Taming My Twin Stepdaughters Ch. 05

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Lately Mary had begun wondering about herself, about her own mind. Maybe she was going crazy.

It seemed like all she could think about these days was sex. Whenever she looked at her husband Danny, all she saw was his cock. Every day when she came home from work, the instant she opened the door and had the first whiff of the inside of her house, she thought she smelled sex. Even when she looked at her innocent nineteen year old twin daughters, it seemed like all she saw was sex. They oozed sex. They smelled of sex. The whole damn household reeked of sex.

It was the hormones. Mary was convinced of that. In the months before the doctor diagnosed her as suffering from a freakish form of premature menopause, Mary had noticed a definite slacking off of her sex drive. She still loved Danny, and she loved having sex with him, but the zip seemed to have gone out of things. Danny never said anything, but she herself had noticed that he was mainly the one who had initiated sex. She never turned him down when he asked for it, but if left to herself, she just wasn’t in the mood any more.

After the doctor put her on all those medications, though, everything changed. The hodge podge that he prescribed to her included vitamin supplements, various Chinese and South American herbs, and a plethora of other stuff. Vitamin E and retinol-related stuff for her skin tone. Spirulina seaweed capsules for . . . something or other. Mary couldn’t remember. And the hormones. Mary was on so many hormone supplements that she couldn’t keep track of them all.

Mary wondered whether it was the hormones that were making her think about sex all the time. From being in a position where her husband was the one who was always asking for sex, suddenly it was Mary herself who was horny. Horny all the time.

Her horniness seemed to even affect the way she saw the things around her. Everything – EVERYTHING – she saw in the house seemed to make her think about sex. Everything reminded her of sex. Everything seemed filled with sexual innuendo. Everything seemed charged with sexual content. Even her two lovely daughters.

Mary knew it was her imagination. She knew that there was nothing improper going on in her household. It was just the hormones making her see things that weren’t there and forcing interpretations onto her that she knew were ridiculous.

Monday was a perfect example of the problems that she was having. That day, she arrived home from work at around 6 PM as usual. As had become her habit, the first thing she did after entering the house was take out the hard contact lenses that she’d begun wearing when the hormone supplements started. The mixture of medications had led to a worsening of her vision, but the doctor assured her that in a few months, the effects would wear off and she’d have her regular vision back. In the meantime, though, only hard contact lenses were capable of correcting her eye problems. The lenses were so uncomfortable, though, that her eyes ached by the time she got home from work. Most days, she took out the lenses as soon as she walked in the door, then placed a warm wet wash cloth over her eyes to soothe them. Ten or twenty minutes of lying back in an easy chair with the warm compass covering her eyes did wonders to soothe her after a long day wearing those damn contact lenses.

That Monday was typical. When Mary entered the house, the first thing she saw was her husband Danny, sitting on the couch. Splayed across his lap was her nineteen year old daughter, Jenna. Jenna’s skirt was hiked up around her waist and her panties had been pulled down to her knees, exposing her bare, now reddened, ass. Danny was spanking her.

“Oh, yeah, Daddy!” Jenna screamed. “Spank me! Punish me!”

Danny looked up briefly and smiled and waved hello at Mary, then went back to work spanking the shit out of the voluptuous little nineteen year old. “You little bitch!” he cried as he smacked Mary’s daughter again. Mary, standing just inside the doorway, flinched a little at the sound of Danny’s palm slapping against the girl’s bare bottom. “How dare you disobey your Daddy!”

“I’ll be good, Daddy! I’ll be so good! I’ll give you everything you want! Tell me what you want, Daddy!”

Mary’s hands shivered slightly as she removed her contacts and put them carefully into a small plastic container that she kept on the mantle. She had long ago given up trying to figure out why Danny was spanking her daughter. It always seemed to be some trivial infraction, like dropping a pen or spilling a few drops of milk on the counter.

Sometimes, it seemed to Mary as if Jenna purposely spilled things, then smiled slyly as her stepfather grabbed her by the wrist and slung escort bostancı her over his lap for yet another spanking.

