Thanks, Sister-In-Law Ch. 02

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We then went to take a shower. We stopped at the cabin to get our towels and toiletries. My wife was asleep in her bunk. Joe, my sister-in-law’s husband was not there. “He’s probably still out drinking,” she said to me. “Let’s go shower.”

I followed her to the bathhouse. It was a lot like the bathrooms that I had in college. One side had the toilets; the other had a row of sinks and area with multiple showerheads. Since we’d just had sex less than an hour ago, we decided that showering together would be no big deal.

We got in and stood next to each other under our own showerheads. The water was nice and warm, since this late at night, few people shower, and the hot water heater had a good supply of water.

“Soap my back?” Andrea (I guess I should call her by name) asked.

“As long as I can do the front, too,” I responded.

“Oh, you are,” she replied. I took her bottle of liquid soap and put a generous amount in my hand. I then gently applied it to her back, working up a nice lather (and an erection). She leaned slightly into my ministrations, and then turned around so that I could continue on her front.

I put some more soap in my hand and began to apply it everywhere, except her breasts. I wanted to tease her a bit before handling her delightful tits. It worked, because she grabbed one of my hands and put it one of her breasts. “That’s better. Stop teasing me,” she said, “or I won’t do this,” as she put some soap on her hand and started to rub it on my throbbing cock.

“Sorry,” escort kartal I moaned. Her hand felt great on my dick, and I put my other hand on her tits, kneading and tweaking her nipples. Andrea’s eye’s started closing dreamily, and then they shot open. “We’re not alone,” she whispered.

She was right. I looked over at the entrance to the shower area, and there was Katy. She was a friend of Andrea and Joe’s. She was wearing a terry-cloth robe, which was open, allowing her access to her perky tits, and was furiously rubbing her pussy. “I think she needs our help.” I walked over to her, and helped her out of her robe. I must admit I’d seen Katy a lot at our re-enactment events, and had fantasized about seeing her naked. The real thing was much better than I imagined. Katy was a little taller than Andrea, and had a tight athletic body, a tight ass, and was completely bald in the pubic region.

Andrea came over to us and took Katy’s hand too, and led her to the water. We wet down the rest of her body, and we both took some soap, and rubbed it all over. I massaged it onto her back, and her cute little ass while Andrea took the front. They playfully kissed each other until Andrea’s hand reached Katy’s mound. Katy then began to moan loudly, and her hands began to frantically grope around Andrea’s body. I began to kiss Katy on the neck, and reached around to tweak her nipples. She freed one hand from Andrea’s breasts, and started to give me a hand job.

Andrea sank to her knees, slowly, using maltepe escort her tongue to work her way down Katy’s body. She then found the object of her desire, Katy’s pussy. I still was kissing around Katy’s neck, and now groped both of her breasts. Katy took her free hand and pushed Andrea’s face into her love triangle. I could tell when Andrea found her clit by the stifled shriek that Katy gave off. “That feels so good, both of you. Don’t stop.” Since she had started already pleasuring herself before we took over, it wasn’t long before she orgasmed. Andrea stood up and kissed me. I tasted Katy on her, and I said, “Trade you”.

I parted the folds of Katy’s vaginal lips. I darted my tongue around her twat until I found her clit. I then began to alternately lick and nibble at it. Katy the bent over, and started to do the same to Andrea’s clit, as Andrea had done to Katy. I could hear when Katy found Andrea’s pussy by the gasp she let out. I began to work Katy’s pussy more furiously. Katy began moaning louder, which enhanced the effect on Andrea’s clit, and Andrea began to grind against Katy’s face.

I needed relief. My cock was about to burst. I stood up and buried it into Katy’s twat. Katy wasn’t expecting it and gasped as I entered her. “God, you feel so good,” was about all she could manage.

“Fuck her hard, Brad” Andrea managed to say in short breaths. I could tell she was about to cum too.

I pounded furiously at Katy’s love hole. She tightened the muscles of her vaginal pendik escort bayan walls like a vise around my dick. Andrea was moaning louder. “Oh, Katy, I’m cuummingg!” she yelled. That did it. With one last thrust I began spurting my hot load into Katy. She shrieked, and came as well.

I thought that would be it for my cock, but I remained hard. Andrea then said to me, “I don’t want Katy do stop what she’s doing, but I want you inside me. Fuck me in the ass.” Katy took the liquid soap, put some on my dick, and put a generous amount on the crack of Andrea’s ass.

I moved around behind Andrea. I had never done this before. I began to put the head of my cock at her sphincter. She then backed into my cock. Holy shit, she was tight. I almost came again right there. She then started a rhythm that I matched and took over.

Andrea was obviously enjoying it; and Katy was fingering Andrea. I could feel her fingers on my dick against the wall that separated the two chambers. I began to thrust faster. Katy fingered faster, and Andrea moaned louder, until she exploded into a spasm of orgasms. She clenched her asshole, which then sent me over the edge, and I came again in as many minutes. “I can feel your cum in my ass, Brad,” she gasped, “It feels so nice and warm.”

After a minute or so, she released my cock from her ass, and we both sank to the floor of the shower. Katy got a washcloth, and cleaned off my dick, and then used her mouth to complete the job. I was aroused once more, but not for long. I came quickly in Katy’s mouth.

After we got some strength back, we showered and headed to our respective cabins to go to bed. As each of us split off, we parted with deep kisses, vowing not to forget what had happened, and that we’d get together to do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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