The Awakening

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If she had to blame it on anyone, it would be the drywall guy. One moment she was sailing along threw her somewhat placid and predictable life, relatively content with herself and everyone else, giving and getting no more or less than she felt was deserved.

The next moment she’s face to face with her own sexuality. Forced to stay home while the drywall guy plastered the new addition, she quickly ran out of things to do. Sitting there with the gray tarp between them, listening to him breath as he applied the plaster, she found herself imagining what he’d be like. She could just see him throwing her over the back of the couch and taking her from behind. He would say things too, like “take it bitch.” And he would make her touch herself.

Her pussy throbbed with need and although she was so turned on she could barely stand it, she knew she wouldn’t fuck the drywall guy. Instead she waited in anticipation and when Garey came home she fairly attacked him, fucking him with an abandon she hadn’t felt in years.

What’s wrong with me? She wondered the next morning. Barely awake Garey had flipped her over and pounded out his usual morning ritual. Today though, instead of appeasing her and starting her day out right, she felt out of sorts and restless. She lay in bed, her hands sneaking under the covers to tease her nipples. She wanted…..something.

Her hands drifted down to her shaved pussy. Yes, that would satisfy the urge for now, but would it feed the need? She didn’t think so. She closed her eyes and just let her mind wander as her fingers dipped slowly into her wetness. She tried to imagine Garey using his talented tongue on her. She imagined how hot it made her when she sucked him. Good memories, but they weren’t doing the trick. Feeling naughty, she called up an image of the drywall guy, hot and sweaty and naked. Almost, but not quite,

Frustrated, she got up, threw on an oversized shirt and wandered to the kitchen for coffee.

“Hi Mom!” Her daughter’s voice almost sent her through the roof.

“What? The hell?” Her startled gaze took in her daughter and another girl seated at her table sipping cups of coffee.

Kelly laughed. “Did you forget I was coming this weekend? Remember, it’s Debbie’s birthday?”

Sara nodded and hugged her daughter. “Of course I remembered. You just startled me that’s all. I wasn’t expecting you so early.” Thank goodness I remembered to put a shirt on, she thought.

“Mom, this is Rachel. She didn’t have anything else to do this weekend so I invited her to come hang out by the pool while I visit with Debbie. You don’t mind, do you?”

Kelly was always adopting someone as a pet project so Sara wasn’t at all surprised. She was however, absolutely astounded by her reaction to Kelly’s new friend. Suddenly she was sixteen again with a crush on the cutest boy in school. Only this was a girl. A young woman. With long, lush brown hair and gypsy brown eyes. Sara turned away quickly, fumbling for a coffee cup. She took her time pouring and stirring, hoping to regain some composure.

When she turned again the girls were already headed up the stairs. Her gaze lingered on the snug jeans of her daughter’s new friend. She spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between sneaking looks at Rachel as she lay by the pool and calling herself a pervert while she wondered what was happening to her. Yes, she could admit to herself that she had always secretly found the female body to be alluring. She wasn’t above checking out a nicely built woman and enjoying the view. But she had never even considered touching another woman.

And yet, here she was the crotch of her jeans damp, her hand pressed tightly against her vulva as she watched. Her breath caught in her throat when Rachel sat up, looked around, and then pulled her top off. Suddenly all she could think of was holding those beautiful mounds in her hands and burying her face in between them. She almost moaned aloud as her mind filled with images of Rachel’s nipples hard against her tongue.

What was wrong with her?

A trip to the store did little to change her train of thought. Driving down the road, purposely thinking of nothing, an image of Rachel spread wide on her bed flooded through her consciousness. At the store, she found herself fondling the bananas while she imagined sliding it in and out of the young girl’s pussy. On the ride home she stopped at the liquor store. A nice glass of wine and a long soak in the hot tub was just what she needed.