Mary had to admit, though, that the spankings seemed to have an effect. When Jenna had first arrived in their household after living with her father in Indonesia, she’d had a bit of an attitude problem. But regular spankings from Danny changed her. These days, she was more compliant, especially toward Danny. She did anything her stepfather wanted.


Sometimes it seemed to Mary that Jenna’s subservience to her new stepfather was a little extreme but, again, Mary was sure that was just the hormones affecting her judgment.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jenna screamed. Mary looked over at the scene, squinting now that her contacts had been removed. She saw the general outlines of Jenna with her ass in the air, giggling and humping up and down on her step daddy’s crotch.

The spankings were almost a daily occurrence. Several times a week, Mary came home to find her teenage daughter lying face down on her husband’s lap, her back arched and her ass in the air, screaming for More Spankings! Harder, Daddy, Harder! Harder! Harder! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! At the end of the spankings, Jenna always looked completely disheveled, her hair tangled and hanging in her face, her panties bunched around her ankles. Most disturbing to Mary, Jenna’s blouse was usually in disarray as well: her buttons were all unbuttoned, her bra was hanging loosely around her neck, and her large F-cup breasts were completely exposed. If Mary didn’t know better, she’d think her daughter had just been fucked.

It was a good thing, Mary reflected, that no strangers ever saw Jenna in such disarray. They might get the wrong idea. Luckily, only Mary herself and, of course, the girl’s stepfather, saw Jenna in such a state.

“More, Daddy! Spank me some more! I’m such a naughty little bitch! Spank your little bitch, Daddy!” Jenna screamed.

She looked her mother in the eye and smirked. She raised herself on her elbows, then wiggled her shoulders, causing those huge, bare, dangling breasts to wobble in front of her mother’s eyes.

The sight of Jenna’s big tits was upsetting to Mary. When Mary had been younger, she’d developed large breasts much earlier than other girls in her class. Her large endowments gave her higher status among the other girls and boys in her school. Other girls were jealous but deferential – not that it mattered much, since Mary mostly hung out with the science nerds and the Star Trek fan club, which she was president of.

Ever since then, Mary unconsciously took it for granted that large breasted women were more important and took precedence over smaller breasted women. She hadn’t thought much about it being unfair or strange, since after all, she had 36DD tits. People tend not to think twice about unfair systems if they’re the ones who benefit from them. Mary just thought it was nice to be the person that men noticed first when she walked into a room.

Now she was in a strange position: both her daughters had larger breasts than she did. And because the girls were shorter and more petite, those large F-cup breasts seemed even bigger on their tiny frames. Whenever Mary saw her daughters’ breathtaking tits, she felt like it was her place to defer to them, to submit.

Women with bigger tits naturally took first place. Ever since her twin daughters had moved in with her after living so many years abroad with their father, Mary had started having dreams about them. Dreams in which her daughters dominated her and pushed their breasts in her face. Dreams in which she was drawn – pulled, really, almost against her will – to suck her daughters’ tits. Dreams in which her daughters pushed her down on her knees to submissively lick their clits. Mary’s medications were making the dreams more intense.

Mary staggered into the kitchen, trying to get the image of her daughter’s huge tits out of her head. It was ridiculous that she could possibly have sexual thoughts when she saw her daughter being disciplined like this. It was silly that she felt aroused when she saw her husband spanking his nearly naked stepdaughter. It was all the fault of those weird Chinese herbs distorting her thinking.

As soon as Mary entered the kitchen and was out of sight, she fell back against the wall and began rubbing her own DD-cup tits through her blouse. Then she thrust her hands down her skirt and began frigging her clit. “Fuuuuuck!” she moaned, as silently as she could. She didn’t want her husband or daughter to hear her. They might get the wrong idea.

“Oh God, Daddy! I love you, Daddy!” came the screams from the other room.


“Fuck ümraniye escort yeah!”


“Daddy Daddy Fuck Daddy!”


It was just the hormones, Mary insisted to herself. They were distorting her reactions. The hormones, and those silly Chinese and South American herbs. There was nothing strange going on between her daughter and her husband. It was just those damn hormones. She frigged herself some more.

