The Cabin

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It is a cold winter’s night. There is snow outside and we can hear the wind blowing. But we’re quite warm in our cabin. The wine is open, the fire is burning nicely and there’s some nice music playing in the back ground, Claire De Lune by Claude Debussey. We’re both lying together on the massive thick rug. I take your wine glass from you and put it on the table next to mine. I caress your cheek with my hand softly.

I gaze into your beautiful eyes. You are smiling. My hand reaches down to your chin and with my thumb I pull down your chin slightly to part your lips. My lips are on yours, soft kiss with feeling. I can tell that it is slower and more patient than we both want because of how tightly we have wrapped our arms around each other. We are pulling hard against each other wanting to be closer. And yet the kiss is so still soft and gentle. Our mouths are open now and our tongues are exploring and dancing together.

My eyes are closed as I lose myself in the sensual moment of the kiss. You taste sweet on my lips and I can smell your natural soft scent. Your hands are in my hair, while my hands start travelling down your robe. Soon, I am cupping and grabbing your ass, pulling your hips to me. You lift one leg over my thigh. And we keep kissing. Soft murmuring noises of pleasure escaping from both our lips.

When the kiss finishes we say nothing. Just gaze into each other’s eyes, smiling. I look down and see that your robe has fallen open. My smile turns into a grin, a lustful grin.

As you lie there on your side, your boob looks extra full and is resting on you lower boob. I can see your nipple, already erect after the lovely kiss we just shared. My cock is erect too and straining now as I look at your nipple. I look back up to your face. You are grinning.

‘Oh you’ve remembered that I have a face?’ you say.

I brush your hair away from your face and kiss you once more, this time pulling your bottom lips into my mouth. I bite it softly canlı bahis then let it go. I kiss your ear lobe, your cheek, your chin and then lower, down your neck, over your collar bone. After that I can’t wait any more. I dive on your nipple. I suck it hungrily into mouth. Your hands go to my head. I smile, knowing you want this just as much as I do. I start circling you nipple with my tongue, teasing it before sucking on it once more.

I start pulling your robe from your shoulder, all the while sucking your nipple. My hand travels further down along your side, over your waist to your hips. Your skin is so soft and your figure so shapely.

I trace my fingers over your hip. You’re rolling your hips with me as I keep sucking your nipple. I’m deciding which way to let my fingers wander, towards your ass or towards your pussy. You make the decision for me by rolling onto your back and parting your legs for me. Oh how I love you being demanding. You’re being quiet but letting me know what you want. I let my fingers glide over your skin to the warm apex of your thighs.

Knowing that you want it makes me want to tease you. I deliberately avoid your pussy and caress the inside of your thighs, first one leg and then the other. I’ve move on to sucking your other nipple now. Your hips are moving trying to make my hand rub your pussy.

“Please” you say.

I put my hand on your pussy but I just cup it. I’m not rubbing it or pleasing it. A low growl come from deep inside you and you grab my cock, hard and roughly. You start wanking me fiercely.

“Oh fuck!” I cry, removing my mouth from your nipple.

It works though, I start rubbing your pussy, quickly and oh so nicely.

First, some long strokes up the entire length, from the bottom to the top. Then will a little more pressure up and down along each side separately. I’m basically, avoiding your clit to start with apart from the occasionally quick touch at the top of each stroke. I can feel bahis siteleri that you are wet and I briefly dip my finger tip inside you before I start circling your clit. You moan appreciatively, and it’s clear how nice that feels because you stop trying to throttle my cock and stroke it nicely. I’m still sucking your nipples, switching from one to the other now. I slide my free hand underneath your ass and tease your pussy from there. Nothing deep just a presence against your hole as I continue rubbing your clit in small circles. I change to tiny up and down flicks over your clit and you moan again.

We are being unusually quiet, no dirty talk, encouragement or demands. Tonight is all about the feelings. Our touches, caresses and the way our bodies are responding are communications enough. Words are not required. I realise that I am thrusting my hips against you in time with each stroke of my cock. Then you stop.

As one, we both start moving. You onto all fours on the rug, me onto my knees behind you. Our sexual telepathy still guiding us. I lean forward and kiss your shoulders. The time for teasing is over, I line my cock up and thrust it deep inside you in one deeply satisfying stroke. I had wanted to slowly feed you, one inch at a time but my desire was as strong as yours and had gotten the better of me. Or maybe, it was the telepathy.

Your pussy feels so good. Hot, wet and deliciously tight. Along with the beautiful moan that has escaped your lips, it is almost enough to make me cum, there and then. I naturally, slow down. I pull back all the way leaving just the head of my cock inside you and pause a heartbeat before sliding back inside you. The sensual theme of the evening continues as I take my time over each long, full and slow thrust. I feel your fingers brush lightly against my balls and I know you are rubbing your clit.

It’s really sexy, looking down and seeing my cock sliding in and out of you. I move my hands from your hips and bahis şirketleri run them up and down your back before gripping your hips again for a few harder thrusts. Oh, it feels so good and your moans signal your agreement. I start rolling my hips a bit so that each thrust is at a slightly different angle and I’m hitting the sides and top and bottom of your pussy. ‘Yes’ I hear, your voice muffled as your head is down against the rug.

Soon I can feel the pressure in your pussy building as your pleasure starts to mount up. Your moans are getting louder. I raise one knee, to plant my foot by your side and thrust deeper still inside you. And then I go slowly again. All the way out and all the way in. It doesn’t feel teasy now though. It just prolongs pleasure. It also stops me from cuming to soon. I doubt your fingers have slowed down on your clit though. And I can here that you are getting really close. I speed up again and your moans match each quickening thrust.

Your orgasm starts to hit you and I feel and hear it at the same time. I thrust as hard and fast as I want to now, no need to hold back. I know it doesn’t matter if I cum. I wet my thumb in my mouth. Press it against your ass and then push it in. It adds to your orgasm and I feel your pussy clamping hard around my cock. I manage a couple more thrusts and then my cock stiffens and swells inside you before exploding my hot cum deep inside you. I groan loudly with my release. And then we stop, perfectly still. Both panting and coming back down to earth. I lean forward and kiss your shoulders again.

We collapse onto the rug together, the fire still burning and the music still playing.

“That was so sexy and hot.” I say, “You really turn me on so much.”

“I know” you reply with a giggle.

I look at your face and realise you a giggling because you are staring at my cock which is still hard, because you’ve made me so horny.

“I’m not wasting that, I’m going to have some more and I know exactly how I want it.” You say.

And the next thing I know you’re pushing my down on my back and straddling me. I watch in wonderment and then sigh with pleasure as you guide me exactly where you want me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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