The Absent Client

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The Absent Client
Most of the jobs I get from Amanda are pretty mundane but she does like to feed me the weird ones too, the next job I got was from a man named Brett, he didn’t say why he wanted me just to be at his house at 4pm. I think this came under the weird umbrella due to lack of information.

I made sure I wasn’t late getting there half hour early, finding the address and waiting around the corner. It wasn’t a bad part of town and from my earlier drive by my client has a decent enough house, small but tidy. I left the a/c running as it was a hot day and even in tee and shorts I felt over dressed and I hoped that whatever Brett wanted me for was inside and not outside.

4pm on the dot I parked up outside making sure I didn’t block the carport as maybe Brett hadn’t got home yet or maybe he didn’t have a car, whatever I was here at 4pm.
I walked up to the door and rang the bell and waited what seemed like an eternity until eventually I heard the key in the lock and the door opened about 6” and a pretty little face with wet hair appeared.
“Hi” she said in soft voice, obviously I had interrupted her shower.
“Oh, I am here to see Brett” I said thinking this was an awkward situation.
“Sorry, he is not home yet” she said, “Did he know you were coming?” she asked
“Yes, I had an appointment at 4pm” I said thinking that this is a waste of time, she smiled and opened the door and OMG! She had nothing on but a white towel wrapped around her middle, her legs still wet.

“Come in” she said, “Let me call him” and I stood in the small hallway at the bottom of the stairs while she searched for her phone making sure she kept hold of the towel. She found her phone and sat on the bottom of the stairs making sure her knees were tight together; she dialled her dad and I only wished I heard both sides of the conversation.
She explained to her dad that I was there and then all I heard was a few “Oh’s” and few “OK’s” and “Oh really’s” and then finally an “Ok dad, I will do my best, see you soon and thank you” and she hung up, and seemed to be deep in thought with her head hung low, I wasn’t too sure what, if anything was wrong.
She slowly raised her head looking my sweating body up and down before our eyes met
“Is everything ok?” I asked as she seemed to be in a trance, she suddenly came back to reality,
“Oh yes” she said, “sorry I was miles away, dad got held up and said he would be home as soon as he can, please go sit down and I will be down as soon as I have dressed” she said pointing through to the lounge and turning to walk up the stairs.

I guess I was a bit slow to move to the lounge as I watching this girl walk up the stairs, I could clearly see a nice rounded butt and furry bit between her legs, Wow! I thought, she didn’t have to get dressed but then it wouldn’t look good if her dad walked in and she is just in a towel, probably a good move.
I looked around the small lounge and could see that it was someone’s ‘sweet six teen’ birthday and judging by the sparse furnishing I would guess that she lived here with just her dad, maybe her mum too as there was a two-seater and arm chair, I chose the arm chair and then waited for my host to return, hell I didn’t even know her name,

It wasn’t long before she came bouncing down clad in a tight sports bra, not that she had much to put in it, and a pair of white sports shorts, “Fancy a beer..?, damn I don’t even know your name” she said and giggled, I smiled up at her, “Frank and yes” and she grabbed a couple out the fridge handing me one and sat on the two-seater opposite me and cracked open her can,
“Ali” she said, “I’m Ali, short for Alligator and dad said I can have a beer on my birthday” she said with a giggle, we clinked cans, “Happy Birthday Alligator” I said with a smile and we both took a big swig and she leant back on the sofa in a very relaxed way, it made me loosen up a bit and we soon finished the cans.

Ali got up and grabbed a couple more and I noticed her VPL through her shorts, it looked to me like she had bikini type white panties under her shorts, she did have a cute arse though.
I guess she was searching for a conversation starter while we waited for her dad and she looked up
“So, what do you do Frank?” she asked and I guess she was fishing canlı bahis siteleri as to why I was there, I could only tell her what I knew and that I had no idea why her dad had hired me, I told her that clients hired me for a variety of reasons and I did as I was told, we laughed at that.
“So theoretically in my dad’s absence then I am the boss” she said with a saucy grin, I wasn’t slow in answering either,
“Theoretically yes however as we don’t know why your dad hired me how can you instruct me?” which seemed fair enough, Ali smiled and was quite cheerful and upbeat as we discussed the situation, I think the beer was going to her head,
“You are so right young man” she giggled, “More tea vicar?” she asked as she stood up collecting my empty can and walking into the kitchen. As she walked back in or should I say stumbled she handed me another can, “Do you like my shorts” she said pointing down, “I wore then coz they are just like yours” and she was definitely slurring her words, I looked down to get an approved look although my eyes had already covered and processed every inch.

