The Adventures of Anna and Kari Ch. 02

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Author’s note: There is a transgender character in this story. If you are uncomfortable with that or uncomfortable reading about “hetero-flexible” acts, then this story is probably not for you.


Kari awoke to silky sheets pressed up against her nude body. She sat up, letting the sheet slip down to her stomach, and felt the sun against her face and listened to the waves crashing through the room’s open patio door. After sharing a wild first day in France with her mother and Brian, they had the money to remain in the luxurious suite on their own dime. They had taken a day to relax and recover but now Kari was rested and ready for another adventure. Images and sensations from that night continued to flash through Kari’s mind: the feeling of her mother’s buxom breasts pressed up against hers, Brian thick manhood entering her from behind, and the electric thrill of the whole experience.

She turned to the open glass door leading to their patio that overlooked the beach and watched her mother bask in the morning sun. Her breasts were now tanned from two days on the beach and the sun had darkened the color of her wide round areolas and the perky nipples that dotted their tips.

“Oh, you’re finally awake,” Anna said, as she turned and walked through the glass door. Her hips swayed around her perfectly manicured curly pubic hair as she slowly entered the room. “Feeling rested?”

“I think I’m finally getting over that epic hangover. Thanks for getting me out to that massage, yesterday. I think it was just what I needed.” Kari said, not bothering to cover her nude breasts, as her mother sat on the edge of the bed. Kari felt a jolt run through her spine as she checked out the toned curves in her mother’s thick behind.

“What am I good for if I can’t used my newfound fortune to treat my girl?”

The two women stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, feeling the energy pass between them in the morning air.

“Is Brian still here?” Kari asked, breaking the tension.

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday morning. I don’t think he checked out, though. Maybe he’s just busy?”

“It’s just weird to pay us all that money and disappear like that,” Kari commented, rising from the bed to make her way to the restroom. When Kari re-emerged, bath towel around her midsection to preserve some modesty between the women, her mother had covered her curves in her bath robe.

“Why don’t we go ahead and hit the beach?” Anna suggested. “I’m sure Brian will know where to find us if he comes back. It’s not like this is a big village.”

Kari popped into the closet and slipped off her towel and into her bath robe. It was so freeing to be on the beach surrounded by people comfortable with their own naked bodies. It seemed silly that Kari should even cover up in the hotel but it just made stripping in the changing room in a few minutes all the more fun.

Kari followed her mother out their door and into the elevator that carried them down to the women’s changing area. They found their lockers and the bathing suits inside.

“You know, I don’t think I even need this,” Anna explained as she pulled off her bathrobe and stood naked next to her daughter. She hung the robe inside the locker and removed the small handbag that contained their beach supplies.

“Sounds like a plan,” Kari replied, pulling off her own robe. She reached into the hanbag and pulled out a can of spray-on of sunscreen and motioned for her mother to turn around. Kari sprayed the woman’s body from her neck to her calves, being sure not to miss any of her voluptuous curves. “My turn,” Kari said as she handed the spray to her mother. She bounced up and down as she felt the mist from the can cover her body. She felt her nipples spring to life when the cool spray made its way across her chest.

Once they were ready for the sun, Anna handed Kari a pair of wayfarers from the bag and she slipped them over her eyes. They bid the smiling room attendant a good day and headed down the trail to the private beach.

When the pair arrived under the umbrellas they had camped out under with Brian on their first day at the resort, Kari spied the same couple from the first day. This time, the attractive middle-aged couple were joined by a younger couple sitting on the opposite side from Kari’s umbrella. As Anna laid out her beach towel, Kari pointed out the couple to her mother

“They’re the ones who were watching while we were playing,” ataşehir escort Kari whispered.

“Then let’s go say hello,” Anna said, dropping her towel and walking toward the couple.

