The Camping Trip Ch. 02

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Hello readers! It may please you all to know I had my editor Larry look over this one to make it more pleasurable to read so enjoy.

Just two notes:

1. They use drugs in this one for a short period (weed to be precise) So if that kind of thing offends you, please read no further.

2. My editor Larry brought to my attention than not everyone might know what an ‘esky’ is. It’s just the original name we gave to a cooler box we use to store food/drinks with ice to keep cold. I’m sure you guys have a name for it yourselves, but that’s what it’s called in Australia.

Have fun!


The twins awoke to the sound of their parents’ voices.

“Alex! Haley!” their dad, Richard shouted towards the tents.

“C’mon guys!” they heard their mum shout. “Your father has cooked you some bacon and eggs for brekky.”

“Shit!” Haley whispered as she came to her senses, realizing that she was nestled into her brother’s arms inside the sleeping bag together. “What are we going to do?” she asked, worried her parents would realize what had happened between her and her twin brother last night.

“Sis, don’t worry,” whispered Alex. “Your reasoning behind sleeping here still stands, just explain what happened, they won’t suspect a thing,” he said, trying to calm her.

Haley started to calm down, realizing he was right. Her tent had sprung a leak in the downpour last night meaning she had to seek other sleeping arrangements.

After quickly getting her clothes on, Haley unzipped the tent door and poked her head out to see her mum and dad standing across the camp table looking a bit confused.

After explaining what happened with her tent and the fact that she didn’t want to disturb them to get the keys to the car, they understood and had no suspicions at all.

“We’ll have to get you something that doesn’t leak then, huh?” Richard said. “Helen, how about we swing by the shops on the way to Dubbo zoo this morning and sort that out?”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” their mother answered as she walked towards Haley’s waterlogged tent to inspect the damage.

So the family went about extracting all of the clothes and sleeping equipment from the damaged tent, hung out everything to dry, and after disposing of the tent and finishing breakfast, they bundled into the car.

There wasn’t a great deal in the way of shopping centres around the country town of Dubbo. However, they eventually found a small camping store to buy a new tent and set on their way to the zoo, less than a few minutes down the road from the main town centre.

Dubbo zoo was an open plan nature park which allows its visitors to either walk, ride, or drive around its massive nature enclosure to see the various animals in environments fabricated to be as close to their own natural habitat as humanly possible. Essentially it was the perfect place for a family of nature lovers such as the Williams family to enjoy a day in the sun.

They arrived at the zoo and Richard went into the office to pay for a family day pass and bicycle hire for all four of them. After they all picked up their bikes, they went on their way exploring the many attractions of the park.

About an hour had passed and they had seen some giraffes, kangaroos, crocodiles, and other various animals when they arrived at the elephant enclosure.

There was some kind of feeding show happening so a crowd was gathered outside the viewing area.

The group of four approached to see what was going on.

“Hey I can’t see anything from here. I might see if I can push through towards the front, said Haley to her parents. “Want to come with?” she asked Alex.

“Sure, why not,” he answered as she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the tight crowd of people.

It was a big group of people, maybe 30-40 in total, so when they got towards the front of the pack, their mum and dad where nowhere to be seen.

Haley was in front of Alex, being shorter, trying to see the show when she reached around behind her.

It was basically a mosh pit without the music so no one could see what was going on, so Haley dove her hand into the front of her brother’s shorts and felt around for his package.

She swung her head around as she was doing this to see an alarmed look on his face looking back at her.

“No one can see, were too close together,” she said playfully back at him.

Alex just shrugged his shoulders and decided to return the favour. He slid his hands past the waist band of his sister’s shorts and dove into her panties. As he slid a finger into the folds of her pussy, he drew downwards to her entrance to feel the slippery moist hole that was already dripping with anticipation.

This made Alex’s cock jump to attention all of a sudden when he realized her state of arousal. She stared into his eyes while they fondled each other as discreetly as they could in the crowd of people.

All of a sudden the group of people around them started to disperse, the show having apparently ended. The twins realized etlik escort this and immediately pulled their hands out of each other’s pants after looking around to see if anyone had noticed.

