The Costume Closet

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“Is everyone here? We need to get this faculty meeting started. We have a lot to discuss,” said the gray haired principal, settling his glasses on his nose and shuffling a stack of papers loudly against the podium.

An older woman with a steel gray severe bob of hair and a pinched face raised her hand. “Sir, Isabella is missing, again.” She grimaced in disapproval and nodded emphatically.

The principal cleared his throat, looking around for the missing music teacher. “Thank you, Mrs. Tinsey. Anyone seen her?”

Another hand raised, this one belonging to a youthful math teacher. “She said she’d be in the costume closet sorting through props for tonight’s show and that she had approval.”

“Er, yes,” he cleared his throat again, “I supposed that’s right. Well, just in case, Jesse, why don’t you go fetch her.”

“Yes, sir,” replied the new science teacher, nodding his head respectfully and hiding his grin. Jesse walked out of the meeting and headed down the hall, entering the dark theatre and walking backstage. He pressed his ear against the light brown door and paused, listening.

“Sleep, sleep, I couldn’t sleep tonight, not for all the jewels in the crown,” a high soprano voice lilted the pure tune pass the door. “I could have danced all night…I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more. Or in my case,” a throaty laugh followed, “I could have fucked all night.” A giggle. “For shame, Isabella, you’re such a slut!” Another giggle. “C’mon, girl, fold these costumes, you’ve got a faculty meeting this afternoon.” Jesse heard humming continue as the sounds of busy hands penetrated the door. The song continued and Jesse turned the knob of the door, gently, pushing it open in slow increments and peeking one eye inside the room.

Isabella’s back was to him. She was wearing a lavender sundress, arms smooth and gleaming as she hung costumes on hangers and set them on their racks. The sundress nipped in at the waist and flowed over her hips, legs and ankles. She was barefoot and a painted toenail tapped in rhythm to her song. Her hips swayed with the music as she continue to fold and sort costumes.

“You’re canlı bahis late,” Jesse murmured in a low, deep voice.

Isabella gasped, spinning and clutching a medieval costume to her breasts. “Jesse! You scared me to death!”

“Why are you suddenly shy?” He murmured as she blushed a pretty pale shade of pink and looked at the floor. “I liked hearing you sing.”

“Oy vey! How long were you listening?” Her eyes widened.

He chuckled. “Oh long enough to hear some interesting lyrics.” He cleared his throat, gave a silly mi, mi, mi warmup and then sang, “I could have fucked all night, I could have fucked all night, and still have begged for more.”

“Oy vey!” Isabella rolled her eyes and gave a little giggle. “Shouldn’t you be at that meeting?” She nervously checked her watch. “It started five minutes ago and Mr. Calpert will ramble for another 20 minutes before he gets to the meat and potatoes of his talk.”

“So we have 20 minutes,” Jesse whispered as he advanced towards the lavender clad woman. She scooted back, bumping against a row of hangers and sending them skittering against each other in an anxious jingle of metal. Isaballa gave a nervous giggle and turned around to quiet the hangers in their lively dance.

Jesse’s arms encircled her, resting his chin on her head and breathing in the scent of her hair. He nuzzled her neck and tugged her earlobe with his teeth. She stiffened for a moment in his arms, “there’s no time for that!” her voice came out a shaky whisper.

His hands roamed up the front of her body, tracing her ribcage and tickling over her nipples. Her nipples hardened in his hands and her breathing became a little ragged. “Please, Jesse,” she whimpered.

“Please what?” his voice rasped in her ear as his tongue flicked out and traced her clavicle. His right hand traveled down her stomach and cupped her through the lavender dress, resting his palm along the mound between her thighs. “You’re already wet.”

She gave a little moan and covered his hand with hers, stopping his movement. “You don’t want this?” he asked, ready to respectfully cease. She pressed his hand against herself and moved her bahis siteleri hips slightly, rubbing her ass against his crotch and then her pelvis into his hand.

His cock hardened against her sweet ass as it teased him with each rocking motion. The palm of his hand felt the moisture beneath her dress and he savagely pushed her dress aside. He heard a rip and a gasp, but didn’t stop to see if there was damage. He lifted her dress to see that she was wearing no panties and she pressed her rounded bottom against his crotch as his hand cupped her again. His hand slid over her silky, wet curls and he pressed a finger inside as she moaned. His thumb pressed against her hard clit and he used his hand to get her hotter and wetter. Her tight cunt squeezed over his finger as he slipped another one inside. She turned her head and he caught her mouth in a kiss as she panted and squealed inside his mouth.

“Shh,” he warned.

“Oh, yes,” she panted between wet kisses. “yes, yes,” her hips rocked against his crotch and hand and she finally felt near explosion. He curled his fingers inside her and brushed against her g-spot and she let out a scream as she orgasmed.

A knock sounded on the door. “Everything ok in there?” a janitor asked. Isabella stilled and sucked in a breath. “Uhm, I just knocked over a box of stuff and there was a mouse.”

“want me to get him for you?” the janitor asked.

“No, I’m ok. I’ve got him.” She turned in Jesse’s arms and buried her face in his chest, giving in to giggles between her pants as she tried to calm herself down.

“A mouse?” Jesse asked with a warm chuckle.

“Oh shut up,” she growled and bit at his chest. “Sorry, you didn’t get off,” she glanced down at his still hard cock. “But, we’ve got to get to that meeting.”

“Who said I’m not gonna get off?” he said and cupped her bottom, lifting her hips off the ground and swinging her legs around his hips.

She gave a tiny gasp and reached a hand down to unbutton his pants. She stroked his hard cock as he backed her against the wall and moved her hand out of the way right before he impaled her on himself. With animal thrusts, his cock plunged bahis şirketleri into her wet cunt and his hips rocked, pressing her bare ass against the cold cinderblock wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pumped in and out of her body. He placed his hands on her hips to keep her against the wall and supported her weight with his body. His head dipped to lick at her cleavage and he placed several kisses along her breasts. She buried her hands in his hair and yanked on him, bringing his mouth up for a kiss before holding his head away so she could lick at his neck, at his shoulders, at his chest. Her tongue ran tiny swirls around his nipples as he pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy.

As he came with a hot, wet burst of juice inside her, she also shook with orgasm and bit her teeth into his shoulder to keep from crying out. Her nails dug into his back and she panted unrhythmically against him as he pulled out. He sucked in air to get his own breath back in control and both gave a start as another knock sounded on the door.

“What is keeping you two!” a shrill voice cried. “I heard banging. Has something broken?” The door knob turned. Isabella ducked behind a rack of clothing as Jesse zipped himself quickly.

“Why, Mrs. Tinsey,” Jesse said with a dramatic smile. “I was helping Isabella with the costumes.” He looked down at the torn lavender dress at his feet and kicked it under a prop before the disapproving old lady noticed it.

“Well,” Mrs. Tinsey sniffed. “The meeting is starting now.”

“Thanks,” Jesse reached for a dress and started to put it on a hanger. “I’ll let Isabella know as soon as she returns from the rest room.”

With another sniff and a pinched glare, the older woman swept out of the room. Jesse heard a giggle and then a moan. “Damnit, Jesse, you ripped my dress!” Isabella crawled out from the dressing rack, naked and glaring.

Jesse gave a hearty laugh and handed her a costume off the rack, looking at the label. “I always thought you’d be lovely as Juliet.” She shoved his hand aside and took a more modern looking costume off the rack, slipping it over her head and turning her back to him. He zipped up the dress and without a word, they both walked out of the costume closet, silently traveling down the hall and into the conference room, sitting down at the table just in time for the meeting’s beginning.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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