The Art of Sex

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I have a friend, Ben, who is a budding artist. Each year his art gallery participates in an art crawl where they all get to show off their talents. Each year, my husband and I attend the art crawl, mostly to be supportive. The “crawl” was recently held and so off we went to participate in the annual review.

The Crawl isn’t far from our home which is in a large city in the breadbasket of the country and, therefore, it is not much trouble putting in the time to drive down and review the art. And, of course, some of the art really is very good.

For years I have been noticing that in addition to the landscapes, street scenes, and paintings of children playing there are scattered throughout the exhibits a number of nudes. My husband has suggested that I should pose for Ben and his group but that has always seemed a bit too public for me even though art classes in college always had nude models and it seemed not to be too embarrassing for either the models or the class itself, of which I have been a participant.

We arrived at the Crawl and had a nice chat with Ben, his wife, and some fellow artists and decided it was time to walk through the gallery if one could call it that. It was really just a big room on the second floor of a big warehouse with big windows throughout. It was pretty Spartan really but I guess it serves the purpose. My husband walked in one direction while I walked another, picking up a glass of wine and a few crackers that they always have available for the prospective buyers.

Eventually of course I found my way to the nude portraits. There were paintings and sketches and charcoal drawings of all manner of being. Some of the models were quite beautiful, while others, perhaps not so much but something in the human form always seems to appeal to me. As I scanned the sketches I came upon one of a male sitting, almost straddling on a stool. He was an attractive man with a nice chest, just a bit of which was sparsely hair covered and abs that actually had definition. What my eyes were drawn to however was what was hanging between his legs. If drawn accurately he would certainly make an impression on the artist one would think as his penis was hanging off the stool and below the stool top by what appeared to be more than just a couple of inches. While flaccid it appeared that his manhood was longer limp than my husband was after achieving maximum length.

My gaze on the sketch was too long as I felt arms around me and the not surprising comment from my husband.

“Really something isn’t it? I imagine you are imagining how big that would get standing up?”

“Oh hush and don’t be so inappropriate” I scowled at him. Although I admitted to myself that I was just a bit curious about the sketch.

I quickly moved along and found my way back to my friend Ben and continued our conversation where we had left off. My husband, who had been just a dozen or so steps behind interrupted us to ask about the sketch of the guy on the stool.

“Oh, that’s Paul” Ben supplied. “He seems to be a favorite model around here.”

“I can understand why” was my husbands’ retort. “Sandy here was quite taken by his sketch.”

I found myself blushing and of course commented that I just enjoyed the quality of the artist’s skills.

“Paul is modeling again next week Sandy, you could come by and sketch him yourself.”

“Oh no, I don’t think I could do that Ben, I think my guy here would be too uncomfortable with the competition.”

“No I wouldn’t Sandy. I think you should stop in. Frankly, I think you should model as well. You know I’d love to have a portrait of you in something sexy and I’m sure Ben would be happy to help.”

“Well sure, I’d be happy to” Ben smiled at both of us. “I’d love to paint your portrait as would the rest of the class I’m sure.” I continued my objections and eventually they let the conversation move on to other topics. After a time we had achieved our obligatory visiting limit and prepared to leave.

I reached up to give Ben a hug goodbye with him reciprocating. He also, however, whispered “come by next Tuesday at eight o’clock and you can model for us. I know the group would appreciate it as they don’t have the opportunity to sketch redheads very often.”

“I’ll think about it” was my reply as I pulled away and bid him goodbye and we were out the door and on to the next exhibitor’s space. For the rest of the evening I found myself a bit distracted wondering if I could really model for Ben and his group. I was certain I could not model nude like most of the other models but I did find it exciting to consider maybe lingerie modeling as I wondered about who in the class might find me attractive and might have thoughts as they were sketching that they might not admit to their wives or girlfriends. I found myself getting physically excited as the evening wore on until I could eventually feel dampness between my legs thinking of the naughtiness of the idea. I pondered what I might wear and how sheer my clothing might canlı bahis be. My fantasy spread to my lingerie drawer as I mentally picked through my sheer panties and onto my thongs and eventually to my smallest, sheerest thongs. I imagined myself laying on the studio table in just one of my thongs and nothing else but a smile and I began to shiver excitedly wondering if I would trim my red mound or let them see all of what was currently between my legs.

