The Cheer Squad Coach

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The Cheer Squad Coach
I work at a junior college and we have a pretty decent football program here. I have been the assistant coach and the defensive coach but this year I had moved into the head coaching position. I have worked hard at my trade I played as a student I played in the minor leagues but I never made it to the big show. I was pretty happy with the way things have turned out and I enjoy passing on my experience and knowledge of the game to the younger guys that still have that dream and desire to make it big. Now as everyone knows not everyone makes it and in fact it is very few that do make it. I was lucky in my career to get as far as I did. When I was playing I was always being scouted by other schools and other teams and with that came all the perks of being a rising star. Some schools through money and cars and even some co-eds at me to sign with them and when I got into the minors those offers were even larger. I got caught up in the hustle and I fell into the pit of some of the more seeder aspects of the life. I was caught several times with coke in my system I even got caught with some steroids and some fucking really crazy shit like Horse serum of some sort. Yes Horse serum what the fuck was I thinking. Now with all this came the money and the cars and of course the woman. They were there all the time. It was a crazy way to live now that I can look back at it. The parties were non stop the woman were young and hot and slutty and very skilled trying to lock down there pay check for the rest of their lives. The whole thing just snowballed out of control until I finally had an injury due to the abuse I was putting my body through and I was out of the game before I even made it to the dream. I was a fool the only way to the dream is hard work and dedication but I know that now I wish I thought of that then. I try to install this to the guys I am responsible for now but it is an addictive lifestyle and I know some will fall into it and some will make it. I can just hope that what little I can pass on sticks with just a few of them to safe them from what I went through.

So now you know a little of my fuck ups let me tell you a little of what is happening now. I got my self clean and sober I locked down a decent job and it worked up into the position that I am in now. I hit the gym with my guys and I am huge I have been hitting the gym for about 25 yers now and I hit it hard. All natural and all me that is one thing I really drive home to the guys. But the best thing I have going for me is my fucking cock. I am not one to brag but I have to. I have been blessed the almighty God Thor reached down and blessed me with the hammer of Oden between my legs. I am swinging a soft 9 inches and a hard 12 inches. it is curved up and when I get it hard it a ridged as steel. My cock is 4 inches around and it is circumcised. The large head is a thing of beauty it is smooth and it is soft and it is like a large mushroom cap over the stem of my shaft. When I was being the idiot I was back in the day the girls I fucked were spell bound by my cock and I used it to its fullest. I have fucked a lot of really hot chicks in my day and I have left them all wanting more. Now because of my tireless gym regime I am also have great stamina and I can fuck for hours. I still every once in a while get to bang a pretty hot chick because she is hanging around the team.

Now lets get to what has happened recently. Now because the school has a quite successful football program they also have a very large budget for the cheerleading squad. The girls and boys in the squad are real athletes also they work out and train and practice as much as my boys do and sometimes even harder. Lots of times when we are on the practice field the squad is also on the field some where training and practicing their moves. Now it is inevitable that the football stars and the head cheer leader hook up. It is like it is written in the stars some where that this is supposed to happen. I have on many occasions caught a player or two in the locker room with some cheer leader getting fucked or she is doing the fucking. But sometimes I watch for a while and sometimes I just walk right in and break it up making the sure the young girl get out of the situation. Now sometimes that has put me in some very awkward and hot situations as these girls are fucking hot as hell they are in great shape and they like to fuck as much as the boys do. I have never taken advantage of this situation in all my years as a coach but I have for sure gone home at night and rubbed one out thinking of what I saw that day. I have on the odd occasion been assigned to patrol the team dorms. They have a separate dorm for the team like I say the guys getting treated pretty well here due to the success of the program. On a few occasions I have walked into some pretty fucking wide situations of orgies and gang bangs and even some local milfs from the town in the rooms fucking with the team or the team fucking with them.