The middle aged couple was nude, as they had been the previous day. The petite blonde haired woman’s small breasts formed small mounds high on her chest as she laid in the sun. Her pubic hair stretched in a thick strip down between her legs which laid flat on the ground. Her skin had tanned in the sun since Kari had seen her last and freckles were forming all over her chest and arms. The large man with her already had a nice olive tone base when Kari had watched his partner fellate him the other day except now his tan lines had receded.

“Hello,” Anna said in a friendly tone. Kari found herself a little embarrassed at her mother’s outgoing nature..

“Oh, hello there,” the blonde woman replied sitting up under her umbrella and looking at the approaching strangers.

“Since it seems we’re beach neighbors, we just wanted to be friendly. My name is Anna and this is Kari.”

“Oh, so nice to meet you,” the blonde replied with a hint of an accent Kari couldn’t place. “This is my husband, Hugo. My name is Sylvia,” the woman and her husband stood so that they could shake hands with Kari and her mother. The large powerful man stood head-and-shoulders above Kari who stood a head above Sylvia. His tan belly extended outward a little and his tan uncut penis extended a quarter of the way down his thigh.

“It’s always a pleasure to have such young nice looking neighbors,” Hugo said as he kissed Anna on both cheeks. “Normally it’s just old people out here.”

“And are they with you?” Anna asked about the younger man and woman behind Sylvia.

“Of course. Julien, don’t be shy. Come here,” Sylvia chastised the younger man wearing a tight pair of trunks that hugged his bulging package. The woman next to him stood up as well. “This is our twenty three year-old son, Julien, and my friend, Eden.”

Julien was tall like his father but with a thinner frame and a lean muscular chest and stomach.

“Are you sisters?” Eden asked as she adjusted the red bikini bottoms at her waist. She was a stunning East Asian woman who looked a little older than Kari with a unique look that Kari couldn’t pin down and nicely enhanced round ochre colored breasts.

“Oh, you’re too kind,” Anna explained. “Kari is my daughter, actually.”

“Well, well,” Eden replied.

“You’re making Kari blush, Eden,” Sylvia slapped her friend on the butt playfully. “Now, Julien, don’t be so shy with the nice women, show them that big beautiful penis you have.”

If Kari wasn’t blushing before, she certainly felt the blood rush to her face now.

“Certainly, mother,” Julien replied and he peeled down his tight trunks to let the women see his thick pale penis. It was uncut like his father’s and equally as thick and long. Kari tried to hold her mouth closed.

“That is beautiful,” Anna complimented the younger man. “Are you as playful as your parents, Julien?” she asked. Kari nearly died at how forward her mother was with the handsome Julien.

“Only when mother allows it,” Julien cooly responded. There was something about this guy’s dynamic with his mother that made Kari’s spine tingle. She had never considered herself to be into incestuous fantasies or domination but, suddenly, everything seemed to be on the table.

“Where is your playmate, ladies?” Sylvia asked.

“He’s suddenly gone missing, actually. You haven’t seen him, have you?” Kari responded.

“If only I had. I’d make him come over and pleasure me alongside my husband,” Syliva said as she laughed. “I’ll tell you what, since your man is gone, maybe you all could borrow one of mine?” Syliva offered. “Actually, soon I will have more to spare.”

“Whoa. I like the sound of that,” said Anna. “Where do I sign up?”

“Come with us toward our villa, ok? We’ll meet the others on the other side of the dunes,” Sylvia explained. She beckoned for the group to follow her. As Sylvia led, three more Mediterranean men arrived from the opposite direction and waved and greeted Sylvia and Hugo. They obviously were already acquainted with the couple. Kari trailed behind with Julien and the mysterious beauty, Eden.

Sylvia led the group down the beach until they reached an opening between some dunes that lead back into a tree-covered path. “We can stay here,” Syliva kadıköy escort bayan informed the group. Kari noticed the three tan men introducing themselves to her mother. They looked to be in between Anna and Kari in age. There was a tall one who called himself Gerald, a short but well built man named Tomas, and the bald man with the powerful chest, Marco.

