Tempting Fate Ch. 02

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The story stands on its own, but may be appreciated better if part 1, “Tempting Fate,” was read first. All characters are over eighteen.

Jason was sleeping when Linda Johnson quietly slipped out of bed. She had fucked her son and committed incest. There was no going back. The evidence was still sticky between her thighs. She went to the bathroom to shower, then slipped on her clothes and left the room. Linda was on her second cup of coffee when Jason appeared at the entrance to the breakfast room of the hotel.

Jason looked around for his mother and felt his cock twitch when he saw her. Fucking his mother had been a dream come true. She had been invading his sexual fantasies for months, ever since she began wearing revealing outfits around the house. It didn’t matter whether it was porn he was watching or his girlfriend he was fucking. Before he could finish, they would become his mother begging him to cum in her pussy, or mouth, or ass.

What happened that night had been unplanned and unexpected. Jason and his mother were forced to share a bed because the hotel had given all the rooms with two beds away. Sleeping so close to his mother in her skimpy nightie was agonizing. His cock was hard as a rock. When he thought she was asleep, Jason slid closer and slowly jerked off, imagining his hard meat buried deep inside his mother’s pussy only inches away. Before he could finish, she shifted. Her naked ass pressed against his throbbing meat. It lodged in the crack between her cheeks

Jason, not able to help himself, slid his cock up and down between her cheeks. His mother moaned and called out his father’s name, telling him to be quiet. His mother must be dreaming, he thought. She shifted again until the tip of his cock lodged in her opening. Suddenly he was inside her and they were fucking. His mother continued to call out his father’s name as she moved against his thrusting cock.

Linda was not dreaming. She had been awake the entire time. She wanted her son’s cock as badly as he wanted to fuck her, but she had vowed to never let it happen. When she felt him moving against her in bed, her resolve gave way to desire and she let his cock slip into her pussy. Linda pretended she was dreaming of fucking her husband. She didn’t want Jason to know she was purposely committing incest, and was determined to continue the charade. Now she had to confront him for the first time since it happened.

“Hello, Jason,” Linda said, trying to force an innocent smile. “I hope you slept well last night.”

“”Um, yeah, Mom. I slept okay. How about you?”

“I did too,” she lied, “But I had these very vivid dreams about your father. It was almost as if he were in the room with us. It was weird, but just a dream.”

Jason was still having a hard to believe she had been asleep and dreaming the entire time they were fucking, but he wasn’t going to say anything.

“Yeah, I guess I did notice you tossing and turning and calling out Dad’s name. It must have been some wild dream.”

“Yes, it was. Now hurry up and get your breakfast, Jason. We have to leave for your first interview and campus tour in a little while.”

Linda and Jason were on a trip to look at potential colleges. Jason would be graduating in June. Her husband, his father, pulled out of the trip at the last minute because of business priorities. Linda had been nervous about spending the night in the same room with Jason given how often she masturbated thinking about his big cock pounding her pussy. When they were forced to share the same bed, it became hopeless.

Her infatuation with Jason began the day she noticed him staring at her ass when she returned from the gym wearing yoga pants that molded to her butt cheeks. She liked the attention, particularly since her husband barely looked at her anymore. Linda began to dress provocatively around the house. It turned her on to put her body on display, even if it was her son looking.

Linda didn’t think her need to be admired had anything to do with Jason in particular. The fact that she masturbated more frequently was no big deal either. She needed the release, and her husband wasn’t helping her. She didn’t understand why, in her sexual fantasies, she never looked up at who was fucking her. It was just a nice juicy cock stuffed up her pussy, or mouth, or ass.

Everything changed the day Jason left his bedroom door cracked and she saw him masturbating. He was shouting her name and saying how much he loved fucking her pussy while looking at her picture on his computer. Linda ran to her bedroom and plunged two fingers deep into her cunt. This time she saw the face of the person fucking her. It was Jason. Her pussy exploded in a violent orgasm. After that, she couldn’t get him out of her mind, but she never acted on her desires – not until last night.

They finally got through the next day of interviews and campus tours. Linda could feel Jason’s eyes on her ass when she walked in front of him. Her white pants clung suggestively to her cheeks. Linda kartal escort put an extra sway in her step. Her subconscious was trying to provoke him, and it was working. Jason tried hard to keep the bulge in his pants from becoming too obvious.

