The Aparition

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The Aparition
The house, being over a hundred years old, was in the historical district of our town. Regulations required owners to maintain the integrity of the homes and their historical value. Modernization was allowed, as long as it met standards set by the historical society. It had been well maintained and modernized kitchen, baths, etc.

While doing a title search, I discovered it had changed hands several times over the last couple of decades, which was uncommon for the area. I had learned about it from another attorney in our firm. It was part of a divorce settlement, and the owners were in a hurry to sell. I got a very good price on it.

My daughter Amy and I moved in as soon as possible. I was anxious to start over in a new place since my wife’s death, getting Amy away from bad memories.

Amy was barely s*******n when we moved in. Growing fast and quickly becoming a beautiful young girl.

The first night we stayed in the house, I was exhausted from the move. I hit the pillow, and was out like a light. I had some wonderfully sexy dreams that night.

So, I wasn’t surprised at the content of my dreams that night, but they seemed so real. I was holding a boy, naked, cuddling in bed. I had felt his hardness against me. And when he ducked under the covers, his desire was urgent, almost demanding. He swallowed my load, then gave me a moment of rest before attacking my dick again. The second time I felt his fingers pumping in my ass. It seemed so real, and when I unloaded the second time, I could feel his fingers leave my ass. I awoke with a jolt, because I thought the bed had moved as if someone got out.

Looking around the dark room, I saw no one, and put it off to my exhaustion.

I had all but forgotten it, until the next night. Again I was sound asleep, though not from exhaustion. The erotic dreams started, then I was suddenly aware of a mouth engulfing my dick. This was no dream. Someone was sucking my dick. I reached down and felt the head of my fellator. It stopped briefly, then resumed pleasuring me.

My first thought was of course Amy. The head wasn’t large, so it must be her. I admit to having looked at her differently since being widowed, but I wouldn’t dream of doing anything to her.

So why would my sweet, innocent daughter be sucking my dick in the middle of the night?

The mouth was again, very demanding of my load. I had no resistance to it, and soon gave in to my pleasure.

As soon as I released my load, I started to reach for the bedside lamp. I was going to confront Amy about this behavior now. As I reached for it, the cover flew up and over my head. I scrambled to free myself, but by the time I had the light on, I was alone in the room.

At breakfast the next morning I confronted Amy.

“We need to have a chat young lady,” I said rather coldly.

“About what, Daddy,” she asked. Those big innocent blue eyes staring through me.

“About you coming to my room last night.”

“I didn’t go to your room last night,” she answered sincerely.

“Well, somebody did and there isn’t anyone else here,” I said raising my voice slightly.

“I didn’t Daddy. I swear.”

I realized she was telling the truth, as far as she knew. Maybe she has started sleepwalking. I’ve heard that can happen after a traumatic experience. Her mother’s been dead for six months, why would she just now start sleepwalking? Of course what happened last night was more of a case of sleep sucking. And a damn fine job she did too. Her future husband is one lucky bastard.

I decided to let it drop for now, until I could do some research on how to handle it.

I was busy at the office most of the day and only had a minute to research. About the only thing I got out of it was you shouldn’t wake someone who is sleepwalking.

I was asleep again when Amy wrapped her lips around my dick. Oh Jesus, could this girl work a dick. I lay there letting her go to town, only because I wasn’t canlı bahis şirketleri supposed to wake her, of course.

She had me at my peak quickly, and I gave her what she obviously wanted. She continued to nurse on my dick, stroking and squeezing it. Trying to keep it hard. I wasn’t going to disappoint my baby girl, it’s not everyday you get a great blow job from a s*******n year old. That alone was reason enough to keep me from going soft.

She put in a lot of energy into her efforts, then she shoved a couple of fingers in my ass. A trick she must have come by naturally. Her mother liked to do that too. Well, her mother knew I liked it anyway.

The trick worked too. Or maybe just the fact that my s*******n year old daughter was blowing me and shoving her fingers in and out of my ass. Either way she got her second load.

As I recovered, the blanket shifts as Amy crawled out of my bed. Then I watch as she appears out from under the blanket. Only… it wasn’t Amy. I’m not sure I was seeing right. It was… a cloud? The room is fairly dark, but I saw something. A form in a cloud?

It definitely wasn’t Amy. It was taller, bigger. Then gone into the shadows. I consciously knew I should be frightened, but I really wasn’t. Sexually drained, but not frightened. I slept peacefully.

At breakfast, Amy said, “It was nice what you did last night Daddy.”

“What’s that baby?”

“You came into my room.”

Now I was worried. “Oh? And What did I do?”

“You pulled my covers up to my chin and kissed my forehead.”

