The Alumni

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I had just arrived in town on an early flight and was staying at my usual hotel. It was Thursday, mid morning and I only had 1 appointment on Friday. I unpacked and hit the exercise room for an hour. It is so hard to keep the pounds off when you travel so I took advantage of the free time whenever I could. After showering and changing I headed to the restaurant across the street from the hotel. It was at the early part of the lunch crowd so I sat at the bar and sipped a drink. I ordered a salad and decided to eat in the bar and watch the basketball game. My Alma Matter was playing a conference rival in the second round of the conference tournament.

I looked around at the growing crowd. Most of it was the usual business lunch types except for one table of 3 couples just behind me in the bar area. They were younger (25-30 range) and quite attractive. They seemed to be good friends and were chatting and laughing with a certain familiarity. They also seemed to be interested in the basketball game and cheering for my school. It was early in the second half and during a timeout one of the guys was standing by me ordering another round of drinks. I said hello and asked if he was an alumni of the U. As he waited for his drinks I found out that he and his 5 friends were all graduates and here for a short reunion of sorts. I introduced myself and said I was also a graduate but that I had gotten out about a decade earlier then him.

When the drinks arrived I had them added to my tab and told my fellow alum to enjoy the game. He thanked me and headed back to the table. A few minutes later, during a time out, he caught my eye and waived me over to the table. I was finished with the salad and picked up my drink and walked over.

Ben, who I had met at the bar, got up and introduced everyone. “Tom, this is Steve and Lisa, Bob and Wendy and my wife Kim.”

I said hello to everyone and they made room at the table for me just as the timeout ended and play resumed. We all turned our attention to the game, which see sawed back and forth. As I watched the game and made small talk with the couples I took the opportunity to observe them and find out a bit about each. All the couples were quite attractive and the women were certainly worth looking at. Lisa was a petite brunette with beautiful brown eyes, short black hair and extremely sensual lips. She had a nice trim figure and very pert breasts. I enjoyed watching them bounce as we cheered for our team. Wendy was a blond. She was fairly tall with a beautiful body and full breasts. She seemed a bit shy and even blushed when I caught her looking at me. Kim was Asian. She had beautiful golden skin, medium length dark hair, high cheekbones and a delicate figure. Despite her small stature she seemed to be the leader of the group. She made sure everyone was involved and taken care of, sending Ben off several times to get drinks for whoever appeared to need one.

I also noticed a curious thing. Each man at the table had 3 envelopes in front of him. The envelopes had only a name on the front and nothing else. I couldn’t see all of them but it appeared that each one had the name of one of the men type written on the face. I got involved in the game but my mind kept drifting back to those envelopes. I have a great imagination but I have to admit nothing I was thinking matched the reality of what was in those clean white envelopes.

The game came to a climax and our team won on a last second shot. There were hugs and high fives all around and I enjoyed being included, especially in the hugs. We sat chatting as the TV analysts went into their mindless chatter about why our team had been able to upset the favored conference powerhouse. I felt comfortable with this group and they seemed to warm to me as well. We talked about jobs, work, school and life in general. I was tempted to ask about the envelopes but decided it was not any of my business. Ben’s cell phone rang and he got up and walked a little away from the table as he talked. He didn’t seem to like what he was hearing and Kim got up and stood with him as he talked. He continued to talk and Kim walked back to the table with a very disappointed look on her face.

Her animated voice had taken on a sullen aspect as she explained the call. “Ben just got called back in to the office. He has to leave right away. The project he has been working to get just hit and they want everyone back in to kick off the program and make sure it will be on track.”

There were groans all around the table and everyone started talking at once. “Damn!” Barked Steve, “That shoots the whole weekend. We have been planning this one for months”.

“I was so looking forward to this get together.” Exclaimed Wendy. “It took me a long time to get up the nerve to…”

As she was about to finish her sentence she caught my eye and remembered I was listening. She stopped in mid sentence and blushed, turning away from me. I realized that they needed to hash something out and got up, going over to the bar to pay my tab. As I waited for Jim, the bartender to güvenilir bahis add it all up and run my credit card Ben joined the group and a quiet yet animated discussion began. Something was wrong with the credit card reader and Jim had to type in the information. He messed up several times and it took a good ten minutes for him to finally slide the receipt over to me. I was a regular here and Jim and I would sometimes chat while I was eating or having a drink after meetings.