“Mmm, yes!” I said, “You can even see your panty line” I said with a giggle and she looked down and laughed, “I didn’t see yours,” she said in a sad voice, “Why didn’t I see yours?” and I thought she was going to collapse.
I stood up and helped her back to the sofa and looked into her glazed eyes, “Coz I don’t wear panties” I whispered and she gave me a quizzed look trying to process the information. I sat back in the chair and looked at her, quite funny really seeing her like this after just a few cans but then again it is quite strong beer.
As I looked across at her it was like she was in a trance and I didn’t want Brett to see her like this although it is all perfectly innocent but I needed her to focus

“So why do they call you Alligator?” I asked getting her attention, she laughed as she told me some junked-up story of her biting something when she was young, “I don’t have bad teeth, do I” she asked as she opened her mouth and wiggled her jaw, she was funny.
I tried to focus on her teeth but my eyes kept wandering to her chest where I could just make out the imprint of her nipples through the thin fabric of her sports bra, more like training bra!!
“They look good from here” I said trying to focus on a closer look, “Come closer then!” she barked so I stood up and stood in front of her looking down at her open mouth, the only problem was that just past her open mouth was her chest showing off two nicely rounded bee stings, it was difficult to concentrate.

“OMG!” she said as she closed her mouth and looked straight at my shorts, she giggled as she saw the outline of my soft cock under my shorts, she tried hard to focus as I held onto her shoulders,
“You really don’t have any panties on hehe!” she said pointing and my visible chubby and laughing,
“Looks like your babysitting now buddy boy” she said looking at her watch trying to focus, I didn’t blame her, after all it was her sweet birthday.

She laid back and her eyes closed, she was out for the count, mind you I was feeling the effects too so had a look at the foreign beer we had been drinking, WTF 15% proof, no wonder she was out.
I had a dilemma here, here I was in a total strangers house and her daughter was u*********s on the sofa and I had a hard on, I didn’t know what to do.
She looked quite comfortable, her head to one side and her legs spread as I sat beside her looking at her young body sitting back, what a way to spend your birthday! I ran my fingers through her hair trying to make her comfortable, she smiled but didn’t open her eyes, “Mmm, thanks daddy” she murmured softly.

I looked at her pretty face as I stroked her hair, her soft lips slightly pouted and I was so tempted and within seconds the devil got hold of me and I lent forward and gently kissed her, OMG her lips were so soft and youthful, I lingered to see if I would get a response, I didn’t.
I pushed my tongue between her lips trying to force them apart, slight success as I was able to run my tongue in a little until I met her the wall of her teeth.
I pulled away and she half smiled at me as I took a step back and looked at her, her body laying limp with her little sports bra covering perabet her tiny bee stings. Her flat belly down to the elasticated waistband of her shorts, with her man spreading pose I was able to see her little white panties up the inside of her legs, a few stray hairs visible at the side of her gusset.

I got down on my knees before her to take a closer look pulling her shorts to one side, wow! I thought as I saw the outline of her labia lips through the thin material of her panties and I just couldn’t resist going down and giving her warm pussy a quick kiss and a gentle lick, she wiggled slightly as my lips made contact, I didn’t want to push my luck.

Her arms were by her side and I looked up at her chest, I could see her nipples poking through her bra so I gently put my fingers underneath and raised it up exposing her sweet little bee-stings, I gently tweaked each of her nipples feeling the hardness under my fingers and heard her murmur something under her breath, I gently ran my tongue around the swollen nipple before gently sucking on each.
Her breathing was getting heavier as I felt the hardness in my mouth, I looked up at her and her head was moving as she moaned softly and then she was gone again, her head went back with her mouth slightly open, I stood up and removed my shorts hoping against all hope that Brett didn’t walk in anytime soon.

I stood up on the sofa and positioned myself in front of Ali with my cock to her lips, I ran the swollen head around her lips smearing her with my leaking pre-cum. I leant against the wall for balance as I searched for a way in and then I felt her jaw relax a little and eased my cock between her lips, I stroked her hair with my other hand as I slowly started to fuck her face and I am sure at one point I felt her tongue move around the head.
It felt so good having her soft lips around my cock and as I slowly continued I felt her arms come up the back of my thighs and start to gently rub working their way up to the cheeks of my arse.

I could definitely feel her tongue now as she caressed and squeezed my arse cheeks pulling me in as my cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged quite violently and slurped out a ton of saliva most of which landed on her bare chest.
She started to get into it now as she came around and her tongue was now up and down the shaft and all around my now wet balls, “Mmm, thank you daddy” she murmured again as she worshipped my cock.
Did she just say what I thought she said?

She squeezed my arse as I fucked her face, I knew I was close and as her fingers searched out my arsehole I couldn’t hold it and she gagged as my hot cum hit the back of her throat, I don’t think she realised there would be so much.
She did good though as she sucked out the last drops before her head went back on the sofa and her eyes closed again, a little bit of cum dribbling down her chin.
I climbed back down and looked at her, her top still pulled up and her little titties on show, I knelt down between her legs and slowly pulled at the waistband of her shorts and gently pulling them off, ‘Wow’ I thought as she sat there in just her little white panties, I could just make out the shaded area of her pubic hairs through the near sheer fabric, Mmm

Her panties were tight and I ran my thumb up the visible slit and gently rubbed her little button, she stirred slightly and murmured something but made no attempt to stop me.
I pushed her legs wide and moved my head down and the sweet musky smell of her birthday pussy hit me, I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slit flicking her button through the thin fabric of her panties, her breathing got heavier as she bucked her hips, her panties tasted good.