“Oh, that. Yes.”

It was Saturday so I didn’t have to go into the office. Amy was being picked up by my sister and her daughter to go shopping and whatever else women do on Saturdays. My Sister, Beth, has been a godsend, stepping in for Amy’s mother figure.

After seeing Amy off, I went to shower. As I stood under the spray, I couldn’t help but think about what had happened. I can’t remember having a better blow job than I’d had in the last few nights. My dick started rising at the thought. I was about to reach for it, when I felt fingers wrap around it.

I looked down, and in the mist and steam of the shower, I could see a hand on my dick. Not really a hand, as such, but the outline of a hand and arm reaching around me. A sketch that wasn’t filled in. I could see through it. Again, I wasn’t frightened though, as it began to stroke my dick. Then I felt a body pressed against my back. It was shorter than me, but definitely male. The hand stroked my dick, and another came around my left side, and moved up and down my chest and stomach.

I gave in to it, tilting my head up, enjoying the sensation. The left hand abandoned my chest, then I felt it putting pressure on my back, wanting me to bend over. I did, expecting fingers in my ass. What I got was noticeably larger than a finger. The bulbous head of a cock was pushed into me. I groaned out loud, in pleasure and pain, as the cock made it’s way inside me. I’m no expert in anal, but this felt like a substantial sized cock. I’ve had a toy there (my wife knew I liked anal stimulation), but nothing of this size. As it bore deeper, I felt the body behind me press up against my back, hunching over me, as his cock stroked in and out. I felt what had to be his balls, slap against my own as he took me. I found myself backing into his thrusts, wanting … no needing to please him. He knew I had accepted my fate, and began plowing me harder. His right hand stroked me in time with his pounding of my ass. I shot off, yet still pushed back for more. His thrusts became harder and faster, and I felt his cock swell and pulse inside me.

He withdrew, and I turned to face him. It was just a young man. Well, not a man but it was almost a boy. I mean… hell, I don’t know what it was. It had the form of a boy. He knelt down in front of me and took my still hard dick into his mouth. That mouth that I had felt at canlı kaçak iddaa night, was working it’s magic in my shower.

He looked up at me as he slid his mouth up and down my dick, taking in most of my nearly six inches [15 cm]. It was hard to tell, but he appeared to be about f******n, and really handy with a cock. I gave him my second load, nearly fainting from the pleasure. His eyes never left mine as my cum disappeared in his mouth.

He stood after releasing my dick. He gave me a conspiratorial smile, then a thank you nod, and disappeared.

I was standing there for a couple of minutes, trying to wrap my head around what had just happened. I had just been fucked and sucked by a young ghost. Or is it the ghost of a boy. Whatever the fuck, it had just happened to me, and I loved every second of it. From the first night, that dream, wasn’t a dream. It was that boy I had cuddled with and got a blow job from. And the subsequent blow jobs. All were him, and I couldn’t wait for more.

Beth dropped Amy off bearing hamburgers. She showed me all her shopping treasures and told me about her day with her cousin. I had trouble following along as my mind was on other things.

For some reason, I sent Amy to bed earlier than usual. I had no more than pulled the blanket back on the bed, when he appeared behind me. I guess after the shower scene, there was no further need for sneaking around.

I got into bed and looked at my ghostboy. In the shower, because of the steam I guess, I could see his form more clearly. Yet at the same time, now he seemed less invisible.

He got in beside me and reached for my dick. He seemed driven to suck dick. I let him go down on me without any foreplay. Not that I needed any. He sucked and stuck his now familiar finger in my ass. A little later he added a second finger. I didn’t know which I liked more, pushing up into his mouth or pushing down on his fingers.

He soon received his reward for a job well done. He moved up and lay his head on the pillow next to me. He was quite beautiful, in a transparent sort of way. His smile radiated nothing but love and kindness. It’s really hard to explain, I could tell he meant no harm.

I hadn’t sucked a dick since I was thirteen, but I was going to give it a shot. If you haven’t held a teen cock, you’ve missed out. In the dim light, it was strange holding one I could see through. It was there, I could feel it. It’s strength and rigidity. Not the warmth of a ‘real’ one though. I didn’t care, I was getting to suck a teen boy. Ok, a teen boy ghost. Whatever.

I sucked him into my mouth and realized he was actually bigger than me. The knob end was bigger than mine, it was probably more than seven inches [18 cm], though the shaft was thinner than the knob. But he was still a growing boy. Or maybe not. Shit, I don’t know.

I worked that ghost cock like cheap whore, loving every second of the experience. He pulled me off him, only to get between my legs and put that nearly invisible cock in my ass again. I didn’t resist, I let him do anything he wanted to me. He kissed me and fucked me hard.

