The Best Cure is Love Ch. 01

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Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out my first-ever story.

Many thanks to RexBrookdale for helping me out with the editing of this first chapter.

I hope you enjoy it.


It was another ordinary Monday morning as nineteen-year-old Matthew Caldwell yawned and stretched his arms above his head.

“Time to grab a nice warm shower to wake myself up a little bit better,” said Matthew to himself while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

As he stumbled half asleep out of his room toward the bathroom he could already hear the sound of falling water coming from inside.

“Great.” He sighed as he walked to the bathroom door, preparing to knock a few times on it.

“Steph, could you hurry up, you know that I have classes early today and I can’t be late.”

After the shower turned off he heard her say, “Give me a few minutes Matt, I need to dry myself and then the shower will be all yours.”

“Okay, then give a shout when you are done, I will be in my room.” Matthew turned around and walked back to his room to prepare his backpack and grab the books he needed for his classes.

Matthew was a first-year med student at the local university; medicine was a passion that he’d got ‘infected’ with by his mother, Judith. He always thought it would be great to become someone who could help others by tending to their diseases and injuries. Another reason that fueled his passion happened just after his father had passed away, eight years ago. He had died a few months after being diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer. The image of his once-strong and happy father as he withered away in a few months, was always stuck inside of his mind. He swore to become a doctor, to one-day battle these horrible diseases in the hope of finding a cure.

“Matt. You can take the shower now, I’m done.”

“Finally,” said Matthew to himself as he walked back across the hall toward the bathroom.

Out of the bathroom came a feisty-looking redhead, wearing nothing but a matching set of white lace panties and bra.

“Hey there my lovely grumpy little brother,” spoke the redhead, as she wrapped her hair into a small ponytail. “Now don’t give me that annoying look, you know that a beautiful girl like me needs to have a quality shower time for herself.”

“Yeah sure, I’d rather have you to take your quality shower time after I’ve had mine; you still have an hour before you have to go to your work anyway,” he responded.

“Oh come on, Matt, I’m done now so don’t get all pissed off at me.”As she walked past she ruffled her hand through his short, dark hair, and gave him a playful little bump against the side of his leg with her butt. “Love you little brother,” she said as she walked into her room.

Matthew could not help but to smile at her, even though she could be annoying sometimes.

The feisty redhead in question was Stephanie Caldwell, Matthew’s twenty-two-year-old sister. Stephanie or ‘Steph’ as he and his Mom called her, was the spitting image of their mother Judith. His mother was more classy and professional housewife material, while Stephanie was more of a ‘don’t mess with me girl’ while keeping a cute image. She was a little fixated on her body, as she worked as a model for different magazines and clothing companies. She had a few tattoos, including an amazing one honoring her father, and a pierced right eyebrow. She painted her nails black which went alone with her chic image. Matthew also knew that she had small barbell piercings through both nipples. She stood out from the crowd, not only because of the red hair, but also because she had a nice, curvy, fit figure with what he guessed might be thirty-four DD breasts, that stood firm on her chest; and a great looking ass to boot. She always took good care of herself by doing yoga and working out together with her mother.

So how did Matthew know all these facts about his sister? It’s simple: they shared a great bond together, especially after their father died. His passing had affected Stephanie hard.

Matthew looked up to his big sister. She was a tough woman, not afraid to stand up for herself; something he lacked. Matthew was shy and quiet around others, apart from his family and the few friends he had. Because of this his sister looked out for him in their younger years. He called her his guardian angel, which made her blush whenever he reminded her.

He heard her humming a song, as he made his way to his morning shower.

Matthew glanced at his right leg as the water rained down on his light muscled body. There on the upper thigh, was a huge scar that he had received from an accident with his bicycle as a child. The scar was another reason why Matthew was shy, even more so around girls. He thought they would find it weird and disgusting-looking.

“Well, time to get some breakfast,” mumbled Matthew as he turned off the shower.

After grabbing his backpack from his room he made his way down the stairs toward the kitchen. The smell of pancakes wafted toward him, and he saw another figure with a long demetevler escoırt red ponytail standing behind the kitchen counter.

“Good morning Mom,” he said as he walked toward a chair on the other side of the counter.