“I think Hugo and these men would like to be with me and your mother,” Sylvia informed Kari. “Not to worry, though. Don’t you think Julien has such a beautiful penis?”

“It’s pretty stunning, actually,” Kari found her words catching in her throat.

“Let me make you a deal,” Syliva said as she circled around behind her son, letting her hand trail across his butt as she moved. “You can go down on my beautiful son but first you will go down on my beautiful friend.” With that, Syliva slid her hands down into Eden’s bikini bottom and slowly slid it down her friend’s legs. As she pulled the triangle down, it became clear to Kari what had seemed so mysterious about the paled skinned Asian woman. Between Eden’s legs hung a small but well shaped penis.

“Oh, it’s so pretty,” Kari said as she slowly dropped to her knees. She pulled Eden’s pale ochre foreskin away from the head and then looked up at the trans woman as she placed her penis in her mouth and began to tease it with her tongue. Eden cupped her right breast in her hand and sighed as Kari brought her penis to an erection with her lips.

Next to Eden, Julien began to stroke his long penis near Kari’s face. She responded in kind by reaching her left hand to this thick shaft and gently stroked his manhood from the head down to his heavy balls.

Kari found it thrilling to not only be servicing two penises at the same time for the first time but getting the chance to discover what it was like to be with a trans woman for the first time. She could feel her juices starting to flow between her own legs as she swapped penises and took Julien in her mouth while she stroked Eden with short quick strokes on her shaft.

As she took Julien’s penis deep into the pocket of her cheek, Kari looked to her left and watched her mother on her knees performing a similar maneuver on Hugo and Gerard, the tall Mediterranean man. Anna was swapping between the men’s thick tan cocks with her mouth and hands. Her large melon tits stood almost at attention as she arched her back so she could occasionally place her mouth at the base of one of the men’s plum-sized balls.

“Can you put them together?” Eden requested as Kari returned back to the task at hand. She took each penis in her grip and pulled the tips together as she inserted both penises between her lips. Eden wrapped her arm around Julien’s waist as the couple moved to stand hip-to-hip in front of Kari.

“Oh, Kari, that feels so good,” Julien complimented her as she pressed her mouth as far down the two shafts as she could. She reached her hands forward and played with both sets of balls. Julien’s testicles were thick and hung low like his father. Eden’s were much smaller but bounced and danced with ease between Kari’s fingers as she teased them.

After a few minutes of the double-fellatio, Eden pulled her penis from Kari’s mouth. “I think we need to return the favor, no?” She asked. Kari smiled up at Eden as she pulled Julien’s head from her tight lips with a smack.

Eden fell to her knees in the sand next to Kari and pushed her backward into the sand. Julien joined them on his knees. As Eden moved her hands and lips up Kari’s inner thighs, Julien teased her nipples and breasts. He stroked his own penis as he watched Eden suck on Kari’s lower lips.

“Oh, god, yes,” Kari heard herself cry out as Eden’s tongue tickled her clit. All the build up had already spun Kari’s motor up and now it wouldn’t be long before she could cum. From the sounds behind her, Syliva had beat her to the first climax. She was shouting in whatever mother tongue she spoke as she peaked and then went silent.

“I’m going to cum, Eden. Just keep tonguing my clit,” she instructed. As Eden buzzed at Kari’s lower curtains, Kari felt her stomach contract and a wave of heat and pleasure rush up her abdomen and over her face. As the contractions in her stomach subsided, Eden pulled her face away from Kari’s crotch.

“That was beautiful,” Eden said with her breasts pressed to Karis stomach. “Turn around and I’ll make you cum from inside now, too.”

Kari followed escort maltepe instructions and was soon up on her hands and knees. Julien remained at her side and she used her tongue to fellate the underside of his thick shaft while she watched their parents. Julien’s mother had pulled herself into an impressive position by balancing herself on her back on top of one of the strangers while his cock rested inside her ass and the other man slipped his penis inside her vagina from the front. Soon, they were both pumping away at both of her holes.

