The Bleach Blonde’s Wrestler Pt. 06

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Sarah (30 yrs.) is the former wife (44-24-36) of a U.S., state senator. She owns a penthouse in the city who is a cheap looking, bleach-blonde. She is a big fan of college wrestling, but never goes to any of the meets. She watches every live competition on “YouTube” and follows the athletes on social media.

Sarah was looking at several hot wrestlers during an out-of-town tournament. It streamed live online. She had noticed one of the referees and searched for his professional information. His name is Lincoln (28 yrs.) who stands at about 5’11” with a slim figure. His black hair falls over the dark blue eyes.

Lincoln often runs stairs at the college gym during his lunch hour. He climbs those stairs and works up a good sweat too. His t-shirt is soaked. He’s also wearing basketball trunks with no jock-strap. His big cock flops back and forth underneath.

He reaches the bottom of the stairs and stops. His hand reaches for the iPhone on top of his sport bag. It turns on and he reads the text messages quickly.

He whispers, “Sarah? Damn… Five messages. Who is this chick?”

His iPhone is dropped on top of the bag and he begins running stairs again.

Lincoln finally sits down on the gym bleacher and calls Sarah’s phone number. He wipes his face with a towel as he places the phone to the left ear.

Sarah: Hello Lincoln. You got my messages.

Lincoln: Yeah, you canlı bahis şirketleri flatter me. But, the answer is no.

Sarah: You don’t believe my body measurements.

Lincoln: No, it sounds like you have a great body. I don’t think you can handle me.

Sarah: Why not?

Lincoln: I’ve got a 10-inch cock.

Sarah: I’ll be the judge of that.

Lincoln: Okay, but I have to try and get away. Saturday night maybe… I make no promises.

Sarah: You know where my penthouse is.

Lincoln: Just giving you fair warning.

Saturday night inside Sarah’s penthouse bedroom. She’s naked and bent over the white bed with both legs spread apart. Her butt-cheeks point into the air as her blonde pussy shines. Lincoln is also naked who stands behind her. His right hand grips his very thick, 10-inch cock. His left fingers rub her wet pussy lips and then rubs that wetness around his cock.

He says, “I’ll push in real slow. Only a few inches. Okay?”

She answers, “Okay.”

His big cock-head spreads open her pussy lips. His pole-shaft slides in slowly and just a few inches. He stops and holds it while her hands grip the bed sheets.

She screams, “Oh-My-Gawd.. Ohh-My-Gawdd.!!”

He leans over and places his hands on the bed. He looks down at his thick member and waits.

He asks, “You okay?”

She answers, “Yes, I’m okay.. My-Gawdd.. Fill me up.!”

He canlı kaçak iddaa slides inside a few more inches and stops.

She makes a guttural sound, “Uuuuuuhh.. It’s so fucking big.!!”

He says, “Fuck yeah. A hot blonde pussy.”

His eyes concentrate on his huge shaft which is about 4-inches in. He says, “That’s as far as I’ll go. Okay?”

She answers, “Fuckk.. Okay-Okay.”

He begins thrusting, but keeps his cock-tip inside.

Her guttural sounds continue, “Uuuuhh.. Uuuuuhh.. Uh-Uuuuuuhh… Gawdd.. Ohh-My-Gawdd..!!”

The force of his pole-shaft makes her buttocks jiggle.

She still screams in gutturral sounds, “Uuuuuuhh.. Gawd.. Gawdd.. Uuuhh.. Uuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuhh.. My-Fucking-Gawdd.. So-Fucking-Good.!!”

He concentrates on his shaft, but doesn’t thrust in too deep.

Sarah screams while gripping the sheets, “G-Gawd.. My-Gawdd.. I’m Cumming.. Uhh-Uuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.. Uuuh-Uhh.. Fuckk..!!”

Lincoln slows down and pulls out, but keeps his cock-tip inside.

Sarah calms down a bit, but breathes hard, “Huh-Huh-Uh.. Fucking-Good.”

He asks, “You okay?”

She answers, “Fuck yeah, I can handle it. Give me a second… Then, keep going.”

He smiles, “Don’t let the neighbors hear you.”

Lincoln waits a few seconds and slides his shaft inside slowly.

He says, “So glad, you can handle it baby.”

8 canlı kaçak bahis minutes later…

Sarah’s butt-cheeks are on the edge of the bed. Both of her legs are lifted into the air. They are spread open enough so that Lincoln’s head can peak through them. Her leg-calves rest on top of his shoulders. He leans over with his hands on the bed.

His monster cock is buried halfway inside of her cunt.

Her fingers grip the bed sheets.

Sweat drips from his forehead.

Lincoln concentrates on his shaft as it thrusts into her hotness.

Her tits flop after each thrust.

She says, “Lincoln.. I-I.. Came.. Three-times.. Three.. Uh-Uuuuhh.. Uuuuhh..!”

He grunts, “Mmmm.. Mmm.. Good-Baby.. Fuck-ing.. Good.!!”

Those big tits flop after each powerful thrust.

He keeps grunting, “Fuckk.. You-can… Handle.. My-Fucking-Cock.!!”

She responds, “You-Feel.. So-Fucking… Good.. Uh-Uuuuhh.. G-Goodd..!!”

His head lift’s up and he closes his eyes as he pushes in a few more times.

He says, “You’re.. So-Fucking-Hot… Shit.. Shittt.. Here-Cums-My-Load.!!”

His cock slips out and his right hand strokes it. She drops her legs open.

His other hand grips the long shaft too.

He explodes, “Uhh-Aaaaaaaaaaahh..!!”

His cock squirts onto her stomach and the blonde pussy.

His right hand reaches up and wipes away the sweat from his forehead. The left hand still grips his pole-shaft and he slaps it down against her lower stomach.

She says, “I never had orgasms like that… Ever.”

He responds, “Fuck… I never cum that fast either.”

They both smile at each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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