Judith Caldwell turned around and gave her son a smile and a wink over her glasses; she was on the phone. “Look Martin I don’t care that the board came up with a sudden meeting, at least give me the courtesy to let me make my children a decent breakfast. You do know that this was supposed to be my day off after working overtime and busting my ass over the last month.” Judith looked up at Matthew again, rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.

Matthew giggled at the cute face his mother made.

“Okay, I will be there in about 45 minutes; also, let them know that I won’t be attending longer than a few hours, I want to spend the rest of the day with my kids at home.”

Without even saying goodbye she ended the call and threw her phone back into her bag. “Sorry honey, they always know how to get under my skin, even after telling them that I had planned a free day.”

“Something urgent?” asked Matthew, taking a bite out of his pancake.

“Yes, there have been reports of a new, rapidly spreading virus across the city for the last few days, so of course they plan a meeting exactly on my day off.”

“Well I only have classes in the morning, so as soon you are done I will be here at home. Maybe we can do something together and relax.”

Judith’s face turned into a smile. “I will look forward to it sweetie, I’m in dire need of a good workout, and it’s supposed to be sunny today.”

“Deal,” mumbled Matthew as he gobbled down another pancake.

Judith hadn’t always been this cold or strict toward her colleagues, or more in general toward the outside world; nowadays, though, the only place she felt calm and good at was being home or while doing activities with her children. They had become even closer as a family, after her depression and the loss of her husband and father of her children. She had sunk into depression after the loss eight years ago, blaming herself and others for not being able to save her husband from his terrible fate. As a doctor, she took the whole thing even harder. She managed to crawl back out of that dark place thanks to both of her children; she always felt safe and secure when they were around her, and loved both of them with her whole heart.

Finding another man to be with was something she always rejected, despite Matthew and Stephanie’s encouragement to start dating again three years after he had died. To her, nobody could replace him and the love she had for him.

“Earth to Mom, are you still with us?” said Matthew with a grin, as he watched her stare out the window.

“Oh, sorry honey, I was deep in my thoughts.” She gave him another one of her warm smiles. “Well I got to go Matt, before they feel the sudden urge to call me again.” She walked past him toward the hall, but not before planting a sweet kiss on his cheek, “Love you sweetie, I look forward to when I get back.”

“Love you too Mom, see you later.” Matthew could smell his mother’s sweet perfume as she kissed and walked past him.

For a forty-two-year-old mother of two Judith still looked beautiful, Matthew’s friends at school often called her a MILF, pissing him off in the process.

Judith was wearing a white blouse that showed off her ample bust (36DD, once again guessed by Matthew) under that a knee high tight but classy looking black skirt. On her feet a pair of high heeled black pumps that multiplied her sexiness by a lot.

Like always she wore her red hair in a long ponytail with loose strands of hair behind her ears, completing the look with her stylish glasses that she always had on, giving her a unbelievable sexy nerdy look.

Matthew was proud of her after everything she had been through. Thanks to the workouts and yoga she did with Stephanie she had a curvy and fit body equaling that of his sister, though more mature and with a few more “larger” parts.

Judith walked past the stairs toward the front door. Once there she stopped and shouted upstairs. “Steph don’t forget that you have a important appointment today.”

Stephanie’s voice came back down at her “Sheesh Mom, I planned it myself so don’t worry about it okay?”

“Just looking out for you sweetheart, good luck and see you later today, love you.”

“Love you too Mom, bye.”

As Judith walked out the front door she looked back at Matthew again and blew him a kiss before closing the door.

Seeing his mother off Matthew went back to eat his remaining pancake before he had to leave.

When he walked past the stairs toward the front door he heard a familiar voice shouting, “love hug.” at him.

Knowing what was coming he quickly turned toward the stairs and opened his arms preparing to catch something.

Not a second later Stephanie flew into his arms with a loud giggle.

“Good thing that you still remember our childhood quirk’s.” rus escort said Stephanie with a grin on her face while staring into her brother’s eyes as they held each other.

“Even better is that my reaction time is top notch before you managed to break both our necks.” responded Matthew as he held his sister tight, not complaining as he felt her tits and hard nipples pressing against his chest.

