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At the sound of the doorbell, I rush to answer it dressed in a light slinky dress that hugs my body, my heels clicking on the hardwood floor. The dress a soft floral matched by a pair of black thigh-high stockings. Underneath, the tiniest of thongs that barely covers my sex and wouldn’t cover much but the smallest tuft of fur, if I had any fur. Its an outfit I know he likes, his comments on it the last time I wore it pointed and direct.

Opening the door, his smile matches mine. As he passes through the doorway, we embrace. Our kiss sure and open, both of us confident of where this day will lead.

Taking his hand, I lead him inside to the living room. Turning to face him, I ask if he would like anything.

Shaking his head, “No, not right now. You really look amazing in that dress.”

I feel a slight blush rise on my cheeks even though I knew how much he appreciated this outfit when I decided to wear it and I give his fingers a squeeze in thanks. Fingers that return the pressure and pull me back into his arms.

We kiss now long and slow, the fingertips of my right hand caressing the nape of his neck as our lips and tongues explore each other’s mouth. His arms around me hold me firmly and I feel his cock thicken and press against my belly. The thin material of my dress no challenge for my nipples as they likewise rise and jab into his chest.

There’s no rush to our kisses even as our desire blossoms from the wet warmth of our mouths. His hand drifts down my back and massages the flesh of my ass, pulling me closer still. Its an action that makes my pussy melt and I issue a small moan in response.

His cock throbs against my belly, or maybe I’m just imagining it, but it calls to me in any event. To check it, I push my left hand in between us and press my palm over it until I’m certain of its size and girth. Loving that he is so erect and obviously so ready.

Our kisses becoming deep, tongues battling and chasing each other. He pushes his into my mouth and I suck on it, knowing the effect it has on him. Sucking so hard on his tongue as my hand kartal escort tries to wrap around his cock even though his slacks won’t allow it. Fingers tightening around the long lump and pulling on it.

The phone rings and we both ignore it, not pausing in our embrace until it has grown silent as the answering machine clicks on. That click followed by another, no message left.

I release his tongue and cock together, both hands holding his face now. I kiss his lips and look in his eyes. “I want to fuck you.”

His low deep moan sends another wave of liquid heat through my cunt, augmented as his hands lift me by my ass so he can kiss me again. A kiss born and full of the desire and lust running between the two of us.

My words filling my mind…”I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you…” Words so true, that we both know are true, that we knew were true, yet unspoken, when I invited him over. Just as we both knew we would end up in my bed, the bed that is beckoning now. Where I will give all of myself to him.

The certainty of it now clear, there will be on holding back once we cross into that territory. My mouth…my pussy…my ass…all his for the taking. And I will make it easy for him, not waiting for him to chance whether I would allow it. He will hear me whisper in his ear that I want him to cum in my mouth and I want to taste my ass on him as well.

I will leave no doubt of the extent of my desire and my willingness to please him. A freak in his bed, my bed.

The ringing of the phone again attempts to disturb us but fails. An afterthought at best, especially as the caller hangs up without so much as a word.

His fingers pulling down the zipper of my dress. I shake my body to free it and let it fall to the floor. His eyes upon me affirm by decision to forgo the barest of undies. We smile at each other as my fingers now work on the buttons of his shirt, which soon joins my dress on the floor.

I caress his chest and give him a taste of what’s to come by sucking and licking and biting at one of maltepe escort bayan his nipples. Pleased at the way it responds, becoming a short hard bump under the attack of my tongue. Forcing my hand into the waist of his pants, I’ll let him open them for me, for now I want to touch his cock without the filter of his slacks.

My head spinning at the quantity of wetness my fingers move into as I find the head of his cock. Precum oozing and leaving no doubt as to his desire and need. He feels larger than before, my hand so small on the long shaft as I grip him, claiming him.

Another deep kiss before I gaze into his face, “I need to suck your cock. Get these pants off.”

I’m moving down at the same time as his pants are lowered, coming face to face with the cock I’ve wanted for so long, missed for so long. I suck the head to draw the beads of precum out, with my hand pumping it for more.

My head moving forward, taking more and more of his cock. Sucking him, my tongue moving up and around the head each time I pull back. The tip of my tongue teasing his peehole with my eyes on his face, his eyes closed, hands clenched.

Sucking him in earnest now, my head bobbing with my hand pumping in sync with the advance and retreat of my lips. He grunts, “No, wait…you better stop…” but I don’t. I want his cum.

With a moan that bounces off the walls, he fills my mouth. Cock spurting over and over as he releases into my welcoming mouth. I swallow it and continue to work his cock, which has remained hard and strong.

Smiling as I kiss the head, the last drones of the phone ending just as I stand and kiss him. My hand still wrapped around his cock. “Let’s go to bed now.”

He pulls back the covers as I push the soaked triangle of fabric from between my legs, the string between my ass cheeks coming free along with it. His cock so tall rising from his crotch, and I notice for the first time that he has shaved his balls and base around his shaft for me. Making his cock that much more inviting and erotic as it points to the sky before me.

His escort pendik eyes on my bald pussy as he now goes to his knees. The backs of my legs against the mattress, my hands on the top of his head for balance, his tongue explores my wetness. His tongue so long and strong, rough as are his lips when he takes my clit into them. I’m moaning and nearing orgasm as I feel his finger at my ass.

I smile at the realization that there will be little call for me to tell him what I want. Our wants and needs already in alignment.

I explode with a suddenness that surprises me. My mouth open and moving without any sound. Shaking, his tongue not stopping, I’m pushing away from the thing that is giving too much pleasure in my now overly sensitive state.

He lifts and lays me upon the bed and I spread my legs for him as he joins me. Both of us reaching to guide his cock into me, my pussy so open and wet he needs no guidance.

His cock fills me in one long stroke. Pausing there, fully engulfed, enclosed. I place my ankles behind his calf’s as we kiss without him still moving. My hands squeezing his butt as he starts to fuck me, long paced movements so we both enjoy the full length of his cock and the tightness of my pussy.

We’re kissing and fucking, fucking and kissing. All else in the world lost and forgotten. Just his beautiful long hard cock in my pussy and our mouths locked together, sharing the taste of each other that remains on our lips.

He’s pounding me hard and I’m moaning again, loving how his cock fits me. My hips rising and falling with him, fucking him as hard as he is fucking me.

The phone rings again. Even next to bed, we’re still capable of ignoring it with the sound only a minor distraction. This time the machine clicks on and a voice is heard.

“Hey, are you there? Its me and I’ve been thinking about you all day.” A soft giggle, “Thinking about licking that sweet pussy of yours.” A short pause and, “He’s out, said he’d be late as his buddies are planning a trip to the casino. I want to come over and fuck you silly…call me.”

We haven’t stopped fucking, if anything, the message made us move faster, flaming our lust even more. And its with the “…call me” that he shoots his cum into my pussy and I cum with him. The voice of his wife, my sister-in-law, pushing us over the edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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