Ok so this year the team was looking good I had some great talent on the team and I looked like it was going to be a strong performance again barring injuries and illness. All the assistant coaches were in place and we all had worked together for some time so we all knew what was expected. the drills and practices were going well. One day I had some time and I wa sitting in the bleachers away from the team just going over some plays in the playbook and I had not noticed but the cheer squad was a training right in front of me. After some noise and finally I looked up and I was pleasantly greeted with the squad performing right there. I was checking out the talent and by talent I meant the fucking Hotties wondering who I was going to find fucking my stars this year. Just below me out of site was the coach and she was giving instruction and she was signalling out certain members and coaching their performance. I heard earlier in the year that there was anew coach for the squad but I had not seen her yet. Finally the person with the voice that I was hearing came into view. Holy fuck was all I could think. She was the walking definition af a wet fuck dream. She was tall huge blonde hair all curled up she had an huge set of tits that were obviously man made. her top was short and exposed a perfect set of abs and thin waist line. Her spandex shorts were short and did not cover her ass cheeks completely as the bottom roundness of her ass was exposed. Her lang bare tanned legs were very Shapley and she was wearing a pair of whit sneakers. She turned to look at something I could see she wore her makeup perfect and there was plenty of it also. Seriously if she was a cheer coach she would have easily been a stripper with her body and looks. She glanced up and me and smiled and gave me a little wave. I nodded back and pretended to get back to my play book but that was going to be impossible now. Even just seeing her from a distance cause my cock to stir in my sweats. That god they were loose fitting as I was getting pretty aroused watching her move.

After the day of practice was over I headed out of fat school and I was going to my car one of the few things that I was able to hold on to from all the party years. She was a beauty. low sleek black and had a black interior also she was a rag top and I loved her. She was a collector edition Vette. I had some work done to her and she really was a machine to be reckoned with on the street. She never failed to turn heads with her low slung rubble until I stepped on her and then her pipes roared to life. This thing was a great addition to my fuck years. Now a lot of men have a car like this to compensate for their man package. I on the other hand had the fuck package to go with such a mean machine. After I saw the new coach fo th squad that day I could not get her out of my mind and I was thinking of her the rest of the day. On more than one occasion in my office I had to rearrange my cock to be more comfortable in my sweats because I was thinking of her. As I approached my car out of the corner of my eye I saw this wet dream walking to her car. I cleared my throat and got her attention as I approached and stuck out my hand. I introduced my self as the coach of the foot ball team and she told me her name was Sandy. Up close she was even more beautiful and she was just a little bit of a thing also maybe 5’2″ in height and I am guessing about 110lbs at the most. I smiled and though most of that weight was in her very ample tits. She reached out her hand to greet me and I felt her hand was so soft and delicate I was scared I was going to break it if I shook it to hard. We were chatting a little and from behind me I heard someone yell Sandy wait up I will be right there turned to look and holy fuck again there coming towards us was at first I thought her twin. This girl was in a cheer squad outfit and she had a huge rack on her also. her tight little body was awesome to watch as she came across the parking lot. The blond hair bouncing with her every step. as she got close she looked at Sandy and looked at me and Ask “Who the fuck is this hunk” I smiled and put out my hand and Sandy did please meet my step daughter Tiffany. I thought to my self my god would this be a lot of fun to be able to tag both of these sex pots. I know I said I never had done that before but I was seriously thinking of changing my policy for these two. Tiffany shoot my hand very lady like and said “My god you and big one aren’t you I bet you know your way around a gym and probably a locker room also.” I looked at her and played right back at her. I looked her up and down and said “Well I guess I could say the dame thing about you.” She giggled and wiggled her ass to also a very nice car. She disappeared into the interior of the car as Sandy apologized for her step daughters comments but then she added “But ut saved me from making the same statement ” she squeezed may hand again and said well. we have to run we are going to be late for out next job.

