That Old Familiar Feeling

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The day started like any other that summer. I rolled out of bed around 9:00 and drove to the grocery store to get some breakfast. While there I decided to flirt with a couple of the cashiers there, they were high school classmates of mine and loved the company. After a few minutes of lewd conversation I managed to get a couple of invites to come visit. I also got kicked out of the store. I was on my way home when my uncle called my cell and asked if I could give him a ride to a friend’s house. I agreed and made a u-turn to pick him up. Once I arrived, he told me he had received an important phone call and asked if I would wait awhile. I took the time to go visit an old friend of mine down the street.

Vicki and I dated shortly in high school and were good friends even after we had broken up. I knocked on the door and was stunned at the vision that answered the door. Vicki smiled wearing a tight white t-shirt and a yellow thong. I swallowed hard and tried to gather words to say. “Long time no see,” I finally managed to say.

“Too long,” she said through a giggle. She motioned for me to come in. “The folks are gone for the day,” she said as I gawked at her ass. I nodded to her back and continued to stumble behind the bubble poorly contained by the small thong she was wearing. “Enjoying the view?”

“Caught me,” I replied flatly. We shared a laugh and sat on the sofa in her room. She threw her legs in my lap. I instinctively started massaging her feet. “Missed these huh?” She groaned in response. “So what have you been up to?” I asked.

“I’m doing some modeling on the weekends and going to business school during the week.” she responded softly. I shot her a quick smirk. “Okay, I’m stripping canlı bahis şirketleri and taking some night classes.

We continued to make small talk and I continued the massage and starting humming a song. She closed her eyes and hummed along with me. I moved my rubbing to her calves, she smiled and hummed louder. We drifted into a blissful silence just enjoying each others company.

“You know that’s our song,” she said, breaking the silence. I nodded and moved my massage to her thick thighs. I started to grow hard and shifted my legs to hide my erection. “Too late, secret’s out,” she announced. I sighed and continued kneading her smooth thighs. She abruptly stood and walked to her bed. She turned and motioned for me to join her, I quickly obliged and sat next to her. ” If I fucked you now, would you call me tomorrow?” I started to speak, but she interrupted. “Don’t answer that now, let’s just enjoy this.” She tugged at the tight t-shirt and released the 38 C globes that had me drooling in high school. I leaned in for a kiss but was surprised when she leaned away. “Let’s not make this complicated.” I nodded and nuzzled her neck instead. I stood and removed my shirt. She ran her hands over my abs and chest. I reached to unbuckle my pants, but she reached and yanked them down before I could. A wicked smile crept across her face and she lay back on the bed. I stood over and leaned into her and kissed her flat stomach and snatched the thong from her waist.

“Now who wants to play ten inches of fun?” I teased. She raised her hand. I grasped my dick and slapped her belly with it. She squirmed in laughter and rolled from underneath me. She stood in front of me and looked down at me with a hungry look canlı kaçak iddaa in her eyes.

“You sit back and let mama take care of you” she purred.

“Yes ma’am” I replied with a smile. I lay back on the bed and looked up at her in impatience. She smiled and took my dick in her hands. She slowly stroked me to full hardness still humming our song. She continued her hand job with a combination of up and down and twisting motions. I was losing my mind, and just when I thought I’d lose it she stopped.

“Can’t end this party yet.” she cooed. She crawled onto the bed and settled into a sixty-nine. I teased her slit with some quick puppy licks. She quivered in impatience and lowered her pussy onto my face. I covered as much of her as I could with my mouth and slowly tongue-fucked her stopping now and then to flick her bulbous clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned in appreciation and took the head of my dick into her mouth. She slurped around the head and dipped halfway down the shaft of my manhood. All this attention drew an involuntary hip thrust forcing the entire length of my prick into her mouth. She gagged and gasped but got back to her job polishing my pole with masterful control. Fearing an early-exit, I pushed her off of me and knelt over her. I looked her in her eyes and thrust deeply into her. I held the initial push and lay close to her. At that moment all of the memories came back. All the late nights, all the movies, everything we did together came to me in a flash. I withdrew and started a slow, steady motion of deep strokes. She purred under me, fueling the desire between us. I grabbed her legs and lifted her from the bed. I held her in her arms and buried myself into her. She canlı kaçak bahis ground her puss into me keeping eye contact the entire time. We gave up hope of complicating things and kissed deeply. I knew things would be different afterwards but didn’t give a damn then.

I broke the kiss and waited for her reaction. “Fuck me,” she growled. I put her down and pushed her onto the bed. She crawled onto the bed and looked over her shoulder. “Come and get it.” I smacked her on the ass and pushed her face into her pillow. She screamed in ecstasy as I roughly entered her from behind. I grabbed her shoulders and pounded away. She adjusted to the barraged and began to meet my thrusting efforts. We locked eyes again and settled into a slower, more passionate pace. I pulled out and lie down beside her. She straddled me and lowered herself onto my dick. She slowly rode me, all the time staring deep into my eyes. I wanted to turn away, but the connection was undeniable. She flopped down on me and clung tightly to me. I embraced her and began to thrust upward. Her gentle moans turned to deep growls as she neared orgasm. She sprung up and continued her ride with renewed vigor. I felt that old familiar feeling downstairs and doubled my efforts as well. Her walls started quivering and she stood rigid atop. She came, and hard. Her deep growl was more than enough to push me over the edge. I thought I’d never stop cumming. I dumped the first shot deep into her cunt, then pulled out and came all over her back. We lie there for a while trying to catch our breath.

I decided to break the silence. “Good times.” She giggled in return. I opened my mouth to speak when my cell phone rang. My uncle was ready to go and apparently had been calling me for about 45 minutes, I was busy. We started to get dressed and I couldn’t help but feel something big was on her mind. I gave her my number and left. As I drove away, I could only think of Vicki. That old familiar feeling again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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