“Jim,” I queried, “do you know anything about that group I was sitting with? Do they come here often?”

Jim glanced over at the 6 of them still talking quietly. He got a smile on his face and leaned closer to me. “Well, a man would have to be close to death to not remember those 3 women. They show up every 4 months or so.” He continued in a conspiratorial tone, “I keep hoping they will show up without their husbands but that doesn’t ever seem to be the case. A tight knit group that’s for sure.”

I signed the bill and headed into the restroom. When I came out the group had quieted down but they were still chatting. They all looked up at me as I walked over to the table to say good-bye. “Thanks everyone. I had a great time watching the game with you. So much better then sitting by myself. I enjoyed your company. I am heading back to my room. Have a great night.”

They were all quiet and then they looked at each other and seemed to come to a group

Consensus. Kim picked up the 3 envelopes that were in front of Ben and got up from the table. “I’ll walk back with you Tom,” She said in her cheerful voice. “There is something I’d like to ask you about.”

As she took my arm and we headed out the door she looked over her shoulder at everyone still around the table and smiled. I was a little puzzled but what the heck she was beautiful and I didn’t mind how she felt holding onto my arm as we walked across the street.

We were quiet till we got to the lobby. “Kim,” I started, “I really enjoyed meeting you. I am sorry about Ben having to head back early. It seems to have put a damper on your plans with your friends.” I looked down into those beautiful eyes as we stopped next to the lobby elevators.

Kim looked up at me and asked, “Tom can we talk for a minute? I would like to ask you a few questions and maybe see if you could help us out.”

“Sure,” I replied, “whatever I can do I will be glad to help out if I can.”

She giggled and steered me toward a couch behind a row of plants to one side of the lobby. “Well,” she began, “can I ask you some, kind of personal questions? You see we all also enjoyed your company and felt that you fit into the group pretty well. With Ben leaving early we were wondering if you might have some free time today and maybe this weekend to spend with us, sort of filling in for Ben?”

She was looking directly into my eyes as she finished speaking and I was at a bit of a loss. I am a pretty intelligent guy but it was like I wasn’t getting something here.

Hesitantly I answered, “Sure Kim, ask away but I am a little in the dark on where this is going.”

She took hold of my hands and in a soft voice asked me about my job, likes, dislikes, pretty normal stuff, at first. I filled her in with the stock answers that seemed to satisfy her.

Then she took a deep breath, looked me in the eye and asked, “What kind of sexual preferences do you have? Are you open to some new experiences?” She was caressing my hands and her eyes never left mine.

I think I might have blushed slightly. I stammered, “Ah, Kim, what kind of, I don’t know what…” Then I stopped talking and collected my thoughts.

Her hands were softly stroking mine. Playing with my palms and fingers very sensually. It was quite arousing considering the question she had just asked me. I smiled at this sexy young woman and decided I would get to the core of this before I lost the ability to speak intelligently.

“Kim, I have to say that is an interesting question. I assure you that my sexual preferences are not too out of the norm but I do have a bit of a kinky side and I am always open to new sexual adventures. Now tell me what you are driving at,” I ended with a soft sigh.

Still playing with my hands she spoke in a soft but animated voice. “Two or three times a year our group gets together for some fun. By fun I mean sexual fun. We are all good friends and trust one another. We enjoy each other’s company and also enjoy the spice and variety these rendezvous provide. Ben is on his way to the airport shortly and we all agreed that you would be an interesting addition to the group this time. Are you interested?”

I nodded, “Please keep going. You certainly have my attention and my curiosity is aroused. What do you have in mind?”

“Well,” she said, “you may have noticed that each guy had 3 of these envelopes.” She motioned with her head at the three in her lap.

