The conversion, part 1

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The conversion, part 1
I was in college and a few of us decided to volunteer during vacation helping build houses for people who had lost them in a recent hurricane in the Caribbean.
When our group arrived on the island, we were informed by our host that there were not enough hotel rooms. Some of us would be hosted in locals’ houses. I was assigned to stay with a local widow who volunteered with the local church.
We rode in the bed of a pickup. They drove us up a mountain road and dropped us one by one. My stop finally came in front of a small wooden house. At the door I was introduced to Ms. Maria.
She was a short, large woman who wore her graying hair in a tight bun. No makeup. She wore a modest, loose, long-sleeved black dress of the kind that older women wear to church. Flat, modest black shoes complemented her attire. She greeted me with a warm smile and showed me inside. She was relieved I spoke Spanish fairly well, since she spoke no English.
The house was small, made of brightly painted wood, with windows made of simple wood panels, and concrete slab floor and a zinc roof. The main entrance opened to a small corridor. On one side were two bedrooms, and at the other side, a small room served as living and dining room and the next one was the kitchen.
I was eager to relieve myself and asked where the bathroom was. With slight shame, Mrs. Maria said it was just outside. She took me to the end of the corridor and opened an old creaky wooden door. Behind it, there was a large backyard full of fruit trees and flower pots. We walked out into it, and I saw that adjacent to the kitchen was what appeared to be an outhouse. The entrance was covered by a long curtain made of cloth. She opened to reveal a spotlessly clean, tiled booth where the toilet was located. A small vanity with a mirror in front was attached to the wall outside. I went and did my business. I wondered if there was a shower, and then realized that the shower was probably just the slab of concrete adjacent to the vanity, where a garden hose was coiled on. Spartan facilities…
She showed me to my room. It was small, furnished with a small metal bed covered with a simple mattress, white sheets and a thin blanket. A small chest of drawers was the only other piece of furniture. The window opened to the front of the house, towards the road. I unpacked and readied to be picked up as we had a dinner meeting with the group later today. Mrs. Maria handed me a key so I could come and go.
I was picked up, went to the meeting and then, we had dinner and drank a few beers at a local bar. It was dark when I returned. I used my key to get into the house, which was dark. I went into my room, took off my clothes and slept like a baby.
The crowing of roosters woke me up. Shortly after, I heard the door of the adjacent room open, then another one. I figured Mrs. Maria was already up. I figured she would be heading to use the toilet, so I decided to snooze off. After a while I woke up again. I got up and opened the window. Twilight was fading into a clear day. I enjoyed the view of the mountains up front I had slept nude as I normally do, so I went through my stuff until I found a pair of lounge pants to put on when going outside, and flip flops. I opened my bedroom door and peeked into the corridor. The door to the backyard was open. I went out and saw Mrs. Maria in the backyard, hose in hand, spraying some of her flower pots.
She turned and warmly greeted me. I was caught a bit by surprise by her appearance. Gone was the long-sleeved, loose, thick dress of the day before. She wore a pair of thin rubber flip flops, and wore a sleeveless, knee-length white sleeping gown. The garment appeared to be homemade out of a tube of simple white cloth, held on the shoulders by two thin white lace straps. The fabric was light and airy, and after a couple of seconds I realized she was not wearing a bra under it, as the individual shape of each of her very large, pendulous breasts was easily recognizable under the garment. If any doubt would remain, the indentation produced by large, wide nipples would dispel it.
She told me she would have breakfast for me in a minute. I nodded and went to use the toilet. After relieving myself, I went to wash my hands, as I peeked at her out of the corner of my eye. She was picking up mangos directly from the tree, standing on tiptoes to grab the fruit, then putting it on a basket. The cloth bunched a bit over and between the top of her huge buttocks, and their unencumbered motion proved she was also not wearing bottom underwear. I felt blood rush into my penis, which was quickly becoming turgid. I dried my hands on the towel and quickly went to sit in the kitchen, hiding the growing bulge in my pants under the tablecloth.
Ms. Maria soon appeared and poured me a cup of coffee, then one for herself. She then turned around and quickly cut fruit and fried a couple of eggs for me as she chatted. She appeared completely nonchalant, and without a hint of any change in her demeanor compared to the day before. My eyes were fixated on her large butt and its movement, my brain struggling to follow the conversation. She finally turned around and, producing two plates of food, handed me one and proceeded to sit in front of me on a stool and eat. My gaze would periodically go from her eyes to a thin gold chain around her neck and the crucifix on it, which periodically would become lost in the deep valley between her tits. Knowing I had to eventually get up I did my best to distract myself until my erection began to dissipate.
