Teaching a Bitch a Lesson Ch. 01

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To those of you that have read my other stories, you will notice that this one is really short. I rewrote it and tried to submit it twice but the Literotica system rejected it because it said there was an HTML imbedded in it. I have gone over it repeatedly and can’t find anything, so I am hoping that chopping it up into several chapters will work. The girl has sex with her father and brother in chapter 4, so enjoy the ride.


I’m so mad I can hardly see straight. I thought Alisa was my friend. Now I find out that my so called best friend has been going behind my back and seeing my boyfriend. I don’t know what to do, but that bitch has to be taught a lesson.

“Kaitlin are you going to keep pacing up and down until you ruin the sidewalk?”

She jumped in surprise. Wow, I must have really been into this, I didn’t even know Alisa’s dad was there. “Hi, Mr. C, what’s up?”

“I don’t think Alisa is home. She went out after supper. Her brother isn’t here either.”

Kaitlin had to force herself to keep smiling. Of course she’s not home, she with my fucking boyfriend. Wait a minute, Alisa’s dad, he’s perfect. Why didn’t I think of this before? “Actually, Mr. C, I came to see you.”

“I’m honored, what did you want with me?”

She chuckled under her breath; this was going to be so good. Alisa’s dad would be the perfect choice to teach Alisa to layoff of her boyfriend. “I want to talk to you, can we go inside?” I can see on your face that you feel strange me wanting to come inside when Alisa isn’t around.

“Sure Kaitlin, want something to drink?”

You seem nervous, don’t worry, I want to screw over your daughter, not you. “I would love something, Mr. C.”

“Mmm, that tastes good, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

Kaitlin knew she was attractive and guys as well as other girls thought so too. It was something she wasn’t above using to her advantage. It had helped her get to be a cheerleader and she had one of the most popular guys in school as a boyfriend. Now it was going to help her put her former best friend in her place.

Alisa’s dad had sat on the sofa and she was in a chair, which would never do. Stretching, Kaitlin pushed her big tits at him and could see his eyes going right where she wanted them to be. She stood up and pointed her chest at him. “I need to visit the little girls room –,” she placed her arm innocently on his, “– escort bostancı don’t go anywhere.”

She wasn’t wearing a bra when she returned, and caught him glancing at her chest, just like she wanted. As she sat on the sofa next to him, Kaitlin saw that he was puzzled and scooted closer to him. A delicious sensation started in her nipples as she innocently rubbed herself against him. Can you feel my breast pressed against your arm? “I know a girl that wants something special.”

Dan was feeling a little uncomfortable, “What?”

Pressing her breasts to him she rubbed against him. Her nipples started getting hard, and she loved the feeling. “A bunch of us girls get together a couple times a month, and we need a club guy.” Kaitlin gently rested her hand on his leg, her fingers slowly running across his jeans. She had barely touched his front when they heard a car in front of the house. Quickly taking her hand away, she got up to peak though his front window to see if someone was coming in. Kaitlin found out it was the house across the street and looked to see if Alisa’s dad was still looking at her — he was. She sat back down next to him, and rubbed her breasts against him again.

Dan felt her soft breasts pushing against him and her fingers were lightly touching his leg again. It felt really good and made it difficult to think “What’s a club guy?”

She smiled as her fingers barely brushed the front of his jeans again. My, my, what have we here? You seem to be getting hard, and I just barely touched you. Innocently stretching, her fingers raked across the material and pressed against the hard flesh underneath. No! Hearing another noise she jumped up again. She went to the window and the guy across the street was now leaving and she hoped he stayed gone this time.

She flicked off the light and went to sit back down. Her fingers slowly making their way up his leg, she let them wander over in from of him. Her mind could visualize his face when she pressed against his jeans and his cock. Kaitlin froze. Instead of touching his zipper she was touching him. You bad boy, when did you unzip your pants and take yourself out? Closing her fingers around his semi hard cock she started to play.

Dan hadn’t felt a teenage girl do that for some time. His hands reached under her shirt and started to play with her nipples. He heard her moan even as she bent over ümraniye escort him and started sucking him.