Fheeew! They both thought as they couldn’t see any disturbed faces staring at them.

“Shit!” Alex said as he looked down at the obvious budge in his shorts. “What the Fuck am I going to do now?” he asked her.

Haley giggled. “Whoops! Look, just let me go in front of you, hopefully mum and dad won’t notice.”

So the two of them carefully ventured back towards their parents single file and regrouped with them as they all got back on their bikes and slowly rode off.

He was safe, Alex thought as his parents didn’t seem the wiser.

Haley then looked to Alex. “Hey I need to use the bathroom, you guys know where the toilets are?” she asked her parents, although she was staring at her brother and winking away from the sight of her mum and dad.

Getting the hint, Alex said, “Yeah I think they are up this way.” He gestured in a direction. “I need to go, too actually, I’ll come with.”

“Ok, you two, we’ll probably just meet you at the bird show. It starts in half an hour,” said Helen.

The twins then broke away from the group, trying their best to hide their excitement.

They arrived at the toilet blocks and parked the bikes next to a group of hire bikes in front of a different animal exhibit.

“Wait here,” Haley told her brother as she disappeared inside the women’s toilet.

She then came back to give the all clear and giggled as she dragged him inside to a cubical in the corner.

As soon as the door closed, she pulled her pants down exposing her vagina. “Fresh air!” she exclaimed as she giggled quietly.

‘Fresh air’ was a rather delinquent game the twins used to play when they were younger. The rules where simple, if one sibling yelled ‘fresh air’ they would both bare their genitals to each other. It was a silly game with no other purpose than to satisfy their shared curiosity in the opposite sex. They did, of course, only do it when no one was around, but this is the first time any one of them had uttered these two words since they were little.

“Well THAT’S a blast from the past,” Alex laughed at his sister as he too pulled his pants down releasing his still semi erect penis from his pants for his sister to see.

Even with the clearly sexual nature of the ‘game’ when they were younger, it was always just a seemingly innocent excuse for the two of them to see how they differed down there. In the present moment however, it had some more obvious sexual undertones to it as the twins both looked at each other’s private parts.

Haley licked her lips as she looked at the quickly hardening cock in front of her and reached out for it as she kneeled down to lick the pre-cum forming at the tip.

“Mmmm… Yummy,” she exclaimed as she tasted her brothers salty liquid.

Alex looked down at his sister as she started lapping at his dick, his eyes wandering down her back to her bottom that was wiggling slightly as she pleasured him.

“You have got one sexy ass, sis,” he told her just before she let the head of his penis jut past her tonsils.

Haley eased it back out of her throat, not even gagging once this time, to look up at him.

“You think so?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah, Haley, I don’t know much about women but I KNOW that is a gorgeous looking bum,” he told her as she smiled up at him.

“In that case…” Haley started saying as she reached back to hook her shorts with both hands. “How about I give you a better view?”

She then slid her shorts and panties down past her hips and lifting her legs whilst still bent down to let them fall to her feet.

It was the sexiest sight Alex had ever seen in his short life!

She continued lapping at his shaft, every so often pushing down so his dick would slide just slightly down her throat. Alex reached over to cup each of her bum cheeks in both his hands as she serviced him.

He moved his right hand over between her legs and slid a finger down to her snatch, immediately gliding into her soaking wet hole.

She groaned on his cock, sending vibrations from her voice onto it, in turn making Alex groan in pleasure too.

He spread her ass cheeks apart to get a better look at her pussy although from the angle he was at, all he could see was the puckered little hole that was her ass.

His finger was now soaked from his sister’s pussy juices so he decided to move it up to her other hole and gently rub the outer rim, watching it tense up as he did so.

“What are you doing?” she asked muffled by the dick in her mouth.

“You said you liked it last night,” he answered.

“Well yeah, that was your tongue silly,” she said as she looked up at him.

Alex pouted at her in a childish way. “Awwwww, come on! For the sake of experiment?” he asked hopefully down to her.

Her brow furrowed as she looked up at etlik escort bayan him, deep in thought as to whether or not it was a good idea.