My husband became the beneficiary of my fantasies as I grabbed his hand and took him upstairs as soon as we got home. I’m sure he wondered what had gotten into me as I stripped him before I dropped my own clothing and took him completely in my mouth and sucked until he came and continued to suck just a bit longer. It had been a long time since he had experienced what he often begged for but usually didn’t end up experiencing and I enjoyed the look of appreciation on his face as I wondered, almost out loud, if I could actually get Paul’s apparently massive cock into my mouth at all after spending so much time with something so much smaller.

I found myself thinking about Tuesday all of the rest of the weekend and even at work on Monday. These were exciting thoughts and my husband continued to benefit but I knew they were just my thoughts, my fantasies and I really wasn’t going there.

Toward the end of the day on Monday as I was just wrapping up for the day Ben called. “Hi Sandy, I’m just confirming your attendance tomorrow night. I’ve told the group that you are going to model for us and they are all excited. I want to make sure that eight o’clock still works for you.”

Somehow I found myself saying that “yes, that time works fine for me.”

“Good, Paul will be modeling tomorrow as well. I’m thinking we could have you model together, which might be more comfortable for you.”

“Together? How would that be more comfortable?”

“Well so that you aren’t the only nude body up on the platform; lots of people model in pairs the first time until they get more comfortable. A lot of our models really enjoy doing this both in pairs or as singles.”

“Oh, ok, yah sure, um what should I wear?”

“Anything you want dear as you probably will not be wearing anything long anyway” he said with a laugh. “And you know that I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of you for a long time…see you tomorrow.” With that he hung up as I just stared at the phone in wonderment of what I just agreed to do.

I made my way home even in the dazed state I now seemed to find myself. Running up to the bathroom I grabbed a razor and took off my skirt and hose. Sitting on a stool facing the full length mirror I stared at the mat of flaming red between my legs and began to shave. I didn’t stop until there was just a small triangle of hair remaining that I was certain would be covered by the thong I found myself accepting as an article of clothing for Tuesday. I determined that I would wear the little black sheer one that disappeared easily between my legs but maybe the “group” would find that acceptable as opposed to being completely nude. I made myself a bath and was soon mostly under the water as I thought about the following day.

I had dozed a bit when I heard my husband enter his day at the office. He immediately noticed my handiwork (what is it about men anyway?) and asked what the occasion was.

I admitted to him how I had unwittingly agreed with Ben to model for their group the following night and that while I would not be nude I wanted to make sure that I was trimmed enough so everything would appear conservative and proper.

“Yah, ok I guess I’ll accept that” as he leeringly grabbed my hands and pulled me out of the water. He toweled me down and grabbed me again and pulled me into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. I began objecting until he dropped his pants and I saw him harder than I had seen for a while. I opened my legs for him. In one thrust he was in me. I was surprised that it didn’t hurt as it usually took a few prelims before I was ready but I guess I had already been ready.

“Are you going to show them your pussy?” He began picking up speed.

“No, no I’m not.”

“Are you going to show them your titties?”

“Well I thought that might be ok, is that ok with you?”

“Oh god yes; I want you to show them your titties, but I also want you to show them that pretty pussy of yours.”

“I can’t honey, I can’t, that wouldn’t be right.”

“It sure would be; I want you to show that pussy to them. I want you to, in fact I’m begging you to; it would be such a turn on for me to know that my wife showed her titties and pussy to the artists.”

“Really, you wouldn’t be mad?”

“Hell no, I would love you more. Tell me you are going to show them your pussy.”

“You are sure?” I whispered as I felt my wetness grow in excitement.

“Oh god yes, tell me you will let them see your pussy.”

“Ok, if you are really ok with it.”

“Tell me, tell me what you are going bahis siteleri to let them see and that all the men will wish they could fuck you.”

I gasped out “my pussy, I’m going to let them see my pussy and those men will want to fuck your wife’s pussy.”