Kaitlin prided herself on sucking cock and loved the way a cock was both hard and soft at the same time. What’s going on? Doing stuff with Alisa’s dad was actually turning me on, I’m completely wet! This time the noise was definitely someone in this driveway. She snapped on the television even as she darted into the kitchen.

Dan barely had time to fix himself when the door opened. Luckily the television was on an old western movie.

“Dad, I’m home.” Alisa flicked on the light, “Why are you sitting in the dark?”

Kaitlin was a wreck. Damn that was close, I’m glad I can move real quickly. I got so turned on I almost forgot why I’m here.

“I can’t stay dad. Can I get some money for gas, the car is empty?”

“Sure honey,” Dan handed his daughter a debit card they used for gas and hoped he looked and sounded normal.

Kaitlin seethed with anger. Of course you can’t stay bitch, you’re on your way to see my fucking boyfriend. Good she’s leaving. You did a pretty good job, pretending you aren’t turned on Mr. C. I have to wait, I want to make sure she’s gone; I’m tired of these interruptions. I guess it’s safe now. “Mr. C, can you come in the kitchen?”

Dan walked into the kitchen and there was Kaitlin. The teenager had taken her clothes off except her multicolored socks that reached to her knees and she was lying on his kitchen table.

Surprising, just the thought of fucking Alisa’s dad is turning me on again. “Take yourself out, I want you.” She had to suppress a chuckle at his jerky movements to get his clothes off.

The sight of a naked 19 year old high school senior lying on his kitchen table was enough to get him hard again. He reached for her breasts.

“No Mr. C. put it in me.” Come on old man, how many blonde teenage cheerleaders have you fucked lately? I have my clothes off, and I’m lying on your table with my legs spread and hanging over the edge.

Dan got between her legs and put his cock to her pussy. He slid into something that he hadn’t felt since his wife died.

Kaitlin bit her lip, he actually felt good inside of her. What was going on, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The heat started to spread as his cock slid in and out of her. It was hard for her to concentrate on her plan. “So — so would you like kartal escort bayan — mm — to be — oh, yeah — our club guy?”

It felt amazing to fuck his daughter’s friend, “What would I have to do?”

She moaned, “Pretty much — what you — you are doing right now.” Kaitlin loved sex, any kind of sex, which is why she started the club. “Several of us girls,” damn it felt good, “– meet and we have one guy that is blindfolded.” Aagh — one girl will have sex with him in front — mm — of the others while the rest of the girls have sex — oh damn — with each other while they w — watch a live sex show.”

Dan started to move faster, partly because of his cock being in her hot body and partly because of what he was hearing. “Is Alisa involved in this?”

She was prepared for that question; he was Alisa’s father after all. “Of course not, — yes like that — this has nothing to do with her.” Kaitlin’s pussy was sending a very nice message to the rest of her. “Damn you’re good at his.” She bit her lip and started to fuck him back.

His cock was smashing in her and then doing it again and it felt good. With each stroke he started to ram just a little harder. “So the girls won’t know who I am, will they?”

Her hard breathing was making it difficult to keep having this conversation, “No one but me — awe yes, there — will know who you are. But — like I said, — this first time, — one girl wants something special.” Why hadn’t she just done him sooner?

Dan knew he was close and wanted to make sure the younger girl got off too so he started playing with her clit even as he continued to ram himself harder and deeper. “What does she want?”

With her heart threatening to beat out of her chest, Kaitlin was so close to having an orgasm it wasn’t funny. “She wants — to do two guys — at the same time. You’ll both — be blindfolded, — no one will know. The girl — will be masked too.”

Dan was too far gone to think too much. He had never done a three way before but if no one was going to know him, what the hell. He rammed his cock into her as hard as he could, “I’m cumming.”

She felt his cockhead swell then it was throbbing deep inside of her. That plus the image of Alisa being fucked by her own dad sent her over the edge. With a constant stream of “Yes…yes…yes,” she bounced all over the kitchen table as her orgasm rocketed though her.

Dan still had his cock in his daughter’s friend but he was getting soft, “I’m in. When and where do we do this?” He finally moved away.

Kaitlin rolled away from him and stood up. “This Saturday, I’ll let you know where.” She grabbed her things and headed to the bathroom.

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