“Well… I suppose so,” said Haley, sounding unsure. “But if it hurts I want you to stop.”

“Yay!” exclaimed Alex who then added a generous amount of saliva to his hand and reached back down to the forbidden hole.

She resumed her sucking as her brother gently explored her butt. At first, he just lingered in the top, moving around the rim in a swirling motion. Then he stuck a finger back into her pussy making her moan yet again.

He brought the finger up to her asshole and lightly pushed into the centre of it. It felt smooth. It was tighter than her pussy and he could feel it tensing, not wanting to let the object intrude.

All of a sudden, she let her guard down as her asshole loosened, letting Alex’s finger slide in to the first knuckle.

Haley jumped as she tensed up, then yet again relaxed for his finger to move down to the second knuckle.

Alex was watching his finger. In half way now, it was so fucking hot to watch!

Haley then enveloped his penis further than before, taking around half of its length before pulling off, coughing a little bit to look up at her brother though red eyes.

“Stick that finger in me,” she said to him with a devilish grin.

The twins’ eyes locked as Alex pushed his finger the rest of the way into her asshole, letting him feel the slightly more open space inside of her. It was becoming too much for him as she jammed her mouth back down on his penis, taking half of it down her throat again.

He started cumming as it went past her tonsils, beginning to spew sperm directly down her throat.

Haley could feel him cum so she paused, trying her hardest to fight back the gag reflex as she attempted to swallow all her brother’s seed.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and released his cock, pointing it away from her face and letting the remainder of the white fluid shoot over her left shoulder. It landed on the small of her back just barely missing her shirt that had luckily ridden up as she sucked her brother off. Then it dribbled down her ass cheek.

Suddenly they heard someone walk into the toilet block.

They both froze.

“You in here, Haley?” they heard their mother ask.

Here the twins where, Alex not only having just came half in his sisters throat and half over her back onto her ass, but STILL had his finger in her asshole as she bent over now looking up at him with a scared look on her face.

“What are you doing in there? I think the show is starting soon!” Helen told her through the cubical door she was now standing directly in front of.

“Uuummm…” Murmured Haley thinking quickly what to say “I’m kind of in the middle of something here… It’s a number two, mum,” she said, now trying to sound annoyed at her rather than worried.

“Oh, sorry Haley! I’ll leave you to it then,” Helen said as she laughed. “Hey you don’t know where your brother is do you?”

“I think I heard him leave the boys toilets saying he would meet me there,” Haley answered.

“Alright, I guess we’ll meet you there, too. See you.” Their mother exited the toilets.

The twins waited a few moments to be sure their parents had ridden off. “FUCK that was close!” Haley breathed.

“You’re telling me? Here let me get that for you.” Alex wiped the mess off his sister’s bare bottom then pulled her panties and shorts back up.

After Haley exited the toilet blocks to look around, she gave Alex the all clear and they both rode off towards the bird show to meet their parents. Alex of course rode quicker than Haley to get there first so she just rode at walking pace to give him a head start.

“You get lost?” Alex’s dad asked him as he rode up to his parents.

“Nah not really, just been riding around and stuff,” he answered bashfully.

Haley arrived shortly afterwards and they sat down for the show.

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful save for a couple of playful gropes here and there through the fabric of their clothes. The twins had no sexual contact other than that as they were close to their parents the majority of the time.

After having a late lunch, the family headed back to the camp site.

“Do I have time for a shower?” Haley asked her parents.

“I guess we’ll be eating dinner tomorrow morning then,” said her mother, referring to the extra long showers her daughter was prone to taking when she was somewhere her parents wouldn’t rouse on her to stop wasting water.

“I’ll just go ahead and take that as a yes then?” Haley retorted cheekily as she rushed to grab her stuff.

“How about you go get that out of the way, too, Alex? You’re just as bad as her when it comes to wash time,” Richard said.

“Yeah alright I’m sure we’ll be back in time for dinner.” Alex tried his best to hide his excitement as he exchanged secrete glances with his sister as he too grabbed escort etlik his shower stuff.

