The Cowboy , Karma Ch. 2

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Big Dick

©November 2001 by Bob Peale

Author’s Note:

This story is actually a rewrite of Karma I thought I saw a glint of recognition, but I wasn’t sure. I smiled.

I walked over to a gate set over to the side and let, “Whisper”, one of my mares, into the pen. She and Shadow were old friends, having spent most of their life together. She stood easily, almost defiantly, waiting for him to notice her. When he finally reached her she decided to toy with him and took off in a gallop across the small space.

“Have you ever watched horses fuck?” I asked huskily, pressing my crotch against her.

“No, I haven’t. He won’t hurt her will he?” she asked, concern in her voice.

“No, he won’t hurt her. It’s very physical, and none too gentle, but she’ll enjoy it,” I assured her.

“I’ll bet she enjoys it more than you imagine,” she concluded, and I couldn’t help wondering if she felt my cock jump through the thick leather coat.

Whisper finally gave up the game and stopped near the center, letting Shadow catch up to her. His cock was extended under him, thick and long, already drooling cum. His scent on the wind, Whisper raised her tail to accept him. Encouraged, Shadow reared up and seemed to fall forward, impaling Whisper with his cock seemingly effortlessly. The combination of weight and force caused her to skitter forward and she whinnied from the impact, but quickly found her footing and absorbed his thrusts.

I realized I was holding my breath again. This was a huge gamble – she was either going to get incredibly hot from the display or repulsed beyond belief. Sex between two horses was very primal; it had a raw, wild edge that canlı bahis şirketleri I’d always found to be a huge turn on. But that wasn’t something you talked about in polite company, especially not with beautiful women you’d just met. Only Karma seemed different. I wanted to open up, to let her see all sides of me, even the not too pretty sides.

Whisper’s brays had an almost human quality. I could almost convince that they were the sounds of passion, but that was ridiculous. Everyone knew that animals did feel things the way people did.

As Shadow increased the power of his strokes Whisper began to give up ground, stuttering across the pen as he fucked her with almost pornographic enthusiasm. His flanks tensed and rippled with determination, and the frenzy of their coupling had raised marks and welts on Whispers otherwise flawless gunmetal gray coat.

Karma swooned, pressing insistently against me, giving me the sign I’d hoped for. I reached around and slipped my hands in her coat, feeling the hard points of her nipples through the billowy shirt. I ran my thumbs roughly over them, feeling her grind against me with pleasure, taking in the scene before her as I played with her. Her hands reached down and opened her pants, stepping out of them, heat rising from between her legs in the brisk morning air.

She climbed up on the fence and positioned herself so her pussy was spread wide in front of me, her clit a thick pink nub plainly visible from between her legs. I bent over her, burying my face in her neck as I reached under it and flicked it with my thumb, her moans temporarily blocking out the sounds from the horses.

I felt like we’d entered new territory, canlı kaçak iddaa and I was determined to take it as far as I could go. The sound of the horses in the background spurred me on and I licked faster, making her squirm and hold on so as not to lose her balance. Using the juice from her soaking wet pussy I inserted my thumb slowly into her ass. I felt her grab it tight and shudder, and something inside me exploded too. I used the other hand to work that wonderful pussy into a froth, alternating between her swollen lips and her throbbing clit.

Another uncontrollable urge overtaking me, I dragged my tongue from her pussy to her asshole and back again. Close to the edge, I traced my thumb along her outer lips again and then pushed it roughly in her ass, delighting in the roughness of the act. With her eyes focused forward she came hard, shaking and babbling as the orgasm ran through her.

I’d waited long enough. Painfully I removed my own pants, pulling her off the fence and collapsing to the ground and pulling her hard onto my cock. The ground was cold and hard under my ass and balls, and under other circumstances would probably have been uncomfortable, but with Karma holding my dick deep in her I didn’t really register much else. She continued to shake and moan, spittle running down her chin, as she watched Shadow drill into Whisper while I rammed my cock up into her. The sensations, the visuals, the reality were all too much and I felt my body tense, the cum rushing out of the end of my cock and find a home deep in her. She let out a scream that was almost a roar – I’m surprised she didn’t send the horses scurrying.

She fell over and I scrambled to canlı kaçak bahis my feet, lifting her in my arms and getting her inside the barn before she got sick. Ironically Whisper’s stall was still pretty clean and I laid her down on the straw, still naked from the waist down. She looked so calm, so peaceful, I had to smile.

I dashed outside and grabbed our clothes, we’d have to get back to the house eventually, and the thought of doing it bareassed in this weather wasn’t overly appealing. When I got back to the stall, Karma was sleeping soundly. I pulled on my pants and sat down on a stool, content to watch the subtle rise and fall of her breast underneath the bulk of my shirt and jacket.

I finally got off my ass and went inside to start a fire and call in sick for the day. It would be nice to go back to a toasty warm cabin – maybe I could even convince her that there was no need for us to wear clothes. Walking back toward the stall I was beginning to think I might not be going anywhere for awhile, and it had nothing to do with the amount of snow that had accumulated.

“Have a nice nap?” I teased, smiling like a schoolboy.

“Yeah, I dreamed of a handsome stranger who kidnapped me and turned me into a sex slave. Care to make it come true?” she teased back, returning the smile.

I scooted down next to her and kissed her hard, my cock rigid again and knowing that I just had to have her again. I opened her shirt and suckled on a pouty nipple, feeling her shiver under me from something other than cold. As I explored the warm, wet folds of her pussy she placed a hand over mind and held it there. I worked a finger gently between her lips, releasing the heady smell that so entranced me, and kissed her deeply. She reached out with her other hand and stroked my cock through my jeans, coaxing it to its full length. As she nuzzled my neck, I wondered how long the fire in the fireplace would stay lit unattended.

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