Temptation Lane

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Daisy was a bad, bad girl. She played with herself every day, sometimes more than once. She made herself come all over her fingers imagining her step daddy. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t help herself. Daisy was 19, two years ago her mother remarried. She was amazed that her mother snatched up a guy like that. Tom was gorgeous. He had muscles, he was tall, and he had dark blonde hair that was always ruffled up like he just got out of the bed. He had deep green eyes and a full mouth with a beautiful smile. She was left lusting for him since the moment she saw him. She couldn’t have him, and she couldn’t be happy for her mother either so all she ever did was fight him. It was the only way she could hide how much she desired this man. He was forbidden fruit to her in every possible way. The more she wanted him the more she behaved like a spoiled selfish brat.

She went to the bathroom to shower after her morning activities. She stopped by the mirror and looked at herself — she wasn’t very tall but she was a gorgeous young girl. With perky tits, long legs, slim waist and a round ass. She had a nice figure all right, but it was her face that was the best part. She had chocolate eyes with long eyelashes that were so warm and inviting. She had light brown hair that fell to her waist, and big pouty lips that looked delicious. She had that perky youth aura about her that nobody was immune too; she was nice to everyone but her stepfather. She knew she should change her ways, she said that to herself every day, but even the best laid plans usually go to waste.

She put some short pants and a t-shirt and went downstairs to get breakfast. They lived in a pretty big house with a pool, which she used shamelessly for tanning and swimming that summer.

“Morning.” — She mumbled when she saw that only Tom was in the kitchen. “Where is mum?” — She asked. Tom was sitting at the kitchen island, reading his papers and eating some French toast, he didn’t even bother looking at her. “She went away on a business trip. She didn’t want to wake you up. She will be back tomorrow. “

“TOMORROW?” — Daisy raised her voice in disbelief. She never stayed home alone with him. Oh no, this was not good for her well-being. Not good at all.

“Lower your voice Daisy. I’m really in no mood for your attitude this morning. Yes, she will be back tomorrow, she placed you under my care and I expect you to behave. No going out. I manage you are capable of following through for one night, aren’t you?” — He raised his eyes from the paper and gave her a stern look.

“Well, I suppose I have no other choice, do I? What else your highness? Do I have to pretend to be a maid for you today?”– She asked him with contempt in her voice. He looked at her with his eyebrow raised. He scanned her from head to toe slowly. She gulped, he never did that. He usually just treated her like a spoiled little brat and ignored her. She felt her stomach churn.

“Careful now honey. Don’t make treats you can’t keep. But I am sure if nothing else, the uniform would fit you like a glove.”

She was left speechless. Did he really just say that to her?

“How dare you talk to me like that?” — Her tone was high but there was confusion colouring her voice as well. She didn’t wait for his response; she turned around kartal escort and stormed out. She went to her room, changed into her red little bikini, grabbed a towel and some sunglasses and went to the pool. She needed to be alone with her thoughts.

She laid her stuff on the deck chair and went for a swim. She dived into the pool and went from one side to the other, she immerged under the water and when she surfaced by the edge of the pool, there was a shadow above her. She looked up and saw her step father standing there, watching her intently, he was dressed in swimming shorts, and he just jumped into the pool right next to her. She started breathing heavily.

He was next to her in a second. He placed his hands on both sides of her body, surrounding her completely.

“Now, let’s talk about the real reason you’ve been behaving like a little bitch with me Daisy?” — When she didn’t answer he took one hand, placed her under her chin and lifted her face so she could meet his eyes. She saw lust in them and gasped. He smiled wolfishly. He lowered his mouth and started kissing her with hunger, she responded with all the pent up emotions she had. She wanted this for so long. And then she remembered who he was to her. She bit him on the lips, hard. He moaned with pain. It was that second she needed to try and get away from him. She wasn’t fast enough though. He pulled her by the hair, she yelled at him “Let go of me!!!” — But he wouldn’t budge. She turned around and saw the wild look in his eyes, like she poked a bear and he was about to eat her. He pulled her close to him, so close; her breasts were touching his stomach. She was getting so wet; she could feel the heat spreading from the centre of her body. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up; she wrapped her legs around him, as it was her natural response.

“Wild little cat, aren’t you Daisy…don’t worry I know just the medicine you need baby.” – he started kissing her again, this time it was like he was owning her mouth, trying to force her to yield to him. She wanted to let go and show him all the dirty things she has been dreaming of doing with him, but she couldn’t go down without a fight. She started slapping his chest with her hands, she knew she couldn’t hurt him, but she could make him lose his focus. “STOP IT DAISY!” — He was mad. She knew that, she’d made him mad so many times before it was easy to recognize it. She didn’t stop though, she kept on kicking until he grabbed her hands and placed them behind her back, he stepped deeper into the pool, her legs left his waits and tried to touch the bottom but she couldn’t, he kept her hands back tight using just one hand, the other went to her breasts, he removed the bikini top so easily, her boobs just stood there, and he more than enjoyed the view. She tried to wiggle out and make him release her but that only made her chest bounce back and forth. Tom laughed, while she was getting furious, this was not supposed to happen at all. She kept herself in check for so long, fighting her desires and now here he was ruining it all in a few moments.

