The Bet 03: Videos

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Sarah rolled over in bed and glared at the calendar on the wall. Climbing out of the warmth of her bed, she pulled on an oversized shirt and tiptoed to the bathroom. Being quiet was pointless since the shower running could be heard throughout the whole house. Stepping under the warm water she ran a hand over her face. Confusion still overwhelmed as she replayed the last two days.

First, she unknowingly sleeps with her brother at a Halloween party. Then, in the midst of trying to trap him, she half loses a bet to him. Now, they have to do whatever he wants today. Tomorrow they will do whatever she wants. Much like when she caught him jerking off, she was almost excited at what could happen.

John had been firm and confident in every move he made yesterday. Making her beg for a release as he ate her pussy. Guiding her to a blow job that rougher than the one the night before. She had liked the feeling of his tongue as he explored parts of her he hadn’t seen until this week. The roughness of his fingers as he expertly found every nerve that made a woman weak.

Even standing under the water, she could feel a wetness pooling between her legs. With one hand she pinched and tweaked her erect nipple. The other hand slid over her trim stomach to the place between her legs that was calling for attention.

John leaned against the wall outside the bathroom and grinned as he listened to the sweet moans filling the space. It didn’t take a genius to know that his sister was playing with herself. It did, however, take prying ears to hear her moan his name.

Pushing off the wall, John went to his sister’s room and looked around. The last forty-eight hours had proven many things about his sister. One of them being she was sex crazy. There wasn’t a single doubt that she had experience. That meant somewhere in this room she had toys stashed away. Glancing at her phone, he considered making a few calls to those human experiences to invite over. Shaking his head, he let the thought disappear but grabbed the phone anyways. It was too soon for that evil and she wouldn’t be needing it today.

John searched the night stand first. When there was nothing, he went to her dresser and began rifling through the drawers. Transparent lingerie, crotchless panties and skimpy baby dolls filled the bottom draw. The one above it was her collection of thongs and cheekies. Shifting to the closet, he eyed the shoe boxes on the top shelf and noted one on the floor of the closet.

The corners of his mouth tugged upward as he tucked the box under his arm. A subtle shift and it was confirmed this was what he was looking for. Sitting at her desk, he wrote her a note and dropped it on her unmade bed.

Sitting on his own bed, he flipped open the lid and marveled at the collection she had. The water cut off and he cradled the box on his lap. She would be a few more minutes in the bathroom then probably a good amount of time in her bedroom. With box in hand, John left his room and wandered down the hall and away from the bedrooms.

Dropping her towel on the floor, Sarah sighed. Even the shower hadn’t helped ease her mind. She tried to guess at what her brother would have them do. Maybe she would just have to give him blow jobs all day. The thought made her happy and sad. Happy she wouldn’t feel degraded, but sad because Saturday’s were normally the days she would hook up with one of her boytoys.

Looking at her nightstand, she noted her phone was gone. Looking to her bed in hopes of it being there, she found a sheet of paper.

“Great,” she mumbled and picked it up. “Dear Sister. Today will be simple. Put on something from that bottom drawer, and join me in the kitchen. Underwear is not mandatory, but if you do wear some I have left you my favorites to choose from. Don’t worry about your phone. You won’t be needing it today.”

Rushing over to her dresser, Sarah pulled open the middle drawer and cursed. A g-string, black crotchless panties and satin tongue were all that remained in the sacred drawer. After shoving the drawer shut, she istanbul escort pulled open the bottom. Her hopes of her lingerie being where she left it evaporated. The three pieces obviously were to match the underwear he had left behind. A see-through camisole to match the g-string. A black lacy babydoll that she had outgrown a year ago to go with the crotchless panties. A satin cupless corset to match the satin thong.

Putting on the black panties and babydoll, she huffed and tugged at the hem. With each tug, her tits were ready to pop free. If she tugged it up, her ass was on display. Why she cared made her even more frustrated. They’d already slept together. He had seen her splayed on the counter. Both instances she argued over. The first was an accident. The second hadn’t been expected. Well, it had. She sighed again tugging the babydoll back up.

With a final look in her mirror, she opened her bedroom door and walked into the kitchen with her head held high. She had half expected to see him sitting naked at the table stroking his cock in preparation for the day. Instead, she found him fully clothed and hunched over the newspaper.

“Where’s my phone?”

“In a safe place,” John answered not breaking from the paper. He could see her from the corner of his eye and the sight was already affecting his body. Her hair had dried into perfect waves to frame her face. The snug fitting babydoll put every curve of her body on display. He patted his hand on the counter beside the paper and she cautiously took a few steps towards him. Glancing at her, he gestured for her to sit on the counter. When she didn’t move, he picked her up and sat her down. “Today will be a lot easier if you just listen, Sarah.”

