The Club

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I watch the mob of people dancing and bouncing on the dance floor, casually scanning faces, bodies… the movements are incongruous, yet somewhat hypnotic as the deep bass pounds its steady pulse. The overhead spotlights rotate their pervading colors… red, blue, yellow, green, purple… circling through the mass of jumping flesh and fabric as I move rhythmically into the crowd.

A bit uncomfortable by the press of people at the edges, I head deeper into the throng, seeking a spot large enough for me to dance a bit. I see an opening and quickly slide in (dodging a raised glass that gets slightly sloshed by its bearer) to find myself next to a small group of very attractive girls shaking their hips at each other, laughing. My eyes lock onto a beautiful redhead, about 5′ 6″, glasses… wearing a purple short dress with some tantalizing sheer spots down at the hem and the upper portion straining to contain her massive breasts, bouncing heavily as she shakes her ass at her friends, smiling.

I dance my smoothest moves, watching you out the corner of my eye, surreptitiously getting closer. I brush your arm “on accident” and look up at you like I hadn’t been paying attention and smile. You look at me and smile back, then look down at your ass as you shake it at me… then your eyes come up to meet mine as your girlfriends hoot and holler at your boldness with a stranger.

You scoot away from me back to your friends and I continue my own motions, watching them talk loudly in your ear and shooing you, apparently encouraging you to dance with me some more. I feel the bass thump inside my chest as you slide back over towards me slowly, your skirt flicking out from your hips as you move seductively while smiling coyly, your eyes lowered.

I start dancing more with my hips than with my feet as you move closer, allowing you to approach very near, your skirt brushing my pants as you gyrate. You pull your long auburn hair back from your right ear from the front with your left hand, elbow raised high, and look at canlı bahis me over your right shoulder as your right hand reaches out low to touch my pant leg. I step forward as you push your hips back into me and grind lightly in a slow circle, smiling as you lean back against my chest.

My hands glide down your sides to your hips and hold you while you move back and forth, stirring me to life with your sexy motions. I lean in and kiss your bare shoulder and slightly up your neck, your perfume smelling sweetly like honeysuckle. I can feel you moan slightly, vibrating into my chest, your hand coming up to stroke my face as you turn yours towards me. Our lips brush, mouths open, and hover for a moment… then press together slowly, tongues entangling in the heat of the moment.

My hands slide over your clothed hips and around to the front, then up to your stomach and your ribs… and pause just under your breasts, then glide back down your sides to your hips. I hear your friends screaming and look up to see clapping and laughing, breaking the kiss. You pull my face back to yours and re-engage the kiss, your other hand resting on top of mine, guiding it upwards to your left breast.

Our hands cup your ample bosom and I squeeze, feeling the nipple harden while my tongue explores your mouth. You grind your ass into my groin, feeling my hardness between your cheeks as both my hands now massage your tits through your top. Breathing heavily, I nibble and suck my way down the side of your neck, pinching your nipples as your hand reaches back to grab my stiff cock through my black pants, rubbing it up and down.

My voice rumbles deeply in your ear as I groan with pleasure, my hands still on your gorgeous tits. I take your earlobe into my mouth with my tongue and suck on it, breathing hotly in your ear. My hands move back down to your hips, guiding you back into me, pressing my hardness into your skirted ass. You gyrate and grind for a song length, bass pounding in time to the blood in our veins. You spin around, hair bahis siteleri flying out, then come quickly back in front-first.

You press your boobs into my chest hard, wrapping your arms around my neck and looking intently into my eyes, still smiling. You half-close your eyes and lean into my neck, pulling my blue silk shirt down at the collar to put your lips on my skin. Electrified by your touch, I gasp slightly as you suck and nibble your way up to my ear and bite the lobe. I can feel your hard nipples poking into me, your body hot against mine, your left leg wrapped around the back of my right.

You run your right hand’s fingers through my hair while you move back down my neck, kissing and licking, my hands firmly gripping your ass. I feel your left hand down by my crotch, fumbling with the zipper. You zip it down and reach inside, finding my hard cock through the opening in my boxers and slowly start stroking up and down, gripping lightly. I moan into your ear as your hand works my cock, keeping it so hard, your thumb circling the swollen helmet and spreading the pre-cum all over it.

You pull your head away from my shoulder, your hand still in my pants, and look off to the side. You look back at me, smiling, and nod your head back to the side briefly. I turn my head to see a stage nearby with tall speaker pillars, and not terribly crowded. I look back at you, you lower your head slightly and bite your lower lip, still smiling. I smile also, understanding dawning, and move us slowly through the crowd over to the speaker pillar by the stage, half-dancing.

As we arrive, I back you into the metal of the pillar and meet your lips for a fierce, passionate kiss. You throw one leg up behind my ass and pull me in, gripping me to your hips. My hands go down under your skirt and feel your wetness, fingers gliding over the smooth fabric, pressing into your outer lips. I feel you moan into my mouth as the kiss continues, hips grinding on my hand as I explore your hot flesh… fingers finding their way inside bahis şirketleri your panties, stroking your labia.

Your soft walls clamp down on my fingers as they slide inside you, thrusting and curling upwards, my thumb rubbing your clit. The speaker tower vibrates with the pulsing bass, sending tremors through our bodies as we explore each other in the dark club with people all around us. I remove my fingers and bring my hard shaft up out of my fly to press the head against your wet lips, my mouth going down the front of your neck, licking and sucking. You lean your head back and your hips forward, both arms wrapped around my neck.

I push upwards, the swollen head entering your hot pussy, followed by the shaft itself, slowly. You inhale sharply and lower your head to my shoulder as I thrust all the way up, filling you with my cock. I begin fucking you with a slow, steady rhythm and see some people watching us. My cock pushes deep inside you each time I thrust up, my hand pulling your top down a bit to expose a breast. My mouth finds your nipple and sucks on it, then licks and bites, flicking it with my tongue.

Your arms hold me tightly around the neck as I fuck you, my thick member spreading your walls outward, your lips gripping my slick flesh as it slides in and out of you. The bass still pulsing, you bounce on my shaft almost in time with the music, breasts heaving and jiggling with my forceful efforts. Can’t tell if the bass is pounding too hard or if the pillar is moving, but I groan with pleasure as my cock invades you again and again, feeling you gasping for air as your pussy drenches me with your juices, soft walls spasming.

That sensation causes my dick to throb and pulse, my speed increasing. My legs stiffen up and I pull you down on my cock hard as I erupt inside you, shooting thick cum and splashing on your back wall, filling you. Panting, I kiss your nipple as you pull your top back up and put your leg down, then kiss your lips again and lean us into the pillar for support. You pull away, smiling, panties back in place and dance away to disappear into the crowd.

Readjusting myself, I remain where I am for the moment and scan the mass of people before me, casually looking at faces, bodies…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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