After I was finished, she asked if I would be starting work with the volunteers today. I nodded, in fact, I would need to get ready. She went into her room and came back with a clean white towel and handed it to me. She asked me to follow her to the backyard, and again, excusing herself for the humble facilities, showed me nails along the backyard wall where I could hang my towel, and hung the hose on another at what would be showerhead height. She then excused herself, and went back in the house, closing the backyard door behind her to give me privacy.
I took off my pants, turned on the faucet, and showered with the cool water. It was refreshing as the morning was already hot. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went back inside into my room. Mrs. Maria asked from outside my door if I would need the bathroom anymore, and I said no, I will get dressed and wait outside for the truck to pick me up. She said she would go wash and see me at night.
She walked out into the backyard and closed the door. Curiosity kicked in. I peeked outside my room. The backyard door was made of salvaged wood and had a few cracks and crevices. Barefoot, I tiptoed to casino siteleri it and peeked through one of the cracks. I could see the backyard trees, but not the bath area. I then realized that her bedroom’s window opened to the backyard. I went in her bedroom. The window was closed, so it was dark. There was a small bed, a small chest of drawers, a chair and a nightstand, and many religious images covered the walls. Carefully, I cracked open one of the window leaves, until I could see outside. I could see the garden hose resting on the concreate slab, but not Mrs. Maria. I then heard the toilet flush, and a second later she came into view. She hung a towel from a nail, and then, in a quick motion, pulled the nightgown over her head and hung it.
Her nudity was magnificent. She had caramel skin. Her huge, plump breasts hung like two ripe papayas, crowned at their tip by large, dark areolas and thick, long nipples. I was surprised to see her waist was so narrow, and figured she was probably raised wearing corsets. A deep navel crowned her plump belly, which ended in a thick, luscious bush. She had thick, muscular thighs and legs. Her enormous butt cheeks were round and jiggly. She undid her hair bun and curly gray hair dropped to her shoulders. She then bent over, turned on the faucet, grabbed the hose and began to hose herself from the head down. Once she was all wet, she took a small bottle of shampoo and shampooed her hair. She then took a bar of soap and ran it through all her body, leaving it glistening with a thin layer of lather. I found it amusing that women always spend a good deal of time soaping up their tits and she was no exception. She would hold each orb on one hand and run soap under it, then over it, and then would knead each breast for a few seconds in every direction. She ran the bar over her pubic hair and worked up a thick lather. She then squatted with her legs open. I was amazed that she was able to squat so low, her buttocks almost touching the ground. She worked the lather down on her vulva, of which I could every now and then I could see a glimpse of. She had long, dark labia. She ran one hand deep between her butt cheeks, thoroughly lathering her butt crack, and then, with the hose, rinsed herself thoroughly, front and back. She then stood up again and used the hose to rinse the lather off her body.
Needless to say, the moment she took of her gown my penis quickly became engorged, and by now it had one of the hardest, tensest erections I ever remember, and I was stroking it faster and faster. She turned off the hose and began to dry herself with the towel. I quietly closed the window, picked the towel off the floor, and quietly tiptoed back to my room just in time to avoid being caught.
I quickly got dressed and left the house. The truck had arrived just a minute before and I left, somewhat riled that I did not have the chance to bust a nut this morning.
When I returned in the evening, Ms. Maria was again wearing a very conservative, long-sleeve, loose dark dress. It really left no hint of the voluptuous figure underneath. She was just as warm and nonchalant as always. I concluded she probably thought of me as a pimple-faced k** and not a man. I did look quite young and was thin, so in that sense she was probably right not to be concerned of how she dressed at home. Boy, if she knew…
The cawing of roosters again awakened me in the morning. I had decided against masturbating on memories, but rather wait for another real-time viewing. My dick was stiff with morning wood. A few minutes later, I heard Mrs. Maria open her door and head out. It probably took about ten minutes for my morning wood to fade. I put on my lounge pants and flip flops and headed out. Mrs. Maria was already in the kitchen, dicing fruit. She said good morning with a big smile as I made my way to the toilet. When I returned, she had poured me a cup of coffee and asked me to sit.
