The Big Problem Ch. 02

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“Sean, I want you to take a shower and clean up,” Ma said. “I’m going to do the same and make us some supper. Give me an hour or so, will you?”

“Uh, sure, Mom,” I said. “An hour is fine.”

I watched her leave the room. My brains were scrambled, as you might imagine. My mother had just declared that I would be losing my virginity tonight. To say I was excited and confused would be the understatement of the century.

I looked down at my flaccid little pecker. A thin shiny thread of jizz hung from it. I slid a fingertip over the end of my cock, collecting the remaining evidence of my recent ejaculation and held it up for inspection. Since a quarter of two this morning, I had witnessed my mother and her friend from next door eating each other’s pussy, gotten my very first blowjob, albeit an extremely quick one on my part, had my mother give me an unbelievably sensuous hand job and suck all of my cum off of us with her hot mouth. Not to mention her declaration that I was going to get fucked before morning. How good can things get?

I gathered my pants and shorts up around my waist and swaggered down the hall toward my room. Passing mom’s room, I heard the shower running in her bathroom. I noticed her lacy yellow bra and panties lying on the floor by the bed where she has discarded them after taking them off. Creeping into her room, I picked up her panties. The crotch was soaked. She had evidently gotten very wet during our conversation. The water stopped in her shower. Dropping her cum soaked panties back on the floor, I quickly retreated to my room and ducked into the shower myself.

Images of the wet yellow fabric of her panties scorched my brain as I lathered my body. My mother was juicing her drawers while she jerked me off. My dick got hard. My hand was full of lather. I really wanted to jerk off, but thought better of it, remembering what mom had said earlier. Jesus, how much can a guy stand before he loses it completely?

When I got out of the shower, I was standing in my room drying off when I heard mother talking to someone. I went to the door and eavesdropped on her conversation.

“I know, Karen,” Mom said, into the phone. “But he watched us last night…..Yes, and he saw everything…..Why didn’t you tell me you saw him at the door?…..I would not have…..Karen, he’s my son for God’s sake…..No I wouldn’t…..He told me you went to his room…..He told my you sucked him off too….Yes he did, Karen…..Honey I’m not mad at you…..No, I’m not…..Look, I understand how things are with you and Jim…..But, Sean is still a virgin…..He told me so this afternoon…..A long talk about a lot of things…..Things his friends have been saying about him…..This big problem he thinks he has…..I don’t think it’s a problem, but he does…..No, they said his pecker was small…..Don’t I know it, it’s gigantic….Karen! I did not…..You sucked him off, you’d know better than I would…..Karen, can you come over after you feed the monster?…..I’ll tell you when you get here…..Wear something sexy…..Love you, bye…..”

I stood leaning against the door with my heart pounding in my chest. Now THEY were talking about the size of my dick. And she had told Karen to dress up sexy before she came over later. I think my mother has lost her last connection with reality.

I pulled on a pair of waded cutoff jeans and a muscle shirt. I paced my room, wondering what mom had up her sleeve and why she had invited Karen over tonight. If I were a smoker, I’d have had to have a cigarette. I finally switched on my computer and checked my e-mails for the day and went about answering those from friends and checking out the porno ads that inevitably creep into my mailbox. I really get a charge out of the ads for penis enlargement products. My pecker is almost invisible when it’s soft, but it grows to respectable proportions when sexually provoked. I was hoping I would be provoked later tonight. I must have lost track of the time, because I heard mom tapping on my door, saying that dinner was ready.

I walked out into the hall behind mom and stared at her behind as we walked back into the kitchen. She had on a tight, very sheer, blue satin robe that accentuated the roll of her hips as she walked in front of me. It covered her to just above her knees, and had flowing sleeves. She stopped at the kitchen door, put her hand high up on the doorframe and gave her long wavy blond hair a little toss as she looked over her arm back at me. Her makeup had been applied flawlessly. Her eyes glistened.

“I hope you’re hungry,” she said, her crimson lips seemed to pout as she spoke.

“Uh, yeah.” I managed.

I sat at the table. She sat to my right, which was unusual because she usually sat across the table. We filled our plates and started to eat. I kept looking up at mom. The front of her sheer robe was drawn tightly across her heavy breasts. The smooth cool fabric had caused her nipples to harden and protrude obscenely. When she would lean forward, the robe would fall open exposing her luscious flesh to my feasting şişli escort eyes.