“And that will make you hot knowing that want to fuck your pussy.”

“Yes, yes I will show them my pussy and I will want them to fuck me but I will come home to you.”

“But you will want them to fuck you?”

“Yes, I will want them to put their cocks in my pussy and cum in me.” With that my husband came in me certainly as much as he ever has and I loved it.

The next day was Tuesday. The morning was busy and went fast but the afternoon just seemed to drag on. I found myself impatient as I looked at the time far too often. Ultimately, however, as it always does the workday came to an end allowing me to race home, at least to the extent that traffic would allow. I was driving on autopilot as I was again going through my closets and drawers mentally making sure there wasn’t something special I should wear. I came out of my daydream with someone yelling at me for wondering all over the road. I also found myself tickling my nipples through my lace bra. They were hard and poking through my blouse as they readily do when I become aroused. I supposed that they would be looking like this for the next several hours.

I arrived home without getting into an accident. I had made my clothing choices and decided to wear my pink cotton mini skirt and top. I wouldn’t be wearing a bra as I would just have to take it off anyway and it might leave marks which I certainly did not want to show up in any sketches. I also wouldn’t be wearing any hose for the same reason but I did in fact put on the thong I had picked out earlier in my fantasies. I strode into the bathroom to view myself in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good and as I turned to look at my backside I felt I still looked just a little “hot” perhaps even after all these years of marriage. I lifted up my skirt, sat on the bench and spread my legs to see what the group would see, as that portion of the thong disappeared between my lips. I thought to myself that indeed those men were going to want to fuck me.

After a time I found myself in the car and on the way to the studio. As I was walking up the steps a young man entered behind me.

“Are you one of our models tonight?”

“Why yes I am.”

“Great, I can hardly wait.”

I smiled but nervously picked up my pace. As I entered the room Ben was there to greet me.

“Would you like some wine perhaps?”

“Yes, I think lots of it. I’m not sure why I am here.”

“Oh you will do fine” as he handed me a glass.

I downed it. “Can I have another?”

He just laughed and handed me another chardonnay which was larger than the previous glass. He followed that with another as he responded to my next request.

“Why don’t you sit over here and just watch the modeling. Paul is actually about to come up.”

I did as I was told and went on to another glass although I was now just sipping as I didn’t want to fall asleep. I recognized the sketch as Paul strode up to the table like an old pro, although one that was not quite so old as I guessed he was maybe in his early thirty’s. He dropped his robe and revealed that gorgeous body. I noticed at that point that the table was covered with blankets and pillows piled around. Paul lay down in the middle of that and posed on his side. His right hand was above his shoulder propping his head up. Following instruction he moved his right leg forward a bit with his left leg slightly behind with his left arm draped down his waist, onto his hip and down his taught leg. His cock lay down onto his right leg hanging just above the table.

I found myself mesmerized by this body. My eyes left his cock and down his legs and back up to his abs, chest and back to his cock. I whispered to myself that this was the most beautiful man I had ever seen and that he had the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. As I held my wine glass to my lips I continued to stare uncontrollably at Paul’s gorgeous tool. I swore to myself that it was actually getting bigger as I found my eyes pulled up to his face; which was staring back at me smiling. I quickly looked away and took another sip of my wine.

Ben was now giving instructions to the group. He was announcing that this next session would be a speed sketch and that he was setting the timer on ten minutes. It would be a contest to see who could complete a decent looking sketch in that amount of time. He followed that with an announcement that the speed sketch would be followed by a special couples pose as I found the group looking my direction. I took another sip of wine.

Ben set the timer and came over to me. “Why don’t you get you out of those clothes and into a robe so you are ready to go when the timer goes off” as he walked me over to a screen and took a robe off a hook and handed it to me. “We will bahis şirketleri want you completely naked for this session.”

Maybe it was the wine by then but I didn’t argue. As he walked away I pulled my top off, kicked off my shoes and dropped my skirt. Finally I pushed my thong down my legs and picked up all of my clothing and tossed them onto a chair. I looked down at myself and believed the years had been kind to me. My husband was always telling me how he loved my 36B’s and that I had a killer ass and at that moment after all of that wine I believed him. I put on the robe and went over to the cushy chair and sat down just as the alarm went off.

