Taste Test Ch. 02

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I spent the whole night thinking about what took place, right inside my room with three girls. I relived every moment of tiniest action that took place, enjoying every thought to the fullest. God, how cold one relive without making every drop of blood running through the body to accumulate at the base of the cock, making it harder, harder than it has ever felt. Feelings of fear and guilt also clouded my thoughts, but then again, it was not my fault that I fucked my own sister Teri. In fact it was her idea to get me involved in the plot with two other girls to make me fuck her, I told myself. Then again, thoughts of how I had my tongue buried in her hot and juicy cunt, how thrilling it was to have my cock buried in warm hole, hitting the deepest walls of her wet pussy while ejaculating bucket loads of cum, got me only hotter, and wanting to fuck her again and again and again. I must have fucked my bed sheets several time that night, smelling the very place where she had her ass landed, inhaling her aroma that filled my brain.

However, following day, Sunday morning, I felt somewhat uncomfortable hanging around the house to face Teri, so I decided to leave after my morning shower and spent the day visiting friends. I returned after midnight when everyone was in bed. The next day, my mother woke me up around seven thirty on her way out reminding me of my doctor’s appointment that day at nine and I showed and promptly left home, when Teri was still in her room. When I returned, feelings of guilt, fear and nervousness were again present in me. I opened the front door to the house, knowing that I had to face Teri and deal with her whether I liked it or not. I kept on trying to convince myself that it was not my fault and it was Teri in fact made me fuck her. In my mind, I had few conversations taking place as it was between me and Teri and I tried to find answers to every possible encounter that we could have between us. Not wanting to announce my arrival, I removed my shoes by the front door and tiptoed to the kitchen to grab a glass of water before heading to my room, when I heard Teri yelling from upstairs.

“Is that you Ray?”

“Ya, it’s me..” I managed to answer.

“Hey, I got to talk to you, can you come up here for sec…”

“Sure..” I said nervously and climbed up the stairway to see her. She had just completed her shower and waited for me by the hallway near the bathroom, wrapped in a towel covering from top of her breasts dropping down to just below her buttocks. She had wrapped another towel over her wet hair as a turbine. When I got to the top of the stairway, she quickly returned to the bathroom and stood by the vanity mirror, cleaning her face with a wet cloth. The bathroom door was fully opened, giving me a good view of her.

“What’s up, sis?” I asked leaning on the doorframe and sticking my head into the bathroom.

“Are you happy now, Ray?” Teri asked, focusing her eyes on the vanity mirror. Looking at her beautiful face and warm blue eyes pointed at me through the angle of the mirror, I completely lost me though process. She looked more beautiful than ever, pink lips that she twitched around her face did not give a reading. Part of me wanted to hold her and hug her and hold her close to my body and comfort her, but it occurred to me again, “it wasn’t my fault..”, as those very same words escaped my mouth.

“I hope you had fun buster, fucking your sister..” she said turning towards me and whipped me playfully with her wash cloth.

“Wait a minute Teri, you have to explain how you got in there to begin with and why you lied to me… I only volunteered to test your friends and you were the one who cheated and made me do it to you. You better explain to me what the hell happened” I shot back, seeing that she was not serious with her remarks.

“I know, Ray, we were naughty, we very naughty I’ll explain everything to you, but for now, I just want to make sure that you are not mad with me” Teri smiled and rolled her eyes assuring me that she wasn’t upset over what took place for my relief, taking a huge burden off my mind. I felt that I was again free to have a normal relationship with not only my sister, with my whole family. However I pushed little further by telling Teri “Mad is not the word Teri, maybe confused is. I want to know why and how it happened, so I don’t have to fight with myself anymore”

“Now? I’ll tell you that later Ray. I am not comfortable talking about it right now, it might even upset you” Teri said while soaking her wet cloth and resuming to clean her face with it. Realizing that I was still there waiting to hear her version of the story, she turned back towards me and asked “You promise you won’t get mad with me” and I nodded in agreement.