Mother had poured us each a tall, stemmed glass of wine to go with our dinner. When she took a sip from her glass, her lips left a crimson remembrance on the rim. Mother is forty years old. I’m nineteen. I lusted for my mother.

I laid my fork next to my plate when I had finished eating. I sat staring at her. She was right, her nose is a little too big, and her teeth could have been straightened with braces if her parents had chosen to spend the money. But her hair is long, wavy and the color of late summer hay, and frames her oval face. At 5′-9″, and 140 pounds, she is a statuesque woman. Her breasts are ample, 38-D, tapering to a narrow waist of 26″ and flaring to strong hips and thighs. She’s short waisted and has long shapely legs. When she wears high-heeled shoes, she looks me straight in the eye. She stands upright, her breasts thrust outward and she walks with her body erect. The tall heels of her shoes, when she wears them, accentuate her hips and rump.

She usually dresses conservatively, wearing dark skirts, which extend to the knee and loose fitting blouses and jackets. She looks professional when she leaves for work, using a minimum of facial makeup. When she goes out with Karen, they both seem to dress a little more casually, even a bit sluttish sometimes. After last night, I guess I know why.

“What are you thinking, Sean?” Mom asked, softly.

“I was just thinking how beautiful you are,” I answered, almost choking over my words.

“You’re too kind,” she whispered.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked.

“Bring your wine and let’s go in the den,” she said, standing up.

The front of her robe, below the belt parted when she stood, revealing her soft golden-thatched pubic mound. She made no effort to hide the fact she wore nothing under the robe. She stepped back and the robe dropped together. I stood. My cock was sticking straight down the leg of my cutoffs, and rock solid.

I followed her into the den, trying desperately to adjust the lump in my pants. When I sat down, it was a little better, but still very uncomfortable.

She turned and faced me, “Now, about your question?”

“Why did you do that to me this afternoon?” I asked.

“You mean why did I make you cum?” She asked.


“Did you like that?” She asked.

“You know I did,” I said. “Why would you do that?”

“Because you wanted me to,” she answered. “Didn’t you?”

“Of course,” I stammered. “It’s just…”

” That I’m your mother?” She interrupted.

I blinked. I know full well that I had blushed beet red, and my cock head had crept out from under my cutoffs.

“I am also a woman.” She stated. “And you are a grown man. And I am so fucking horny right now I am about to explode. And you turn me on. I am also just kinky enough that I want Karen to be with us the first time, just in case I try to chicken out. It’s been a long time since your father was killed and I really need to be fucked.”

Mother was breathing hard. We heard a soft tapping on the sliding door across the room. Karen stood outside the door, looking in at us through the glass. I jumped up and limped across the room to open the door. She was wearing a white transparent duster and clear plastic slippers with little white puffs on the toes. Her large dark areola stared at me through the gossamer negligee. I gaped.

“How’d you get out of the house in that?” Mom asked.

“Jim’s in the living room watching the tube,” Karen answered. “I got dressed and snuck out the patio door. What do you think? Sexy enough?”

I had to sit down. My dick was killing me. Mom, in her infinite wisdom, took note of the problem and giggled.

“Oh, from the looks of things, I’d say you’re doing just fine,” Mom said.

Karen looked at me, then at mom and then at my lap.

“Did I disturb something?” She quizzed.

Mom stood up and walked over to me and kneeled on the floor at my feet. She pulled the button open on my cutoffs and unzipped them. I raised my butt off the sofa so she could pull them off over my hips. Once freed from the confines of my pants, my pecker laid straight up against my belly. Karen stared open mouthed at the size of my cock.

“My God, Blaise,” she gasped. “It’s even bigger than I thought!”

“He’s magnificent,” Ma whispered, taking me in both hands again.

“Why did you ask me to come over here?” Karen asked.

“This afternoon I found out that Sean has never made love to a woman,” Mom stated.

“I told him that before this night was over, I would change that for him. I need a man and I love my son. I’m just afraid that I might back out at the last second and leave him in a terrible condition. I want you to help me teach Sean all about being a good lover.”

“Jesus, Blaise,” Karen whispered. “I don’t know. He’s your son. Are you sure you really want to do this?”

“I am,” Mother said.

“Do you want to make love with your escort ankara mother, Sean?” Karen asked.

“Yes, and I want to make love with you too,” I said.

Karen came over and sat next to me on the sofa and said, “No, Baby. You and I are going to fuck each other ’til we’re brain dead. There will be no love in it. Your mother wants you to make love. Do you understand the difference?”

