Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the
Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week – Chapter 6: The Pro Am
Wednesday pro ams are like wading in quicksand. Most are three amateur golfers and one professional, some are four ams and a pro. The pro am round of golf usually takes five to six hours. During that time, there is plenty of time to check out the female scenery in the gallery.
The Texas events are known for the abundance of beautiful ladies, young and old, at their tournaments. The only event that has better scenery is Scottsdale, where it is more of a fashion show/drunk fest party than a golf tournament. The day was extremely hot, making for skimpy outfits and lots of cleavage. Most of the boobs were usually quite surgically enhanced and I’m not complaining.
Hey T, check out the blonde to the left, up against the ropes by the water cooler. My caddie Mike said to me as we stood waiting to play on the fourth tee. “Her tits are almost hanging out of that skimpy top.”
Um hmm. I barely glanced her way.
Usually I would be right on top of such a sight and often would engage the sweet looking ladies in conversation while waiting. Often this led to rendezvous later in the day or week. Today, however, I was totally immersed in thought about the two young ladies I’d slept with last night.
Man, you’re fucked up, I can tell. He observed. “That little blonde has you in a fog. I hope you turn on the fog lights and don’t let this thing screw up a good tournament.”
I’ll be fine. I replied. Little did he realize it was both Shelly and Amy that had me in the fog.
I was struggling with how easily I had made love to and then fucked my own daughter. Trying to rationalize the experience was occupying my mind during the lapses in the round of golf. My other concern was just how much Ariel would divulge to the girls during their time together. We had quite a history between the sheets and in other places. This could be an interesting evening for sure.
Finally able to play again, I shook the cobwebs from my mind, hitting a perfect tee shot down the middle of the fairway.
Nice one T, let’s stay focused like that when we play. I don’t really care where your mind is when we’re idle, but that’s where I want it when we play. Mike reminded me.
We finished the round in just over five and one half hours. I told mike I’d meet him in the morning for our tee time and had him put my clubs in the SUV instead of club storage. Then I headed to Tammy’s house for the practice session with her.
Giving Tammy Pointers
Pulling into the driveway of the address Tammy had given me, I was impressed. It was a nice one story house, right off the s*******nth hole of the golf course, just as she had told me. There was a two car garage and a third smaller door. I presumed the smaller door was for a golf cart.
She had the front door open before I could ring the doorbell. She was dressed in a very short white golf skirt and a pink tube top, no bra of course. Her dark long hair, under a golf cap, was in a ponytail pulled through the opening in the back. She had just a touch of eye shadow and mascara on, accentuating her internet casino bright blue eyes. Her sunglasses were resting on her golf cap. Take off the cap, put her in a pair of heels instead of golf shoes, and she would be ready to hit the clubs. No pun intended.
Hi Thorn. She greeted me with a sexy purr. “I was thinking you might not show up. Those young gals didn’t seem to take to me to well last night.”
Hello Tammy. I returned the greeting, ignoring the comment about Shelly and Amy.
I’ll be right out, let me open the golf cart door and I pull out so you can put your bag on. She disappeared back in the house.
The third door opened and she pulled her golf cart out into the driveway next to my SUV. Her golf cart was a decked out model complete with head and tail lights, dual fans, stereo, water coolers and a covered top. I fastened my clubs on the back next to hers and seated myself on the passenger side.
We’ll start on the eighteenth hole. She told me. “I want you to see me play a hole before we hit the practice range. It’s a long par five. That way you might be able to see something I need to work on.”
We drove around the side of her house and I noticed a screened enclosure with a swimming pool. Nice pad for a twenty something want to be pro golfer. I assumed her family had some wealth. There was no way to afford a place like this on a cart girl’s salary.
On the eighteenth tee, I couldn’t help admiring her form. Especially as she bent over to tee up a ball for her drive. Her short golf skirt didn’t hide much as it rose up revealing her backside. Her butt was extremely tight and looked so inviting. Her pink thong nestled perfectly in the crack of her ass and I instantly became aroused.
