The Bad Girl Chronicles Ch. 01

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“Fuck you little drug whores will take it anywhere,” Killian groaned as my ass hole stretched around his cock. Three fingers were plunging into my pussy as I thrust with him.

“Oh fuuuck that feels so good,” I cried out. I’d never thought anal could feel like this, but I was experiencing a whole new kind of pleasure.

The intense fucking and the high dosage of drugs I was on made everything feel ten times better.

“Yeah baby scream for the camera, tell me how much you like my dick in your ass,” he grunted.

I stared straight at the red blinking light on the dresser and silently wondered how it had come to this.

************************Six Weeks Earlier**************

“What do you think?” My cousin Quinn asked excitedly. Tonight she had dragged me to her band rehearsal at her friend Knox’s house. I had to admit they were actually pretty good, and the fact that all the guys were hot as hell helped as well.

“Yeah you guys are good,” I nodded.

I had just moved to town to go to college and thankfully Quinn was very popular otherwise tonight instead of watching a band practice I’d be at home in my sweats.

“Well Hade has not stopped eye fucking you since we got here,” Quinn giggled gesturing to the smoking hot drummer. He was extremely tall and well muscled with tattoos all over his sculpted arms. He had jet black spiked hair, piercing blue eyes, flawless tanned skin, and perfect pouty lips that looked like they wanted to do some very naughty things.

“Well why is he just eye fucking me when he could really fuck me,” I half way joked.

I had come to this party with the intent purpose of having a one night stand. It’d been months since I had had any sexual stimulation and I was in desperate need. I’d dressed fairly slutty tonight in hopes that I’d get fucked.

Tonight I had put on a very loose gauzy white tank top that showed more of my breasts than it covered and a very short, very tight faux leather mini skirt. The top was such a thin material that even in this dim lighting you didn’t have to focus hard to see my large but perky breasts with their perfect rosebud nipples. I hadn’t bothered to wear any panties with my scandalously short skirt and the guys who had been grabbing my ass all night seemed to appreciate that fact.

“You dirty slut!” Quinn teased.

“Whatever let’s go mingle,” I winked as I made her lead me over to the band.

“Hey so what did you think?” Knox asked me as we reached them. Knox was extremely beautiful with light brown slightly curly locks, hunter green eyes, and features that were scarily symmetrical and almost too perfect. Everything about him was flawless and it was almost unnerving. He was extremely drool worthy and I was in awe of how my cousin could hang around a guy like him and not constantly want to fuck him. From what she had told me she was just friends with all of the guys and there hadn’t been any hanky panky between them.

“You guys are great,” I said biting my lip as I checked Hade out. I could see in his eyes all the dirty things he wanted to do to me as he studied my body.

“Thanks,” Quinn chirped happily. She was the lead singer so my praise meant the most to her.

“Well I’m dying anyone else want a drink?” Killian asked.

Killian played guitar and had an extremely devious look to him. He looked like the boy next door with his golden blonde hair and baby blue eyes. However the boy next door had grown up and now had an insane body , tattoos, an eyebrow piercing, and from the look of the bulge in his tight jeans.. a very massive cock. His features were almost angelic and sculpted, but if I could describe him in two words it would be… fallen angel. He was a bad boy to the canlı bahis core and it was incredibly attractive and intoxicating. I wasn’t sure who I wanted more Knox, Hade, or Killian.

“Lilly and I will go with you,” Quinn offered in a weird tone. Killian nodded like he understood something I didn’t and the two of us followed him out of the room and upstairs with Hade following behind.

I furrowed my brows as they led me into one of the bedrooms and locked the door behind us.

“So where is the alcohol?” I questioned as I sat on the bed with Quinn.

“Oh my gosh Lil’ you’re too cute, we have something much better than alcohol,” Quinn laughed.

Killian produced a mirror with a bunch of white powder cut into thin lines on it. I wasn’t stupid and I knew exactly what it was, but I was surprised my cousin was into it.

“I’m good,” I frowned. I’d tried it once on my eighteenth birthday and that was the night I’d lost my virginity to a complete stranger. I was a sexual person to begin with, but put me on coke and I’d be fucking anyone with a cock in sight.

“Oh c’mon Lilly it’s not that bad,” Killian laughed as he offered me the mirror.

“It’ll make you feel really good,” Hade said sitting down next to me and placing his hand high up on my thigh.