I pulled her panties to one side exposing her wet labia lips, Mmm it did look nice and I wasted no time in exploring her folds with my tongue, I felt her hips push forward forcing my tongue deeper into her wet hole, my nose rubbing her stiffening clit.
“Mmm, OMG!, YESS!” she moaned softly as my tongue worshipped her bushy hole, her body started to shake quite violently and I had to put my hands under her arse to hold her steady, “OH FUCK YESS!” she screamed as she filled my mouth with sweet warm juice, Wow!, she cum so violently and my cock perabet giriş was now ridged and ready.

I pulled her to the edge of the sofa and held the tip of my cock at her willing wet hole, teasing her as I ran it up and down her wet lips and then gently eased it in, “OH YESS!, FUCK ME!! Thank you daddy” she cried out as I pushed slowly home, “OH YESS!” she cried at every inch and I could feel her little cunt muscles gripping me, she was so wet that I easily built up some tempo with my hands firmly gripping her arse cheeks I quickly got into a rhythm thinking that if Brett comes home now her will just have to shoot me.

She dug her nails into my shoulders as she bucked with the rhythm, crying out as her body started to shake, “OMG! THANK YOU DADDY!” she shouted out as she exploded into another massive orgasm, I felt her hot juices splash against my balls and start running down my legs, OMG I was fucking a birthday squirter, this just spurred me on and I thrust in deep making her squeal, this ‘daddy’ thing was really turning me on.
I knew I was there, my stiff balls dripping and my cock pulsating like never before, “OH FUCK YESSS!!” I shouted out as my own orgasm exploded into her, fuck me I think the first spurt nearly came out her ears, she cried out as she felt the hot liquid hit it deep inside and I kept pumping as her muscles tightened, I didn’t think I was going to stop cumming as I seemed to squirt with every thrust, her nails still buried in my shoulders. I felt my cock softening, her grip loosened and her head went back onto the sofa, although her eyes were closed she did have a big smile on her face, “Thank you daddy” she said softly as my limp cock slipped out.

I straightened up her panties and pulled her top back down over her little titties, her nipples still erect. I found my shorts and put them back on as Ali looked on trying to focus, I had no idea of the time but was certain Brett would be home anytime.
I wasn’t wrong, I heard a car pull up outside and panic set in, luckily I was dressed although with all the liquid that had been dispensed my shorts were quite wet, I was done, I knew I was.
I looked across at Ali who was trying to come back to reality, FUCK! She was still in just her panties, where were her shorts? Damn I could hear the key in the lock, my heart dropped into my stomach, the door opened.

Brett walked in all flustered but cheerful, he was about 40 at a guess, slim build in trousers and shirt and luckily he didn’t look the fighting type so my heart rate was able to slow down, I stood up as he walked towards me and immediately regretted it as the wet patch on my shorts made my cock more visible.
“Hello Frank, I’m Brett” he said as we shook hands, he hadn’t seen Ali on the couch in her panties yet, “Sorry for the mix up, something important came up” he continued and then turned his head and saw Ali

“I can explain” I said quickly before he could make comment, he looked back at me waiting for an explanation and I saw his eyes drop down processing the wet condition of my shorts. I gulped hard..
“After she called you she offered me a beer, as it was her birthday she said that you would allow her to have one, I didn’t know it was pure bloody alcohol and she had three and just crashed.” I was trying hard to keep it light but wasn’t sure how Brett was taking my explanation, Ali just sat there.

He looked at her sitting there, he must have noticed her in just panties as he was looking for quite a while, my heart stopped as he reached out and held the palm of his hand on her forehead.
At least I arranged her panties back properly, not a stray pubic hair in site, I was quite proud of myself. He turned his head back to me, no emotion on his face at all
“What happened to her shorts?” he asked with a quizzical look, I froze
“Oh, she was hot so she took them off, it was no problem” I said waiting for him to pull a knife or something, luckily he didn’t.

“Hmm” he said as Ali opened her eyes, “Hi Daddy” she said softly as she flung her arms around his neck pulling him close and then whispered something in his ear, I couldn’t quit make out as I was still shaking but it was something like “Thanks for my present” but I wasn’t sure.
Brett stood up and took out an envelope from his pocket and handed it to me, he shook my hand again
“Thanks for babysitting and looking after her, sorry again for the mix up” he said as we headed for the door, I waved to Ali who smiled and waved back.

I was just glad to get out alive.

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