I nodded. Mother nodded with me, leaning forward and kissing me on the knee. Karen got up and pulled the drape across the patio door window. She turned and face us, untying the lacy belt at her waist. Her duster fluttered to the floor. She stood above us stark naked.

Karen pulled mom to her feet and slipped her out of her robe. She reached for my hand and I stood up with the three of them. They helped me out of my muscle shirt. Karen kissed mother on the lips. Then she kissed me on the lips.

“Kiss Sean, Honey,” Karen whispered.

Our lips came together in a scalding kiss. We wrapped our arms around each other and came together in a full body press. Karen caressed both of us lightly as we explored the insides of each other’s mouth. My hard love muscle lay mashed between us, leaking a steady flow of pre-coital lubricant.

“Blaise, Honey,” Karen said. “I think you’d better forget about the preliminaries and get on to the good stuff, before you both ignite and burst into flames.”

Our knees bent at the same moment and we sank to the floor. I eased mother down on her back. We never broke the kiss. Her legs forked open and closed around my body, drawing me against her. She reached her hand between us, pulling my stiff cock into her entrance. I felt the wetness of her pubic bush, then the heat of her soft labia as I passed through into her tight sheath.

“All the way, Sean,” she begged. “I want you all the way in….. Sweet Mother of God, Sean. I need you so bad.”

I felt her bristly pussy hair on my body just as I felt her innermost membranes stretch to accept the length and girth on my intruding phallus. She whimpered as we came together. I stayed fully inserted into her clutching glove, not really knowing what to do next.

Karen was there to assist. “Ease out a little and then go back in,” she breathed in my ear.

I did so. Mother moaned into my chest where she held her face. I felt Karen’s hard nipples on my arm as I eased out and in, slowly. Mom continued to make mewling sounds with her throat.

“Can you feel her, Sean?” Karen asked in my ear. “Do you feel her wet cunt on your hard cock, Baby? She can feel you inside of her. She’s on fire, Sean, she’s burning up.”

“I can feel it,” I gasped. “I feel your hot pussy, Mom. I feel it on my cock.”

“Oh God, Sean,” Mom gurgled. “Fuck my cunt, Sean. Make me cum, Baby.”

“Did you hear her, Sean,” Karen asked. “She wants you make her cum. She wants you to cum in her pussy. Don’t you Blaise?”

“Yes…..Yes…..” Mom whined. “Please make me cum, Baby. I want to feel your hot cum in my cunt!”

“Fuck her harder, Sean,” Karen coached, dragging her tongue across my ear and down my neck.

Karen pushed her hand between us and groped for mom’s tits. When she found one she cupped her hand over it and squeezed it between her fingers. Mom groaned even louder with the added stimulation of Karen’s hand.

My balls ached to be emptied. Karen urged me to fuck her faster and harder. I fucked her faster and harder. Mom begged me to fill her pussy with cum. I humped and humped until I felt myself begin to tense up.

I must have groaned because mom pushed up hard against me and clamped her teeth into my soft skin. I exploded like a Titan rocket. I spilled stream upon stream of thick hot jizz in the bottom of her boiling caldron.


I pumped into her again and again until I was completely exhausted. I lay on top of her. We both gasped for breath. Karen was kissing first me, then mother, and then back again. I rolled off to the side, keeping my arm draped across mother’s middle. Karen moved between mom’s legs and started to lick at the thick goo that was oozing form her sated hole. She stayed there, collecting each sacred drop with her tongue and swallowing it before it could be lost on the carpet.

I felt Karen’s hand on my slippery cock, pulling it into her wet mouth. Using her tongue, she bathed me clean of the commingled fluids, a clinging remnant of my incestuous coupling with my mother.

Mother lay still beside me, one arm crossing over her forehead, covering her eyes. Her other hand cupped Karen’s breast as Karen mouthed my flaccid cock. I watched as Karen moved her head up and down. The sensations she created on my just emptied cock could only be compared with the journey up to heaven.

Mother pushed herself up on her elbows, watching Karen slowly devouring my cock. She moved away and sat on the sofa above my head. Her legs were spread and she had a foot on the floor on each side of my face. When I looked up, I was staring right up into ankara escor her still dilated pussy. Her thick blond thatch remained damp from Karen’s mouth. I could feel my cock begin to stir again. Mom saw it too.

She lowered herself off the sofa, bringing her soggy bush close to my upturned face. I smelled her when she got close. Her scent intoxicated me. She settled down on her knees just close enough for me to feel her hair on my face. Karen was watching.

