The Closet Ch. 03

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Part 3

A Tale of Unusual Depravity

“Stephen Saunders, you dirty sonofabitch, ass-hole, I don’t believe this! This is too fucking depraved, even for YOU — fucking your own sister!”

Maria shook her head in disbelief at her husband. She was seething with rage – her body trembled with anger and shock. She had always considered Evelyn a close friend and had often counseled her during her marital ups and downs. And now, this!

The outraged wife’s mind was assailed with conflicting emotions. The down-to-earth and logical Maria screamed for swift and savage reprisals against her cheating husband; while the sensual, sex-obsessed Maria found the incident extremely titillating. And, as always, in situations involving sex, the sensual woman usually won. Despite the crushing humiliation of the betrayal, Maria noted absently that she was wet. Her pussy obviously had a mind of its own and the sheer depravity of the situation was an immense turn-on.

As the sultry Latino stood transfixed like a zombie, hands stretched at her sides with fists balled, staring at the shameless, depraved lovers who seemed unfazed by her presence. Evelyn continued to lay with her head in her brother’s lap, pausing only momentarily to look up at Maria, before resuming to lick and suck her brother’s cock which was rapidly rising once again.

“Maria, I’m sorry you had to find out like this but perhaps it’s for the best, now that it’s all out in the open.” Stephen gently pushed his sister’s head off his lap and stood up, moving forward to hold his wife. Maria shrunk back from him and bumped against Evelyn, who, in the meantime, had taken her position behind Maria and was proceeding to wrap her arms around her sister-in-law’s full body. Her clever fingers deftly began undoing the buttons on Maria’s jacket, grasping her deliciously large breasts which swayed, ripe and heavy with their weight, when freed of the restraining garment.

Brother and sister exchanged a knowing look as Stephen’s hand darted under his wife’s skirt to feel her hairy crotch. He found her pubic hair sopping wet, confirming his suspicion that despite her anger, Maria was very aroused. He offered his sticky fingers to his sister who greedily licked her sister-in-law’s cum off her brother’s fingers. Evelyn’s green eyes shone wickedly as she continued to pull at the stiff dark nipples on the dusky overripe breasts and licked the tiny hairs on the nape of Maria’s neck as she whispered into her ears, “Hun, did Stevie tell you that we have been fucking since we were children?”

Maria looked at her husband who confessed, “Yes, love,Evie and I had sex when I was eighteen and she was nineteen. Even when we did threesomes, we would share our lovers — but Sis did have to give me a little leeway because while she enjoyed lez action, she knows that I’m not into gay. We were inseparable – until I met you, that is. I still remember how jealous Evie used to be when you and I got together, initially. Then she started dating Chris and things settled down. I thought that our obsessive sex life would make me forget my craving for my sister – and for a while I believe it did — until today. I guess the old saying: “you never get over your first love is very true”. Evelyn was my first love, my first sexual partner – as I was hers; we both gave up our virginities to each other when she was nineteen and I was eighteen. But you know how much I love you, Maria. And I know that Evie loves you madly too and we want you to join in our pleasure, share the wonderful joys of our incestuous sexual journey.”

Despite the growing sexual tension, Maria’s smarting pride would not let her give in to the erotic advances of the licentious siblings. She resisted their caresses until Stephen brusquely gripped her arms and pinned them behind her. Evelyn expertly tied her wrists with a silk scarf that she had picked up from the settee, obviously having done this many times before.

Stephen whispered into Maria’s ear, “Baby, you know how much we have hungered for the ultimate sexual thrill — now we have the opportunity to experience it together – all three of us.”

“Stephen, don’t you dare lay a hand on me. And that goes for you too, you dirty slut.”

Maria kicked out at her husband, aiming for his dangling balls but instead bruising his inner thigh.

Stephen grunted, his lips pressed into a thin line and his jaws clenched.

“Evie, get the whip, I think we will need to teach this fucking bitch a lesson in what’s good for her!”

Stephen knew that his sister never travelled without her sex tools and sure enough, Evelyn produced a small cat-o-nine-tails which she cracked onto Maria’s full breasts, lashing one fat nipple and then the other as Stephen ripped the clothes off her body.

“Sweetie, I won’t say this hurts me more than it does you, coz it obviously doesn’t!”

The sexy redhead giggled, her small breasts jiggled with the force of her whip-wielding.

