Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 11

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The following Saturday morning I was dressed in nothing but my bathrobe, relaxing over a second cup of coffee and enjoying the fact that I had the house to myself. Elaine had ferried Katie to her dance lesson, then had gone on to drop some stuff off at the dry cleaners and do a few other errands. I was simply relishing the fact that the house was so quiet I could hear the birds chirping at each other as they built a nest outside the window.

The doorbell rang.

It was Randi. She looked distraught, as if she had been crying for quite awhile. I noticed a small duffel bag at her feet.

“Hi, Randi,” I said, ignoring for the moment her disheveled hair and bloodshot eyes. “Would you like to come in? Katie’s . . .”

“. . . At her dance lesson. I know,” she said. “Can we talk? Just you and me? For a second?”

“We can talk as long as you want.” She started to reach for her duffel bag, but I got there first and slung it over my shoulder. Then I put my free arm around her shoulder and accompanied her to the living room. She took a seat near the middle of the couch. I dropped the satchel on the ground near our feet and sat at the other end.

“My parents kicked me out,” she said. “Can I . . . can I stay with you guys? At least for a day or two?” She looked down at her hands and started quietly crying. “I . . . I don’t have anyone else I can ask.”

“You can stay with us as long as you need to, honey. You know you’re like family to Katie – and to Elaine and me. But what happened? You had an argument with your mom?”

“With her and my stepdad. Then they called my dad, and he told me not to come over to his house either. He and my stepmom don’t want anything to do with me, either.”

She started to sob, and I held out my arms for her. Despite all the sexual activity that I’d engaged in with her, she was still only a young girl – she and Katie had celebrated their eighteenth birthdays together only a few months earlier – and this was one of those moments when my paternal instincts were stronger than my sexual ones. Yet even then, I have to admit that the feel of Randi’s slim, soft body and the perfect curves on her petite body felt fantastic as she flowed into my arms. When she shook from crying, it reminded me of the shivers that she experienced when we fucked in the back seat of my car a few nights earlier. I pulled her tightly into my arms as my nose took in the scent of her skin and her hair shampoo. Her C-cup tits, so amazing in contrast to her pale Japanese features, felt fantastic mashed against my chest.

“I’m pregnant,” she said simply. She pushed herself deeper into my embrace. While one of her arms was wrapped around my back hugging me closer, her other arm was wedged between our bodies. Her hand slipped into the opening in my robe and she began stroking my chest.

I know I should not have been shocked by her pregnancy, but I was. Chalk it up to the human ability to ignore or forget the obvious consequences of our actions. “And am I . . .?” My voice trailed off, not finishing the sentence. I didn’t have to.

“Of course you are. Before you, I’d never even kissed a boy on the cheek.” She raised her head from where she’d buried it in my shoulder and looked me in the eye. “What am I going to do? Where am I going to go?”

I kissed her lips gently – chastely even, if such a word isn’t improper in a context like this. “You don’t need to go anywhere,” I said. “You’re already here. Let us – let ME – take care of you.”

“Oh, Mister J!” she exclaimed. I loved it when she used that nickname for me. It showed a special kind of intimacy, one both less and more than familial. It didn’t hurt that in recent weeks she had begun screaming it in ecstasy when I was fucking her doggie style. “I hoped you’d . . . .” and then she impulsively lifted her head towards mine and planted her mouth on mine, opening her mouth and caressing my lips with her tongue.

We began to kiss. Her fertile teenage body, already planted with my seed, melted into mine. My hands roamed along her sides and her back, caressing all her perfect young curves. When she came up for air, I said, “This is your new home, Randi. Have your baby here. Live with us.”

“But don’t you have to check with Mrs. J? It’s kind of a big deal, having me move in, isn’t it?”

“I’m sure Elaine will agree with me,” I said. “You and Katie have always been almost like sisters. You’ve eaten dinner here several times a week since you were a little kid, and you sleep over at least one night most weekends.” I put my finger under her chin and gently nudged her face upward so that she looked me in the eye. Our lips were only inches apart. “You’re already family, Randi.” I kissed her lightly on the lips. “You’re almost as much a daughter to me as Katie is.”

I kissed her again, and this time my tongue licked daintily at the outside of her lips. “I’ll treat you just like I do my own daughter,” I repeated, thinking not only of my paternal relations with Katie but also with my recent sexual actions with her. I kissed kartal escort bayan her again, this time more deeply. In response, Randi’s hand, already inside my bathrobe, crept lower. She wrapped her hand around my hardening cock.

