The Coldest Night

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It’s the coldest night of the year. I’m no meteorologist, but even I know these sub-zero temperatures are just ridiculous for this area. Apparently, the local electric company agrees with me since they issued warnings this afternoon that the extreme cold will place unusually high demands on the available power. In fact, they’ve requested everyone conserve energy tonight, a request they’ve made known in every possible way. As soon as I saw the request to conserve energy, my mind lilted towards the devilish. I immediately texted you with the suggestion that you come to my place tonight to “conserve energy”.

All day I’ve been thinking about how we will spend the evening. It’s not like we have a lot of experience spending time together, at least not alone time. We’ve known each other for a while, spending time in the same circle of friends, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that our interactions took a turn for the flirty. Since then, you’ve been on my mind, day and night. I’ve noticed how absolutely beautiful your blue eyes are, how nicely our hands fit together, how I can’t take my eyes off your lips…

And I digress. Back to tonight’s plans. I decided to keep it low-key, a plan you quickly agree to upon your arrival. After a rather awkward kiss where neither of us were sure if you were going for the cheek or the mouth, you shed your three outermost layers and plop down on my couch. As I admire how good you look in your flannel shirt and jeans, I pop in a movie we had recently discussed watching. Even with the heat on, the house is still pretty chilly, so you spread a blanket over the two of us and link your fingers through mine. Thirty minutes into the movie, I find my head on your shoulder and my eyes getting heavy. You were the one who really wanted to see this movie. I’m finding it a bit boring.

The next thing I know, I’m waking up to the ending credits canlı bahis şirketleri and your warm breath against my cheek. You gently kiss my lips and smile. “Have a nice nap?”

I grin sheepishly and respond with a sigh. “Sorry about that. That movie was way overrated.”

You kiss me again and then pause. “Is this okay?” I nod and try to calm my racing heart. “Good because I was enjoying it a bit too much to stop now.”

We kiss and it is pure bliss. It doesn’t take long for us to find a nice rhythm. We shift positions on the couch to be more comfortable as the kissing becomes a bit more forceful and your hands find my breasts. The breasts don’t do much for me, but you seem to enjoy them. I can tell from the growing bulge presses against my leg.

Suddenly you stop the kissing and the breast stroking. You just grin. “Stand up,” you whisper. Puzzled, I do as I’m told. You sit up and pull me closer, stroking my bottom through my jeans. Then your hands slide around to the front, towards the zipper. You look up at me and wait for a signal. I nod and lose my breath at the same time as I realize what you’re wanting to do. You carefully pull my jeans down and kiss my panty-encased mound. My heart and something deep inside me flutter.

You then cup my pussy with your hand and frown slightly. It’s warm but only slightly damp. “Looks like you haven’t been enjoying things as much as I have. We’ll have to fix that.”

You slide my panties down and glide your fingers back up my outer thighs, bringing them around me to massage my bottom. You then switch places with me, guiding me back to the couch, and begin a cruel, cruel tease. You first trace your fingers along the inside of my thighs, never quite reaching my slit. You then tickle my lips, just barely grazing them. I feel my pussy getting wetter. I begin to beg you. “Touch me. Please touch me.”

You canlı kaçak iddaa smile but don’t obey. Instead you begin kissing me again but make sure to just rest your hand on my mound, your fingers on either side of my slit. As we kiss, you occasionally drum your fingers against me, sending soft jolts to my clit. Finally I can’t take it any more and beg you to touch me again. With my wetness beginning to spill out, you do. You run just one finger inside me, barely grazing my clit. It’s just enough for a small gasp to escape me. Then, before I realize it, your thumb is flicking my clit. I moan softly, so glad to have some part of you inside me. You continue rubbing and flicking as my face flushes and I moan again. You stop then and kiss me again.

You move down between my legs and lick your lips. I don’t think you even realize you did that. Then you lean in and plunge your tongue inside me. You lick my nub a couple of times before gently pulling it in your mouth and sucking. My pussy is going absolutely crazy. My whole body is. You insert two and then three fingers in my hole, moving them in and out. And you continue sucking. That glorious feeling. I begin to tremble. My hands squeeze the couch cushions. Then my fingers wrap themselves in your hair, pulling you close. You don’t seem to notice, or perhaps you do. You increase the pace without missing a beat, and I’m biting my lip trying not to scream.

“Please don’t stop!” I finally let out. “Oh, please. I’m about to come. Ohhhhhh!” And with that I begin to ride the waves of ecstasy only an orgasm can bring.

I lay on the couch with my eyes closed, trying to catch my breath, when you kiss me again. I open my eyes and feel you move against me again. Something feels different this time. I look down and realize you’ve removed your jeans and boxers while I was recovering. I look to you and smile. We continue kissing canlı kaçak bahis as I begin to stroke your cock. It’s already quite large, but it continues to grow as I stroke it gently with my fingertips.

I’ve caught my breath now and roll on top of you. I catch your erection against my pussy, and I leave it there for a moment, enjoying the feel of it there. Then I reach down to massage your balls a bit, grazing the underside of your shaft. “You’d better stop. I won’t last much longer,” you groan.

Not having to be told twice, I sit up and straddle you. I guide your tip into my slit and on into my hole. I sit there with you in me and gently sway. It only takes you a few seconds to begin thrusting upwards. Taking my cue, I begin to move up and down. We work into a rhythm, your hands on my hips to bring me down to meet your upward thrust.

My breath catches and I know I’m about to go over the edge. I can see it in your face; you are too. You pull me down one last time, thrusting deeper than before, and explode. I feel your hot cum hitting my insides and I lean back, riding my own orgasm. We stay like this for a moment, enjoying the sensations, before I collapse on you.

We’re soon cold, so you reach across me and pull the blanket over us. You kiss me a few more times before I turn over and nuzzle against you. You reach for the remote and turn something on. I don’t really pay attention. I’m still reeling from what happen. As I replay everything in my head, you wrap your arms around me. I still can’t pay attention to whatever it is you turned on. How could I with what just happened and still being wrapped, naked, in your arms.

You must have said something to me that I didn’t hear because I feel your fingers on my clit. I gasp and you laugh. “Ah, there she is. You seemed to have spaced out.”

“Just thinking about how much I enjoyed tonight.” I look over my shoulder, into your blue eyes, and smile. I look back at the television, trying to focus. Only I can’t because your fingers are still on my pussy, ever so gently touching my clit.

Apparently, this cold night is about to warm up again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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