The wine made her horny and she positioned herself so that the jets hit her just right. Her mind filled with images of Rachel. It couldn’t hurt to imagine, could it. It wasn’t ataşehir escort like she’d ever do anything about it. She reached down and slid a finger over her swollen clit. In her mind she saw herself bury her face in the younger woman’s lap. She imagined breathing deeply of the musky scent and slowly pushing her legs open. She imaged Rachel would be wet, ready, begging her to lick her. Her own pussy was getting very slick as she pictured Rachel writhing in anticipation, her dark eyes begging silently.

What would it be like to kiss her? Sara wondered, fingers starting to quicken. What would it be like to slip her tongue between those perfect red lips and touch tongue to tongue? What would she do if Sara were to walk right up to her and kiss her? Would she pull back and slap her? Or would she melt into Sara’s arms and press those delicious tits against her own? Sara moaned lightly and slid her other hand down to fill her aching hole. She ground her clit against the other hand as she pictured holding Rachel by her long hair while she devoured her mouth and pulled at her nipple.

Sara muffled a scream as she came. Feeling suddenly exposed, she quickly left the hot tub and headed for her room. There was a naughty, guilty feeling nagging her. You didn’t do anything wrong, she told herself. It’s only wrong when you do something.

Rachel was in the kitchen, head in the refrigerator and barely clad backside in clear view. Sara’s breath stopped.

Rachel turned and smiled. “Hi! I saw you out in the hot tub. I was going to come join you but you looked like you wanted to be alone.” Sara couldn’t tell if her smile was sly or just plain sexy.

“You can use the hot tub any time you’d like.” Sara mumbled as she slid by that delectable rear end. She then stood at the counter and pretended to be pouring wine while casting side long glances at her daughter’s friend.

“Aren’t you bored hanging out waiting for Kelly to get home?” She asked.

Rachel smiled at her and twisted the cap off a bottle of beer. “Not really. I know how important Kelly’s friends are to her. I’m just thankful to have a nice place to stay for a few days.” She stepped closer to Sara and touched her arm. “Really, thank you Mrs. Smith.”

Sara smiled, hoping she didn’t look like a lunatic. “Not a problem dear.” She patted Rachel’s hand. Her pussy was throbbing, her nipples hard as little rocks, and she worried that she might be panting. She’d never been more turned on. “You’re a pleasure to have around.”

A real pleasure, Sara thought later as she climbed the steps to her room. Garey had called to tell her he wouldn’t be making it in until sometime tomorrow and Kelly had just called to tell her she wouldn’t be back until late and would she please let Rachel know and apologize?

Sara was just about to knock when she caught a glimpse of Rachel in the mirror. The girl was laying on the bed, naked and frantically fingering herself. Sara was frozen in place as her eyes devoured the image in the mirror. Rachel was just as beautiful as she had imagined her breasts high and full and only the tiniest patch of hair on her pussy. Her fingers were slick with her juices and Sara licked her lips as she imagined sucking it off. Seconds later she was in her room, hands crammed between her legs, screaming into the pillows when she came.

The Next Day

Sara woke the next morning feeling guilty and sore. Sometime during the night she had awakened from the most arousing dream and ended up pounding her cunt mercilessly with her dildo. And again in the wee hours of the morning she had used her hands and fingers to bring herself to orgasm. Each time it was with thoughts and visions of Rachel naked and begging to be eaten.

She felt cranky and frustrated as she headed for her morning coffee. And it certainly didn’t help when she rounded the corner and found Rachel sitting at the table clad in a short t-shirt and panties. Sara couldn’t help noticing her lack of a bra or the way the nipples strained against the fabric. She couldn’t tear hey eyes away when Rachel bent into the fridge, the cotton of her panties stretching over her tight little ass.

She looked back quickly and caught Sara looking. Sara’s breath caught in her throat as she tried to imagine what to say. Rachel didn’t say anything though except to ask her where she kept the coffee so that she could make more.

And she didn’t move as Sara reached above her to take the canister out of the cupboard. Sara could barely breath as she gazed into those deep brown eyes. Here it comes, she thought. She’s going to kiss me.

Just then the front door slammed open and Kelly avcılar escort announced that she was home. Sara backed quickly away from Rachel and busied herself with making coffee. Whew! That was close! I almost kissed her! Her legs were shaking and her body was literally strumming with need.

