Teach or Taught? Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Hi, This is my first story and I would appreciate any feedback from it. It is a bit slow starting so if your looking for a stroke and go for broke you might want to check out something else. It is based on true events but which parts is your guess, Names have been changed, as she is still a teacher but teaches younger kids now 🙂 Enjoy.

* * * * *

“Michael can you please wait behind after class” Natasha Dimasi instructed her English student. She had been teaching English at Salty Bay Senior High for almost two years and enjoyed the feeling she gets from guiding young people.

She had fought hard to get where she was and resented the way the other faculty thought she had it easy due to her superior looks. She was an average height woman standing at around 5’7″ and had an athletic body due to her love for tennis and netball, what Australian woman didn’t play netball?

Her mother was Kiwi and her father was Greek and she was luckily blessed with the best traits from both cultures. She had short bleached hair and honestly even she couldn’t remember her natural color, she had been bleaching her hair as long as she can remember and been sporting a waxed pubis since she was 14. Now in her early twenty’s she had partied too much and too hard in her collage days to remember things like her natural hair color.

Her first year she knew the seniors liked the way she looked by the way they stared and stopped their juvenile chatter when ever she walked, or should she admit, strutted past them in the halls. She was proud of her body and she wore clothes that most teachers would have steered clear of but she has never intentionally used it to her advntage, maybe the odd ticket was passed on the highway, but never in her career.

Today she wore a tight aqua turtle-neck sweater with a nice tight black pair of hipster jeans over her favorite pink g-string, which she wore in protest as the day before the Principal, Ms. McNole, had practically ordered her not to wear them anymore as the male contingent of her classes took pleasure in dropping things in class for her to pick them up and expose her undergarments.

“Fine Audrey but if I can’t wear them I wont be wearing any underwear at all, lets see what the “male contingent” thinks of that!” She protested as she left the principals office the day before. Fuck her she thought; why not just ask her not to pick things up for her students anymore? Or plainly inform her of what was happening, even though she knew deep inside, so she could change. Instead she orders her? Don’t think so.

The final 5 minutes of class, time for the class to leave. Another thing Miss D was famous for, letting everyone out that little bit early at the end of the day. Truthfully it was because she was just as eager as the students to leave the school but she disguised it as consideration for her students. This also helped her build “friendships” with her students, her female students saw her as one of the girls and the males saw her as, well, their fantasies materialized.

As the class cleared Michael approached her desk. “Have I done anything wrong Miss? Or am I up for another award” He asked slightly coyly with his bag over his shoulder.

She looked up at Michael and thought of how she would talk to him about this, she had rehearsed it in her head on the way to school that canlı bahis day but as Michael stood in front of her she was lost in his big brown eyes.

Michael was of Australian/Filipino descent and thus had a natural tan that the Australian sun turned olive in summer and he had a unique adolescent body with the perfect v-shape and defined muscles, he was a member of the school tennis team, rugby team, football team, basketball team…. There wasn’t much Michael wasn’t a member of actually. He had nice short brown, sun-bleached hair, deep brown eyes and a touch of facial hair he cultivated on his chin. He had a certain maturity to him that the other students didn’t posses which he attributed to his father passing when he was 9 and he needing to be “the man of the house” so young. With this maturity Michael also had a fixation with sex Natasha hadn’t seen in other students of his same age, she had learnt from the girls in his class that Michael was somewhat of a lady’s-man and was good at “everything physical”. Natasha realized then looking at Michael that maybe she thought and wondered about this student a little too much.

“Michael, this story you handed in for your assignment, are you sure you had the right piece? This one is very…umm… graphic in places and as essentially I can recognize it as a love story and adults in love do partake in the activities you describe, in great detail I may add, I think it’s a bit inappropriate for school.” She mustered from her thoughts as she described her problems to Michael.

“Miss D, you asked us to be creative and write from the heart and although I may have gotten a bit carried away, it was still from my heart, and adults don’t have to be in love to “partake” in these activities but in this context I thought it should be appropriate for school, it’s not smut its just how I feel about life and love. And you” He paused “And you of all people I thought would understand.” He disguised what he was saying by melding the two statements to sound as one.

Natasha was confused, she understood what he was saying but still thought maybe she had to do something like make him submit a different piece, she was also confused by his statement, she was an English teacher and could recognize when people played with words. But did Michael realize how that had sounded? Does he have a crush on her? Did she have a crush on him? She hadn’t really thought of him as more than a student until reading his assignment. It was very sexual in places and had had her heart racing and her legs shaking in parts but should that be to his detriment? And did he write it with a particular target audience in mind?

“This part is confusing to the reader…”He then kissed his way down her toned stomach beyond her belly-button.” Then it ends and the next page starts “As he returned to kissing his lover she had a look of apprehension in her eyes as she wasn’t sure if she should have allowed such pleasure to be given in such a way.” So you’re saying she felt pleasure from him kissing her belly? And it’s a fragment, seems like something’s missing.” Natasha taught her muse.

Michael had to sit down as he heard his un-be known fantasy read a part of his story aloud, a part in which he had her in mind when writing it. He took the seat next to her quickly so as not to reveal his excitement.

“Miss the bahis siteleri key words there are “down”, “beyond” and “pleasure in such a way”. Don’t be naive Miss, read between the lines and once you work it out you will understand why I didn’t give much more detail.” Michael returned to his teacher.