I felt completely pressured, but in the end I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal. I snorted a line and winced at the slightly familiar burning sensation in my nostril. I wiped my nose clean and pushed the mirror away.

“‘Atta girl,” Hade grinned as his hand slid further up my thigh and squeezed.

It only took a couple of minutes for me to start feeling a very euphoric feeling. I felt like I was buzzing with energy and very very sexually aroused. I watched as all three of them snorted their own lines and I had to forcibly restrain myself from trying to jump Hade.

“How do you feel?” Quinn asked.

“Amazing,” I said licking my lips while watching Hade. His hand was still firmly on my upper thigh and it was slowly creeping up my skirt.

For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me and then there was a loud knocking on the door.

“Shit,” Killian cursed stashing the coke in his night stand.

“Fuck,” Quinn cursed as she went over to open the door.

“Hey what’s going on?” Knox asked glancing around the room.

“Just looking for my good whiskey,” Killian said opening his closet and digging through some clothes before producing a large whiskey bottle.

“Oh sweet,” Knox grinned coming in. He eyed Hade’s hand on my thigh, but didn’t say anything. Killian tossed Knox the bottle and he gladly took a drink. It went around to everyone and when it was offered to me I took a quick sip before handing it off.

“So you all going to sit up here like a couple of weirdos or are you going to join the party?” Knox joked.

“We’re coming back, I just didn’t want to share my good shit with those ass holes,” Killian chuckled.

“Well let’s go partaaay!” Quinn whooped hopping off the bed.

“Jeeze someone is amped,” Knox said ruffling her hair.

“Come on losers let’s get out of my room,” Killian said shooing us. I stood and followed Knox and Quinn out.

“Let’s dance!” Quinn yelled over the loud music as she drug me away from the boys. People were dancing and grinding to the beat and Quinn and I easily found a couple of guys to dance with. They were pretty cute, but nothing in comparison to Hade, Killian, or Knox. None the less I was feeling pretty incredible and very frisky so I grinded on him anyways. The friction felt amazing and I loved how his hands ran up and down my body. I imagined they were Hade’s so when he started getting a little too familiar I didn’t mind. His hands groped bahis siteleri my breasts playing with my nipples and I moaned until suddenly his hands were ripped away.

“Dude what the fuck?” the guy I had been dancing with cursed at Hade.

“Not tonight dude,” Hade laughed pushing the guy away and grabbing me by the hips.

“Was that necessary?” I giggled as he pulled me close so we were pressed up against each other.

“He’s a douche, Quinn’s cousin deserves better,” he shrugged.

“Don’t lie, you just wanted to grope me,” I giggled.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he smirked.

“Yeah okay Hade,” I purred grinding myself against him.

“Feeling good?” he grinned.

“Oh I’m feeling very good,” I said in my most sultry tone as his hand slid down my back side and squeezed.

“I could make you feel better,” he murmured in my ear.

“Oh how so?” I bit my lip.

“I can show you better than I can tell you.”

“Let’s go then,” I said after a moments hesitation.

Hade led me through the crowd of people and upstairs again to Killian’s room.

There was no question about why we were up there so as Hade closed the door behind us I attacked him with my mouth. Our kiss was passionate, hungry, and made my body vibrate with lust.

“Lay down,” he ordered pushing me towards the bed.

I did as he said but first I stripped out of my skirt and top leaving myself completely exposed to him. He messed with something on the dresser before undressing himself, but I was too high and horny to care.

“Hade, I need you,” I moaned as I spread my legs wide and began fingering myself.

“That’s right baby get that pussy ready for me,” Hade said as he stroked his massive cock. I imagined him fucking me with that monster and moaned loudly as my fingers plunged in and out of my pussy. I added a third finger and lifted my hips thrusting as I finger fucked myself.

“Oh Hade, oh fuck I want your cock,” I moaned as I pulled and pinched my own nipples.

“Cum baby, show me how bad you want my cock,” he urged.

I was already on the edge of cumming, and with one final plunge into my pussy I finally did crying out his name.

“Get on your hands and knees facing the mirror,” he ordered. Not many guys had told me what to do in bed, but when they did I loved it and played along.

“Yes sir,” I murmured doing as he said. He got on the bed behind me and positioned himself at my entrance.