“Fine,” she mumbled through gritted teeth.

“Good.” He nodded then walked to the fridge. “I’m glad you picked that one. Reminds me of Halloween.”

Sarah tried to crane her neck to see what he was doing, but his huge frame filled the opening. She leaned back on her hands as her feet swung like a child. “Yeah, I bet.”

“The picture you sent me,” he stepped away from the fridge empty handed and Sarah’s forehead wrinkled. “That was Lily, wasn’t it?”

“Yup.” John nodded as he walked back over to her. He wedged himself between her legs and pulled her by the hips to the edge.

“Is that all you two do?”

“Actually, she had just gotten done making me cum.” She shivered as his hands brushed over the tops of her bare thighs.

“Really,” his brow jumped up in unison with the twitch in his pants. Sarah nodded as his hand came closer to pussy lips. She took in a breath when his finger rubbed against her swollen clit. “Do you help her out too, Sarah?”

“Sometimes,” she moaned as her mind began to fog. He was rubbing harder but maintained the slow tease. “Ahh, Johnny.”

“How do you help her?” His other hand dropped into his pocket to find the butterfly vibrator he had found in her box. His finger began to rub faster, causing her to gasp and moan. “Answer me, little sister.”

“She has a strap-on,” Sarah moaned. “She likes feeling dominated, so I use it on her sometimes.”

“Do you like being dominated,” he nipped the crook of her neck and she moaned.

“Not usually.” She confessed between heavy pants. His finger slowed again and he laughed as Sarah whimpered.

“Guess you’ll learn to like it today.” He used his arm to push her legs wider. Her head dropped back as thumb took over stroking her clit. His fingers began to dance between her lips. She was moaning his name again. Her chest rising and falling as he took a step back. The black lace framed pussy was dripping before his eyes. With subtlety and swiftness, he maneuvered the vibrator between them.

With a pinch to her bundle of nerves, he sent her over the edge and shoved the vibrator into place. Sarah’s head snapped up as she gasped and looked wide eyed at her brother. Her ecstasy doubled when a ripple from between her legs shot through her. A deep, long moan escaped her as she leaned toward her brother.

“What,” cebeci escort she moaned again as another vibration rattled through her. He held up the remote and wiggled it in her face.

“Hope you don’t mind,” he was cut off by another moan. “I borrowed some things for today.”

A press of the button on the remote and Sarah’s world began to right itself. She did her best to glare at him, but only managed the same glazed look as the night before. She reached for the remote in his hand only to receive another strong burst surge through her.

“Damn it, Johnny,” she failed to bite back the moan. After a minute, he turned it off.

“Now, here’s how this is going to work. It’s a basic reward system. You do something right, you get to cum. Do something wrong and you’ll be left on edge all day.” She nodded in understanding. “Good. Now how about we go watch a movie? Let you get used to this new role.”

“Okay,” she whispered. He helped her off the counter then slung an arm across her shoulders. His fingers played her hardened nipples as they walked to the living room. John sat first then patted the cushioned armrest beside him. Dropping her gaze, she walked over to the couch and sat in her suggested spot. Although there was plenty of padding beneath the faux leather, the stiffness below the surface pressed against the vibrator causing it to go deeper.

“What are you in the mood for, little sister,” John picked up the remote and jumped down to the adult channels. Her face grew hot as he flipped through the titles. When she didn’t pick, he hit a few buttons on the remote and another menu jumped to the screen. It was videos, from her phone. Her eyes darted to him as he flipped through them. “See. The thing about phones is you can plug them into computers and pull all sorts of things from them. I only chose a couple since I didn’t have time to go through them all.”

“You plugged my phone into the T.V.?”

“No,” he smirked at her. “I downloaded the videos to a flash drive and plugged that into the T.V..”

John’s hand rested on her thigh as he looked back to the screen. He stopped on one from a week ago. He pointed the remote at the screen as snip-its of the video flashed in the tiny preview window.

“Wasn’t that the night you told Mom you were studying?” Again, she didn’t answer and John fished the vibrator remote from his pocket. With a press of a button, Sarah squirmed against the armrest.

“Yes. Yes, I told Mom I was studying.” The violent wave stopped. He pressed play on the T.V. remote and the screen went black. Skipping ahead, John settled back into the cushions. Sarah watched as Garth, the teachers aid from her Bio two class, bent her over his desk and rammed his hard dick into her from behind. John nodded in appreciation. Sarah was mortified that she was watching this with her brother while her aching pussy was under his control.