I stood and watched as Sandy and Tiffany drove out of the parking lot and I again had to readjust my cock. I thought to my self I was going to have to do something special tonight to get these two off my mind. I jumped in the Vette and fired her up and squawked the tires as I pulled out onto the hight way. I went home and I mulled around the house and finally I said fuck it I had a plan. I called up casino siteleri an old buddy from the playing years and we made an agreement to meet at the local ripper bar for a catch up. I though seeing some naked gyrating hot bodies were the assert that I needed. I got dressed and I was wearing a tight t shirt well all t-shirts were tight on me. My large biceps were bulging and the t-shirt looked like it cut the blood circulation off to my arms.The shirt was stretched tight across my chest and it showed my defined abs also. The jeans I chose were tight also. My huge thighs were barely able to get into them and the roundness of my rock hard ass were defiantly on show case here. I had to wear my cock on the right part way down the leg of the jeans as they were to tight to be able to wear it straight on. I looked in the mirror as I passed and I gave myself a confident thumbs up as I left the house to drive down to the bar.

Now Billy Jacks was your typical ripper bar. I was kind of dirty and old up front there was centre stage and there was two smaller table stages for when the place was hopping like a Friday or Saturday or a fight night. The waitress were mostly all ex strippers and many of them were still in fine enough shape to still be on the stage. the bar covered the whole back wall and of course there was the darkened DJ booth just off to the righthand side . Now for seating there was stage side or drip row as I used to call it. This was usually were some of the younger crowd migrated to or the drunks. then there was the row that was just back from that still on floor level. these were tables. Then there Wass first row of raised seating and these were the full length of the bar on both sides it was at this height that the smaller table stages were at. Then there was another raised row behind that and that row was very dark there was always something dark and sinister about that row. I am sure a lot of shady deals went on back there. also there was a well lite area off to the left side and there was two pool tables and some arcade games over there. Now back beside the DJ booth there was a hallway that lead to the lap dance and private dance area’s. The lap dance areas were still very public the girls just performed on some couches or chairs and the clients could actually get served back there so if they wanted to spend the night there paying for every single song that was played they could no body ever did. Then behind and above those seating area were the private dance rooms. These were quite nice and quite well accentuated with the most modern of sexual furniture and swings and pretty mush anything that one could think off to make a buck for the girls and owners pf course. The bar was said to be mafia controlled or biker depended on who you talked to. Buck and I pulled into the parking lot almost at the same time. Now buck was your typical loud ex sport str who by the way actually made it to the show. He played for 6 years in the pros and then injuries sidelined him for two more years then nobody wanted to pick up his price tag after that. But buck did ok he was set up in his life he owned some car dealerships and had a smoking hot wife that she actually dragged him out of the BS and got him into the league or he would have most likely ended up like me. He was well situated a up standing member of the community he did personal appearances at some events and always her was recognized every where he went. Had to miss the big bull of a man. So when the two of us walked into the bar quite a few heads turned to see the two mountains that had just entered. It was always a bit of a kick to see some people eyes and mouths open when we ent somewhere together. We found out was to the first row of raised tables and actually we sat at one of the small stages. If the place was not busy which it looked like it was not there would be no dancers up there. We sat down and right away one of the large bouncers came over to shake our hands and greet Buck they knew I was into sports but I was not as recognizable as Buck was. The cute little red headed waitress with the huge tits spilling out of her top came by to take our orders and both busk and I teased her about her tits and if she could move them the way we were able to make out pecs jump. She laughed and giggles as we were bouncing our pects up and down. as she left both Buck and laughed as we used to get a lot of attention form the girls back in the day with similar muscle antics. I mean we were two very large guys. we were imposing to 99% of the population. Men and woman sit and stare when we are out and about.

There was a girl on stage doing her thing and she had decent set of tits and she had some tattoos and was really trying to put on a decent performance. She was using the pole and the floor and he had a throw blanket with her that she was rolling around with and she was doing pretty good. But the first dancer never seem to be able to catch out attention as we were busy catching up and telling the same old stories and a few new ones. Buck loved to hear about the shit the team would be getting into with the girls or the milf’s or who ever I was catching them with. and we used to always say “Not like when we were in the league”. Finally the girl finished her show and some of the guys flipped some bills onto the floor and she gathered up her clothes and blanket and tips and she left the stage. Now there was two ways for the dancers to get onto the stage one was down a back set of stairs into the darkened DJ booth then out from there across the floor and up the steps onto the stage the other way was from a hatch in the roof that led upstairs to the girls change room and the girls could slide down the stripper pole to stage centre. This was always used on a Friday or Saturday night when the place was busy. I was not expecting that today. we sat back and enjoyed out drinks and our BS stories as we waited for the next performer to come on stage . The DJ made the anouncment and he put a little bit more effort into making this announcement for the next girl I guessed she was an up an coming head liner someday.