He looked at her for a long moment, watching her expression, studying her face. She knew what he saw in her eyes and it scared her. Beneath every outburst here was a desire for this man so big it was hard to ignore it. maltepe escort bayan He leaned his head and grabbed her nipple inside his mouth; he sucked on it so good, his mouth warm against her skin. She felt little jolts of lighting going from her nipple straight to her pussy. She was sensitive and she couldn’t help but elicit a moan. He moved his head to the next one, still holding her hands tight behind her back. She felt her walls starting to fall down. She was losing this game. He played with her nipples for a long time, she was enjoying it but she couldn’t wait to feel him touch her clit, she needed him to do it. She stared squirming in his hands; she raised her legs back around his waist trying to rub her pussy on him. He released her hands and placed them beneath her ass, he lifted her up, with his mouth still latched on her nipple and took her to the edge of the pool. He raised her up so she could sit down; he spread her legs and moved her panties aside. She was completely shaven and smooth. He lowered his head and started licking her slowly, gently, exploring her and watching her intently, the expressions on her face showing him what she liked. She couldn’t help but stare back at him. His beautiful eyes watching her while his mouth was on her clit, he sucked so hard at it, she whimpered and shook, she couldn’t believe this was happening. Reality was far better than any dream she had. The way his lips moved and his breath enticing her, his tongue licking the length of her, spreading her lips and leaving a trail of saliva all the way down. When her legs started trembling he returned his mouth on her clit, he sucked on it while putting his finger inside her wet, moist pussy. She was dripping her juices all over his finger; he fucked her with his finger while applying more pressure on her throbbing clit. She couldn’t help but scream her pleasure while her orgasm hit her, she came all over him and he licked it clean with his mouth. Her breathing was still heavy, when he moved beside her and raised himself up with his hands, and then he scooped her into his arms and carried her inside.

“I love hearing you scream baby, but we do have neighbours.” — He said softly to her and kissed her mouth. He carried her inside the house and once in their living room he placed her on her feet. She used her finger to trace a line from his chest, his abs all the way down to his cock. It was big, hard and she couldn’t wait to see it. She imagined it for so long. She took his pants down and placed herself on her knees, eye level with her desire. He was beyond tempting. Perfect in every way, 8 delicious fat inches she couldn’t wait to taste.

“Put it in your mouth Daisy. I want to see you swallow it.” — She happily complied — “OH that’s it baby, mm such a beautiful sight, my cock in your sweet mouth. Now show me what a good little cock sucker you are baby girl. “– Daisy felt her pussy dripping to his words. She wanted to impress him, she used all of her skills and the many hours spent watching porn. She took him halfway in her mouth, circling her tongue around him, her hand on the base of his cock, stroking him, while the other was cupping his balls. She sucked at him for a few minutes, making him moan, and then she released him, stroking his whole length with her hand while licking escort pendik his balls, and putting one by one in her mouth. How she loved the feel of him inside her mouth. He let her keep her pace, watching her every movement. She put him in her mouth again and watched him with eyes wide open. She tried to swallow the length of him while keeping eye contact; it was too much for her tough. He gently placed his hand on her head and removed himself from her mouth. He sat down on the bed, and motioned her to come join him with his index finger.

“Sit on me baby girl. Take my cock and place it in your pussy. I want to see you ride it.” — She moved towards him, pulling her pants down and placing both legs on either side of him. His cock looked so big, she rubbed herself on him for a few moments and then she used her hand and pushed him inside of her. He filled her up completely. Her step father shut her up real good with his big cock. She started riding him slowly, feeling every inch of him stretching her little pussy. She was no virgin but she felt full. He kept her going for a few moments, tugging her nipples and sucking on them while she enjoyed riding him; she was just about to come, when he lifted her up and placed her on the bed. He opened her legs wide and impaled himself inside of her, she screamed.

“That’s it Daisy, scream for me. Scream for daddy. I’ll fuck you real good sweetheart.” — He promised and then started pounding her wildly, fucking her like a little bitch. She came hard around his cock, panting for air, and scratching his back with her fingers.

“More daddy, please give me more…” — she begged him.

“Oh I am not stopping baby girl. You won’t be able to walk after this. I’ll fuck you raw!” — his speed increased, he grabbed her ass angling her better, so that his cock was touching her cervix, she felt stuffed but she wanted it. She needed it. She took her nipple and started playing with it. It drove him crazy, he rammed himself deep inside and took her other nipple in his mouth, the moment she felt his tongue touch her she came again, hard. She squeezed his cock and he moaned loud emptying himself deep inside of her. Little drops of sweat were falling from his forehead to her chest.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” — She whispered to him, happy and afraid at the same time. He smiled at her. He took a lock of hair that fell on her face and gently placed it behind her ear.

“I know what’s going on in that pretty head of yours Daisy, and no, we can’t have a future together, you’re too young, and I am married to your mother. But we can fuck each other whenever and however we want to until you get me out of your system. You’re going away to college this fall and your life will go on. But I am a selfish bastard and I’ll have you to myself for as long as I can baby girl.”

She listened carefully to his words, and yes he made sense, although she was afraid she would never get him out of her head and her body. She knew what they did was very wrong, but she couldn’t stop now. The box has been opened and she didn’t want to close it, not yet anyways. She nodded her head at him.

“That’s my girl. Now, I want to fuck your ass baby. We are going to go inside your room, on your bed and you are going to let me fuck that pretty little hole, aren’t you Daisy?” — She never had anyone inside her ass but she knew she wanted him there. She smiled and nodded. She kissed him on the mouth and ran to her room butt naked. He laughed behind her. They had 24 hours left until his wife comes back home, he would use them well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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