They drove to their next destination, ate dinner, and checked into a hotel just off campus. This time the room had two double beds. The mother in Linda was relieved, but the horny slut in her subconscious felt frustrated. Linda was able to relieve this tension in the shower where she rubbed herself to two orgasms thinking about Jason’s hard cock buried deep in her pussy.

Jason, equally frustrated, sprayed a load of cum all over the shower wall, imaging his cock buried up his mother’s tight ass. When he walked back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, she was already in bed wearing the same skimpy gown from the previous night. She was sitting up. The nightie was cut low exposing a generous amount of cleavage. Jason could see her hard nipples poking dents through the thin material. His cock stirred under the towel.

“We should get some sleep, Jason,” Linda suggested. “We have another big day ahead of us tomorrow.”

It wasn’t that late, but Linda wanted the lights off so she could masturbate in the privacy of her own bed. The two times in the shower should have been enough, but looking at Jason’s muscular torso and seeing him staring at her breasts had her pussy throbbing.

“Sure thing, Mom,” Jason replied. “See you in the morning.”

He was just as anxious to get under the covers with the lights out so he could jerk off again. As he stepped between the two beds, the towel came loose and dropped to the floor. Linda stared at the cock that dangled from between his legs. Her breathing quickened and her head became light. Jason, seeing the lust in her eyes, didn’t attempt to cover himself.

“Jason, please cover yourself,” Linda finally said, slowly regaining control over her breathing. “I may be your mother, but you are no longer my little boy.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” he replied, making no attempt to pick up the towel. “The towel slipped, but you don’t have to act like you’ve never seen a naked man.”

Linda couldn’t pull her eyes away. She noticed that his cock was growing and beginning to rise from between his legs.

“You’re not going to shock me, Jason, if that’s what you’re trying to do.”

“No, Mom, but you aren’t exactly being modest either. Your nightgown is cut so low that your boobs are practically falling out, and I can almost see your nipples through the thin material covering them.”

“I see,” Linda replied, feeling her pussy twitch with excitement. “Is that why you’re becoming aroused? I didn’t realize I had that effect on you. To be honest, honey, I’m flattered that you find me attractive. Does that bother you, Jason?”

“No, Mom. I mean, you’re beautiful. I can’t help noticing. There’s nothing wrong with just looking, is there?”

“No, Jason. There’s nothing wrong with looking. I like looking at you too. And since you don’t have anything covering your nakedness, I’m going to let you look at my breasts.”

Linda pulled the straps of her nightie down until her tits were fully exposed. Jason stared hungrily at her grapefruit-sized beauties. His cock quickly grew harder until it was poking out from between his thighs like a flagpole.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Linda sighed, looking at his hard cock. “That must be so uncomfortable, honey, and I know it won’t go away unless you do something about it. You do know that masturbation is a perfectly normal way to deal with sexual tensions.”

“You want me to jerk off right here…right in front of you?” Jason asked incredulously.

“It’s okay, honey. I don’t mind. I thought it might help you finish quicker if you were looking at my breasts. Here, I’ll sit on the side of the bed so you can see them better.”

Linda desperately wanted to get closer to his cock. She knew it was dangerous. Her pussy dripped from the memory of being filled by his throbbing meat the previous night. She had made a vow to never let that happen again. This time, if she slipped, she wouldn’t be able to pretend she was dreaming. It would be a deliberate act of incest.

Linda kicked off the covers and scooted across the bed. She threw her legs over the side. The short nightie, now pulled down to her waist, barely covered her pussy. Jason stepped closer and wrapped his fingers around his throbbing cock. It was a good thing he had masturbated in the shower or he would have been spewing cum after a few strokes. He wanted this to last.

Linda felt her head spinning. She stared at his hard cock dripping with precum. Her mouth watered as she imagined the thick shaft sliding between her lips. It would be so easy to lean forward and make that happen. Her pussy clenched in a spasm of excitement. A trickle of cunt juice seeped down her gash. She had to do something to relieve the tension.

“Honey, I hope you don’t maltepe escort bayan mind if mommy masturbates with you. It’s difficult being here without your father to take care of my sexual needs, and you remind me so much of him.”