“And the pregnancy?” she asked.

“You’re so young. So fertile,” I whispered. I cupped my hand under one of her delicious, firm young tits, then my hand slid down to her pussy. “I guess it was inevitable.” I looked her in the eye and with one hand I caressed her breast while my other diddled her clit. Her pussy’s full with my child, I thought to myself as I played with her clitoris. I was reveling in the fact that her hand was rising and falling on my rod. “I’m okay with it if you are.”

Randi looked up at me. She brought her other hand around from my back and began stroking my cock with both hands. She smiled adoringly into my eyes. “Oh, Mister J! Thank you!” Her hands slid faster up and down my hard cock. “Thank you thank you thank you!” She looked down at her hands sliding up and down, then gazed back into my eyes adoringly. “Thank you!” she said again. I loved the fact that she was babbling her gratitude while stroking me – in effect, she was thanking me for letting her play with and worship my cock.

“From now on you’re part of our household,” I said. I placed my hand on the back of her neck. “And that means that you’ll have certain duties, just like every other member of the household. And there are rules.” I caressed the back of her neck. “Rule number one: No boyfriends are allowed in this house – understand?”

She smiled. “I understand, Mr. J.” Both her hands were on my rod, stroking non-stop. She licked her lips unconsciously and added, “There’ll be no other man in this house but you.”

“Good.” With my hand still on the back of her neck, I pulled her face down to my crotch. “Now suck your popsicle like a good daughter, Randi.”

My little Randi Fuckdoll, submissive and pliant as always, began obediently licking my cock like a good girl.

Within moments, she settled into her proper position in life: on all fours on the couch, bent over my hard cock. The sound of her slurping filled the room. My hands stroked her silky black hair and guided her head up and down on my dick as I whispered reassuringly. “I’ll take care of you, sweetheart. Every day. And you’ll take care of me every day, too. Your fertile teen body is full with my baby and soon you’ll swell with my child. Suck my dick, darling, and taste the baby cream that made you pregnant. Your new home is right here.” I pulled her face deeper onto my cock and held her face down as she started gagging, forced to deepthroat me. “Your home is right here – on your knees every day with my dick in your mouth.” As she gagged, I could feel her throat muscles flexing on my rod, sending a wave of involuntary clenching up my shaft. It was fantastic.

“Ah gov ooh, Missah Gay,” she gurgled.

“I love you, too, Randi,” I said. My hand on the back of her head guided her up and down. The sound of her wet slurping was the most beautiful music in the world. “You’re such a good girl. Such a good cocksucker. Your mouth was made for cock. MY cock. And ONLY my cock.”

She lifted her head briefly and smiled as she responded, “Yes, Mister J.” She tilted her head slightly and gazed dreamily and happily into my eyes while her hand slid up and down my shaft. “Only YOUR cock!” she promised. “Your delicious cock. Your cum. Your sperm. Your baby juice. And YOUR babies.” She licked her lips again in horny anticipation of her new life with us.

I pushed her wet mouth back where it belonged and laughed as I heard her gag again. “Good girl!” I said as I fucked her face.

“Glugg!” she replied. I laughed again and forced her face to go deeper and faster on my shaft.

By the time Elaine and Katie returned home a few minutes later, Randi and I had changed positions. I was supporting little Randi in my arms as she sat on my lap. Both of my fuck baby’s legs were on one side of me, and I was holding her with one arm wrapped around her back and the other arm cupping her legs. With one hand under her ass and the other hand under her knees, I was forcibly lifting her tight little body up and down on my cock.

I was fucking her like a petite, sex-crazed rag doll. With her feet off the ground and with only one arm wrapped around my neck and shoulder for leverage, Randi had no control over how hard and fast I chose to pump my cock into her. Her head was tilted back and bounced up and down spasmodically, her long shimmering black hair flying rhythmically around her. Her eyes were rolled up in their sockets and her mouth hung open in an orgasmic daze.

“Cock!” she moaned. “So much cock!”

“What are you?” I growled.

“Fuckdoll! I’m your fuckdoll!” she cried. “Your tight pussy fuckdoll! I belong to you and your big cock!”

“And when do I fuck you?”

“Any time you want! Any day! Every day! Oh please! Keep fucking me! Don’t ever stop!” I lifted her pale white, tight escort maltepe yet voluptuous little body up and down easily on my cock.