She again had the same light sleeping gown from the day before. The morning was chillier, and her nipples poked badly. I sat down and drank the coffee while she continued to prepare the food, her back to me. She was now kneading some cornmeal on the kitchen counter to make cornmeal cakes. I watched as her butt rocked back and forth from the kneading. My dick was no longer cooperating and was already tenting in my pants. Mrs. Maria continued talking something about church and the hurricane or something. My dick was hurting in my pants. I stood up, and mindlessly pulled the elastic waist of my pants down, and my dick popped out. I froze for a second. Now what!? Something then got into me. I let the pants slide down my legs to the floor. I slid my feet off the flip flops, and, like an a****l stalking prey, silently took the two steps that separated me from Mrs. Maria, until I was right behind her. My heart pounded in my chest and my dick pulsated in unison.
Still chatting, she turned around.
“…Ay Dio mio..!” she gasped, dropping the plate of fruit to the floor. Her mouth agape, she covered it with both hands, as she looked down, wide-eyed, at my massive erection. She then locked eyes with me, and for a moment, we stood frozen, her from utter surprise, me, from my unexpected audacity. She looked down at my crotch again for a much longer moment.
“…Ay bendito…!” she muttered, and looked up at me with an embarrassed look in her face. “…es muy grande…”
Realizing my dick had impressed her was all my audacious side needed to hear. I put my hands on her shoulders, grabbed the thin lace straps on her gown, and pulled sideways hard.
The stitching ripped cleanly on both straps, and I pulled the gown down to her waist. She gasped and looked again at me with wide eyes. She instinctively put her arms over her chest to cover her breasts. I gave the cloth another quick tug over her butt, and let it slide down to the floor. She lowered a hand to cover her crotch, while the other struggled to contain both breasts, eventually letting one slip out. She briefly glanced at the crucifix buried in her cleavage, as if looking for guidance, and then at the torn garment lying around her ankles. Likely concluding it was of little use to pull it up, she then looked back at me with a combination of bewildered shock and nudity-related embarrassment.
To put her at some ease, I made a comment on her irresistible beauty, to which she gave an embarrassed smile and lowered her head. I had expected her to have run away or slapped me by now, but she remained still, her feet seemingly glued to the floor. I concluded she likely was used to submission to men and decided to move forward in turning this aspiring nun into the third world puta she was built to be.
I gently pushed back on her shoulders perabet güvenilir mi until she was against the counter, and then, grasping her the buttocks, lifted her the necessary couple of inches to get her ass on top.
I grabbed the inside of her thighs and spread them apart, wedging myself in between. She gave an anguished look to my erect cock, anticipating what was coming. I clawed at her huge tits with my hands, and she eased backwards onto her elbows. I parted the legs further to reveal her vulva. She had an untrimmed, thick, curly patch of pubic hair, but her dark, long labia still protruded. The smell was fresh, and, putting my face close, I began to lick around. Using my tongue, I separated the two labia and found my way to a short, but thick clitoris. She quivered as I licked, and I looked at her in the eyes. She was beginning to feel pleasure. I continued to knead and fondle her tits as I licked, toying with her nipples. She lied on her back and began to let occasional restrained moans, her hands occasionally grasping the edge of the counter. I licked and sucked her vulva until I felt I had drawn enough moisture, and left the labia spread open.
She lifted her head and watched with an anxious look as I grabbed my cock and put the glans against the vaginal opening. It was moist, but not wet, and I could sense her tense up. I spat on my cock and with that the glans began to slide in. She let out a series of faint whimpers as the shaft began to slide into the tight vagina. Once I felt sufficiently latched in, I grabbed her by her huge buttocks and began to pump. I felt my penis had filled her vagina, but still had a few inches left outside, and pushed harder. With outstretched arms, she pushed her hands against my abdomen to limit the depth of my thrusting, as her whimpering intensified into moaning. Caught between her outstretched arms, her massive tits now bounced back and forth in a rippling manner, hitting her in the chin with each forward motion I made.
“…Ayy papi…! Ayy bendito…! Ayy Dio mioo…!” she rhythmically panted, alternatively leaning her head forward to watch my penis sliding into her, or leaning it back, eyes closed, sometimes a grimace on her face. I had gotten into a steady rhythm, and I let go of her butt to concentrate on the majestic orbs on her chest. Her nipples were long, wide and hard, likely the product of wet nursing many c***dren. I sunk my hands deep into those pillows of pleasure and enjoyed the bouncing around that my thrusting sent them into.
Mrs. Maria was no spring chicken, but, luckily, she was still able to lubricate well. There was enough moisture now in her pussy to provide an easy glide, which allowed me to go faster. Neck outstretched, head tilted back, eyes closed, mouth agape, she just moaned “…uh!…uh!..uh!…uh!” with each pounding. I continued for a couple more minutes until she came to a quivering orgasm, letting out a long “aaahhhh…” and collapsing on the counter as if her entire body was made of jelly. Just a few seconds later, grunting loudly, I ejaculated. I continued to push a few more times until I sensed the last drops out, then drew my exhausted, now semi-turgid penis out.