Natasha had read between the lines, she was the teacher after all, but she couldn’t believe an 18 year old would submit a story with such activities discretely included.

“Excuse me Michael did you just call me naïve?” She asked sternly, trying to revive any authority she still possessed whilst uncrossing and crossing her legs in an attempt to let her now moist crotch get some air.

Michael wasn’t as naïve as his teacher thought he was and could tell from her flushed face, her breath and her leg cross-over that it was having the desired effects on his instructor. With a breath of confidence that he was famous for Michael moved closer to his teacher, so close that their cheeks almost pressed together as they both looked at the piece of paper in front of them, Natasha was avoiding Michaels eyes and he could tell.

“Sorry miss that WAS inappropriate” Michael said in almost a whisper. “And this may be as well” He said as he lowered his lips down to her neck.

Michael started kissing Natasha’s neck and up to her ear and slowly and shakily took her earlobe into his mouth as she sat there frozen. He wasn’t sure whether this was a good frozen or a bad shock frozen but he continued his luck. He then reached around and took one of his teacher’s breasts into his hand, feeling her hard nipple through her sweater. This bought a sharp breath from Natasha as she threw her head back in pleasure.

Michael smiled as he continued to feel up his teacher and kiss her in the places he knew got all his other conquests raging with lust.

Natasha was lost for a moment in Michael’s whim but was then quickly snapped to reality when she saw some students walking with their back to them through one of the windows, anyone passing could have seen them. She pulled away from Michael.

Michael was surprised, he thought he had her going, he thought it was all working for him. Then he looked out the window in wonder and saw what changed things- other people.

He wasn’t sure if he would have another opportunity like this and he wasn’t about to let it waste. He then grabbed her chair by the arms and wheeled it to a near-by storage room, kneeled in front of Miss D and looked into her eyes for approval.

Natasha was shocked, she didn’t know where to go from here, she was initially shocked at how much she enjoyed the feeling of Michaels kiss and now she was shocked at how brash he was being with her. Yet even though her brain said to stop her heart, her sex and her eyes said “Don’t stop.”

Michael seized the moment and placed his mouth over his teacher’s breast as he rubbed her wet crotch through her pants, she still was fully clothed but the warmth of his mouth and the pressure of his hand still had the desired effect as Natasha raised her hands to Michaels head and held it in place and widened her legs. Although he copped a mouth full of fluff Michael relished her hard nipple all the same.

As he freed her pant’s button and undid her fly Natasha lifted herself so he could slip her out of her pants and underwear bahis şirketleri in one movement.

The sweet smell of her sex washed over Michael as he broke his mouth from Natasha’s breast and he pulled her forward in her chair. He then basked in the sight before his eyes; his fantasy’s bald swollen pussy almost begged Michael to kiss it.

Michael then leaned forward and kissed up her thigh and ran his tongue up and down her slit, taking in the taste before he devoured her cunt. He continued his licking whilst he brought his hands to her vulva and parted them, exposing the inner lips and her clit from its little protective hood. He then went to work on driving his tongue in and out of her hole and flicking her clit every time her legs shook around his ears.

He then worked his fingers into the action plunging two fingers into her and tickling her insides as he finger fucked her and sucked on her clit. Before long Natasha was engulfed in a raging orgasm as her whole body shook and her pussy tensed in waves around Michaels fingers, Michael continued to pump the fuck out of her little hole and started to nibble on her clit as the first wave hit her and through-out the whole experience of this woman peaking to his technique.

Michael stood up wiping his mouth with a “cat caught the bird” smile on his face.

As Natasha caught her breath she dropped to her knees in front of Michael and looked into his eyes with a new appreciation of her student, she was about to show him her years of experience of he art of fellatio.

Natasha unzipped Michaels tented jeans and stared at his crotch as she exposed his large throbbing penis from his pants and boxers, it stood straight up as it was fully engorged with blood due to their earlier activity. She grabbed the thick shaft of his love-pole and squeezed it wondering to herself how much of it she could take in her mouth and throat, as she studied it Michael started to thrust his hips back and forth sliding his penis through his teacher’s fist.

She needed no more encouragement as she grabbed his balls and fondled them whilst she started licking up his cock and popped the head into her wet, warm mouth. She sucked on the bell head of Michael’s penis as she grabbed the cock with her free hand and started pumping up and down the shaft. She then started swallowing more and more of her students hard dick into her mouth and soon opened her throat to his engorged member as she took as much of his cock as she could and started bobbing her head up and down.

Michael looked down with amazement as he watched his English teacher wrap her lips around his manhood and perform the best blowjob he had ever had. He could feel her suck, flick her tongue underneath his shaft and her throat milking him like there was no tomorrow.

His legs tensed up as he felt the imminent release approaching with every pump and he instinctively grabbed his teachers head with encouragement not to stop. He basically started fucking the face of his young teacher.

Natasha knew what it meant when Michael grabbed her head and she began to suck as hard as she possibly could causing her cheeks to cave in and her eyes to water.

Michael’s breathing increased to a fierce pace until he breathed in and held his breath as his hot cum burst into Miss D’s oral cavity. He pumped a lot of his man juice into his poor teachers throat and mouth, over and over, rope after rope. He was astounded at how much cum he had drained from his balls into his teacher. Man that was a brilliant head-job.

To be continued…

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