Linda hadn’t used the term mommy with Jason since he was a little boy. It came out nowhere, along with the lie she told. Her husband hardly ever fucked her, and Jason didn’t really look like him, but she needed a reason to touch her pussy. Her thighs parted. Linda slipped a hand between them and slid a finger along her gash until she found her clit. She let out an audible moan. With her other hand she squeezed her right breast. Her eyes looked up at Jason.

Jason saw the look of pure lust on his mother’s face. He stepped closer and took his hand away from his throbbing member. It pulsed inches from her face. The temptation was too overwhelming. Linda leaned forward and felt the swollen tip brush against her lips. Jason pushed. Her lips parted and his hard flesh plunged deep into her mouth. Seconds later her pussy exploded.

Linda managed to keep her lips wrapped around his cock, muffling her moans as her pussy clenched again and again. Jason put his hands on her head and slid his cock in and out of her mouth, going faster and faster. Linda shoved two fingers up her cunt and pumped them into her juicy pussy. She could feel another explosion rapidly building in her belly.

Jason wasn’t going to last much longer. He looked down and saw his mother’s lips wrapped around his throbbing cock as it plunged in and out of her mouth. He could hear the wet squishing sounds of her pussy made by his mother’s thrusting fingers. Her big tits bounced on her chest with each bob of her head.

His balls shrunk and his cock swelled. Every ounce of energy rushed to his groin. Jason thrust deep into her mouth and grunted. Hot cum sprayed from the tip of his cock in a powerful blast that bounced off the roof of his mother’s mouth and pooled across her tongue. His body jerked again and again as one spurt after the next emptied his balls.

With a mouthful of cum, Linda’s fingers flew across her clit. Her toes curled and her knees flailed wildly. Moments later, her pussy clenched another mind shattering orgasm. Somehow she kept her lips wrapped tightly around Jason’s cock, but she could feel cum leaking out and running down her chin. Her orgasm slowly came down from its peak.

Jason’s cock fell from her mouth. Linda swallowed the huge load he had deposited in two big gulps. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sucked them into her mouth. She watched Jason’s cock slowly deflate and hang between his legs with cum still dripping from the tip. Her nightie was bunched around her waist. Linda looped the straps over her shoulders to cover her tits, then pushed down the hem to cover her pussy.

“Are you feeling better now, honey?” Linda asked like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“Uh, yeah, Mom,” Jason replied, not sure what to say. “I definitely feel better.”

“I’m glad. I know what we just did might seem wrong, and it would be under different circumstances. You have to remember, honey, that I’m your mother and I could see you were in a great deal of discomfort. I knew that what I did would be the fastest way to make it go away. It’s really not so different from when I used to kiss your ‘boo boos’ when you were a little boy.”

Jason couldn’t believe his mother was actually trying to justify the blowjob as anything other than what it was. Sucking his cock was nothing like kissing his ‘boo boos,’ but if that was the way she wanted to play it, he wasn’t going to argue. He certainly didn’t have any feelings of guilt.

“Now that you’re feeling better,” Linda continued, “We should get some sleep. You have a big day tomorrow, honey.”

They turned out the lights. Linda lay awake trying to make sense of what just happened. She knew it was lust and not concern over Jason’s discomfort that caused her to suck his cock. Her feeble excuse was an attempt to diffuse the situation. She couldn’t admit how much she enjoyed it. Besides, she thought, it was just a blowjob. It wasn’t incest in the truest sense of the word. Yes, she had fucked Jason the previous night, but that had been a mistake. She wouldn’t let it happen again. She could live with having sucked his cock.

Jason was equally restless. His mother had given him a blowjob and clearly enjoyed it. Her orgasms didn’t go unnoticed. Her lame excuse seemed more like an attempt to cover her true feelings for him. Jason wondered if his mother lusted after him the same way he lusted after her? Did she masturbate thinking about his cock buried deep inside her pussy? Maybe she wasn’t dreaming when he fucked her last night, but, just like the blowjob, she needed an excuse to cover her true feelings.

They both drifted off to sleep. In the middle of the night, Jason awoke with a raging hard-on. He had been dreaming of his mother. He could hear her breathing steadily escort pendik on the other bed. He wondered what she would do if he climbed in with her. Would she pretend to be dreaming? Would she let him fuck her? There was only one way to find out. If his mother got upset, he would say it was dark and he got into the wrong bed coming out of the bathroom.