It was as if the two were given a free pass to go play together and the twins knew it!

Their mum and dad would be too busy washing, setting up the new tent, preparing for dinner, and what not to come bother them.

Alex and Haley walked off together towards the grounds amenities block which was maybe a five minute walk from their tents. Just out of view.

“You ARE thinking what I’m thinking right?” Alex asked his sister.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about bro…” said Haley nonchalantly. “I COULD use a hand though, I think I got pretty dirty today. Think you could give me a hand to wash up?” she asked innocently.

“Washing my sister? Gross!” he replied with a cheeky grin. “Well I suppose I AM your brother after all, I could help you out. Only if you come into MY shower.”

They both laughed together as they reached the shower block.

After Alex checked out the men’s side, he came back to usher his sister inside to a shower cubical. They were in luck as apparently no one in the camp grounds had decided to shower yet.

It was a simple shower facility, narrow and rectangular in shape with one small area to get undressed/dressed in. There were hooks provided for clothing and a little bench seat. It was enough for one person to shower in comfortably, although two people could use it with a bit of a squeeze.

As Alex adjusted the water to a nice temperature, Haley quickly stripped her clothes off behind him so when he turned around, he was faced with his sister’s completely naked body staring back at him.

After staring lustfully into his eyes as he checked out her sexy slender figure, she immediately jumped into his arms and embraced him in a passionate kiss. It was the first time they had both touched lips with anyone other than their parents when they were younger. Neither of the twins had had even a first boyfriend/girlfriend.

She spun them both around so her back was to the shower as she broke away from the kiss and backed into the shower, letting the warm water trickle down her supple skin.

He watched this as he ripped his clothes off as quickly as he could to join her.

No one even talked; they both just took the body wash and started applying it to each other’s bodies, exploring their naked forms as the soap frothed up, washing away the sweat and dirt of the day. He lathered up her stomach working his hands up to her breasts whilst she caressed his chest and shoulders.

After the two finished with the front, they once again embraced in a kiss as they both moved their hands to each other’s back. They mimicked each other’s movements behind them lathering the soapy gel into their backs.

Alex then moved to her tight bottom and after soaping it up, firmly grabbed a cheek in each hand and lifting her up onto him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, not once breaking the seal between their lips.

She felt his now rock hard cock brush up against her groin area so she reached around and grabbed it firmly underneath her as she lathered it in soap, slowly pumping up and down the shaft.

Alex moaned as she put her free arm around his neck, allowing him to let go of her with one arm to return the favour. He immediately slid a finger down her crotch, pushing it all the way past her pussy to her crack then all the way back, letting it slide the tip into both holes on its way back to her front.

Haley moaned in desire before she dismounted her brother and stepped further into the spray of the shower, letting the soap suds wash away from her.

“You know you owe me now. I never got to finish but you did,” she said quietly to him.

“I would be more than happy to repay the debt,” Alex said keenly as they both helped each other wash off the remaining shower gel.

Haley removed herself from the shower and sat on the little bench and propped both feet up against the wall parallel to her, spreading her legs wide.

“Oohhh. Cold!” she exclaimed as she had sat down.

He then got out from the spray of the shower and adjusted it to full hot to allow the steam to pour outwards into the dressing area to keep them both warm.

After ducking under her legs, Alex wrapped both hands around her thighs and dived straight into his sister’s little eighteen year-old pussy. He lapped up every inch of it around her folds, stopping to nibble gently on her clitoris as she stifled a moan of pleasure.

From the angle she was sitting, she was offering every part of her nether regions to him with her legs high up on the wall behind Alex, her hips where facing upwards.

He moved downwards and placed his tongue just below her sphincter then pressed into her as he licked all the way up to her labia, again jutting into both holes on the way past. She grabbed his wet hair and ran it through her fingers as she pushed him into her, moaning quietly.

Haley then whispered to Alex as he serviced her. “Bro, I think you need to take care of that thing…”

He looked up at her.

“Just play with yourself while you do that.” She smiled back. “I wanna watch.”

He started stroking his cock and started probing her pussy with his tongue while playing with her clit with one of his fingers.

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