“Ok, two girls were not comfortable being in your room, escort bostancı so they asked me to stay there till..You, know..till you guys were done. Then when mom came out of her room, we all panicked. The second girl was trying to remove her pants and she fell on the bed. I sat there next to her, not wanting to make any noises. “Teri raised her chin to glance at me and then she slowly moved and sat on the toilet after lowering its cover. I crawl into the bathroom and rested my back against the vanity.

“So, then what happened” I asked.

“Ohh.. Gosh Ray, I don’t know… Everything changed… You know, when you started to touch me, of course I couldn’t tell you who I was…Then I thought as long as you didn’t know who I was, it was okay to go on. Then when you started doing it to the other two, I felt like I was in haze and couldn’t think clearly. Maybe I wished for the same treatment, but when you stuck it in me, I got afraid…I though ohh my gosh, I can’t allow this to happen. We both know what happened next. Oh well, its too late now.”

“You meant when I was fucking the other two, you wanted me to fuck you two..?”

“I am sorry Ray, I was bad…Maybe, I didn’t think clearly. I was sooo hot and I didn’t know what I wanted or what I didn’t” Teri said apologetically. But I could clearly see the lightening in her eyes and how red her face got, when she explained her side of the story. I decided not to press and make her feel more remorse, instead to lighten up the conversation. “That’s all right sis, I am not mad or anything… There is nothing wrong with going with your feelings as long as we didn’t hurt anyone. But I have few questions for you”

Teri jumped up and smiled in relief. I saw a trace of relief on her face. She moved close to me and landed a soft kiss on me cheeks.

“Ohh thank you Ray, I was worried about how you react to this..What questions do you have?”

‘Well, first, who were those girls and did you enjoy what we did?”

“Ohh gosh Ray, do you have to ask that? I don’t think I will ever forget what happened and I still get, you know…I am so embarrassed that I still kind of getting hot thinking about it. As for those girls, I can’t tell you about them.” With that, she gave me another kiss on the cheek and rested her face on my shoulder, now leaning little more on my body.

“You know I didn’t get my reward for all the work I did and you promised me I was going to be rewarded. If you are not going to bring those girls over again, who is going to reward me” I asked half jokingly now enjoying her body close to mine, inhaling her aroma and quickly wrapping my hands around her back.

“What do you mean you didn’t get your reward? You got to stick your thing in three girls and you want another reward. You already got your reward.” Teri exclaimed.

“Wait a minute Teri, I didn’t take anything that wasn’t offered when I was doing my consulting you hired me to do. Besides, I had to work till my mouth went numb to finish you guys multiple times. I only got to finish once, that’s not fair. I think you guys still owe me the reward you promised” I said pushing the issue to see what else I can claim.

“So, you mean you want me to give you a reward, you basted?”

“You said that you came right? How many times did you come?”

“Ohh Ray, why did you ask that? I lost count after the fourth. I got to give it to you for bringing me to finish with your tongue. That was the first time ever with a tongue, then standing up, the finger and couple or so more in between. And then when you put your thing in me, I exploded”.

I laughed when I heard her long list and she wrapped her hand around me and held me tighter as to say “Thank you”.

‘Well then, I deserve a good reward, don’t you think. What were your friends going to give me?”

“They said a hand-job minimum and whatever that led them to do without you forcing. You know, you still didn’t tell who won in which category”.

‘Ok, girl

had the best smell, next to girl
. Girl

had the wettest pussy, next to girl
, Girl
had the tastiest and also won in two other categories”

“What other categories?” Teri rolled her eyes as she only asked me to judge on three.

had, I believe will always have best feel, warmest, smoothest and tightest pussy that I have ever known” “Ohh… you are so sweet Ray…Thank for the complement. By the way, those girls don’t know it was you in the room. I told them that I invited a guy I had a casual relationship with”.

She parted her face from my shoulder, looked directly at my face and smiled. Oh, good, she must be the most attractive girl that I ever laid my eyes on, I though. Her breasts that were sandwiched between our bodies were not large, but perfectly ümraniye escort round and firm as nice grapefruits. The nipples did stiffen up nicely, even over the towel she was warring, looked very inviting and I had a sudden urge to remove the towel and see the color of her nipples while sucking its juice from my mouth. I noticed Teri shiver a bit, as I leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on her pink lips. My dick started to twitch. I knew it was bit more firm now than few seconds ago and Teri must be feeling it over her abdomen.