Jason carefully slipped into his mother’s bed and scooted closer to where she was laying. She was face down with her nightie bunched around her waist. His hand quickly found her naked ass cheeks. He slid his finger down the crevice separating the two halves and slipped it between her thighs, touching the folds of her pussy peeking out from her gash.

Linda woke up when she felt his hand on her ass. At first she was confused and disoriented, thinking she was in her bed at home. When she realized she was sleeping in the hotel, she knew it had to be Jason. His finger slid between her thighs and rubbed her pussy. Was he doing this to her as part of a dream? He wouldn’t be so bold if he wasn’t, would he? Linda had read somewhere that people can sleepwalk and even have sex while they are dreaming.

Jason’s finger moved up and down her gash, opening her folds which were already moist with excitement. He found her opening and buried his finger deep, slowly fucking it in and out of her cunt. He added a second finger. His mother lay still and appeared to still be sleeping, although Jason thought he heard a faint moan come from her lips.

Linda didn’t know what to do. If he was sleeping, what was the harm in letting him continue? There was no way for her to know for sure, and she didn’t want to wake him. If by chance he wasn’t dreaming, the best thing for her to do was pretend to be sleeping. The problem was her body’s reaction to his fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. It was hard to stay still, and keep quiet.

Jason finally pulled his fingers from his mother’s dripping cunt. He sucked them into his mouth and savored the taste of her pussy. It wasn’t enough. He wanted to taste the real thing. He pulled her legs apart, being careful not to wake her. He pulled off the covers and crawled between her thighs, breathing in the pungent aroma of her pussy as his face inched towards it. His tongue shot out and licked the droplets forming on her folds.

Linda bit her lip to stifle a gasp. Her body shuddered when his tongue touched her pussy. She lifted her hips to give him better access. His lips covered her swollen mound. He pushed his tongue inside her and flicked it up and down. Linda felt her head spinning. She gently squirmed against his face, trying her best to control her breathing.

Jason didn’t know if her reactions were an auto response to having her pussy licked, or if she was awake and enjoying it. He didn’t care. He became more aggressive, sliding his tongue up and down her slit and over her clit. He even spread her cheeks and licked her asshole while plunging two fingers up her cunt.

The throbbing in her pussy continued to grow more powerful by the second. Linda knew she was helpless to stop the impending explosion. Her toes curled and her legs began to shake. She buried her face in the pillow and clutched the bedsheets like she was holding on for life. Linda fought desperately to control the shaking of her body as a series of orgasmic spasms ripped through her pussy.

Jason quickly pulled out his fingers and clamped his mouth around her gushing cunt. He eagerly sucked the juices pouring from her body, savoring the taste of his mother’s secretions. Jason didn’t know if it was possible for a woman to have an orgasm while sleeping, and it really didn’t matter. His cock was desperate for relief. Jason climbed up his mother’s back, guided the tip between her folds, and rammed it deep into her cunt.

Linda was still trying to catch her breath when she felt her son’s hard cock slide between her ass cheeks and plunge into her pussy. He pounded it into her again and again. Linda didn’t have time to think about whether or not he was dreaming. Another orgasm was rapidly building inside her belly. She tilted her ass higher so his cock would go deeper. He went faster and faster, slapping his body against her ass on each thrust.

The orgasm hit like an earthquake. Her shrieks and squeals were muffled by the pillow. Her body shook and quivered. Jason was relentless and continued to pound his cock into her. Another orgasm shot through her pussy and then another. Her thighs became sticky with cunt juice. His balls slapped wetly against her clit.

Jason felt his balls shrink and his cock swell. He thrust deep into his mother’s cunt and grunted. Stream after stream of hot cum blasted from the tip and filled his mother’s quivering pussy. Feeling Jason spraying cum up her cunt sent Linda spinning into another series of orgasms. Her pussy clenched his cock again and again squeezing every ounce out of his shaft.

Jason finally collapsed onto his other’s back drained and exhausted. Her body was still trembling below him. Cum seeped out from her gash and dripped down his balls. Jason finally pulled out and rolled onto his back. Linda remained face down on the bed. Her pussy twitched in a post-orgasmic spasm, releasing a flood of cum and cunt juice onto the sheets.

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