The Camp Out Ch. 01

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We had been planning this campout for weeks, the excitement building each day. Finally, vacation week was here, and I couldn’t wait to have you to myself for a few days. We both decided that a cozy cabin in the mountains was exactly what we both needed

I quickly packed my bag as quickly as I could, pacing as I waited for you to pick me up. Finally, I see you pull up into the driveway as I step out the front door, bag in hand. It takes every ounce, and then some, of my willpower to not launch myself at you. Wrapping my arms around your neck, I stand on my toes to give you a kiss, saying, “Hiya, big boy.” You poke me playfully in my side, making me giggle.

I sigh, not wanting to step out of your arms, but we must get the show on the road. “Let me grab my keys and purse, and we’ll be on our way out of here, babe.” I give you another light kiss on the lips, turning toward the house. “Hurry it up then,” you say as you slap me on the ass. I shake my hips a little more than usual, pretending to be oblivious to the effect it has on you.

Before I step outside, I stop to admire you, knowing you were unaware of my staring. I felt the familiar hum between my legs as my eyes traveled up from your feet to that face that I adore. Today, you wore a pair of denim shorts that showed off your ass perfectly. My hands itched with wanting to grab you and press you against me. I loved the way your light blue t-shirt hugged you, not leaving much to my imagination. To finish it off, you wore, quite sensibly I might add, hiking boots. Not that you were going to need them. But they definitely helped my imagination.

Glancing down at your watch, you shout out, “Damn it, woman! It’s 12:30. What’s keeping you?” I didn’t realize that I had taken so long. I hurried out canlı bahis şirketleri the door, making sure it was locked. “Hey! Keep your boxers on, baby. I had to make sure everything was in order.” You give me a cheeky grin as you climb into the driver side, telling me, “First of all, missy, they’re boxer BRIEFS. And secondly, I’m not wearing any.” I roll my eyes as I climb into the passenger seat, muttering, “Whatever. They’re all the same to me.”

You put the car in gear and head out of the city. “You know, they’re not ‘all the same’ if you really pay attention…” you start. The last thing I needed was for you to go on about the differences in men’s underwear, especially when I had a damn good mental image of you not in yours. I start fidgeting a bit as we merge onto the highway, hoping you didn’t take notice of my slight discomfort. “Can we change the subject, please? This one’s a little stale to me. I really don’t much care about your underwear, okay?” I glance over your way.

You shrug, saying, “No problem. Change the subject then.” You look over at me and smile. Setting the car on cruise control, you settle back into your seat a bit, getting yourself comfortable for the rest of the trip. Seeing this as my cue, I turn slightly in my seat, a devilish smile playing across my face. I let my hand rest on your thigh for a bit, and turn my attention to the road, watching the scenery and other cars pass by.

Slowly, my fingers slid up your leg, then lightly brushed against your hip. I chuckled as I watched you shift in your seat. I heard you mutter just a little too breathlessly, “You better be careful, little girl.” Getting bold, I reach over farther, my hand firmly rubbing your crotch while I nonchalantly watch more miles pass. “Or what?” I canlı kaçak iddaa ask with a touch of smugness.

You cover my hand with one of yours, grinding against it, growling, “Or you’re going to get more than you bargained for when this car finally stops.” Smiling to myself, I squeeze you through your shorts, testing the hardness. Not quite there yet, I think to myself.

I settle back a little more in my seat, content to let my fingers tease your thigh, or to let them tickle their way to the back of your neck. I love how sensitive your neck is, and take full advantage of it, finding the spot under your ear delightful to play with. I ease over a bit, my mouth close to your ear as I whisper softly, “How much longer until we get there?”

I sit back, laying my hands in my lap, knowing that the absence of my fingers drives you just as crazy. I start to notice things going by a little faster than they had been. I clear my throat as I happen to glance over at the speedometer. “You might want to slow down a bit, babe, before you get us pulled over.” You flash me a frustrated and thoroughly irritated look as you ease up on the accelerator. I settle back in my seat, smiling wickedly.

Knowing that sexual frustration can put you on edge, keeping you barely under control, was doing a job on me too. I had almost forgotten how sexy you were when you were pissed. And right now, you weren’t looking pleased at all. I squirmed a little in my seat.

Finally, we came to our exit, and you made a beeline for the office. Glaring at me, you opened the door, growling, “Wait here.” I watched through the windshield as you entered the building, coming back out within minutes.

Getting back into the car, you headed up a well-paved road to the very last cabin canlı kaçak bahis on the right. I noticed there was a great deal of distance between cabins, making each one feel more private than I had previously assumed. Not that privacy was a top priority to me at this point. We got out of the car and grabbed our luggage, carrying it to the front door in silence. I started to wonder if I made a mistake teasing you like that. I was soon to have an answer.

Unlocking the door, you pushed it open and stepped back to let me in. I walked in about five feet, sitting my bag and purse on the floor, taking in the interior of the cabin. I didn’t get very far in my study. Closing the door quietly, you came up behind me, grabbing my wrist to pull me around to face you. Wide-eyed with surprise, I barely had a chance to anticipate your next move.

Grabbing me by the waist, you pulled me hard against you, pinning me against the wall. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms and legs around you, your cock grinding against me as you grabbed a fistful of my hair, your lips searching out mine

Growling against you, I pushed my hips forward, putting more pressure on my clit. Pulling my head back roughly, your lips and teeth attack my neck, making my whole body quiver with pleasure. My nails rake your back and shoulders, urging you to bite me harder. I gasped, grinding myself against you even harder as your teeth find a particularly sensitive spot.

Releasing my hair, you put your hands on my hips, your fingers caressing my pussy through my shorts make me want to scream. I feel weightless as you carry me over to the sofa, laying me on my back, your body pressing me down into the cushions. Pushing my legs away, your fingers tease me, lightly caressing me through my shorts. My hips buck against your fingers, wanting more of you.

Before I realized it, it was all over too soon. You got up, standing beside me, breathing heavy as you growled. Walking over to the front door, you pick up our bags and head to the bedroom.

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