“What we have been doing is taking turns, Guys and girls, writing down 3 fantasies we would like to act out. We type them on the computer so they are türkçe bahis anonymous and put them into 3 envelopes. This trip it is the ladies turn to write out their fantasies. We label them with the names of each of the 3 men in the group and when we get together for our lunch we hand them out. Notice that the 3 I have all have Ben’s name on them but the labels are identical and Ben would not know who’s each one was. Each one also has a 1,2 or 3 on it so you know what order they are in.

Each man will open the envelopes in his room and read the 3 fantasies. He won’t know which one matches which lady until she actually shows up. He must prepare for hosting all 3 women over the next three evenings and helping them live out the fantasies to the best of his ability. If you are in we begin at 6:00 tonight. If not I will go back and tell the others that we will have to play another day. What do you think?”

I leaned back a bit and smiled saying, “I think I would have to be crazy to pass up an opportunity like this. I have been traveling for years and I can honestly say this is by far the most erotic thing I have stumbled onto in a long time. I am in. Where do we go from here?”

Kim handed me the 3 envelopes. “Read these and then get whatever you think you need to host each of us ladies for the evening. At 6:00 the first of us will be at your door ready to have you fulfill her fantasy. I have no idea what Wendy and Lisa have written but I am hoping that you will enjoy playing with us. Now I have to run and say good-bye to Ben and get ready. What is your room number so I can tell the girls?”

I told her my room was 631 and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and was off. I stared at the envelopes in my hand and couldn’t help getting a bit hard as I wondered what each fantasy would be. Deciding it would be best to read these in privacy I headed up to my room.

I had been upgraded to a suite so I headed to the couch in the sitting area and opened each envelope. I begin to read and it was a good thing I decided to do this in my room. I would never have made it unnoticed from the lobby chair to the elevators with the erection I was sporting. I read each letter quickly then went back and read them again more slowly, taking a few notes on the hotel stationary as I read. I had some shopping to do.

With my notes in hand I headed out to my car. I knew my way around the area pretty well from all my previous stays so I had a good idea where I could get the things I needed. There was a drug store not too far away and also an adult toy store across the Freeway. I wanted to get back to my room in time to take a quick shower and get ready for the first meeting so I did not waste much time. Some of the items were a bit embarrassing to purchase but I managed to find more or less everything I felt I would need.

Back at the hotel I showered and shaved. I noticed a slip of paper had been slid under the door. I read, 6:00pm appointment with Miss Johnson, Interesting. Changing into a comfortable pair of pants and a collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the collar undone I pulled out the first letter and reviewed, wondering which lady was going to be visiting me first. The letter certainly had potential.


I enjoyed going to college and generally liked all my professors. There was one in particular that I always fantasized about. I would sit in lecture and think about what his hands might feel like on my body, how his kisses would taste, what he might be like in bed. I never found out but it is a fantasy I hope you can help me live out. You will be Professor Norman, my classical history professor – senior year. I have all the credits I need to graduate but I am only getting a C+ in the class. This will destroy my GPA and I really want to graduate with honors so I need to bump that up to an A. I am coming to your office to ask if there is “anything” I can do to raise my grade. I am going to be a bit reluctant at first but I am sure you can convince me that what you want is best for my future. I hope you get the picture. I will knock on your door at my appointment time. It is a little late for office hours but you were nice enough to stay late and see me about my grade.

I had rearranged some of the furnishings in the sitting area to look a little bit like an office. I had even gotten a straight-backed chair brought up to set in front of the desk. I was in the big leather office chair behind the desk, books open as if I was studying something interesting, computer online and logged into a site on ancient Greece. I had left the door open a crack and as I waited I couldn’t help but smile at my good fortune. Was this really going to happen? I reviewed each of the women in my mind: Lisa, the pert, sexy brunette, Wendy, the tall leggy blonde and Kim the petite oriental beauty. I tried to picture them in various states of undress and had to admit that each one was sexy in her own special way. Which one was Miss Johnson?

I was brought back to the present by a light knock at the door. “Come in,” I called.

Looking güvenilir bahis siteleri up I saw Wendy stepping through the door. She was wearing a pair of ragged blue jeans and a flannel shirt. Her curly blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. She even had hiking boots on and to complete the picture she had a backpack over her shoulder.