Stephanie giggled again as she dazed into her brother’s eyes for a few more seconds before giving him a sweet short kiss on his lips.

“What’s that for?” asked Matthew.

“That’s because you are my cute little brother, and to wish you luck today, guardian angel, remember?” Stephanie blushed as she said it.

“Well sharing is caring.” said Matthew with a smirk on his face before returning a gentle kiss on Stephanie’s lips making her blush even more.

“Wait, didn’t you have a appointment soon?” asked Matthew as he released her from their hug.

Stephanie rolled her eyes, “I thought having one mother was enough Matthew, but to answer your question, I do have one but it has been pushed back a few hours.”

“Oh, that means that you won’t be here when me and Mom return, guess we will have to do something together since you will be working,” answered Matthew.

“We can grab a movie or something in the evening to watch together with the three of us.” said Stephanie as she adjusted her tight tank top and Daisy Dukes.

“Sounds good to me, well gotta go sis before I’m too late for class, good luck with the shoot and see you in the evening.”

“See you later Matt, love you.”

Stephanie closed the front door after Matthew went his way. Inside she leaned against the door letting out a sigh before sliding her hand down her Daisy Dukes toward her panties.

“Wet again…” She said as she rubbed her fingers over her pussy. “One of these days you will have to confront him with your true feelings Steph…”

She let out another sigh and started walking to the kitchen so she could eat her breakfast.

Judith was gnawing the end of her pen annoyingly as she checked her upcoming appointments and emails inside of her office at the Fairway hospital.

A couple of knocks on her door interrupted her as she heard a male voice say: “Coffee, coming in.”

Martin came in with two freshly made cups of coffee and walked to Judith’s desk, reaching out a cup toward her.

“Hope this will make up for the sudden call Judi, a pair of freshly made cups of coffee, none of that yucky machine made shit.”

Judith’s annoyed look turned into a smile again as she took the cup that Martin gave her.

“I’m not mad at you Mart, I was just pissed off at the Moment, you know how I always look forward to spending time with my children.”

“I know Judi, I felt bad when the higher-ups told me to call you, knowing that you took a day off, but I had to follow the rules, being under them means slave mode,” said Martin with a smirky grin.

Judith giggled knowing what he meant.

“You know this whole meeting felt as a waste of time, seeing that there is no epidemic or any important medical breakthrough, just a simple heads-up about a new sort of virus.”

“I agree Mart.,” said Judith while she took a sip of her coffee.

“I mean the only symptoms so far are that of a fever and in rare cases combined with small nosebleeds and throwing up, all infected patients that came in had been studied carefully not showing anything life threatening, it almost looks exactly the same as a bad case of flu and that’s it.”

“At least we can hope it stay’s this way and won’t evolve into something worse…” said Martin nodding and agreeing with Judith.

“Well I have to go Judi, another executive needs to shove their important hand up my ass to get things done, enjoy the coffee and have fun with the kids later.” Martin waved at Judith as he went for the door.

“Thank you Mart and good luck today.” Judith waved back at Martin with a big smile.

After Martin left she went back checking the last remaining dossiers and emails that she had to respond to.

Stretching out while letting out a yawn Judith thought about the free time she would be spending with Matthew and Stephanie once she returned home.

“Time to complete these last few files and then I will call it a day, looking forward getting out of these clothes and switching over to relax mode.”

Judith finished her coffee and went back to do her remaining work.

It was lunchtime for Matthew as he sat outside the university with his best buddy Brian Turnell, catching some sun and talking with each other.

“Dude, you should let me hook up with your sister, she’s a total hottie with a body to die for.” said Brian with a goofy looking smile on his face.

Matthew answered: “And what makes you think she would want something with you? If you want your nuts ripped off then be my guest, I still remember her last boyfriend from a few years ago ending up with a black eye and a dislocated jaw after getting a little too touchy with batıkent escort her.”

Brian’s goofy smile faded away after he heard that.

“Yeah, I wonder why she is so cold toward other guys, looks like she doesn’t really care for having a boyfriend. You know what I do notice Matt? When she’s around you she always radiates some kind of happiness, smiles a lot and becomes more talkative. I wonder why…”

“Well we have been close our whole lives, even more so during and after the whole situation with my dad, I guess she just feels more comfortable around me and Mom.”

