The Caribbean Beachcomber

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Big Tits

My wife Grace and I had finally saved up enough money to go on a Caribbean vacation for the first time in our married lives. We booked a stay at an exclusive getaway for a whole week. Our beach bungalow looked out onto a pristine beach that had the clearest blue-green sea I had ever seen.

We were told the beach was private to the beach houses where we were staying, and that we could go nude there if we desired. Grace and I went down to the water the first hour we got there. My wife decided she was going to soak up the sun, while I decided to take a walk down the long shore.

We had also made up our minds we were not going to be uptight and we would go nude while we were sunning ourselves. Grace placed lotion on her breasts to get rid of any tan lines that she had. I was going to explore the clear, white, sandy beach.

I am still somewhat thin for being thirty six years old, and I wasn’t embarrassed if someone were to see my seven inch cock as I walked about. I walked a considerable distance until I was just crossing over a sand dune, I almost tripped over two young women lying on the other side of the dune!

They were both totally naked and I didn’t wish to disturb their privacy. I was just turning around to leave, when they called out to me.

“Hey canlı bahis mister, you don’t have to go,” one of them yelled out to me.

“I was just walking the beach, sorry I didn’t see you there,” I explained.

“No problem, please stay and chat,” the blonde said to me.

The blonde woman introduced herself as Ann. Her friend Beth, had short brunette hair. Both were solidly tanned all over. I must have beeen getting particularly horny because I couldn’t take my eyes off of either of them. Ann had big tits that hung down on her chest. Beth had smaller boobs that didn’t have any jiggle to them.

Both women were shaved down completely and each woman’s pussy was just staring at me. The women told me they were college roommates on summer vacation. They wanted to wind down a bit before it was time to resume school in the fall.

Both ladies came from families with money they told me. They had been here before on this island and had come back again for a second time. As we talked, I noticed I hadn’t been uptight standing there discussing the beach.

I think I was checking them out and they were doing the same with me. Beth said I should come over and join them for a drink. No one could see us behind this sand dune, so I walked over closer bahis siteleri to where they were lying.

I was only a foot or two away, when both Ann and Beth reached out for me. Ann took me by the cock and Beth grabbed my sacs. I was taken by surprise, to say the least!

Beth said, “He has a nice one, don’t you think Ann?”

“Oh God yes!” was Ann’s reply back.

Before I knew what was happening, both women were massaging my cock and balls, stroking my ever growing shaft. Ann went first and took me in her mouth. Her sucking sounds were getting me very hard. She licked and massaged up and down my shaft, running her tongue all along the underside of my bulging pecker.

Beth then took her turn, she took me all the way down to my root. She deep throated my thick member until I thought I was close to shooting. However, she wasn’t going to waste any of that just yet.

Both women pushed me onto my back. First Beth mounted me and guided her pussy up and down my root. After a few minutes of this, Ann took her turn. She got on top and began riding me like a horse. I was totally into it by now. I didn’t care who saw us fucking. I just wanted these two crazed college women!

I spread Ann’s asscheeks apart then met her thrusts. I was pumping bahis şirketleri deep into her wet hole and Ann was telling me to go deeper. I soon felt Beth’s hand on my balls. She was squeezing them as I pounded into her friend’s sopping wet pussy.

My hands went to Ann’s big tits. I wanted to milk those big melons. I fondled them, squeezed them, as she was slamming down hard onto my cock.

I knew my time to cum wasn’t far off. Beth help me along by feeding one of her fingers into my asshole. She pushed deeper until she found my prostate. I felt her digit wiggling in me as I erupted.

My ass came up off the ground as I sent my sticky load into Ann’s tight pussy. Her muscles grabbed me tight and milked every drop of seed from me. I was squirting deep in her belly. Hot ropes of cum came out of me like a fountain.

Ann soon slowed down and collapsed on my chest. I kept my cock inside her for a long time afterwards.

Eventually my cock slipped out. Ann told me that the sex we just had was fantastic! Beth was a bit jealous that she hadn’t got her turn at me filling her up.

The ladies gave me directions to where they were staying. They told me to try and steal out of my cabin and meet them that evening for some more fun and games. I didn’t think that was going to be possible, but I was sure going to try to come up with an excuse to leave my wife for awhile.

The week was just starting and I knew this was not going to be your typical vacation at the beach!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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