All morning amidst Kelly’s chatter and the ins and outs of various friends, Sara would look up and catch Rachel watching her. Her breath would catch and the muscles in her pussy would clench. What was wrong with her? Surely she couldn’t be considering making love with this woman?

By evening the house had cleared out and Sara had the deck to herself. She thought that Rachel had gone with the others and was sitting there chiding herself for imagining that the young woman could want her, a woman old enough to be her mother. Besides, she reminded herself, it wasn’t as if she would have actually went for it. Half asleep, she started when she heard a splash and felt drops of water hit her.

Rachel swam slowly back from the other end of the pool her gaze locked with Sara’s. Sara could only watch and shiver as the young woman slowly pulled herself out of the pool in front of her.

“I thought you left with the rest of the kids,” she stammered feeling like a pervert as her eyes darted over the wet swimsuit.

Rachel wrung her hair out and stood directly in front of Sara’s chair. “I didn’t feel like partying tonight.” She smiled down at her and held out her hand. “Let’s go make drinks.”

Sara allowed herself to be propelled into the kitchen. This isn’t what you think it is, she told herself. There is no way this girl is coming on to me.

Rachel chatted and busied herself getting the blender out. In the close proximity of the kitchen the women brushed against each other often. By the time the margaritas were done Sara was nearly out of her mind with lust. How could she not know what she’s doing to me? Rachel truly seemed not to notice.

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend Rachel,” Sara asked. Secretly she hoped to hear that there was one waiting back at school.

Rachel shrugged. “I guess I’m just not that into dating. It seems like such a waste of time. All guys want is to get into your pants anyway.”

So do I honey, Sara thought. She could imagine ripping the young woman’s bikini bottoms off right now. Instead she laughed and agreed with her. “They don’t get any better when they get older either honey.”

Rachel nodded. “Men! They don’t even know how to kiss anymore. And touching? Forget it. It’s all about them.” She leaned back on the couch and looked at Sara. “Do you like to kiss Sara?”

Sara felt like she’d been hit with a bomb. A lust bomb. She stared at Rachel, unable to speak. Her eyes raked over the other girls full lips. “Um, yeah, I like to kiss.” She couldn’t take her eyes off those lips.

“I bet you kiss good.” Rachel giggled and Sara could tell she was getting drunk.

“Okay you. I think you’ve had a margarita too many. Let’s get you to bed before you pass out.”

Rachel allowed herself to be pulled from the couch. Sara felt another stab of lust as the girl stumbled and pressed her breasts against her. She held her until she steadied and then helped her upstairs. Once in the bedroom she fell onto the bed and giggled again. “I think you might be right about the margaritas.”

Sara attempted to pull her around so that she could pull the covers up. “No, wait,” Rachel said as she sat up. She pulled her t-shirt over her head. “I can’t sleep with clothes on.” She explained. She lay back and started to push her panties down. “Hey Sara, help me with these.”

Sara’s hands were trembling uncontrollably. She reached down and grabbed the edges of the panties. Her nose caught the faintly musky scent of the younger woman’s pussy and she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the sparse patch of silken pubic hair. Oh how she wanted to bury her nose in there, to taste it.

With a start she realized that Rachel was staring at her. She hastily finished sliding the panties down and reached for the covers. “There you go, dear. Now you can get some sleep.”

“I still want to kiss you Sara.” Rachel said. “Will you let me?”

Sara stared at her. Should she? The girl was drunk, probably wouldn’t remember in the morning. There was nothing wrong with a little kiss, was there? A good night kiss. She sat on the edge of the bed and smiled down at Rachel.

And suddenly she was being kissed in the most intimate fashion she had ever experienced. Rachel was holding her with one hand buried in her hair and the other cupping her cheek. Her tongue probed until Sara opened her mouth avrupa yakası escort and her breath stopped as it slipped softly inside. Rachel’s tongue explored her mouth while the hand holding her cheek dropped to mold itself to Sara’s breast. The touch was electric and Sara found herself pressing into it. Rachel moaned lowly and rubbed her palm across the nipple.