Kari felt Eden slip her erection inside her vagina and soon she could feel her ass shaking as the trans woman’s pelvis pounded at her backside. She plunged Julien’s penis into her mouth in time with Eden’s thrusts. Kari noticed her mother was now being eaten out simultaneously by both Hugo and Marco. They were showing no inhibitions as they took turns at her lower lips. There was something so naughty and hot about being able to watch her mother lost in ecstasy while Kari serviced two cocks herself. They should not be doing this and it turned Kari on all the more.

Kari felt the wave of heat and pleasure rising from her abdomen again. This time, Eden had managed to pinpoint the sensitive flesh on Kari’s g-spot and she was rapidly pumping her cock against it. “Fuck me as hard as you can,” Kari called back to Eden as she released Julien’s penis. She nearly sobbed as she felt her kegel muscles fiercely contracting around Eden’s penis.

Eden pulled her penis from Kari’s vagina and allowed Kari to catch her breath on all fours. When she looked up, she saw Eden had joined Julien to watch the action with the other group members. Anna was in a similar position that Kari had been in just a moment ago. She was on her knees while Hugo rode her hard from behind. Kari watched her mother’s thick low hanging breasts swing below her when she wasn’t holding onto them. While she was pounded from behind, Anna used her mouth and a free hand to work on Marco’s penis.

Kari rose and joined Eden and Julien to form a small line as they watched the others. Tomas was fucking Sylvia’s vagina with everything he had from the front while Gerard maintained a slow steady pace inside her rectum. Tomas began to grunt and swear in French, Kari though, and, as she, Eden, and Julien watched from over his shoulder, he finally pulled out and began to pump his semen across Syliva’s slippery lower lips and up into her pubic hair landing strip.

Tomas stood up and wiped his sweaty brow and joined the small observation section that was forming. Sylvia looked to be enjoying the slow steady pace that Gerard was using. She opened her eyes and Kari recognized a lustful hunger in them. “Julien, I want you to be next,” she commanded.

“Of course,” he answered dutifully and Kari watched while Julien walked in front of his mother and then knelt in front of her and slipped his large cock in between her cum covered folds.

“God, you’re just as big as your father,” Sylvia grunted as he pressed his pelvis between her legs.

Kari found herself leaning into eden’s shoulder and slowly stroking her small pretty penis back to an erection. Julien was pumping away between his mother’s legs in front of them. To the side, Hugo and Marco had both had all they could take and they pulled out of Anna’s mouth and vagina and their cocks erupted creamy white streams of semen onto her face and back in turn.

“Oh, fuck. I need to cum now, mother,” Julien said almost as a request.

“Cum inside your mother, Julien. I want to feel your hot semen inside me,” the insatiable woman answered.

“Oooh, yes, mother!” Julien shouted as his back and ass tensed as he rapidly pumped his hips. When he finally pulled his penis from his mother’s opening, a stream of white semen trickled out her pink hole and down to the base of Gerard’s penis where it became the lubricant that sent him into an orgasmic fit. He pulled his penis from her anus and let his semen stream down from the tip of his penis into the stream of cum that Tomas and Julien had left behind.

“That was so hot,” Kari whispered into Eden’s ear. “I need your cum on me right now.” Kari dropped to her knees and spit on Eden’s shaft and then increased the pace of her strokes on the woman’s cock. Finally, she felt Eden’s knees buckle and Kari watched her eyes close tight as semen poured from her penis and down onto Kari’s eagerly awaiting breasts.

“Well, this was a productive morning,” Kari heard her mother say from her left as she got to her feet and kissed Eden softly on the mouth.

“Thank you,” Kari whispered into Eden’s ear.

“Our villa is just ahead,” Syliva noted from her spot in the sand. “Let’s head that way and get cleaned up.”

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