“Now guys turn your eyes and your wallets towards the centre stage and here at Billy Jacks we are proud to present for her first show of the night SPARKLE.” with that the music from Cheri Pie blared out of the stage speakers and from. the ceiling sliding down the pole upside down was SPARKLE. she was wearing a old style French Masquerade mask that cover 3/4’s of her face. it was all decorated in sequins and some crystal looking like diamonds. this was attached to a very feathery head piece. Her very ample tits were supported by a bedazzled bra with a matching panty set like a Brazilian Samba dancer would wear. she was wearing the typical sky high stripper platform shoes. Now little Miss Sparkle had a very impressive body on her and her head was covered in a very blonde massive amount of hair. she was very well tanned and also very well toned. her whole body spelled sex. She very slowly demented the stripper pole just using her legs as she slowly spun around the pole with her arms out stretched and she had a killer smile that was visible just under the mask. Right off the bat she had my attention. Buck was also not missing a beat of this show. Just about half way to the floor she swung her body around the pole and gently landed on her platform shoes. The ring side boys got a good look at her panty cover pussy right away as she squared on the stage with her knees well apart and slowly rotating around on her heels to show everyone her body. Just as the music was picking up so did she as she stood and started to rock the floor with a very way choreographed routine. Sparkle was high kicking and using the t****ze swing and she was showing off some very impressive muscles and body control with her moves. As her first song ended she hd not yet removed any of her very skimpy costume. Her first song bled right into her second song. She had removed her head piece still keeping her mask on and she was now moving around the stage little faster with a long of gymnastic moves and dance moves all blended together to give one hell of a show and somewhere in her twirling and splits and moves she had removed tow pieces oh her bra to expose her very ample firm tits that were stopped with the lightest pink nipple I had ever seen almost invisible were her areola. The boys up front were getting a show the bills were started to collection the stage. Sparkle was putting on a good show and even Buck leaned back looked at me and gave her the thumbs up for her performance. Again her second song bled right into her third with out a break in the music so she just kept right on moving. Very early in the song her panties came off only to expose a even smaller pair under them. This g string covered very little and as she did a mini floor show her pussy lips were exposed to the front line sitters. More bills appeared on the stage. When finally her 4th and let song started she pulled out her blanket and she started her floor show her bra now was completely off and she was lying on her back with her amazing legs lifted straight up in the air as she removed her tiny little g string and started to spread her legs covering her pussy with her hands until just the right moment in her song. Now she was totally nude on stage except for her shoes. Fuck she was hot and she was causing the crowd to clap and whistle and throw even more money onto the stage. To say the least this girl was built for fucking. Her bald spread open pussy was showing her pink insides and you could actually see that she was wet. She liked her job and she was great at it. As her song ended and she stood still naked she walked around the stage picking up her tips and giving the guys close a really close up look of her bare pussy. some of the guys were making comments and she answered some and laughed at some but it was all business. she knew how to work the crowd and keep them interested. Finally she left the stage to the DJ booth and disappeared out of site. Buck and I smiled at one anther and admitted that waste of the better shows they had seen for awhile.