“You don’t make a sound until I tell you to,” he growled as he thrust hard inside me. I gasped and was rewarded with a rough slap to the ass.

He didn’t bother slowly building a rhythm as he fucked me hard and fast giving me no time to get used to his enormous size. I felt stretched and full and I wanted to scream from the intense pleasure it was causing me.

As he pounded me he hit my g-spot just right causing me to cry out. This time I didn’t receive a slap to the ass instead his hand wrapped around my throat and applied a slight pressure.

As he fucked me his grip on my throat tightened until I was almost sure I would bruise. I didn’t care however as I came hard, collapsing to the bed as he pulled out and came on my back.

We fucked in a coke fueled haze for what seemed like hours until after my third or fourth orgasm we finally drifted off.


When I awoke I had a throbbing headache and a serious case of dry mouth. I slipped on Hade’s shirt and tip toed out of the room.

They had a plethora of water bottles stashed in the bottom drawer of the fridge so I bent down and grabbed two. I was tugging at the back of Hade’s shirt to try and cover my bare ass when he spoke.

“Well isn’t bahis şirketleri that a nice sight,” Killian chuckled. I snapped straight up nearly dropping my waters as I did so.

“Really Killian?” I chastised him.

“What you’ve got a nice ass,” he shrugged with a smirk.

“What are you doing up?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“Well someone decided to get thoroughly fucked in my bed so I’ve been trying to fall asleep on the couch,” he said as his eyes traveled up and down my body. I felt like he could see right through Hade’s thin t-shirt and I wasn’t sure if it terrified or thrilled me.

“Do I sense a little jealousy?” I teased.

“Not at all, and by the way water isn’t going to fix that headache you have right now,” Killian smirked knowingly.

“And I assume you know what will?” I sighed cracking open the first bottle and taking a sip. I set both of the bottles down on the counter and leaned back against it.

He came around the counter and stood so he pressed right up against me. I could feel his hardening cock against my stomach and I gulped unsure if I was excited or scared.

“I do,” he said looking at me hungrily.

“What?” I said biting my lip.

“Another line… followed by my cock inside you,” he smirked running his hand up and down my body under Hade’s shirt. For a moment I thought about slapping him, but his touch was undoubtedly turning me on so I let him continue.

“What makes you assume I want either?” I said half moaning as he roughly pinched my nipple.

“What makes you assume you have a choice?” he said forcibly pulling Hade’s shirt off of me so I stood there naked.

“Killian!” I gasped as he roughly pressed me against the counter.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t want it, I can feel how wet you are,” he smirk sliding his hand between my thighs.

I couldn’t deny that I was turned on, but it was still a violation and I was not down for that.

“Killian stop,” I said trying to sound stern as he rubbed my clit. I leaned back against him and bit my lip trying not to moan.

“Take a bump,” he commanded taking a little vial out of his pocket and making a little line on the counter top. His fingers still plunged inside me and I couldn’t form a coherent word at the moment let alone say no.

I bent over and snorted the line and in those few seconds Killian had unzipped his pants and positioned himself at my entrance.

“Killian,” I moaned in protest and need.

He thrust inside me, pressing me against the counter as he fucked me deep and torturously slow.

“That’s right baby just take my cock like a good girl,” he said thrusting harder and faster gripping my hips hard enough to bruise.

“Harder,” I moaned giving in. His cock felt too good to deny and I would be lying if I said him forcing himself inside me didn’t turn me on just a little.

“Did I tell you to talk?” he growled in my ear as he smacked my ass with one hand and squeezed my breast with the other.

“What’re you going to do about it,” I taunted wanting him to get rough with me.

One moment I was bent over the counter the next I was slammed down on the kitchen floor with my face pressed against the cool tile. With one arm wrapped around my waist Killian lifted my hips so he could pound my pussy while his other hand gripped my throat.

Each thrust of his was met with one of my own making him penetrate me deeper and harder.

I was on the edge of cumming when he (on accident or on purpose I’m not quite sure) rammed his thick cock into my virgin ass hole. I cried out, but he kept thrusting, moaning and grunting as he did so. The pain gave way to pleasure and soon enough we were moaning in unison. Killian began pounding my ass hole hard and fast as his cock filled me with his hot cum. I used my hand to muffle my cries of pleasure as I came in an incredible drug fueled orgasm that I had never experienced the likes of before.

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