“Right about now, I’ll settle for anything, even a hand-job, if you decide to payback on behalf of your friends” I said gently, delicately running my tongue over her left ear, which made her tighten her grip on me and squeeze me over her body.

“You pervert, you want your sister to give you a hand job, next you will be asking for a blow job and who knows what else?”

“Someone has to pay tribute to this thing, you know?” I responded by rubbing my crouch over her body, in up / down motion.

“Is that all you need brother man?” Teri asked dressing her face with a wicked grin.

“Now that you asked, I would like to see everywhere that I touched on your that night, but never got to see.”

“Oh man, how did you learn to bargain like that….” She said breaking her grip on me and stepping back towards the wall.

“Ok, you want a hand-job, that’s your reward buster, come and sit down here” She ordered pointing the toilet, but sensing that she was playful and can be convinced for more, I pulled her in from behind and let my hands travel down her firm body as I kissed her shoulders. I lingered on her ass, squeezing her cheeks and pulling her closer. She may have felt my harden against her ass-cheeks, and a soft moan escaped her lips. I continued to manipulate her ass, and it was not long before I reached under the towel and felt her tight cunt begin to moisten.

“Hey! What are you doing?” She countered, but was cut off short when I turned her around and pressed my lips firmly against hers, and untied the towel to fondle her tits. She moaned! I knew that I almost had her. I pulled at her pink nipple, and pinched its hardened tip between my fingers. Her nipples were hard and I am seeing her stunning breasts for the first time in my life. Oh, boy what I wouldn’t pay to play with them, fondle them slowly in my hands… She cried out then, saying “Oh Ray, That feels great, but…but you are not going to do this to me here are you?” Instead of trying to answer her question, I replanted my lips on hers, driving my tong in and squeezing her glorious ass cheeks.

Her towel was fully opened from the front freeing her gorgeous breasts now. Covered part of her body was stuck between her back and the wall. I pulled down the towel slowly and I was barely able to restrain myself. I was excited and wanted to drop her here on the floor and fuck her as there was no tomorrow.

“You are not playing fair” Teri murmured and acted as she wanted to leave.

I knelt down behind her, grabbing her by her hips, and placed a hand on each cheek, spread her ass wide apart. I was now staring at her little hole, just waiting for my tongue. I leaned forward, and slid my tongue up and down her crack. To my joy and surprise, I found that Teri was actually pushing her ass back against my face, as small moans escaped from her mouth. I reached forward and felt her dripping wet cunt, her smooth lips already coated with silky juice. Teri had the hottest cunt I have ever seen and felt without a doubt.

Her ass was now well coated with my saliva and seemed ready for my fingers that we well coated with Teri’s juice, now running down her thighs. I slowly withdrew my right index finger from her cunt and started to insert it in her asshole, when she jumped and went on to stand on her toes to prevent any further advancement.

“That’s unexplored territory, man.. I like to keep it that way for now” Teri said turning to her shoulders towards me. I had no intentions of pressing the issue. I bend down and kiss along her inner thighs. Teri dropped her left hand and started to run her soft long fingertips through my hair as to encourage my action. As she gave me more access to her dripping pussy by parting her legs and lifting her ass up in the air, I kissed and moved my tongue gently, smelling her aroma, enjoying her moans of pleasure. The musk of her desire fills the bathroom as the sweat from my body voiced my obsession with her sweet cunt. My hands explored, as did tongues. By then, Teri was leaning her breast on the wall, while I was taking her closer to orgasm. I paid her clit affectionate attention with my tongue, teased and licked. Then took her soft lips and sucked gently before being released, making her tremble. My tongue traveled kartal escort bayan the length of pink groove, up her anus before burying into sweet, wet love-tunnel.