The DJ with out a rest started to introduce the next dancer and again he was pretty revved up about this introduction also. The next girl out on stage was Sunny and she also entered the stage from the hatch on the ceiling. She came down feet perabet güvenilir mi first and very very slow thing her time to enter into the stage. Her long tanned legs slowly came into view and as expected she had on a pair of sky high stripper boots. They were white leather under them she had on a pair of white stockings that were thigh high. a white ultra short mini skirt that was barely covering anything as under that you could see a tiny pair of white panties. Her mid drift was exposed and she was wearing a half leather jacket and a studded white leather bra also over a very impressive set of man made tits. Her hair was blond and also pretty curly her face was turned away from where ewe were sitting. as she hit the stage floor finally she started her routine and as she moved around the stage giving everyone a once over look at her as she passed by our table I was blown away. There right there on the stipper stage right in front of me was Sandy the reason that I had come here in the first place. I was impressed with her body yet again but this time I was going toes all of it. I leaned back a little just out of the main light hoping I was far enough back to be shadowed and she would not be able to recognize me if she looked my way. Sandy moved around the stage like a pro and she was also very well choreographed. Then I though my god I wonder if Sparkle was Tiffany which of course it was I thought. Sandy put on a great first sone and she had removed her short little leather jacket. Her second song was also a rock song and she moved about putting on a decent display of aerobics and dance moves to entice the crowd into a state of awe. The tip money also started to pile up on the floor. The waitress came by and I asked her if the two new girls did lap and private dances. Sh was not sure but she guessed yes. I asked if they do them together as a duo she said she would find out. I watched as Sandy was now about to take off her bra and she was right in front of where Buck and I were sitting her back was to us. She reached around and unfastened the bra and she removed hit hiding her tits with her arm. She tossed the bra to the side and continued to dance around with her arm over her tits teasing the crowd. She again came to our side of the stage and was almost leaning over the stage as she dropped her arm away from her tits and she looked up. I was now leaning forward out of the shadow and in the light as she stared right into my face. I smiled right at her and she like a professional did not even blink an eye. She smiled back at me and even I thought I got a wink. From that time on she spent most of her time on our side of the stage and she was giving me a full show. My god she was hot. Her tits were for sure man made but they were spectacular and she did not move much as she bounced around on the stage. she reached up placed both hands on the ceiling and flexed her chest muscles to make her tits bounce up and sown just like Buck and I did earlier. We both laughed at this action and watched as she was moving around the stage. as her forth and final song came on she was only wearing the thigh high stocking boots and a tiny g string. She spread her blanket right in front of us to begin her floor show and made sure that the first persons to see her naked pussy would be us. More directly would be me. Sandy unties her tiny G-string on both sides and lust left it sitting on top of her pussy. she slid her hand under the tiny material to cover her pussy and then she whisked the article if clothing off her hand and tossed it to the side. she lifted her head and looked me right in the eye as she slowly slid her hand up off her pussy espossing it to the crowd as she this time for sure winked at me. She was rubbing her pussy pretty good and again I could see that her pussy was wet just like Tiffany’s was. These two definitely liked their work. She slid her middle two fingers into her pussy pulled them out and sucked them clean. The crowd went nuts there was literally bills raining down onto the stage the DJ even got into the act by scything that Miss Sunny was wet tonight. The boys up front were getting a show and Ina getting one also. My cock was starting together a little tight in my jeans. Sandy moved around now on the stage giving everyone a good show as she finger fucked herself and sucked on her fingers for all to see. The money fell like rain. I was pretty impressed as I though to my self this chick rakes in the cash with type of a show. As her song came to a end she stood nude and walked around the stage collecting her tips. she left our side of the stage until last. as she walked over she looked straight at me and made a drinking motion and pointed to the bar. I nodded as she was moving