Teasing Dad Got Me a Big Surprise

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My sophomore year of college represented a transformational period in my life. I dumped my girlfriend of three years, I finally gave in to my homosexual urges, and I started to accept who I was. The reason that it probably took me so long to act on my urges was likely the reminder of how they first surfaced.

Dad was always kind of a stud. He worked really hard, hauling cases of canned goods, helping delivery men carry their heavy goods, or building shelves in the small grocery store that he owned. Dad wasn’t a tall man, but he was broad, solid, and strong from all the physical labor. He had a natural V-shape, a tiny waist and hips, powerful thighs, and a hefty basket, if you know what I mean. Women flirted with Dad relentlessly, which really pissed off my Mom.

On family vacations, I couldn’t help but stare at my Dad when we were at the beach or at a hotel pool, and I would steal glances when he worked in the yard in the summer. He would always be shirtless and wear short cut-off jean shorts that made his thighs look like they were exploding out of them. And because his waist was so tiny, there was usually a gap between the waist band of his shorts and his body. This would often expose the top of his underwear, or when he wasn’t wearing any, his butt crack or the very top of his pubic hair as his shorts drifted downward because of movement.

Looking back, I think Dad knew that he was hot. He was about 5’7″ with gray hair, a deep tan, and body hair in all the right places. At the pool, he would always wear a short vintage square cut suit that was probably from the 1960s. It really accentuated his V-shape and prominent bulge. It too would pull away from his body at the waist, exposing the start of his tan line, among other things. He was quite the sight as he emerged from a swim! He definitely turned heads, and I’m pretty sure that he liked the attention.

In his wet bathing suit, the flimsy lining did little to control the bounce of his sizeable cock and balls. Dad’s bulbous crotch, V-shape, and huge thighs were something out of a Tom of Finland drawing, as was his chest. His muscular chest was accentuated by the largest nipples I had ever seen on a man. They were about the size of half-dollars, and the tips stuck out like pencil erasers. They were visible and poked out even when he was wearing a shirt.

By the middle of the summer between my sophomore and junior years at college, my Mom started to spend weeks at a time with her aunt, who had recently lost her husband. Mom would generally leave on Monday and return on Friday night, leaving the house to only Dad and me for a three to four nights a week.

That first week was extremely hot, I had the day off from my part-time job, so after the gym, I skipped the beach and just relaxed in the sun with a good book. Dad called to let me know that he was picking up pizza and to not worry about finding something for dinner. So, I stayed in the sun and didn’t head into the house until he pulled up in front of it.

When Dad got there at around 7:30 P.M., I was wearing only a pair of flimsy, and very brief, nylon running shorts (it was the 1980s), flip-flops, and nothing else. We had a small house with no air conditioning, only fans, so it was pretty unbearable. The large fan in the kitchen helped, so I threw on a t-shirt, and Dad and I ate, while chatting about the day.

As we each finished our last slice, Dad said, “It’s so fucking hot, I can’t wait to get comfortable.”

“I can’t get any more comfortable,” I replied, knowing I was only a t-shirt and a pair of skimpy running shorts away from being naked.

He laughed and said, “Well, it’s just us. Right now, I can’t stand clothes.”

He got up from the table, we cleaned up what little mess there was in the kitchen, and he asked me if I was going out. I told him that I had no plans. He joked that I must be exhausted from tanning, and he got up and left the room. Dad went into his bedroom to change, and I found a chair in the living room, leaving the couch for Dad.

When Dad came out of his bedroom, I thought that I was going to die! He was wearing nothing but a pair of red and white striped Jockey Jim Palmer high-cut string bikini briefs. It was the kind with a pouch in the front that was connected to the back by two straps that went around the hips. I had seen Dad in his underwear before. He always wore briefs, but this was the briefest of briefs. That pouch was no match for the heft of Dad’s cock and balls. The mound pushed the waist band out to expose quite a bit of his pubic hair.

As Dad walked to the sofa, I was mesmerized by the view of his huge bouncing package and his eraser nips that were sticking out almost half an inch. The size of Dad’s legs made his underwear look even smaller as he settled into the couch, with one leg bent over the seat and a foot on the floor, and the other stretched out over two couch cushions, putting his crotch front and center, after he adjusted it a little.

Dad said, “Sorry, but I can’t handle any clothes tonight. It’s so fucking kartal escort bayan hot.”

