The Building’s Cumdump Lady

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I’d already been working at this rather unremarkable company for months before getting in on the most perverted secret I’d ever been let in on. There wasn’t anything remarkable about our office building, our staff or how we carried out routine office business in mostly professional ways. That’s why the secret ‘cum dump lady’ really caught me by surprise. Oh, the guys had made lunchbreak quips about her but I just took it as bad jokes about the notoriously oversexed cleaning lady Paulina. “trust me, that old gal would take on a football team and still look for more” and another running joke seemed to be saying ‘ding ding – fill ‘er up’ when Paulina was spotted.

Paulina was the building cleaning lady. She quickly became one of my favorites from the day I started and partly because she had a hilarious love of sexual innuendo (just try leaving a banana on her cart) and she had a girlish charm despite being somewhere around 50 years old. I took her flirting as just a little of her spicy Latina character and I had to admit she had some big bouncy boobs and the sexy red lipstick. That said, I would have never thought that she really was part of a real insiders secret sex toy for the office staff.

Ken from accounting, an older guy nearing retirement with a straightforward style let me in on the whole thing one day.

“Long story short – Paulina is the office fuck toy, cum-dump, cock-cleaner, whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter but she is available for use, according to rules, for you, me, anyone working here. yes, even the women here are all aware of this”.

Ken went on to explain there was, as proof if I needed, a form on the wall of her janitorial room that would have a daily checksheet with ‘V’ for vaginal cumdumps that day and a ‘M’ for mouth aka oral cumdumps. He explains an ‘A’ ankara escort bayan for ‘anal cum dumps’ would only appear the day before major holidays. If a staffer was desperate to ejaculate in Paulina he would have to check the box and so any others wishing to cum in her would be aware.

Eventually I learned that everyone had somehow worked out the rules, the understanding of things and how it worked. Everyone was to cum inside her. No cumming all over her ass, never her face, nope. Cum was to be squirted inside Paulina who would take care of it from there. Everyone seemed to understand there are no ‘positions’ to choose from, no ‘moves’ to be made. Paulina would bend over a desk in her janitorial room and staff was to pump her from behind and while she would try to hold still and accommodate their cock – it was for them to do their work and ‘as soon as possible’ within reason.

I still wouldn’t have believed this was going on had I not been tapped on the shoulder by old Jim, the manager himself that next day’s lunch break. He motioned me to follow him. As we left the main office area I could see Ken giving me an affirming nod from his desk and then Mamjeet the Indian receptionist lady had a giddy look on her face as if she knew what we were going to do. Jim carried on perfectly casual to the basement, down a long hall, a right and then a knock-knock on Paulina’s door.

“hello gentlemens, oh lock the door behind you, thanks” said Paulina. I did fumble to lock the door as she asked. Old Jim added “Oh, yes, that’s a rule too hehe.. right keep the door locked while we do this”.

Just like that, Jim strode over to a chart and noted “first one today” and as if nothing unusual was happening, Paulina who was already standing in front of her old wooden desk, turned around and pulled her spandex ankara bayan escort leggings down, panties and all, bent over the desk and wow did her pussy open up too. A fat bald pussy, her asshole, everything was exposed and what a smile as she was facing me. Her breasts were so large that I suppose they sort of held her comfortable in the position.

“Now, the thing is, y’know I have a thing where it only turns me on more if someone is watching y’see, but of course you can do this in private and most guys do but that’s up to you” said Jim who had already unzipped a very hard erection and was dripping a few drops of lube from a plastic bottle that was just sitting on the desk.

No show, no foreplay and with that he simply pushed his cock into Paulina’s pussy and they both moaned. Her eyes rolled but for the most part she was just expertly positioning herself so her fat little ass cheeks were as spread open and her pussy in place for the cock being pumped into her by Jim.

I don’t even know how long this went on I was just astonished, horny and blushing but maybe a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes of Jim and that hard cock just working in and out of her pussy until Jim was obviously cumming. “See.. like this.. hmm ohhh yep..” and with that he sunk his cock deep into Paulina’s pussy and was obviously squirting deep in her before finally and carefully pulling his cock out and milking it with one hand so as to get the maximum inside before it fell out of her. Paulina was red in the face, sweaty and yet the entire time, even as Jim pulled out, she held her pussy open and in place until he was entirely finished before she finally stood up and quickly pulled her spandex pants back up and pausing to catch her breath and weak in the knees she exhaled and promptly put a checkmark sincan escort bayanlar beside ‘V’ on the paper.

Over the next year I’d also visit Paulina for desperate ‘cum dumps’ and every time was better than the last. She wasn’t a young lady anymore but her pussy was so soft, her ability to hold still and take cocks was just perfect for me. I learned there was an office perve who was constantly going down to use her pussy only after someone else had came in her pussy. We have a staffer named Lou who’s cock is so big they say Paulina gets to call it a daily quota if Lou pumps her pussy. It was early on I found out our nice Indian receptionist was married to Sanjeet in the IT department and he told me that his wife was the one who made him go pump Paulina’s mouth at least once a week and afterwards the wife would be unbelievably horny all night and even days after watching him use Paulina’s mouth like that. Last year we hired a young college guy who was spotted fast-walking to Paulina’s office up to three times a day before Old Jim, with good humor, did ask him to “leave some room for the rest of us old guys eh, kid”. Although I never met him, a former employee known as ‘Tate’ was said to use her pussy for up to 90 minutes of pussy fucking pleasure at a time until the manager moved in the ‘cum asap’ rule. Once I asked Paulina, while she was carrying out her routine cleaning duties, I asked how she was doing and she leaned over and whispered in a really horny voice “better if you make me cum this afternoon” and she really did have a hard vaginal orgasm when I was later cumming inside her pussy.

I left the company a few year ago but I’m told Paulina the amazing ‘cum dumpster’ is still working there and I suppose her fat little pussy is still being filled with cum, her mouth used as to squirt cum down her throat and for New Years I suppose her tight little brown asshole is getting cock after cock cumming inside it too.

My poor neglected cock misses her hot wet pussy too. If there isn’t an office cum dump lady in my new workplace I’d like to find out how to get one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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