off the stage. Buck turned to me and he was grinning from ear to ear. I could see he was just as excited as I was and I mentioned lets go to the bar for a drink. we both stood and again our mountainous size was noticed s we walked to the bar. Iwe grabbed a seat close to the end but I left one seat open right in the corner for Sandy. We ordered our drinks and the bartender delivered them pretty quick so Sandy appeared from out of the DJ booth and she was still wearing her boots and stockings and she had on like a beach wrap. It was very obvious that this was all she had on and it was really freaking short it did not cover her ass and just barely covered her pussy. She moved behind the two of us to get around us and ran her hand over both of our backs as she reached the chair I left open. I moved the chair back and I put my hand out to help her to climb up onto the elevated chair. When she sat down there was absolutely nothing now covering her pussy and it was completely visible to both Buck and I. she ordered her drink and very fast it was in front of her. I lifted my glass to her and mentioned that was one hell of a sow. she thanked me and Buck also stated that was a show to stop other show. She laughed and said hang around I hope they get better. I moved my chair back a bit and turned it to face her. By doing this I Wass turning my back on Buck and he turned in his chair to also face her. Her bald wet pussy was on full display. and both of us were checking it out. Sandy spread her knees a little nd opened her thighs. we were smiling and trying to talk to her but I did not try to hide the fact I was staring at her cunt. as we talked she put a hand down to her pussy and she was rubbing her slit and exposing her clitoral hood for us to see, with two fingers she spread her lips pushed back her hood and fingered her clit. I moaned as I watched her do this and she giggled. She said you know for a just a few dollars you can get a lap dance. I was already way a head of her on this comment. I lifted my phone and took a few very quick pictures of her and I said. “You know with just a very few e mails I can have your job at the college disappear. So was thinking that the private dance in the room would be for free.” She looked at me and said “You wouldn’t” I looked at her and said “I don’t think it will come to that do you” I could she she was really stressed about this situation. She looked at me and asked “Just you or mountain of a friend also.” I glanced a Buck and I know he is married and all but he was not going to turn down this opportunity. He nodded. I turned back to her and said ” I think your little step daughter can oct likely join us also.” Sandy looked at me and I waved my camera in front of her. She lost all sense of power that she had at the beginning of this talk from her face. She nodded her approval and I smiled and agreed. Sandy slipped off the chair and said “Let me go get Tiffany and we will send for you to the room when we are ready. As she was about to leave I grabbed her hand and I said “it is not all that bad” and I placed her hand on my hardening cock and she got a look of shock on her face as she felt the size of my cock. She seemed to pick up a little as she left the bar and went to get Tiffany. Buck and I looked at each other and grinned a big fucking grin.

We had just finished out drink and I ordered another for us both plus I ordered two of what Sandy was drinking earlier. They had just arrived in front of us when the big bouncer came over and said “Follow me” He lead us down the hall way and unlocked a door he then lead us up a set of stairs ti another long hall way with doors on one side. we walked about half way down the hall and he unlocked another door and we both walked inside. This room was the biggest of all the private rooms and it was also the best decorated with sex furniture. The bouncer closed and locked the door from the outside and I walked over to the large window. This was made of one way glass and we were directly over looking the stage below as another girl was performing her show. Soon the door again opened and in walked Sandy and Tiffany. I smiled at Tiffany and she smiled back as she was not at all upset with the situation. Sandy was pretty ok also I think. She had accepted that this is what it was and that she was going to have to deal wth it. The bouncer locked the door again and Both Sandy and Tiffany accepted the drinks that I had purchased and offered to them. they walked over to the wall where the stereo system was. The rooms were all sound proofed also so the clients could get pretty loud with out it being broadcast all over the bar. Sandy started the music and both Buck and I sat down me on a Tantra type lounger and Buck sat down on a weird looking chair with great handles and foot rests for all kinds of great positions it looks like. I could see Sandy was not quite there yet as she went to Buck first