“One of these years, you’ll break down and get us an air conditioner,” I teased.

For the rest of the night, we chatted. We each got up to either get a drink or take a piss. We watched TV too. The cable TV was recently connected, and we even got HBO, which is what we were watching. I forgot what the movie was, but it had the gratuitous tits in it. I noticed that Dad adjusted his package shortly after seeing it. And I swear that it looked bigger when he got up to go take a piss.

I had taken my shirt off, so I was just sitting there in my skimpy nylon shorts. When Dad got up, I just wanted to reach out, chew on his huge nips, and strip that bursting underwear off of him to release his monster cock and balls. Between the tits on the TV and the sight of my Dad’s tits on the couch, I was sporting a boner. I’m not sure if my Dad noticed, but he did watch me as I got up to go get a drink.

After another 30 minutes or so, bed was calling me. Well, it was really my desire to bust a nut that was calling me. I said goodnight to Dad, and he told me not to fall asleep with the TV on, but I knew that he would come upstairs to shut it off if I did.

When I got upstairs, I pulled off my shorts, which caused my thick seven and a half inch boner to spring up and stick straight out. I turned on the TV, and I raised the volume slightly more than usual. I chose to lie face-down, naked on top of the bed clothes, exposing my tight little ass.

After about 20 minutes, Dad called upstairs. I knew that if I didn’t answer, he would come up to turn off the TV. So, I pretended to be asleep, and by squinting my eyes, I would be able to see my Dad because of the hallway light and the glare of the TV.

Dad entered my room, and I could see that he was wearing only his tiny underwear, and he was still busting out of it. I’m sure that he had seen me sleeping naked before, but tonight, I was deliberately face-down, instead of on my usual side.

Dad lingered before he turned off the TV. He didn’t attempt to wake me, or he may have known that I was faking sleep and he was cool with that. I noticed through my squinted eyes that he rubbed his bulge for a bit, and I think I saw the head of his cock pop out of the side of his pouch and push itself under the leg strap so it was partially exposed. He tried to push it under the leg strap, but the head was too wide to be fully concealed. He finally turned off the TV and went downstairs, and I came while humping the sheets.

I had to work the early morning shift the next day, which meant that I was home and out lounging in the sun by early afternoon. I decided to put on my newer Speedo swimsuit. My body had developed pretty nicely from weightlifting and running, and I was not shy about showing it off after I discovered that others noticed it. My “boyfriend” at college turned me on to Speedos just a couple of weeks before we parted for the end of the year and he went back home to Michigan.

When Dad called, I let him know that I had thrown some chicken and potatoes in the oven, so dinner was covered. He couldn’t believe that I had used the oven on such a hot day, but I told him that I had the fans going the whole day. It didn’t matter, though, because it was still hot as hell.

Anyway, when he got home, I had thrown on my tank top but remained in my Speedo. Dinner was on the table, so Dad sat down immediately and mentioned my nice tan and how he couldn’t stand how hot it was. He was wearing khakis and a golf shirt. His nipples were clearly visible through the thin material, and I started to stir in my Speedo. I hoped the heat meant he would sit around in his skimpy underwear again that night.

I was not disappointed. Dad walked into the living room wearing the blue and white striped version of the high cut bikini underwear he had worn the previous night. His huge thighs, bulge, and nipples sent me over the edge. I wanted to suck on his eraser nips while he fucked me senseless. Yes, I wanted Dad to fuck me. I did not care how weird that was.

Earlier, I had checked to see what was on HBO. The movie, “H.O.T.S.” was playing later. It was a comedy about first-year college girls, who were pledging a fraternity, and it starred a few former Playboy Bunnies. I knew that there would be lots of tits and sexual situations, so I definitely wanted to see Dad’s underwear struggle based on his reaction to seeing the movie.

After dinner, I took off my tank top and threw it in the hamper, so I was wearing only my red Speedo. Dad sat with his legs open on the couch watching the news. His bulge was in full view and was driving me nuts. It was so hard to control my boner.

After about twenty minutes, and after I calmed down, I told Dad that I was going to go upstairs and take a shower. I really wanted an excuse to strip out of my Speedo and wear the new Paco Rabanne white bikini underwear that I had picked up on the way home. Seeing how sexy my Dad looked escort maltepe in skimpy underwear inspired me.