Maria sobbed, screaming, “Evie, not keçiören escort my breasts, please… not my breasts…”

Brother and sister knew how much Maria prided herself on her full, natural breasts. So, they made her tits their first target in getting her submission. Angry red welts appeared in criss-cross patterns, marking the smooth, tanned flesh and transforming the dusky nipples into a dark, crimson hue.

“Sexy sister-in-law, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this – hungered to feel the stiffness of these nipples between my lips, the taste of your fat cunt on my tongue and the soft meat of your magnificent buttocks between my teeth .”

Evelyn lapped at Maria’s painfully swollen nipples, biting them hard, adding to the pain of the whip-lashes.

“Move, slut bitch Maria, bend forward and open your ass-cheeks wide. Give your sweet ass-hole to my brother and me to suck.”

Maria refused to comply and received two stinging lashes on her shuddering, round buttocks. With great difficulty, due to her bound wrists, she managed to part her fat buttock cheeks, exposing her tight pink anus to her assailants. Evelyn promptly spat a big gob of saliva into the crevice and shoved her slim middle finger up the puckered ass-hole.

With sporadic lashings, the struggling, stumbling naked woman was led towards the bathroom. Evelyn could not get over the fact of how much Maria’s body resembled their mother’s.

“Maria, hun, we must also get Stevie to tell you about one of the main reasons why he desires you so much — your body looks just like our mother’s.”

“Oh god, Stephen, is there no limit to your decadence? Don’t tell me you fucked your mother as well?”

“Sweetheart, only when you enter the world of incest can you fully appreciate the vital link between sexual perversion and sexual pleasure.”

Maria’s mind sought to assimilate this new tidbit of her husband’s corruption. The couple had always enjoyed kinky sex — the kinkier the better! How could she have been so blind to his depraved desires? The very thought that her husband’s perversions revolved around the taboo practice of incest and the fact that she would soon be forced to indulge in this forbidden act, made her heart beat faster. She could feel the overflowing wetness of her pussy juice trickling down her thigh.

Evelyn prodded Maria onto her hands and knees on the cold bathroom floor, continuing to flog her buttocks and breasts with the cat-o-nine-tails. Stephen could see tiny streaks of blood staining the satiny swell of her rounded buttocks. Maria continued to struggle to free her bonds, while her libido reveled in the sweetness of the agony and the sinfulness of the experience. She suddenly felt a gut-wrenching pain followed by faintness as her ass-hole was violated viciously with a thick dildo.

“Slut bitch, Maria, Sis will now purify you to receive our gifts of love.”

Stephen stuffed the dildo deeper into his wife’s anus as his sister pressed her face against Maria’s, “But before the purification process, would you like to lick your husband’s cum off my face?”

Maria heard a voice, barely above a whisper, say, “Yes.” She realized that it was her own voice. She looked at the splatters of milky, viscous semen on Evelyn’s pronounced pink cheekbones, chin, forehead and finely lined eyebrows. Her tongue flicked out, hesitatingly at first. Licking, and then greedily lapping up her husband’s seed from his sister’s face. It tasted uniquely of Stephen, only the aroma and pungency was more pronounced — was this because of more intense passion?

Although Maria had enjoyed lesbian encounters before, she could feel the difference in the sexual energy now. Evie’s skin was so smooth and silky — and the taste of the semen on her flesh was immediately arousing and exciting not just because she was a sexy, desirable woman but more because her husband desired her, as well.

Evelyn moaned softly, her warm, fragrant breathing caressing Maria’s ear. The betrayed wife felt her anger dissipate rapidly, as her body’s arousal heightened. Her arms and inner thighs goose-fleshed and her pussy began salivating profusely. And it was only a matter of seconds before Maria’s hungry lips sought out Evelyn’s mouth. Tongue for tongue, saliva for saliva and breath for breath, the two naked women enjoyed each other. One full-bodied, golden skinned figure kneeling, hands tied behind her back, as the slim, tanned firm-bodied redhead pleasured her with her hands and mouth until she cried out with rapture and pain.

Abruptly, Evelyn stopped her caresses and instructed her brother to help his wife lie down on her back.

“Slut sister-in-law, you are now ready to be purified.”

Maria wondered what the purification process involved. She didn’t have to wait long for her answer as her sister-in-law squatted over her face. The pink, flaring labia of her smooth, hairless cunt were hungrily open and an amber stream of clear keçiören escort bayan liquid shot out with a warm hiss from her piss-hole.

“Open your mouth, bitch, drink up my pure piss!”