sending Tiffany to me. It did not bother me I knew I was going to be fucking them both before this night was through and I could see many night after this night also. Tiffany half walked half danced her way over to me and she placed her hands on both sides of the lounger and she was bent over at the waist as she kind of rocked her body and as she scooped upwards towards me she dragged her tits up my chest until her face was right in front of mine and she gave me a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues were mashing against one another she she was rubbing her tits again my chest. She was wearing a very little crop top that did not cover the bottoms of her tits and she had on a pair of booty shorts that were so small they were crammed up perabet giriş her pussy and ass. she had on a pair of stipper shoes of course. She broke away from the kiss and she glided her head down my chest rubbing her face agains my pecs and abs as she was moving towards my crotch. My cock was getting to be very uncomfortable being in these jeans and getting hard so when she reached for the belt and the button on the top of my jeans I helped her to get them undone. She pulled down the zipper and tonight I was going commando and I had on no underwear. She looked me right in the eye as she reached in with one hand and started to pull my hardening cock out of my jeans . Like I say I was blessed by the gods with my package. She could barley get her hand around the shaft and she was struggling to pull it free. Finally it popped free and it almost hit her in the face. She looked almost shocked at the size and then she put her hand around it and stroked It a few times. She looked ip and me smiled and said “MY god you are fucking huge” I smiled and answer “All for your sweetie” she was stroking my cok and I was finally able to get fully hard once it was free of the restraints of my jeans. She placed her fore arm beside my cock to compare air it was thicker and just a long as her fore arm. She mentioned that she did not think she would be able to take it all. I had heard that before and knew that she would be craving for it by the time I was done fucking her. She was still sizing me up before finally I placed my hand on the back of her head and I pulled her face towards my cock.. Tiffany opened her mouth and she licked the head of my cock. She was now stroking my shaft from the base up to the cap of the bulbous head. she reached down and from somewhere she had a small bottle of lube and she squirted some on her hand and started to massage the lube into my shaft as she kept just licking the head. I glanced over at Sandy and she was giving Buck a full on blowjob and from the look on Bucks face she had some skill as he looked like he was in ecstasy. I could see that Tiffany was started to get ready to take my head into her mouth. She opened her mouth and I gripped the back of her head and I pushed a little and my head slid into her face. She was working my shaft with two hands and bobbing her head on my cock head. With every bob I pushed a little father in until I felt my cock hit the back of her mouth. She gagged and coughed and pulled my cock put grabbed a breath and swallowed it again right to the back of her throat again. This time again it went a little farther and she was able to control her gag reflex. It was not long and I left my head sliding into her throat and now I was deep enough into her mouth that she was only stroking me with one hand. I was impressed. I was still a very long ways away from an orgasm but I was impressed with her efforts. There was a knock at the door and a voice yelled over the music “Sparkle you are up Sunny you are on deck.” Tiffany pulled my cock out of her mouth and she quickly gathered her clothes and naked she left the room yelling back over her shoulder “Don’t go anywhere we are not finished” .The door shut and I stood up and moved over to the other couple Buck now was behind Sandy and fucking her hard he was slapping his cock agains her ass and she was grunting with every thrust. I smiled at her and she saw my cock really for the first time. She looked up at me and reached put she pulled my straight into her mouth. Now she had a little better skill that Tiff and she had me in her throat in no time. Well Buck’s cock probably made that a little easier. she was bobbing on my cock and I saw Buck give me the thumbs up and mouthed the words “Best ever”I laughed as he and I had been in they position several times in the past. I saw Buck grab Sandis hips and slam his cock home and he started to shoot his load deep into her pussy. She started to cum also and I heard Buck whoop like a redneck and yell “She’s as squirter” as her juices shot our around his shaft. As soon as as they both finished cuming she pulled my monster out of her throat and jumped up. She also grabbed her clothes and raced out of the room to get ready for her next performance.