“Lick her pussy, Sean,” Karen whispered. “Touch her with your tongue.”

I extended my tongue, slowly inserting in through her feathery outer lips. I just moved it around, touching her with it. She lowered herself a little farther so I didn’t have to stretch my neck.

“Run your tongue all along the length of her slit,” Karen instructed.

Karen had moved up so her face was only inches from mine. She watched intently as I pushed deeper into mother’s hot hole.

“That’s the ticket, Baby,” I heard mother breath, when I started to lick back and forth along her drooping outer folds.

Karen reached out with her fingers and spread mom’s pussy open, exposing her extended pink clit so I could touch it with my tongue.

“Now lick her right here,” Karen instructed. “This is her clit. You’ll make her cum if you lick it enough, Baby.”

I did as Karen told me, slathering mom’s clit with my eager tongue. She was right, mom clenched immediately when I touched her there, groaning and releasing a thin flow of liquid on my tongue.

“I told you, Sean,” Karen giggled. “She loves it when you diddle her clit with your tongue. And she leaks all over you if you keep it up. I know, I’ve done it for her many times.”

Mom lifted herself back up on the sofa, leaning back and exhaling through her slack mouth.

“I’ve had enough for a minute, Keri,” Mom breathed. “It’s your turn for awhile.”

“Are you sure, Sweetie?” Karen asked. “This is your coming out party. I don’t want to come between you.”

“Sean, do you want to fuck Karen?” Mom asked.

Uh, yeah. I guess so,” I stammered.

Karen, her face still only inches away from mine, looked into my eyes. I leaned my face forward, opened my mouth and covered hers with it, shoving my tongue as deep into her as I could. Her hand went back to my cock, which had started to get hard again, circling it with her fingers.

Karen rose up and straddled me with her legs, never releasing my hardened cock. She squatted down over me and positioned her smooth hairless cunt on the head of it and slowly sat down on me. She started to rock, back and forth. I was totally imbedded in her hot socket. I reached for her swaying tits with both hands and clamped down on them, rolling her hard nipples with my thumbs.

“Squeeze her tits, Sean,” Mom said. “She likes it when you squeeze on them.”

“Oh, yesssss!” Karen hissed, when I applied more pressure to her wanting tits.

The already large areola on Karen’s breasts, darkened and expanded even more as I kneaded them with my fingers. Deep groans of pleasure escaped her lips as I tormented her hard budding nipples. She increased the speed of her rotations on me as I increased the intensity on tits.

Karen ground her pelvis against me, humping wildly. She began bouncing up and down vigorously when I clamped her nipples between my thumb and fingers and twisted, cruelly, pulling and stretching. Then she started to cum on me. Her pussy clutched at me, squeezing and milking on my aching cock. She threw her cunt at me, crashing down on me again and again. Her passion subsided after what seemed like forever. I remained rock solid in her steaming hole, but I still hadn’t given her my reward.

Mom pulled Karen off me, and helped her to the sofa. She pushed the younger woman face down on the seat with her knees still on the floor. We were both drenched with perspiration and female ejaculate. Mom pulled me behind Karen, and helped me guide my cock into her sloppy cunt.

“Now fuck her like a dog,” Mom urged. “Karen likes it rough, don’t you, Bitch?”

“Oh yes,” Karen gasped, when my balls spanked her clit as I slammed into her.

Mother’s hand came down on Karen’s upturned ass cheek with a resounding crack, leaving a bright red handprint. Karen erupted anew, sending a fresh flood of pussy juice flowing over my entrenched manhood.

“Fuck her hard, Baby,” Mom hissed. “Give the cunt something to remember.”

I slammed into her again, pounding her with all the strength I had until I finally dumped a huge load of thick man milk deep in her pussy. That was it for me. I had to sit back, or collapse one.

No sooner had I pulled my dying cock from her spasm-wracked split, than mother clamped her mouth over it and vacuumed every last drop of me out of her. Karen screamed at the initial contact of mom’s mouth, then she convulsed into yet another major orgasm. These two knew exactly which buttons to push to get a reaction from the other. I am totally amazed.

They lay there, spent. I was trashed. My knees and back were rubbed raw from the carpet.

I had a bite mark on my chest that would surly turn black and blue, and my little problem hung straight down toward the floor. The only thing I can say about tonight is, I’ll never doubt my mother again, when she makes me a promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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