“Well, Miss Johnson, you are right on time. What can I do for you?” I smiled as I pointed to the chair opposite my desk.

She hesitated, sat, and then looked up from her chair and began what seemed to be a rehearsed speech.

“Professor Norman, as you know I am only getting a C+ in your class and I really need to raise that grade so that I can graduate with honors. I know it is late in the semester but I am willing to do whatever it takes to raise that grade to an A. I am hoping that you can work with me and we can find a way to do this.” She seemed to have more to say but she ran out of steam and just blushed a little and lowered her eyes.

“Miss Johnson,” I began, “you seem to have 3 areas that have taken your grade down. First your small group participation is very minimal. The TA said that you are a bit shy in the discussions and even though you have good insights you don’t often share them unless you are asked directly. Is that a fair statement?”

She stammered a bit and then sighed saying, “Yes Professor.”

“Next is your midterm grade. It appears that you got a C on this and that is 20% of your grade. Finally we have your term paper. I like the topic – Women in ancient Rome, but it doesn’t have a lot of depth. Some good work but not enough to back it up.”

Leaning back in my chair I looked over the desk at Wendy. She actually seemed to be a bit uncomfortable and squirmed in her seat as she looked back at me. “So Miss Johnson what makes you think you deserve a second chance?”

She looked me in the eye, licked her lips and said in a soft voice, “I am not sure I deserve a higher grade Professor. I just said that I would do ANYTHING to raise my grade.” She blushed a bit but held my gaze.

I raised my right eyebrow and gave her my best authoritarian stare. “Well Miss Johnson if you are serious about this then I suggest you lock the door and sit back down. If not then we are finished and you can go. Do you understand?”

Without saying a word she walked over to the door, turned the deadbolt and slid the chain into place. She walked back and sat down in her chair and gave me a look that said, I am waiting.

I smiled and started talking. “Miss Johnson, I have the rest of the evening to help you. The first area we will work on is your shyness. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your ideas with others. To start I want you to sit up and take this book. I am going to have you read to me.”

I handed her a copy of the Iliad. She sat back and started to open the book. Before she could speak I cut in.

“Wait Miss Johnson. In order to get over your shyness you are going to read to me in your bra and panties.” I watched for her reaction and was rewarded when she blushed deeply and lowered her head. I waited a full minute then cleared my throat. “Miss Johnson, I am waiting. I don’t need to remind you that you said you would do anything it takes to raise your grade. This is the first step.”

She bent down and took off her hiking boots and socks then slowly stood, keeping her eyes on the floor. Glancing up briefly she met my gaze, blushed and started to unbutton her shirt. When it was undone she shrugged it off and hung it over her chair. Her full breasts were spilling over a shear white bra and her now hard, pink nipples were pushing against the smooth fabric. Still not looking up at me she undid her belt and unsnapped her jeans.

“I think it is so sexy watching a woman undress, especially one as beautiful as you miss Johnson.”

My voice froze her for a second but then she continued undoing the zipper of her jeans.

She hooked her thumbs into either side of the jeans and began to slide them down over her hips. Moving in that certain sexy way a woman will as she maneuvers her hips back and forth to release the clothing from herself.

I sighed, “Miss Johnson you are very beautiful. I can feel your grade rising.”

I chuckled and watched the jeans slide over her white cotton panties and down her long smooth legs. My cock was starting to strain against my pants but for the moment I was content to just sit and watch this beauty.

The jeans hit the floor and she bent to pick them up and fold them over the back of the chair with the shirt. Almost like she wanted them close by in case she needed to run. She started to sit down in her chair but I stopped her.

“Miss Johnson, I require you to read while sitting up on my desk. Please come around here, sit on the edge here in front of me and put your feet up on the arms of my chair”.

She looked up into my eyes to see if I was serious. The look on my face must have convinced her I was. She blushed again and lowering her gaze she moved around the desk till she was in front of me. I had pushed back a bit to make room for her. Sitting her ass on the edge of the desk she used her arms to maneuver herself up on top. She started to slide back onto the desk and again I stopped her with my voice.

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