Stephen pushed Maria’s head up, tugging on her thick head of hair, and pressing her mandibles hard to force her mouth open as his sister’s pussy poured out a stream of urine into Maria’s mouth. It overflowed gurglingly onto her breasts and body. Evelyn kept shifting her position until her sister-in-law’s entire face and head were soaked with hot, aromatic piss.

“Good girl,” exhorted Stephen, “now let me purify both my cunts.”

Evelyn giggled since she knew what was coming next. She hugged Maria’s slippery, wet form and huddled tightly as Stephen held his penis like a hose-pipe to spray warm, golden urine all over his sister and wife’s clutching, naked forms.

Evelyn shrieked wildly and opened her mouth to catch her brother’s piss and Stephen was surprised that even Maria had gotten into the spirit of their depravity by craning her neck out to capture some of his amber liquid in her mouth. He obliged her by pushing his cock between her lips to let her drink the final spurts of his hot pee.

Maria never knew that the feel and taste of piss could be so exciting even though it had a stinging effect on her painful welts. She sucked on her husband’s penis as it rapidly firmed up and began knocking against the roof of her mouth. He pulled it out with a loud “pop” and slapped Maria’s large buttocks asking, “Now that you have been ‘purified’, my slut bitch, what would you like to do?”

“I want to see you suck your slut sister’s cunt. But before that, could you untie my hands?”

“No, bitch, your punishment has just begun. Sis, give this fat cunt something nice to chew on.”

Evelyn took out a pair of soiled panties from her bag and, after soaking it in the pool of urine on the floor, pushed the soggy undergarment into Maria’s mouth and spread her fat ass-cheeks to check the buzzing dildo in her ass-hole. She then slid her head under Maria’s crotch, lying down in an ‘L’ formation so that her mouth could gobble on her sister-in-law’s pussy and her own body could be open to her brother’s manipulations and in full view of Maria.

Responding to his wife’s request, Stephen dived between his sister’s legs. Hands cupping her firm buttocks and face rubbing into her sopping wet crotch, the depraved brother mouthed his sister’s hungry cunt, savoring the smells, delicacy and taste of her intimate femininity. His agile tongue would emerge and plunge into her fuck-hole again and again, laving the glistening, unfurled labia and stabbing the protruding clitoral button until she shivered with pleasure. From time to time, Stephen would lift his head up from his labor of lust, to look at Maria — his face glistened with his sister’s juices and he licked his lips with pleasure.

“Maria, you just have to taste Sis’s pussy juice to understand why I love it so much!”

Maria sucked harder on her sister-in-law’s piss soaked panties; the stone cold reality and the depths of depravity that her husband and his sister had sunk to were beginning to overpower her. The sight of Stephen performing cunnilingus on his sister; the pleasure of Evelyn’s expert mouth on her cunt and the heady aroma and taste of urine, sweat and sex were making her feel strangely light-headed.

Evelyn moaned and talked dirty as she nibbled on Maria’s swollen clit. The captive sex-slave opened her thighs wider and ground her hairy pubis harder into her sister-in-law’s face.

“Mmmm… more, amore Maria… your pussy is sooooo delicious … Stevie has been a very bad boy, keeping you to himself for so long…”

Maria spat out the piss-soaked panties so that she could speak.

“Stephen, what kind of a pussy, mother-fucker are you? You call that tongue-fucking your slut-bitch sister? Move out of the way and let me show you how to tongue fuck a nasty cunt like your sister’s!”

Stephen smiled wryly at his wife’s sudden aggression. Evelyn changed her position so that Maria, who was on her hands and knees, could eat her wide open pussy.

“Go for it, suck my sister’s sopping wet cunt, my fat cum-slut!” Stephen slapped his wife’s soft, resilient rump. He dangled his erection in front of sister’s face, enticing her wicked mouth to quickly engulf it like a hungry child mouthing the nipple of its mother’s milk engorged breast.

Hands still tied behind her back, the sensuous Latino bent down to bury her face into her sister-in-law’s dripping pussy. She worked it thoroughly with slow up and down tongue strokes, followed by repeated stabs at the swollen clitoris.

Maria could taste her husband’s cum inside Evelyn’s vagina — the knowledge that she was drinking the juice of incest from a sister’s vessel just after it had serviced her brother’s instrument of pleasure gave her excitement a sharper, darker edge.

Evelyn moaned escort keçiören as she sucked her brother’s thick cock and Maria’s mouth moved lower, to her sensitive perineum region. The nibbling, wet lips and snaking tongue edged closer to the rim of her tense anus, flicking at the tiny red hairs that lined the puckered rim.

