Tale of Two Panties Ch. 02

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Candace’s story. How the panties got on the floor.

I had come home from college for the long weekend, and my friend from high school, Katie came over to my parent’s house. We had shared a pizza and a pitcher of margarita that my mom made. Well, it got late and Katie said she was a bit buzzed and was nervous about driving. Mom suggested that she stay over, like a sleepover. “You have twin beds, Katie can wear one of your jammies. No sense risking getting pulled over. Besides, its raining hard and no fun to drive in that.” It seemed like a sensible idea. Soon, Mom said good night and went upstairs.

My room was good size, with its own bathroom and twin beds. I let Katie choose a pair of PJs from my drawer, a cute yellow baby doll set, and she went into the bathroom first. I used the privacy to get into my own pajamas, thinking Katie would do the same. I was surprised when she came out in bra and panties, saying she had forgotten the baby dolls.

With that comment, she undid her bra while facing me. We had been in the same gym class in 10th grade and like everyone else, had compared titties. One classmate had described mine as “grapefruit halves.” Katie’s were smaller, or as she put it, “like eggs—fried.” I had not seen her nude for a couple of years, but she had developed. Her perky titties fit her tall frame nicely, with small brown circles around her nipples, smaller than mine, which I had been told by boys “were a good handful.” After slipping on the PJ top, she modestly slid out of her panties and put on the PJ bottoms. I tried not to notice, but she was shaved!

We sat on one bed, looking at the photos on my phone that I had taken while at college. Katie was always animated and lively, in contrast to my more reticent personality, and I enjoyed being with her, which is why I had wanted to continue our friendship even though I was one state away. After a while, I felt our legs brush, and I moved mine away. But it did seem a bit exciting.

A few minutes later, our legs brushed again. I didn’t move away as quickly the second time. Katie turned to look at me, with a wondering look on her face. “Candace, are you trying to turn me on?” she asked. I blushed and stammered, not knowing what to say. While we had etiler escort both had boy friends, we had never felt an interest in girls.

Looking at each other, there was something in her eyes, the way she held her lips that was magnetic. Katie’s mouth opened slightly, and our lips met. Oh, hers were so soft! So warm! So welcoming! We broke off, but I could tell we both wanted more. Kissing again, more sensuously this time, our tongues dancing together, breathing faster. Holding Katie, I could feel her heart racing, as my breasts pressed against hers.

Our arms around each other, caressing up and down our backs, our fingers teasing the sides of our breasts, we kissed for a long time. Katie broke the kiss off first, and I was initially disappointed, but she moved to my earlobe and neck, which sent tingles all over my bod. By now, my nipples were rising against the thin film of my baby dolls, and I could see Katie’s nipples were also reacting to our shared passions. As she nibbled more on my earlobe, I placed my hand on her nightie, covering her breast. It was hot, even through the fabric, and it had the effect of Katie responding in kind. Oh, her hand was warm over my breast, and my heart reacted, beating faster.

Katie was the first to slide her hand under a top, running her fingers around my nipple, before pinching, rolling, and tugging on it When she had that nipple rising and hard like a gumdrop, she moved to the other. Soon, it too was erect.

Wanting to share the pleasure I was receiving, my hand went under her top, finding her perky breasts smooth and warm. Like boys had done to me, I knew what kind of reaction twisting and pulling her nipples would produce, and I was eager to please her. One nipple, then the other got the treatment, and Katie responded by doing similar finger activities on my nipples. It felt soooo good.

Soon, our tops were on the floor. I was the first to kiss and suck nipples. I sucked one into my mouth deeply, not letting it go, while Katie caressed my hair. “Ohhh mmyy gawdd” escaped from her lips. When I came up for air, Katie moved her face into my cleavage, her tongue tracing between one nipple then the other, before kissing my right breast. fatih escort Her teeth held my nipple while her tongue flicked it. Oh, was she a good kisser.

While Katie continued kissing and sucking my nipples, her hand began rubbing my tummy, a finger playing in and tickling my navel. We both giggled.