Ben motioned me over as I gulped the last swallow of wine. He was announcing that the next pose would be the “lovers pose” that they had been discussing.

“Lovers pose?” Again, I’ll blame it on the wine but somehow I didn’t object to the phrase or that Ben had pulled my robe off as he was introducing me or to his instruction to lay on the platform facing Paul.

Paul had placed his arm on a pillow straight in front of his chest and I was told to lay my head on his bicep facing his chest. I next was pushed up so that my breasts were touching his pectorals and my arm was thrown around his waist as his left arm was draped over mine. Finally I was asked to place my right leg over his left leg. All the while Ben was explaining to the class that one of the hardest drawings to do accurately was of two lovers intertwined and that they would be spending a bit more time on this sketch before wrapping up for the night. At that point it appeared the artists began drawing.

Paul introduced himself and told me that the time would go quicker if we talked. I agreed that his idea probably made sense but at the same time I became distracted as I now was aware that his cock was laying on my leg just inches from my pussy. My nipples became instantly, almost painfully hard as I felt dampness between my legs and a smile on Paul’s face. I quickly asked him to pick a topic that he wanted to discuss in an attempt at distraction.

“How about sex Sandy, how would you like to talk about that?”

I’m sure I scowled as I told him to pick another topic.

“How about you tell me about the last time you had sex and I’ll tell you about the last model I fucked” he whispered.

I looked up at him as I tried not to move any body parts. I whispered in reply “I’m certainly not going to tell you about the last time I had sex.”

“That long ago huh? I’ll bet you are a horny little redhead. I’m told you are all wild in the sack and I have yet to do a redhead.”

“Well it’s going to be a bit longer before you do this one.”

“Ok, how much longer Sandy? Later tonight or tomorrow?”

“I meant, I meant that you are going to do me.”

“Oh I think that I will. I saw you staring at my cock. I know you are wondering how big it gets when it gets hard. I know you can feel the heaviness of it on your leg and you are wondering right now what it would feel like in that hot pussy of yours, which I see you have shaved for me.”

“I didn’t shave it for you.”

“Yes you did, I can tell you are just shaved, probably earlier tonight.”

“No I shaved yesterday” I sneered at him. “Now be quiet.”

“You can’t hide from me. I can feel your hard nipples you know and I can smell your pussy. I know you are hot and I know you are wanting my cock in you. I know it has been a long time since you have experienced a cock like mine in that hot tunnel of yours.”

“No it hasn’t, I just had sex with my husband yesterday if you must know.”

“With that little thing of his?”

“How do you know that?”

“I didn’t but now I do. Now I know just how much you have been thinking of my big cock in you. Ben told me that you were quite taken with the sketch of me on display here.”

I had been caught and apparently he knew something about me and I wasn’t quite sure how much. “Well it was a nice sketch, the artist is very talented.”

“And so is the model” was his smiling retort.

“How much talent does it take to sit on a chair?”

“Oh I wasn’t talking about that. I meant the talent that is going to give you a screaming orgasm a bit later.”

“Well I don’t need a screaming orgasm.”

“It’s been a long time for that too I guess.”

I just looked at him.

“Oh my god you haven’t had a wild screaming can’t catch your breath orgasm in a long time have you?”

“No” I whispered.

“That’s too bad, baby, but that all ends tonight. Once you’ve experienced what this cock can do for you future satisfaction will be hard for you to find anywhere else.”

“How do you know that?”

“I have a lot of repeat customers.”


“Women who love their men but find they cannot deliver mad passionate live in the jungle sex. I can deliver that to you at no charge.”

I didn’t respond. I didn’t actually have time to respond but had Ben not approached us I’m not quite sure what I’d respond with.

“Say guys I’m going to let everyone out and then I’ll lock up. I’ll be back after that to finish my sketch as I started a bit after everyone else but I’ll be back in a bit. Just hang tight and I’ll be back.”

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