The spanking went on and on. Though she had hidden herself in the next room, Mary could hear every slap of Danny’s hand smacking against Jenna’s fuckable round rump. She could hear every rustle of Jenna’s half-torn-off clothes as she humped up and down spasmodically on her father’s lap.

“You slut! Obey your Daddy!” Danny screamed as he spanked his stepdaughter harder and harder and harder.

“Fuck Daddy! Fuck Daddy!” Jenna screamed.

Mary diddled her clit harder. Her mouth hung open, slack. “Uuuuh! Uuuuh!” she moaned. She began shaking all over. She needed to stop, but she was so fucking horny she couldn’t control herself. She pictured herself being dominated by her husband. And by her twin teenage daughters. She pictured the three of them forcing her to watch them fuck. They would make her masturbate in front of them while they screwed. In her fantasy, she was powerless to stop her husband from thrusting his big dick into his gorgeous, busty stepdaughter.

Her teenage daughter’s body was so petite, and her husband’s cock was so huge! Once he fucked her, there would be no turning back. He would own her. He would own both of them – both of her beautiful daughters. He would fuck those two busty little sexpots together. Mary thrust her finger up into her wet pussy and bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Why couldn’t she stop having these thoughts?

When she came, Mary spasmed involuntarily, smacking her head backwards against the wall. She gasped in release and slumped downward into a heap on the floor. From the other room, she heard the spankings pause for a second. For a moment, Mary thought she heard laughter from the pair of them, daughter and stepfather, in the other room.

A few moments later, Mary had tucked her blouse back into her skirt waist and straightened her hair. She emerged from the kitchen with a warm, wet cloth to use as a compass against her aching eyes. She sat back in the easy chair opposite from the couch where Danny and her daughter continued their daily discipline session.

“Don’t mind me,” she said.

“Oh, I don’t mind, Mom,” Jenna said, a smirk on her face. “I like it when you watch.”

With the wet cloth covering her eyes, Mary could see nothing. She could hear, though, as her husband and daughter entered the second phase of their session: their Daddy-Daughter Loving Reconciliation.

Danny had explained it to Mary numerous times. Discipline is important, he said, but it always has to be done with love. If you don’t remind the child that you love her, all that’s left is punishment, leading to resentment. That was why, he explained, every spanking session had to end with a segment where he massaged lotion onto the areas where he had spanked Jenna, all the while telling her how much he loved her and how everything was for her own good.

As her eyes felt the soothing balm of the wet compass, Mary could hear the sputtering of the plastic lotion nozzle squirting thick white goo onto her daughter’s flawless round ass.

“Daddy loves you,” Danny cooed as he rubbed the lotion all over Jenna’s ass. Rhythmic squishing sounds filled the room as Danny’s hands explored the hidden parts of his stepdaughter’s bum. “Do you love your Daddy?”

“Luh! Luh! Love! Fuh! Fuh! Fuuuuck!” The squishing sound of Daddy’s fingers in his daughter’s wet twat filled the room.

“Put some lotion on my breasts, too, Daddy,” Jenna told him. “You were grabbing them so roughly, my poor titties need attention, too.”

“Of course, honey. Turn over and rearrange yourself with your head on Daddy’s lap. Now open your blouse all the way. Daddy will put lotion all over you.”

It was the hormones, Mary reminded herself. Those damn hormones, and those damn herbs! She needed to get these silly thoughts out of her head! Her pussy was itching. Her pussy was always itching these days. She hoped that her husband and daughter couldn’t tell how much her pussy was itching. She began squirming in her seat, trying to rub her thighs together to relieve the itching in her clit.

“Is this what you want, baby?” her husband asked. “Daddy will give it to you all night.”

Mary refused to give in to her silly suspicions. A part of her was crying kartal escort bayan out to take the wet cloth away from her eyes, to see what was going on a few feet away from her. But doing that would be surrendering to the crazy thoughts that were stuck in her head. Those damn hormones! And so, when the squishing sounds gave way to the sounds of the couch cushions creaking rhythmically, Mary did not look up. After all, why should she? There was nothing to see.