“Mmm-hmm, guess so, but she still remains a hottie that I would like to… you know. Hey speaking of your Mom, she’s still single right?”

“Really? Don’t even go there, dude,” said Matthew, slightly irritated.

“Ha-ha, calm down Matt I’m just fucking with you, we all know you are Mommy’s sweet little boy.”

Matthew responded with a friendly light punch against Brian’s upper arm.

“Ouch, hey since when did you became this strong, have you been swallowing some magic pills your Mom can get from the hospital or something?” asked Brian as he rubbed his arm.

“My sister, remember? We workout together, you know how she did Krav Maga before modeling right? So she taught me a few tricks she learned.”

“Remind me not to fuck with your sister; now I know why the poor dude became terrified of her.”

Brian took a sip of his drink before looking back at Matthew.

“Hey Matt, you might want to hit the bathroom to clean up your face before going back into class, don’t want to scare off our lovely female classmates do we now?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Matthew before he fell a warm liquid running out of his nose toward his mouth.

“Ah shit, a nosebleed. Guess I gotta take your advice. Don’t wait for me, I’ll meet you back at class, okay?”

Brian gave Matthew a thumbs-up and started walking back to the building.

“For fuck’s sake, couldn’t you start bleeding at the start of my break?”

Matthew held a tissue under his nose as he walked to the nearest bathroom.

Inside of the bathroom he felt himself becoming dizzy, shortly after cleaning his nose Matthew ran into the first stall and started throwing up.

“What the hell is going on with me? I felt great before lunch and now I’m here puking like a mad man, think I will visit the EHBO post before going to class.”

At the EHBO post worked Linda Turnell, Brian’s mother. She also was a good friend and former colleague of his Mom.

“Hello miss Turnell.” said Matthew politely.

“Oh hi Matthew, and you can call me by my first name sweetheart, I have known you since the days I changed your diapers after all ha-ha. So what is going on? I don’t see you often over here.”

“I have no idea Linda, 30 minutes ago I was having my lunch outside with Brian and now I am feeling dizzy, throwing up and having nosebleeds. On top of that I feel extremely hot and started sweating buckets.”

“Mmm-hmmm, sounds like a bad case of flu from my perspective, though I can’t explain the nosebleeds…want me to take your temperature to be sure?” she asked.

“Go ahead, excuse me saying this but I really feel like shit Linda.”

“I bet you do sweetie, okay let’s see…yes you got a high above average temperature, like I said a bad case of flu. You can’t follow your classes being like this Matthew, I’m going to inform your Professor and I want you to take a few days off.”

“Shit, I can handle the classes but I promised my Mom to do something together on her day off, first Stephanie has to work till late and now I’m having the flu. She’s not gonna like this, I feel bad for her.” said Matthew with a annoyed sad voice.

“Oh don’t say that Matthew, I know Judith better than anyone else, she loves both of you very much and I’m certain that she want’s to nurse her boy and look after him.”

“Guess so, but I still feel bad for her.”

“You know what, I will send your mother a message while you go home, I will explain the situation to her, I’m sorry honey but in this state you won’t be able to do much. Just go home, crawl under the blankets and wait for your mother to get home, she will know how to nurse you. Also don’t forget to drink enough water.”

“I will take your advice Linda, and thanks for helping me.”

“No problem Matthew, hope to see you healthy again in a few days. And remember to drink enough water we don’t want you to dry out.”

Matthew sighed as he closed the door behind him. “Fuck,” was all he said as he started walking toward his bicycle.

Linda grabbed her phone as soon he was gone, to message Judith.

Matthew kicked off his shoes at the front door, going straight upstairs toward his bedroom. He made a short stop at the bathroom so he could drink some water like Linda had told him.

Looking at himself in the mirror did not improve his mood at all. His face was ghostly pale, and he was still sweating buckets. “Fuck it,” he said , as he removed all his clothes, not that it helped a lot, but he was glad to be out of the sweat-soaked clothing.

He grabbed an extra glass of water and took it with him to his bedroom. Once inside he crawled onto his bed naked while pulling a thin blanket over himself. “I’m sorry Mom,” he thought as he looked up, staring at the ceiling.

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