Katie’s hand slid lower and soon it was covering my mound, still hidden under the PJ bottoms. She said, “Gosh Candace, but you are hottt!” About this time, we both lay back on the bed, and I felt my legs open by themselves. Katie accepted my invitation by running her fingers up and down the pantie crotch, pressing the smooth silky fabric into my slit. Ohhh, the excitement. Ohhh, the pleasure I was feeling. My hand covered Katie’s mound and her pantie crotch. It was soaked. I wondered, was mine as wet?

Katie tugged my panties off one hip, then the other. I helped her tug hers off. We were naked, breathing fast, excited, full of lust. We played ” Monkey See, Monkey Do.” If Katie rubbed my clit, I rubbed hers. If her fingers ran up and down my puss, I rubbed up and down hers. Katie dug her fingers into my trimmed pubic hair, while I had to content myself with rubbing her bald mound.

I had had several boy friends, but had done “the dirty deed” with only one, so I guess you could say I was sort of new at having another’s hand near my privates. When I pleasured myself, I usually toyed with my nipples and clitty but didn’t slide my fingers into me. I was not ready for Katie’s penetration. I almost freaked out. Katie’s lips covered mine, smothering my protests, which weren’t that vigorous. Her one finger in me was soon joined by a second. Inn, Inn, INNN, she slowly slid into my puss. Her fingers did the “come here” curl on my G spot. I was soon rocking my hips, meeting her thrusts as she finger fucked me. “Candace, your pussy feels marvelous, so tight on my fingers.”

With my pussy juices running down my butt crack, her pumping into my puss was making squishing sounds. Her two fingers filled me, thrusting deeper and deeper, all the way to my cervix, and her thrusting became faster, faster. I wanted it to go on forever. Too soon, I spasmed into my orgasm, with animal-like cries fındıkzade escort escaping my mouth. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rolled through my body, creating tingles from head to toe. Judging by the grin on her face, Katie was pleased at the trouble she had started.

My fingers had been working up and down inside her pussy lips and were soaked with her nectar. I got a good handful and rubbed them all over my right breast. I wet my fingers in my own puss, and rubbed my juices all over my left breast. “Katie, my titties are ready for you. Which one do you want first?” She gave a mischievous grin, and sucked her own juices first. When she had licked it almost dry, she said “I taste pretty good,” laughing. Katie moved to my left breast,where I had rubbed my own juices. Kissing, sucking, rubbing her face from side to side, mouthing my nipple, she soon had my breast almost dry. By now, Katie’s face was shiny with pussy juices from ear to ear. We kissed and I tasted our blended juices from her lips. Oh, how sweet.

The next step was taken by unspoken mutual agreement. I turned in the bed, and my face was opposite her mound, 69 style. Katie was taller than me, so it was I who went to all fours, straddling her prone form. My face descended between her thighs. Oh, her pussy aroma was a strong turn on for me. My tongue found her slit, licking up and down. Soon her clitty rose, and I gave it the attention it begged for. It was like a mini cock, the way it stood erect between the folds of her labia. Exposed like that, I sucked it into my mouth and my teeth held it while I tongued it, hearing Katie moan louder and louder.

With my shorter frame, my puss was right in front of Katie’s mouth, and she took advantage of the closeness to pull my hips to her. Her tongue ran up and down my slit, and my nectar flowed freely. “Are you trying to drown me?” Katie asked as she moved her face back to get some air.

We sucked each others pussies and tongue fucked for a long time, long enough to produce simultaneous orgasms. Worn out, our faces shiny with nectar and reeking of pussy scent, we crawled under the sheet, holding each other face to face, our breasts fitting together and trading heat. We fell into an exhausted, spent, deep sleep, with only enough strength to display a contented smile.

And that’s how Mom found us the next morning. The sound of the bedroom door opening startled us awake. Mom stared at the two panties on the floor, then looked up to see me and Katie sharing a bed. “Candace, what’s going on?”

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