Still, even though everything was perfectly innocent, Mary’s imagination was in overdrive. She imagined all kinds of lewd things going on a few feet away from her. When she heard the rhythmic creaking sound of the sofa springs, she imagined that her daughter was sitting on her stepfather’s lap, grinning while she faced him with his cock buried deep inside her. Mary imagined that her petite daughter was thrusting those humongous tits of hers in her stepdaddy’s face, encouraging him to bury his face in her titflesh and suck on her sensitive nipples. Mary imagined her husband grabbing her daughter’s perfect round ass and lifting her lithe little body up and down relentlessly on his hard cock. The two of them were doing it knowing that Mary was right there.

But of course, none of that was happening. It was all in Mary’s imagination. She refused to give in to her worries. She kept the warm compass over her eyes and refused to indulge her hormone-driven paranoid sexual fantasies. She would absolutely not look at what was going on three feet in front of her. After all, he was her husband. Her daughter was an innocent young teenager. How could anything wrong possibly be happening?

Jenna had stopped screaming, at least for the moment. Now she was moaning and gasping non-stop. “Oh God, Daddy! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Mary squeezed her eyes shut. She was shivering in sexual frustration, trying desperately to control the urge to thrust her hand back into her panties and get herself off. She began moaning in synch with sound of the squeaky couch springs. “Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” Damn those South American herbs!

Finally the dam broke. Against her will, without even touching herself, Mary came. Still lying back in the easy chair with the warm compress over her eyes, Mary’s body began convulsing in a massive orgasm that she could not hide and could not stop. Her mind was full of images of her daughter bouncing up and down tirelessly on her husband’s huge cock. In her mind’s eye, Jenna braced her hands on Danny’s shoulders while she gyrated up and down, laughing joyously the whole time. Her big soft tits slapped Danny repeatedly in the face.

“Huh! Huh! Horsecock!” Mary stammered. Her husband and daughter paid no attention to her moans. They ignored her writhing on the easy chair. The pounding rhythm of the couch springs went on and on and on.

After more than a half hour of spanking followed by Loving Reconciliation, the noises died down, replaced by gentle cooing on Jenna’s part.

Mary felt more rested. She removed the wet cloth from her eyes. When she did, Jenna took that as a cue to get up from the couch that she had been sharing with Danny.

Jenna stood before Mary in a demure pose that – those damn hormones! – still seemed off kilter to Mary. After the intense spanking session, Jenna’s skirt was completely askew, riding high on her waist on her left side but sliding off her hip on the other side. Jenna’s panties lay discarded at the end of the couch. Her blouse was completely open and unbuttoned and looked like it had several white gooey splotches of what must have been excess lotion. Her bra dangled uselessly around her neck. She was gasping, and her huge bare breasts – so much larger than Mary’s own DD’s! – were heaving and wobbling hypnotically. Mary couldn’t take her eyes off of her daughter’s perfect tits.

“Are your eyes feeling okay, Mom?” Jenna asked. “Are you well rested?”

“Uh huh,” said Mary, a little dazed. “Your, uh, your blouse. You’ll need to soak it to keep the material from staining from all that lotion of your Daddy’s.”

Jenna giggled. “Lotion!” she said, as if the word were a small joke. “Hee hee hee! Daddy’s special lotion!” She pulled off her blouse in a quick motion, leaving herself topless but for the useless bra hanging around her neck. “Thanks for the tip, Mom. I’ll soak this in the bathroom sink right away.”

Mary looked across the room, where Danny was sitting up on the couch. He was smiling as he watched his nearly naked stepdaughter walk away, her hips sashaying back and forth and her huge breasts visible on either side of her slim torso even from behind.

“Penny for your thoughts, Danny,” Mary said.

Danny didn’t take his eyes off his stepdaughter’s ass as he said, “I’m thinking about how crazy I am about your two daughters. So gorgeous. Such perfect young bodies. And they both want to please their Step Daddy.”

“And do they please you?”

“Oh yeah. They please me every day. And every night.”

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