I didn’t hear Elaine and Katie come in. I only looked up when I heard the sound of Katie dropping her shopping bag in shock onto the ground. A can of chili fell on the rug and rolled toward me.

I looked up and saw expressions of surprise on both their faces.

“Hi, Honey,” I said. With a wide grin on my face, I said, “Randi’s come to live with us.” I pumped her lithe body up and down on my rod for emphasis, showing exactly what living with us would entail. “I’ve been welcoming her to the household!”

“What?!” both women said simultaneously. The expression on Elaine’s face was mostly one of pure surprise – it was difficult to tell what lay beneath it. But Katie’s shock seemed mixed with a strong element of dismay.

“I’m puh – puh – pregnant!” Randi gasped in between my thrusts. “Your Dad knocked me up! – Oh fuck! So hard! – He filled me with his cock! Just like he’s filling me now! He put a baby in me!” She began sobbing and spasming uncontrollably. “So full! I’m so fu-fu-full of his c-c-cock! I’m full with his baby and his stud cock!”

“Kiss your new daughter! Kiss your new sister!” I said. “She’s going to join us in everything!”

At that moment it seemed like Elaine and I turned a corner in our relationship, a corner that I hadn’t even known was there. She looked at down at me as I continued without pause pumping my cock into our little teenage friend, then she looked at the glazed face of Randi herself, then finally her eyes met mine. I think at that moment she resigned herself to a new arrangement in the household, an arrangement that would be difficult to put into words. She carefully put down her shopping bags, then knelt on the ground before us and put both her hands on either side of Randi’s lovely face.

“Welcome to the household, sweetie,” she said simply. She brought her lips to Randi’s and gave my Japanese fuckdoll a long, deep kiss even while Randi continued to bounce up and down.

Then she moved over to me and said, “Fuck her good, darling,” and kissed me as well. While my wife’s tongue played with the inside of my mouth I continued to pump my cock into my pregnant teen plaything – my new foster daughter.

Randi began giggling in happiness and shivered through another orgasm. “My new home!” she cried joyfully. “My baby daddy! Hee hee hee! Fuckee fuckee Daddy!” She threw her head back and began giggling uncontrollably. Her spine arched and her whole body began bucking with jolts of orgasmic pleasure. The feeling of the ultra-tight sheath of her pussy convulsing around my cock was indescribable. “I’m full of Daddy cock!”

When Randi finally began to slow down, Elaine put her hands under Randi’s arms and gently lifted her upwards, gesturing to her to get off of my lap and my cock. “It’s Mommy’s turn, sweetie,” she said soothingly. Randi whimpered in disappointment but allowed herself to be led away from my lap. She sat on the couch next to me and took my arm, draping it over her shoulder. She began to coo in contentment as she snuggled up to me and began licking and nibbling my earlobe.

Elaine, meanwhile, reached under her skirt to remove her panties, then hiked up her skirt and straddled me. She sighed with release as she eased my cock into her twat and began bouncing on my hard-on. As she unbuttoned her blouse, she bent over and began whispering in my ear, the one on the other side of where Randi was sitting.

“I guess this was inevitable, wasn’t it?” she whispered. “First our daughter, now her little bisexual girlfriend.” Elaine finished unbuttoning her blouse and she threw it on the floor, then reached behind herself to unhook her bra. Arching her back to reach the hooks, she thrust her 36DD tits in my face. She continued: “Poor shy little Katie. She’s horny all the time. And there’s no other man around but you to help her! The way she looks at you! Such longing! I think our introverted busty daughter – our poor hormone-driven sexpot shrinking violet – is obsessed with your cock! How did THAT happen?”

Her bra was unfastened, and she threw it on the floor alongside her blouse, then pushed one of her nipples into my mouth. She started twisting her pelvis as she bounced up and down on my hard shaft. “And Randi! Poor little Randi is turning into such a slut! But she’s OUR little slut, isn’t she? You ARE going to share her with me, aren’t you? Share your horny little Asian plaything? Don’t you want . . .” – she pounded up and down harder and harder – ” . . . to fuck us . . .” – her twisting and gyrating ass corkscrewed relentlessly up and down – ” . . . together? Both of us? Every day?”

“Mmmph!” I said, my mouth full of her tits. One hand was gripping my wife’s ass and guiding her up and down, faster and faster. My other arm was still draped around my Asian teen girlfriend, pulling her young body against mine.

Then Randi joined in, whispering in my other ear. “We love your big pendik escort cock, Mister J. You’re hard all the time! You’re so full of cum! I’m glad you knocked me up! I’ll be so proud when my breasts and my belly swell up for you!”