It was extremely difficult avoiding a jerk-off session after seeing my Dad nearly naked and busting out of his underwear, but I wanted to keep a horny edge or I would end up re-thinking what I had planned to do. So, after I dried off, I put on my new underwear. The white cotton material was very soft and thin. My soft but somewhat swollen member rested nicely to the side, creating a very sexy bulge, and like my Dad’s, my pubic hair was visible at the top of the waist band because of the slight gap my bulge created between the material and my body. You could also see my Speedo tan line because the underwear had a bit less fabric.

It was time, but I wanted to sneak downstairs just to stare at my Dad from around the corner of the living room entrance at the bottom of the stairs. To my surprise, Dad was slouching on the couch with his legs spread. He was rubbing his bulge with his right hand. His mushroom head was off to the side and totally exposed above the leg strap, and one huge ball had escaped the pouch on the same side that his cock head had escaped. His left hand was tugging on his eraser nips, alternating between the left and the right.

I didn’t want to surprise my Dad, so I quietly went back upstairs. It took all my discipline to not bust a nut right then. Once I calmed down a little, I made enough noise to warn him that I was coming downstairs. When I entered, he looked a bit flustered, but his legs were up on the couch, and his hand was resting on his crotch in a vain attempt to conceal his massive bulge. His eraser nips also appeared to be sticking out more than usual. How long had he been tugging on them?

Dad’s gaze seemed to linger as I walked by in just my underwear to my chair. As he tossed me the remote, which was still attached to the TV by a cord, he asked, “Anything you want to watch?”

“There’s a movie on HBO in a few minutes that’s supposed to be pretty funny,” I replied.

“OK,” he said, as he got up from the couch and headed into the kitchen. He yelled out, “You want anything?”

I sure did! But instead of telling him what I really wanted, I said “Diet Coke, please.”

Just imagine the sight of my Dad, with huge eraser nips sticking straight out and his enormous bulge bouncing as he walked toward me with my can of Diet Coke. “Fuck me, Dad,” I begged. Well, that’s what I said in my mind.

He walked back to the couch, giving me a view of his ass, also barely contained by the flimsy material of his underwear. He sat, lounged back, and spread his legs. Just in time for the movie to start.

We watched the movie, and as expected, we saw plenty of tits. Dad and I both got boners, but for different reasons. Dad was lying back on the couch, and his huge cock head poked out of the side of his underwear pouch. There was no way it was going back in, so he just lifted his leg so it was out of my view.

When the movie was over, I told him that I was headed to bed. As he watched me walk from my chair with my somewhat enlarged bulge, he reminded me not to fall asleep with the TV on. You’ve probably figured out that was exactly what I was planning to do.

I stripped off my underwear before I even walked into my bedroom, and I got the Vaseline from the bathroom since my cock was pretty raw from humping the sheets the previous night. I played with my cock for a bit, but then decided to make a bold move. I wiped off my cock, and waited for the boner to subside. With my cock still a bit fluffed, I decided to sneak downstairs again to see if my Dad had gone to bed, but this time, I was in the raw.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, without making a sound, I heard my Dad breathing pretty heavily. I peeked around the corner to see my Dad tugging on his huge right nipple. He was pulling the eraser-like tip a couple of inches from his chest. While doing that, his other hand was stroking his cock. Dad had pulled the top of his underwear down to release his thick eight-inch cock and floppy egg-sized balls. The mushroom head of his cock wasn’t quite the size of a baseball, but in its fully aroused state, it was the biggest fucking cock head that I had ever seen. No wonder Mom didn’t want to share it.

Again, not wanting to surprise my Dad, I turned and quietly ascended the stairs with what was now my own swelling cock. I made some noise upstairs to let Dad know I was still up and about. And after the firmness of my own cock subsided a little, I decided to go get a drink (wink wink).

Dad was leaning forward with his forearms over his knees, blocking any view of his goods, as I walked by to the kitchen with my not entirely soft cock swinging. I had a quick drink of water and walked out to the living room. My Dad’s face remained on the TV screen as I stood there naked about five feet away from him watching a news story about a fire in the next town. I did see his eyes move in my direction, even though his head did not move.

I pendik escort said good night again when the news story was over and headed back up to my bedroom. Dad reminded me to not fall asleep with the TV on, turning his head to check out my tight round ass with the Speedo tan line, I hoped.