I know when I was a teen myself, it seemed as though I had a hard on all the time. Well let me tell you, a boy ghost can definitely go all night. He fucked and sucked me till dawn.

And when he finally got out of bed, I noticed two things. One, he was more visible than when he got into my bed. And two, he was even more beautiful than I thought. I had been fucked senseless, yet I wanted to grab him and pull him back for more.

I slept for three hours before Amy woke me. I stumbled from my bed and went to the bathroom. I was standing at the toilet, when I realized I had just got out of bed and walked naked in front of my daughter, hard on leading the way.

As I poured a bowl of cereal for Amy, I said, ‘I’m sorry about being naked in front of you. I forgot for a minute you were there.”

“That’s canlı kaçak bahis okay, Daddy. I’ve seen boy’s things before.”

“You have?”

“Yeah. I was at Mrs Steen’s house lots of times when she changed her baby’s diaper. And a couple of weeks ago, Wally showed me his on the playground at recess.”

“Wally? Is that the k** with the spike hairdo and studded dog collar around his neck?”

“Yeah. I think he likes me.”

“Well, I shouldn’t have let you see mine. And stay away from Wally.”

“Why not, Daddy? You’ve seen me naked. I remember when you used to bathe me. Why don’t you bathe me anymore, Daddy?”

“I just thought you were too grown up for that. I assumed you wanted your privacy.”

“I don’t mind if you see me naked, now that I’ve seen you.”

“Uh… We’ll talk about this later. Eat your cereal, and go play in the back yard. Don’t go outside the fence, you hear.”

“Yes Daddy.”

k**s do grow up quickly these days. If I see Wally on the street, I just may run over him. Of course his spiked hairdo might puncture my tires.

I did some work around the house, occasionally checking on Amy. I carried a load of laundry up to my room and hung them in the closet. Turning back, he was there. He smiled and got on his knees and took out my dick. I hung onto the closet rail as he sucked me again. He left me wasted and drained.

Later, after dinner, I told Amy to shower and get ready for bed. “But Daddy, it’s only seven thirty.”

“Yes, but you have school tomorrow. Best to get an early start.”

Amy showered and came into the living room wearing a cute pink nighty and matching panty. I was sitting on the sofa, thinking about my boy, hard as a rock in my sweatpants. She climbed on my lap, not being too careful of how she did so.

“Unph,” I groaned when her knee made contact with my dick.

“Oh… Sorry Daddy. I didn’t hurt it, did I?”

“No baby. I just wasn’t expecting you to do that.”

“It’s hard like it was this morning. Wally’s got hard too when he showed it to me. Why’s it hard like that?”

“Uh… Sometimes they just get that way. Now give me a kiss, and go to bed.”

Amy kissed my cheek, then climbed down, placing her hand right on my dick for balance.

When I heard her bedroom door close, I ran to my room and got naked. I was sitting on my bed waiting anxiously, when my boy appeared. He reached for my dick, but instead of going down on it, he pulled me up off the bed.

He led me to the door to the attic, which I had never been in. We climbed the stairs to the huge attic filled with a century of stuff left behind by a dozen families. He drew me to a place between some old furnishings, and pointed down. I got to my knees, thinking he wanted me to blow him. Instead he got down beside me and again pointed at the floor.

It was then I noticed the hole in the floor. There was light coming through, so I bent down and looked closer. The hole was directly over Amy’s bed. Her ceiling has a plaster swirl pattern in it. The hole must be hidden in the pattern.

Her left hand moved up to her budding nipple, and squeezed it, as she bucked up at her invading finger. I know if I was in the room, I would hear her moaning in pleasure.

After another minute, her moves became more erratic. She suddenly hunched her pelvis up, her palm rubbing over her clit as her finger delved in deeply. She collapsed back onto the bed, cupping her hand over her pussy, and closing her legs around it tightly.

Ghost boy was grinning hugely. I wondered if he had witnessed her doing it before. Undoubtedly he had.

Back in my room, we were both overheated by her display. He sucked me to a quick finish, then fucked me hard. I couldn’t believe how turned on we were. After a second fucking, I fell asleep.

It was obvious that with each sexual event, he became more substantial and less invisible. Not really whole, but less ghostly. We watched Amy several times, and afterward fucked like a couple of whores on payday. I even got my first piece of ghost ass. But it was clear we both prefer him on top.

One day I awoke to find a book beside my bed. On the front, embossed in gold lettering, ‘My Journal’. Below written by hand in some sort of black marker, ‘Matthew Whittaker’.

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