Sarah on the screen was clutching the edge of the desk as a string of moans passed her perfect lips. Her breasts were barely brushing over the desktop as Garth thrust ruthlessly into her wanting hole. His fingers were digging into her hips as he forced her backwards to meet each thrust.

“Tell the camera how it feels, baby. Tell the world,” Garth grunted as his hands moved to her swinging tits. Fisting them, he guided her back to be impaled repeatedly.

“Don’t stop, Mr. Jones. Please don’t stop until I’m full. I need more,” Sarah moaned, her lusty eyes met the camera across from them.

“And why are you here,” Garth grunted again.

“Because,” Sarah moaned before continuing, “I need to pass this class.”

“Such a little slut,” Garth’s chest was pressed against her back as he forced her upright. “Getting your cunt fucked for a grade.”

Garth fell into the large leather office chair, still holding onto Sarah’s sweating form and still connected. She wiggled on his lap, grinding her ass into his lap. Garth was panting as he played with her tits. Sarah was now riding the man’s cock. Turning the chair slightly, the ankara escort camera was given a perfect view of the rod disappearing and reappearing between his sister’s luscious lips. One of Garth’s hands stayed on her tit. The other hand snaked down her body flick her clit.

The screen froze and as if waking from a trance, Sarah blinked. She looked at her brother. The tent in his pants was growing. He was enjoying the video. He liked seeing his sister being used by another man. He looked at her and using the T.V. remote instructed her to turn her body toward him.

She swallowed as she did what she was told. Pulling at her left leg, John pulled her on his lap to face the television. His hidden erection rubbed against butterfly causing it to shift in her and she shivered. Her hands rested on his knees as she worked to find balance. His left hand snaked up the babydoll to find her tit. His right hand pressed a lower setting on the vibrator’s remote.

Her back rested against his strong chest as she welcomed the sensations rolling over her lower half. Moans filled the room and Sarah turned her head to find John had started the video again. Sarah rolled her hips as she watched herself riding closer to release. Her hips were bucking wildly on the man’s lap.

“That, darling sister, is you being dominated,” John whispered in her ear. His hot breath tickled her skin. “You are doing everything that guy is telling you to do. Hell, you are willingly screwing him. Is that a wedding ring? You whored yourself out to a married man. Tsk tsk.”

The vibrations became a little stronger and Sarah moaned in time with herself on the screen. Her hips rocked against her brother’s lap. Everything he was saying was true. She knew the T.A. was married. He knew she would do anything for a decent grade. John brushed her hair aside to watch her face. He upped the strength another notch and smiled when she began to move faster on his lap.

Sarah on the screen impaled herself one last time as the man beneath her groaned and clearly dumped his load. His hands held her in place as he thrust upwards a few more times. When he had finished with her, he let Sarah slide from his lap and onto the floor. With a few tugs the remaining cum shot across her face. Garth picked up the camera and brought it to the panting Sarah’s face.

“Little slut earned herself a B,” he chuckled. The camera panned down her sweaty body to her swollen cunt. Cum oozing onto the linoleum was the last shot before the screen went black. The menu of videos popped back up, but neither of the siblings cared. Sarah was writhing for release on her brother’s lap. His hand still toyed with her nipple as he watched her reaching for another glimpse of ecstasy.

“Not only are you a horny slut, but you also earned your grades by being a whore.”

“Please, Johnny,” she begged through another moan. With the strongest level being pressed, Sarah came around the toy wedged in her pussy. When she had finally settled against him, John turned off the vibrator.

“We aren’t done,” he shifted her to lay on the cushion beside him. “I was going to be nice today, but I don’t think I can now. After watching that video, I’ve decided that would be just too cruel.”

“What do you mean,” Sarah asked as she regained her breath. She struggled to sit up and yelped in surprise as she fell back against the cushion when he pulled her toward him.

“I think, little sister, you’ve got a problem.” John tugged the babydoll up her body. His hands slowly roaming over her smooth stomach then her firm tits as he pushed the lace over her head. “I think the reason you aren’t resisting this is because secretly you need to be filled and it doesn’t matter who’s doing the filling.”

“That’s not-” she was cut off as the vibrator was yanked from its place. She moaned from the sudden pressure then whimpered from the emptiness. Her back arched as she instinctively sought out for it to be replaced. “Fuck, Johnny.”

“Told you so,” he teased as he got to his feet. He began to undress, leaving a pile of clothes beside the discarded vibrator. His cock was at full mast and his balls were ready to burst. He gazed down at his sister, practically bare and still trying to steady her breathing. “We’ve already fucked and it wasn’t bad. I think we can do better though.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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