought patients from far off places. If they needed to attend an early morning clinic, staying here would be super convenient for them. But I had never imagined I would ever be in need of their services.

I looked into her eyes and merely nodded. With a meaningful look, I got up, went round to the reception desk and promptly booked us into a room. I went back to the garden and told her it was done. I paid the bill as we finished.

I could be almost sure her body was tingling with anticipation like mine was. As we went up the stairs we held hands, finding that they were damp. We looked sideways at each other feeling that spark jump between us.

At the top of the stairs, we turned towards our assigned door, entering in a hurry, so hungry were we for each other. Within minutes we had shed all our clothes and were in each other’s arms.

I kissed her right on the lips, urgently. She opened her mouth and admitted my tongue. A frantic dance ensued causing much saliva to flow, forcing us to suck each other hard. This only took us higher on the scale of lust. My hands were rubbing all along her back, and down her sides. Her arms were around my neck binding her to me tightly, then she decided she wanted my cock in her hand. I felt her fingers wrap around my stem, making it jump. She squeezed it and let go, squeezed and let go again. Then she stroked it all the way down to the root and up again. If it were possible I became even harder than I already was.

Gently I lay her onto the bed, without letting up on my kissing. As we lay back onto the covers, I could now pay a courtesy call on her tits, at whose tips were the hard nipples. She loved to have them pinched with some firmness at which she groaned with lust. I let up on the kiss and went across the plains and valleys to the twin peaks. My lips played ankara escort at the foothills and taking to the mounds and back to the foothills, teasing her over and over. My hands were holding her by the sides. Letting my tongue out, I painted circles around the base of the mounds, still not ascending to the peaks, which I knew she badly wanted me to do by the pressure she applied on my cock. If she kept that up for any length of time, she might make me come all over the bedspread!

Lazily my paintbrush washed the sides of her tits, holding out the promise of eventually hitting their aching peaks. I could see their darker brown aureoles gathered together looking rather like the gulleys made by melting snow at the summit of a mountain. The tongue arrived at the rutted landscape before finally giving her the prize she had coveted for long minutes. I licked the nipple, sucking it into my warm mouth for a short moment before going back down the slope and across to the other peak. I licked it in the same way, making a visit to the summit the last thing my tongue did. My fingers were titillating the peak I had left behind, making her pleasure double.

By this time my other hand was exploring her thighs which she opened willingly for me. When she felt my fingers walking through the sparse jungle of her pubic hair, she exhaled loudly. One finger found the trench in the forest floor that was her cunt slit. It was flowing with the rich waters of her arousal, which heightened my own. Sucking one nipple hard into my mouth, while pressing the other between the fingers sent her higher yet.

“Please don’t keep me waiting for this delicious rod any more,” while squeezing it. I had wanted to move locus from nipple to pussy, but now she wanted my cock inside her, and soon.

I slithered along her body until my cock was between her thighs. Her hand only left my cock momentarily during my manouvre and was soon back, now guiding it to her wet eagerness. As soon as I felt her warmth, I nearly gave it up right there. She rubbed herself up and down the trench, knocking against her clit several times. Each time she yelped as in pain, but I was sure it was sheer pleasure. I filed that fact for later use.

I tried her tits while this was going on. I could be sure that her wetness increased from the combined activities on both sites. I managed to suck each nipple into my mouth and chew it lightly, which brought a high pitched yell from her mouth.

Suddenly she let go of my cock, thereby giving me a line clear to plunder her to my heart’s content. I pushed into her eager, waiting snatch. Pulling back a few inches to let her juices coat the stem better, I drove back in. This time I went all the way in until I felt the head of my cock butt against her cervical gateway. She squealed. I gave her another long stroke. Another squeal. Then I managed to strike a rhythm of long strokes, at times bending upwards to let the stem rub along the clit on its way. I felt her legs frenziedly thrashing about all over the bed. I increased the frequency of my strokes bit by bit. I could feel my orgasm building up like a dam about to burst. Soon I thrusting at a speed rivaling that of a sewing machine needle.

“Uuuuuwi, I am comii-iiiing!” screamed Edith at the top of her voice. I felt her muscles clenching around me and that sent me tumbling into that void. My hot juice erupted from the tip of my cock, rushing into her cunt in furious jets. My back stiffened like a broomstick and I cried out in a voice I could hardly believe was my own. I bent down to suck a tit to keep my voice down.

I kept a languid rhythm going as we climbed down from our joint peak.

“You make love to me in ways I have never known possible.”

“Fhunk-oo,” I mumbled my mouth full of titflesh. She giggled at the sound of that. Gradually we cooled down from that heated bodily exchange, sliding smoothly into a slumber. We woke up more than an hour later, with wet kisses. As we expected, soon we were at each other again fucking like rabbits on Energizer batteries. I released her to meet her driver and the other shift conductor, to ‘close the books’ for the day..

The following day flowed like the one before. In the evening there was the usual flurry of sms messages before we retired. She told me how the trips they did contrasted with the previous day’s. “I am sure you know what was missing.”

“Am I an object now? :)”

“Yes, of course! Didn’t you know?”

“I object strongly!”

“To being the object of my love and desire, even now? :):)”

I found myself laughing uproariously, alone in my bedroom. I guessed she was too.

Thus the pattern of our lives was set.

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