Maria looked up at her husband and remarked, “Now, I know why you love your sister’s cunt so much, you mother-fucking pervert!”

Stephen smiled, “Yes, my cum-slut, now you too can share in our joys of incest.”

He withdrew his cock from his sister’s mouth and knelt behind Maria, parting her heavy buttocks to remove the buzzing vibrator and replacing it with his throbbing, thickly veined cock that glistened with his sister’s saliva. Without ceremony, he ripped deep into his wife’s tight anus. Her body shook with the force of his penetration and Maria screamed into Evelyn’s cunt, biting hard on her clitoris.

Evelyn’s hands clutched her sister-in-law’s head tighter to her pussy, grinding her labia into her teeth, lips and hungry mouth.

“Ohhhh… little brother, tear your slut wife’s ass-hole with that sweet cock of yours!”

Rivulets of shiny sweat ran down Stephen’s sinewy body as he plundered his wife’s anus.

He could feel her insides tensing and contracting, squeezing his cock spasmodically as he jack-hammered her shit-hole.

His sister’s eyes rolled upwards with intense pleasure as his wife continued to tongue-fuck her cunt mercilessly.

Maria sensed his imminent cumming, “Stephen, I want you to cum all over your sister!”

The obedient husband pulled out of his wife’s ass-hole just as the orgasm hit him. He quickly moved over Evelyn and sprayed his hot spunk all over his sister who raised her face to receive her brother’s copious offerings in her mouth and all over her face. He crooked his knees, bending lower so that she could take the dangling organ into her mouth — he knew how much his sister enjoyed sucking his cock. She shuddered as the ecstasy simultaneously washed over both women. Maria continued mouthing her sister-in-law’s vagina and drinking up her cum until the girl’s slim frame shook with the intensity of her release.

Screams, whimpers and groans filled the air as the depraved trio reached their individual orgasms.

As Maria recovered from her stupor, she could hear the shower and the hot water running in the tub. The bathroom was steamy within seconds. She saw that Stephen was lying down in the bathtub; his mean looking erection sticking out of the water like an obscene buoy. She tried to raise herself from the cold floor tiles but kept slipping down due to her tightly bound hands. Evelyn helped her into the tub but refused to untie her.

Maria was just beginning to warm up to the sexual perversity of the situation.

“Stephen, I want you to tell me all about the first time you fucked your sister. And, I want your brother-fucking cunt of a sister to fuck you while you tell me your story.”

Evelyn giggled and quickly positioned herself on her brother’s cock, taking it up her well-lubricated snatch, all the way to the hilt. With her back to him, Stephen’s energetic older sister rode her brother’s hard dick with reckless abandon. Maria was sitting at the far end of the bathtub watching the rutting siblings until Evelyn asked her to come closer to her so that she could “suck the beejazuz out of that delicious hairy twat!”

The Personal Diary of Jennifer Saunders

Entry dated: October 28th, 1996:

Great news – Mike and I have successfully managed my ‘nymphomania’. I am really excited about this and I think Mike is just as excited as me, maybe more! The Closet allows me to suck and fuck different guys at least 3 to 4 times a week. Weekends are just reserved for Mike.

Let me tell you more about the Closet. Mike had brought his carpenter friend, Richard, over and briefed him about our concept of the Closet. Rich made alterations to our present wardrobe closet by fashioning a door that was constructed of fine wooden ply less than ¼”in thickness. There was enough space inside for a man to stand. A peephole was drilled, along with air vents and piped-in air conditioning for extra comfort. The main feature was a vertical oval slot of 4″ diameter through which the stud could stick out his meat — the thinness of the ply would allow maximum penis length to protrude.

Mike would arrange to bring along one of his buddies in the evening and secrete him in the Closet so I didn’t know who he was. The ‘meat’, as we called him, would be handcuffed and gagged with one of my soiled panties. Of course, we had to be sure that the man was physically fit and wouldn’t pass out with the intensity of the encounter. And, most importantly, that he was not claustrophobic!

I had told Mike that he could join in if he wanted to, or watch. He preferred to watch because I could see his shadow, jerking off outside our bedroom door.

Of course, there were rules. None of Mike’s friends could call me afterwards and discuss their Closet experience — if they violated the rules, they were struck off our repeat visit list. And, unless there was an emergency, they were not allowed to try and open the Closet door and have full body contact with me.

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