A moment passed and Mrs. Maria lifted her head, opened her eyes, and eased herself onto her elbows, then upright. Looking somewhat dazed, she stared down for a long moment at the whitish fluid oozing out of her vagina and forming a small pool on the counter, then at my dripping penis. I extended my arm, and holding to it, she eased herself onto her feet. She had managed to keep one of her flip flops on her foot through this, but the other had flown off, nowhere to be seen, so she carefully avoided stepping on the pieces of papaya and mango on the floor. Her legs appeared shaky.
She looked back at me with an expression of dazed bewilderment. We both looked down at my penis. With a slow, pulsating motion, my erection was coming back, the glans slowly emerging back out from the prepuce as the shaft rose up. I put my hands on her shoulders and with gentle downward pressure, told her to squat. The submissive woman complied, her eyes looking up at mine. I grabbed her hair, and with my other hand my erecting penis. I gave her a couple of slaps on the cheek with my dick.
She was a religious woman, but she evidently knew what followed, and opened her mouth with slight reluctance. I stuck my glans in. Grabbing her head with both hands, I pushed it further inside her. My penis was far too large to fully fit in her mouth, but after a couple of seconds she began to yield to my push until I could sense my glans on her throat. She looked up with a slight look of desperation when she gagged, intermittently taking a deep gasping breath. Perhaps to gains some control, she decided to hold my penis herself, and complied with my instruction to suck and lick, her gaze shifting from my eyes to the veiny shaft. Steadying herself with one hand around the root of my penis and the other one on my thigh, she began to work a rhythmic sucking. I eased the grip on her head, until eventually she was doing all the work. I enjoyed the view, she was on a low squat, and her large buttocks were a sight to behold. Her hanging boobs oscillated rhythmically. It did not take long for me to sense an ejaculation coming. I decided to let it happen and see. The first squirt came right on her throat, and she quickly took the penis out of her mouth and attempted to cough the semen out without much success, a look of slight disgust on her face. The second squirt hit her right under her left eye, sending splashing onto her forehead and nose. She let go off my cock and leant back. I grabbed my cock and fired three more ropes onto her neck and chest, and, holding her hair, instructed her to open her mouth, suck and swallow until I felt dry. She did as she was told, and I helped her stand up again. The semen on her cheek trickled down onto the corner of her mouth and from there, it dripped in stringy drops down onto her cleavage.
You would imagine by now I would be spent, but I was still savagely excited and aroused.
I nudged her around and against the table and bent her over. She steadied herself on the table on her hands and elbows, her breasts so large they rested squarely on the table. The huge bubble buttocks quivered with the slightest motion. With my leg, I nudged her to spread her legs open. I spread the butt cheeks to the sides to reveal her openings.
The pink vaginal opening was visible between the dark, engorged labia. Above it, surrounded by dark curly hair, her dark brown, almost purplish anus. My dick had erected again. I carefully nudged the glans against the vaginal opening. Still coated in liquefying semen, perabet giriş her vagina was slippery enough for me to easily enter her. I was not yet fully erect, but soon began to become harder and thicker, her opening becoming tighter.
“Ayy papi….! Ayy bendito…! Ayy…ayy Dio mio…!” she again began to mutter. It really turned me on. I let go off her butt cheeks and enjoyed bouncing on them with my thrusts. Once I had a steady rhythm, her butt cheeks sloshed back and forth in a rippling fashion, slapping loudly against my groin with every thrust. I still had a good three inches out, and grabbing her by the waist, pushed deeper, harder and faster. In order to move forward on the table and ease the pressure on her cervix, which I was hitting steadily, she stood on her tiptoes. Beads of sweat began to appear on her lower back. She was now leaning horizontally on the table, lying directly on top of her boobs, her arms outstretched so she could reach the other edge of the table and hold onto it.
I again spread her butt cheeks and looked at her anus. I told myself that at this point, might as well give her the complete sin experience. I spat on it, put the tip of both thumbs on the asterisk, and gave gentle pressure. I felt a slight resistance for a second but with the spit’s lubrication, I was able to nudge one inside. She lifted her chest up from the table and turned her face around and looked at me with a slight expression of fear. The semen still left a glistening stain on her cheek. Not wanting to allow her wiggle room, I slid my other thumb inside, and felt the sphincter contract.
“…Por…el…culo..!?…” She said, her breath cutting as I was at that point banging her like a jackhammer.