Lying naked and face down on top of the bed, fully exposing myself, seemed like the right thing to do. All that I could think about was Dad fucking me with that beer can cock while I chewed on his huge nipples. Lying face down became uncomfortable as my cock grew harder, but I wasn’t moving.

It only took fifteen minutes, and Dad was calling me from downstairs. Again, I pretended to be sleeping, but he didn’t come up right away. Another five or so minutes went by, and he called again. I didn’t answer, so he finally came upstairs.

From what I could see when he reached the top of the stairs before entering my room, his cock must have been facing down as his package had stretched his skimpy underwear to the point where most of his pubic hair and the base of his cock was visible. But it was a quick view as the TV in my room was not casting much light.

Dad stood there for a minute, before rubbing his bulge. His cock was practically pushing the underwear off his body. He then hesitated as he reached to turn off the TV, probably caught by surprise by the opened jar of Vaseline sitting next to the TV. When the TV was off, the only light in the room was what came in from the hallway.

I could see Dad rubbing his growing bulge. He was doing that for probably less than a minute, but it seemed like an eternity. Then, I could see him put his thumbs into the leg straps. FUCK! He pulled on the straps, pushed his underwear down and stepped out of them one leg at a time. From the side, his giant protruding nipples and cock cast quite an imposing silhouette as he just stood there in the low light with his cock throbbing.

FUCK! I wanted Dad’s cock inside me so bad. I wasn’t sure if I could take it, but my college boyfriend had nearly nine inches that he could get balls-deep inside me with some patience. Of course, Dad’s cock was almost twice as thick, and that huge mushroom head would probably rip my hole apart.

Not knowing what to do next, I figured that I would pretend to change sleep positions. I remained face down with my ass in full view, but I turned my head to face the wall and away from Dad, and kind of humped the sheet a couple of times to make lying on my full boner somewhat bearable.

All that I heard was breathing for about a couple of minutes until I sensed some movement. I froze when I felt Dad’s hand on my ass. I just lied there as he remained still for a minute too. Eventually, he started to gently squeeze my right ass cheek, and I responded by flexing my ass and humping the sheet for encouragement. He slowly moved toward my crack and ran his fingers up and down it when they got there. I squeezed my ass cheeks as he got near my hole.

Suddenly, his hand was gone. I wanted to yell out, “No. Don’t Stop!” But I remained still until I heard something making a squishy noise. I quickly realized that Dad’s hand was in the Vaseline jar! I assumed that he was jerking his huge cock with the petroleum jelly based on the sounds that I was hearing.

The sound stopped, and I heard the squishy noise again and waited. My Dad’s hand was on my ass again within a few seconds, but this time it landed so that his fingers were at my crack. His fingers were loaded with petroleum jelly, and they were sliding up and down my crack until one of them was at my hole.

I raised my ass a little to serve as an invitation. It was accepted. Dad worked the tip of one of his Vaseline-slathered fingers into my hole. He let it rest there, but I pushed my ass up until it was in to the knuckle, then I squeezed my ass cheeks to draw his hand even closer to me. He responded by pushing his finger in and out for quite some time. Then, I felt another finger enter me. After a little more in and out motion, Dad slipped a third finger in my tight and hungry ass.

When he pulled his fingers out of my ass, I let out a groan. I heard him getting more Vaseline. Was this finally going to happen after two days of torture?

What I got were more fingers, but there was a LOT more Vaseline this time. He followed the same steps, one finger, then two, then three. He moved his fingers about, which just made me want Dad’s fat cock even more. He pulled his three fingers out with a big slurp, but he was back within seconds, trying to get a fourth finger inside me. That was a little tougher to do, but he was probably thinking that he needed to open me up to accommodate his huge fuck pole.

After a few minutes I heard his other hand go into the Vaseline jar, followed by what I assumed was him applying a good helping to what must have been his fully engorged penis. When he was done, he pulled his fingers out of my hole, making another slurping sound.

Next, I felt my Dad’s hands, greasy from the petroleum jelly, grab onto my hips as he climbed onto the bed. As I was spreading my legs, my right leg made contact with my Dad’s thigh, making it a bit awkward as he positioned himself between my legs. I lifted my ass a little bit for him to know that I was ready, or so I thought.

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