Buck and I grabbed out drinks and still naked walked over to the window that looked over the stage we sat on some stools and leaned against the bar railing as we were able to see the girl just finish her show. Soon we saw Sparkle enter the stage. She looked up at our window unable to see us but she blew us a kiss anyways and she did her performance. Now Buck and I were enjoying the show and talking some shit as First Tiffany did her show then Sandy did hers. After they were Bothe done. it was not long and they both came back into the room. They looked at us still naked and said “we are done for the night here why do we get out of here and go someplace else.” Then four of us soon left the room and we all walked outside together. Buck turned to me and said ” It has been fun but I have to go home now” with that he kissed Sandy on the cheek gave Tiffany a slap on the ass and he was in his truck and gone out of the lot. Sandy turned to Tiffany and told her to follow us. I could see Tiffany was not happy with that Sandy moved to the side of my Vette. The top was s till down and we were not even out of the lot and Sandy was bobbing up and down on my cock again. I heard Tiffany behind up hit the horn but I just raised my hand in the air and waved as I sped off to my place. Soon the two cars were pulled into my Garage and we were walking into the house . Sandy was holding my cock and Tiffany was snuggled under my arm. I was cupping her tit as we entered the house. I twas not long at all and all of us were nude again. this time I was on my back on the big king sized bed Tiffany had her pussy over my mouth and I felt Sandy start to work my b**st into her pussy. I wrapped my arms around Tiffany’s thighs and I was licking her pussy from asshole over her Labia Vulva and her clit trapping her clit each time for a good sucking. I felt Sandy sliding up and down on my cock and I could feel I was getting deeper with every bump. I was really getting into Tiffany’s pussy when I felt her grab my head and hold me right on her clit and her legs started to convulse. She was cumming in my mouth. I trapped her clit and she wiggled trying to free her self as I knew she would be supper sensitive. I gripped her there and tortured her as I continued to suck and slick at her pussy. finally I released my grip and with a wimpier she slid off my face. Sandy was now taking my full monster into her pussy which also was pretty impressive as she was jumping up and down only cock it was not long and I felt her start to have her orgasm. Again she squirted her juices out of her pussy and I could feel my legs and balls getting wet. After she finished she pulled my cock out of her pussy and I was half way expecting to hear a pop when it cam free she was still that tight. Sandy collapses on the bed and I stood up moved and around ai pulled Tiffany’s legs to the side of the bed I spread her legs wide and I grabbed cock and started to feed it into her. She rolled her head back and arched her back and I was only lust a little over half way in when she started to try and hold me back. I just laughed at her feeble attempts to push me back and I was pumping in and out of her well stretched pussy. My god she was tight and oh so fucking hot. It took a bit but I was getting close to slapping my thighs against her ass as I was fucking her good. she was in complete ecstasy as she was about to cum again but I was not letting up I fucked her hard right through that orgasm and never let up my stokes. she was rolling around and I had to grip her hips to keep her from pulling me out. I kept up my merciless attack I needed to cum and she was the one. Sandy moved over to Tiff any and he was rubbing her tits and her hand was sliding down to rubbing Tiffany’s pussy also. the two of them started to kiss and that was good enough. I gripped her slammed my cock all the way Tiff went stiff and I started to shoot my load . My massive balls were twitching with every spurt and I was emptying my full load into her. She was cumming also and together we were leaking a lot of fluid onto the bed. My last few spurts I pulled out and Sandy took those on her face and open mouth. she then kissed my cock and started to clean off all the juices. I pushed her off and I collapsed on the bed Tiffany was laying there still twitching from her massive orgasm and the three of us were panting we were breathing so hard. Sandy mentioned she wanted her turn also and I agreed. that was one wild long night. Thankfully it was the week end . The three of us fucked no stop all week end long and this was the beginning of something great. Sandy and Tiffany moved in with me ver the next few months and I Wass fucking them both pretty steady. They were still dancing at the club and I ws also using them for some other projects. I had either Tiffany or Sandy meet and greet new star players that were maybe interested but after a night with either one of them and I was getting the pick of the crop for players. With that I started getting other ideas and over the next year or two I had collected quite a collection of video feeds of either Tiffany or Sandy fucking just about any one of importance in the state. I was getting my contract renewed every year with a huge pay increase the team was winning so the school was getting large bowl bonuses. The Governor of the state and other big business men and contributors started have to pour in the money as I was explaining to them the video’s I had of them. Soon I purchased the home next to mine knocked it down and had the biggest contractor in the state building me an awesome house. Tiffany and Sandy were now stopped dancing and they were even stopped fucking others for me as we had recruited others for that. Once the house was done I hd some many hot woman at the house that I had pussy all the time. things were great. Sandy and I were talking about even getting married but that was not a good idea I figured and we just kept things as they were. Many a night I had one two or even three hotties in my bed with me and there was as much pussy on pussy action as there was my cock in them. I still entertained the people of the city and state on occasion also as they were hooked so they might as well continue to enjoy the spoils. I was a regular mafia manipulating everything. I wanted for nothing. All in all Sandy and Tiffany were still my best fucks the other girls always struggled with my cock but I was living the American sports star dream and I loved it.

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