I leant over her and in her ear, whispered that yes, I was going to do things to her por el culo that she would enjoy…
I continued to pound her pussy and to gently nudge the inside of her anus. Knowing she had ready access to a diet rich in ripe fruit fiber, I knew she likely shat long, wide, soft turds that had to have that butthole used to dilate well. She kept her head turned and nervously looked back as if trying to see what I was doing beyond the mounds of flesh of her butt.
The anus soon realized this was a losing battle and began to relax, allowing me to widen the opening. Not wanting to cause my gracious host unnecessary displeasure, I looked around for a suitable lubricant for the upcoming task. Behind me near the stove I saw a small bottle of vegetable oil.
I commanded her not to move in no uncertain terms and unlatched from her. I grabbed the bottle of oil and set it next to her on the table. Not wanting her to get cold, I re-entered her pussy and continued to pump her more gently. My thumb work had left the anus slightly open, and I poured oil over it and saw it go into the dark orifice. I took my penis out and poured oil over the glans and shaft. I spread her cheek with one hand and with the other gently guided the tip to the opening. She grimaced as the pressure intensified, but the thick oil did a fantastic job and the glans continued to slide in.
“…AAAYYY! …. AAAYYY!…AAYY bendito…!” she lamented a bit louder, interspersed with breaths in quick succession as if readying herself to dive under water as the edge of the glans made its way inside. I had my hand firmly on her lower back to prevent her from easing herself forward anymore. Once the glans was in, the pressure decreased, and she sighed with relief. I watched as the shaft gradually slid inside, inch by inch. My penis widens quite a bit in the middle, and soon she was again moaning and panting, as I watched the opening stretch until it had a shiny appearance. I poured a bit more oil and took it slowly and steadily, and soon had about five inches inside her. I slid my free hand under her lower abdomen and felt deeply. The human anus is about four to five inches long, and ends in a sharp leftward curve, after which the sigmoid colon begins. I am blessed to have a slight leftward curvature, and all I needed was a slight pressure on her left lower belly to nudge the curve in her intestine into a sharper angle. I felt the glans negotiate it. I think she felt it too, as she squirmed and panted when it happened. I whispered reassuring words in her ear as I continued to introduce the penis deeper inside her. She quietly appeared to recite a prayer. Eventually she took about three more inches, the last one impeded by the sheer volume of flesh on her butt. I gently pulled back and began to pump, avoiding more than an inch of displacement as to avoid hurting her inside. Little by little I began to increase the length of my stroke, until I had a stimulating three-inch range of motion. By then she was back to the steady, guttural “…UH!…UH!…UH!” chant, and there was a distinct piston sound produced by the penis as the coating of oil displaced over it. I accelerated the pace. Twisting around as much as she could, she grabbed my arm, and teary-eyed, made a pleading face. “…aayy papi…sacalo…es…muy grande!” she said, but I was near-orgasm and decided to carry on for a few more strokes so I told her to bear with it. I did pull back a bit, which gave her some relief. Shortly after I ejaculated inside her.
Her sphincter had been thoroughly defeated, and the anus was now a big O, out of which a few burps of gas came out when I pulled out my penis, followed by a steady ooze of cum. She felt the opening with her hand. It eventually responded and began to rhythmically contract and partially close. She carefully stood up, probably still concerned about her continence. Sweat and semen had given her boobs and half of her face a shiny glazing, and a few drippings had trickled onto her abdomen. Clear whitish fluid also trickled down from her orifices onto her inner thigh. A couple of drops splattered on the already messy floor. She gave herself an all-over look ending on her right foot, where the lone rubber flip flop remained. She was a mess but seeing my cock had gone thoroughly limp seemed to give her a look of relief. She looked around, probably trying to figure out where the other flip flop had landed.
“Just take that one off and come with me” I said, taking her hand, and I took her out to the backyard. I turned on the hose and gave her a thorough hosing. I lathered her with soap. She cleaned the goopy mess off her crucifix. I rinsed her and handed her a towel. I then admonished her:
“There is a man in the house for the rest of the month”
She nodded, looking intently.
“Hang the towel. While I’m here, at home you will be barefoot and naked, is that clear?” She hung her head down and nodded.
“You will cook naked, clean naked, sleep naked, and of course, fuck naked. Understood?” She nodded again.
“Alright. Go back in the kitchen and make breakfast while I take a shower”.
I watched the badonkadonking of her huge naked butt cheeks as she obediently hurried back to the kitchen. Man, it was going to be a wonderful month…more about that in posts to follow.

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