The kiss intensified and suddenly Sara found herself laying on the bed with Rachel pressed tightly against her. She tried to stop but when she reached her hands out to push the other woman away her hands encountered Rachel’s breast. It fit perfectly into her palm with the nipple tucked between her thumb and first finger. Instinctively she squeezed and Rachel moaned again.

“Rachel,” Sara tore her lips away. “We have to stop this.” She pressed herself upward trying to dislodge the other woman. Instead her chest brushed against her naked nipples causing them both to groan.

“I know you want me Sara,” Rachel breathed against her mouth. Her hand slid down and cupped her pussy threw her bikini bottoms. “I’ve seen you watching me. I got tired of waiting for you to make the first move.” Her tongue reached out to caress Sara’s mouth while the pressure on her mound increased. “Let’s make love baby.” Rachel whispered. “Let me make you feel good.”

The lust inside of Sara exploded and she savagely wrapped her arms around the girl and crushed her into the bed. Heart racing she rained kisses along Rachel’s neck and shoulders. Her hands kneading the firm breasts and suddenly she had to taste them. Rachel moaned with pleasure as her mouth closed over the distended nipple. Sara devoured it, lips and teeth and tongue everywhere at once. After what seemed like hours, she moved to the other one and finally let her fingers drift toward that patch of silken hair. She groaned around the nipple in her mouth when she felt the slickness and she slid a finger slowly back and forth across the lips.

Rachel lifted her hips of the bed and moaned loudly. She tried to push Sara back and take control again but Sara was having none of it. This was her one chance, a once in a life time thing, and she wasn’t about to let someone else dictate. She pushed the young woman back against the pillows and captured her mouth again while she plunged two fingers into her sopping hole. Rachel moaned and lifted her hips again. “Oh baby, that feels so good.” She groaned as Sara brought her fingers up and rubbed them over her lips. She pushed them in her mouth and then dipped her head to share in the flavor. She had never tasted another woman’s juices. The flavor was intoxicating and she knew she had to have more. She maneuvered herself between Rachel’s legs and stopped to enjoy the view. Rachel lay spread before her, body undulating slowly. Her pussy was wet, slick with excitement. Sara bent and filled her nostrils with the musky aroma before sliding her tongue along the length of her lips.

“Oh yes,” Rachel moaned as she reached down to grab Sara’s head. “Lick me baby.”

Sara bent forward again and this time on her second pass she pushed her tongue threw to the inner folds. She used her thumbs to spread the lips wide and found Rachel’s clit. Her tongue seemed to know just what to do as she clamped her lips around the swollen little button. Rachel moaned and shoved her pussy against her mouth. Sara pressed her tongue tightly against the pulsating clit and slid two fingers into the dripping hole. She fucked slowly with her hand, enjoying the feel of the younger woman’s tight pussy. Her tongue roamed everywhere, she just couldn’t get enough of that salty sweetness.

Rachel was pulling at her nipples, tossing her head back and forth on the pillows. “Oh yes…” she breathed. “That feels so good. You’re going to make me cum.”

Sara pushed her fingers in faster and faster. Her tongue played over Rachel’s clit as she sucked it into her mouth. Rachel pumped against her hand and dug her fingers in Sara’s hair. She was getting close, body thrashing, pussy clenching. Sara fucked her with her fingers, harder and harder, her mouth clamped over the throbbing clit.

Rachel screamed when she came and wrapped her long legs around Sara’s head. Sara stuck her tongue in as far as it would go and started swirling it in and out. She lapped up as much of the sweet nectar as she could. Finally, Rachel pushed her away and she fell back with a gasp.

Rachel leaned over her, eyes shining. She kissed her, tongue savoring the taste of her own juices, hand traveling slowly southward. Sara raised her hips as Rachel’s fingers found her wet pussy.

They spent the night in each other’s arms. Sara just couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste of the younger woman’s pussy. She finally fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning and awoke to the delicious sensation of Rachel’s tongue sliding along her neck. She rolled over with a smile and pulled her new lover into her arms.

The End

©Kathaleen Waugh

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