“Oh my gosh Ray, oh my gosh…” she moaned as she rode my face. I felt the familiar moans and her thighs tightening around my face to keep it in place to her to joyride my tongue.

“Oh my GOD, I am Cumming!” Teri cried and I immediately clamped my mouth over her sweet porch. She moaned in ecstasy rhythmically lifting her hips and lowering her pussy to my tongue and riding it as there is no tomorrow. I continued licking, waiting for the wet explosion that was imminent. By this time, my cock has grown beyond its limits and waiting to burst out of my pants, but I did not want to take my attention elsewhere and deprive her pussy the attention that it needed then. A warm flood of juices engulfed my tongue and I tasted my sweet Sister Teri’s nectar as she came, once again. I felt her ass slowly relaxing over my face as she continued to moan and reached behind to run her fingers through my hair.

I bend down and kiss along her inner thighs, stopping to pick-up her runoff from my tongue as she rested against the wall, still shivering after experiencing a shattering orgasm. I moved upwards slowly, taking a second to drop my pants to free my throbbing cock. Remembering how much she enjoyed when I caressed her inner thighs with my cockhead, I did just that, getting her excited once more. When I let go of my cock, it sprung free and settled between her wet cunt lips to my delight. I was very excited and knew I wasn’t going to take much time before releasing my load; so therefore, I tried to divert attention to elsewhere and let my cock get adjusted to feeling Teri’s silky inner lips.

Teri backed up and walloped her butt against my groin, holding it there for just a second as she tossed her towel off her head and let her hair over her shoulder. Her butt felt so perfectly warm, with her cum soaking my cock. I felt like I was in heaven when her pussy lips tightened around my cock. I began to slide my dick up and down her crack and soon my pre-cum mixed with her juice made it very slippery increasing the pleasure that I enjoyed. I moved my hands to her hips and pushed harder against her, making my dick move along channel.

I placed my head over her shoulder, sticking my tongue in her ear. At the same time, I moved my hands up to cup hear magnificent breasts, as my cock no longer needed any guidance to slip back and forth in her love channel. Her magnificent boobs shot straight out, like twin peaks, defying gravity along with her fully erect pink nipples. I placed my head over her right arm and played with her boobs while sucking her nipples, first one, then the other, and she enjoyed it. I moved my body a little lower on her and explored with my dick until her gasp let me know that I found her clit! She spread her legs and hunched against me. With just the right contact, I gently rotated my hips, testing her reaction. Soon her breathing grew hot, she reached behind and pulled my body tightly to hers. I pounded my hips against her clit, teased her pussy opening, then back to her clit, all this while not diverting any more attention than needed to keep her breasts occupied with my mouth. I hunched relentlessly until she arched her back and clasped my dick between her legs. My cock was begged for relief and I knew she wanted my cock buried deep inside of her as well. Instead of stopping at her opening, this time I decided to peek inside by poking my cock-head in her opening.

It felt divine; never would I have believed such an exquisite pleasure possible. But I didn’t have time to enjoy the excitement of this sensation for long; with a single shove of her bottom she forced the rest of my cock completely within her.

Teri was again in ecstasy, moaning and begging for the length of my manhood. So, she must have been please by what I found between my legs because I heard her mumble a few words that I couldn’t make out and at the same time she tighten her grip on my erection.

Then began one of the most exciting and erotic pleasures that I ever experienced. While I fucked, her sights were continuous as she wriggled her ass; I even felt her legs quiver as I went on pumping my cock in and out of her. I could see Teri’s fingernails trying to dig holes through the bathroom wall as she moaned overcoming another orgasm. I was so near experiencing my own orgasm after a several minutes and I started to bang her with full force hitting the very deepest of her pussy. It felt like every muscle in her body suddenly tensed harder than ever and then relaxed. Waves of relief poured over me as I shot gallons of cum in several streams into her womb and then leaned against Teri’s body to balance myself.

Teri slowly moved her hipsmover my still hard cock, trying to milk every drop of my cream.

“Can we do the second round in the bedroom?” She asked placing a kiss on my head.

“Only if you are willing to explore new territories’ I answered squeezing her ass cheeks.

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