“Cum! Cum! CUM!” cried Elaine.

“TAKE MY COCK, YOU SLUTS!” I screamed. My head snapped backward against the rear cushion of the couch and my spine arched, my pelvis thrusting upward as I pumped cum into my horny wife. I screamed my relief and acceptance of everything the two women were saying as I shot my sperm into Elaine’s womb. “YES!” I cried.

As I ejaculated my head was swimming with images of my three sexy women swirling around me every day, servicing me and worshiping my cock together. “All three!” I told them. “You’re mine!” My wife and my perfect little teenage Japanese mistress began planting kisses all over my cheeks and lips, expressing their love of me and their eager acceptance of their new relationship with me.

A few minutes later I came down from the high of having sex with my wife and my daughter’s friend. I looked around and I realized that Katie was gone.

I found her in her bedroom, curled up on her bed and facing away from the door. She had ditched the regular clothing she typically wore outdoors – she had been wearing an oversized grey sweatshirt and baggy men’s pants that had made her look, as usual, shapeless and unattractive. Instead, she had put on her old green nightie, a sort of security blanket despite the fact that it was too small for her bust and had a tear in front that allowed one of her humongous tits to spill out lewdly.

I stood in the doorway. “Katie?” I asked. “Are you alright?”

“Leave me alone,” she said.

I entered the room and pulled up a chair to the edge of the bed and sat down. “What’s the matter?”

“You know what’s the matter,” she said in a small voice. “It’s me. You don’t even want to look at me.”

I put my hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her so that she turned around, still curled in an almost fetal position but now facing me. “How can you say that?” I asked.

“You fuck Mom. You fuck Randi. You even fucked my dance classmates. And now you’ve got Randi pregnant and she’s moving in with us. You’re going to fuck her all the time from now on. But you won’t fuck me. I’m too ugly.”

“You’re what?!” I asked, incredulously.

She sat up, swung her legs off the bed and looked at me. Our faces were about a foot apart. “It’s these!” she said, cupping her big melons. “These big fat tits! They make me so ugly!” She began sobbing, which made her extraordinary rack jiggle enticingly.

“Katie, I . . .”

“I’ve got the biggest tits in school! The biggest!” She shut her eyes briefly in agony, then looked at me again. “The only girls who come close are these two fat cows in Mrs. Anderson’s home room. They weigh like two hundred pounds, and you can’t even tell where their stomachs end and their tits begin!

“I watch my weight. I really do. But my tits keep growing! I’m constantly dieting. I’m five foot two and I only weigh 112 pounds. I haven’t got any fat or cellulite and my tummy is flat and toned. But my tits are so big! Look at them! Oh God I hate them!” She arched her back, pushing her breathtaking chest at me. “Do you see why I have to wear oversized clothing to cover up my ugly body?”

She cupped her breasts from below and held them out to me. With the rip in her green nightgown, the result was that one of her tits was constrained by the tight green fabric – it was far too small to accommodate her amazing bustline and was literally bursting at the seam – while the other breast bulged out obscenely from the hole in the front of the night dress. Now, with Katie cupping them and presenting her breasts to me, the result was a mouthwatering spectacle. My mouth fell open in awe as she bounced her breasts in front of me.

“I know you hate them!” she sobbed. She raised her hands slightly to cover her nipples and mashed her hands inward in an attempt to cover her breasts, but the result was to make the soft tit flesh bulge out even more around her small hands. Her boobs were unbelievably big on her tiny body, and her inadequate attempt to hide such huge melons with such little hands made her look demure and impossibly sexy at the same time. Despite my having cum only a few minutes earlier, my cock was hardening again. “I hate them!” she sobbed. “I hate my big tits!”

The most fatherly thing I could do was reassure her. So I reached out and placed my own hands over hers, caressing her enormous, soft tits. I began rhythmically squeezing them as I said, “Darling, none of that is true. I love you and I love your large breasts.”

I barely heard a thin rasping sound as the threadbare fabric over her breast began to tear. I deliberately took her hand away from her left breast and, with both hands, gently tore a new hole in the nightie so that both breasts bulged freely from two holes in the front.

The result was incredibly sexy, with my petite blonde daughter looking me pleadingly in the eyes seeking reassurance. Her sheer green nightgown had ridden up on her thighs, exposing her lovely dancer’s legs, while the twin holes in the chest area showcased the most spectacular, large, upright tits I had ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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