As we played down the eighteenth hole, I noticed she had a naturally fluid golf swing. She struck the ball solidly and for her size, she hit it further than I expected. The only flaw I could detect was in her short game around the green. Her putting was solid and exceptionally accurate. This gal had some real potential.
After a short time hitting full shots, I stopped her. “Tammy, you have an excellent form and you strike your full shots perfectly. You don’t need any pointers there.”
Really, you think so? She was beaming with pride.
Yes, I do. From what I saw on the eighteenth hole, I do think you need some work on your short game, however. Let’s go over to the practice chipping and pitching area. We moved from the practice range tee to the adjacent short game practice area.
There, I attempted to show her by demonstrating my technique, how to hit accurate pitch shots. Each time she attempted to mimic me she failed.
This prompted me to position myself closely behind her to direct her arms to follow the proper movements needed to hit the shot properly. After a several times doing this she finally got it. Just before I let go of her, to try it without my assistance, she pressed her butt back into my crotch.
Was that better? She asked as she wriggled her ass against me. Right then and there I knew Shelly was right on her assessment of Tammy.
It was. I replied. I resisted the temptation to grind canlı poker oyna back into her behind.
We practiced a while longer then decided to head to the tenth tee and play back to her place.
I think we should play for something to make it competitive. She announced.
How about this, if I win, you stay for a drink at my place and I pick my prize. I lose, you still stay for a drink and you can pick your prize? She thrust her perky braless breasts suggestively out towards me.
I’ll play the regular men’s tees and you play from all the way back. She set the ground rules.
You’re on. I replied. “Sounds like a win win prospect to me.” That easily she had me right where she wanted me.
Standing on the s*******nth green, our last hole, we were even. She had a tricky downhill putt for birdie from eight feet, to tie me, and put us into an agreed upon chip off. She struck it and It looked perfect. The putt circled the cup and sat on the lip of the hole. I’d won.
Well, you win. She tapped the stubborn ball in for her par. “Let’s head to the house, get a drink and see what you’ve won.”
We drove back to her place. I put my clubs in the SUV and changed into my street shoes. Tammy pulled the cart into the cart stall, closed the door and led me into her lair.
It was quite the dwelling for a young single girl. Nicely furnished, there was also an ornate bar. She had an expensive bottle of Cabernet and two glasses on the bar ready for us.
Why don’t you open the wine and pour us a glass. I’m going to go get into something more comfortable. She told me as she headed for what I assumed was her bedroom. “I’ll meet you on the couch.”
Opening the bottle, I poured us each a glass, then sat on the leather couch to wait. Tammy soon joined me.
She had changed into a black thong and that was the extent of her clothing. Standing in front of me, as I sat on the couch, she reached down and took her glass of wine. Her body was toned and beautiful. Her breasts, though on the smaller side, had long hard nipples that protruded proudly. Under different circumstances this would have been a slam dunk for me. A glass of wine, a willing half naked girl and I’d won my choice of what I could do to her. Normally I’d have no hesitation in what my next move would be. However, my brain was spinning with my promise to Shelly.
Here’s a toast to you beating me and winning your prize. She took her glass from the coffee table clinking it to mine. Then she sat on the couch next to me.
Tammy, you’re quite beautiful, but, I’m going to have to ask for a rain check on my winnings. I started explaining. Her eyes began to tear and I knew I had to act quickly or this could get ugly fast.
I’m responsible for my daughter and her friend. They are in my care while they’re here with me. The only way I was able to meet you this afternoon was a friend of mine took them to lunch and out and about for the day. I have to get back to the hotel and meet them for dinner. My mind was racing. “I’ll be back in town in two weeks for another tournament. I promise I’ll make it up to you then. I just need to ask for a pass tonight.” I rested my case.
Is that canlı bahis it? She asked. “It’s not that you think I’m ugly or something?” Tears had begun to streak down her face.
God no! You’re extremely beautiful and you’re a very talented golfer. I’d love to spend more time with you. It’s just that I can’t this week. Setting my wine back on the table, I then wrapped my arms around her.
Rubbing her back and feeling her skin under my fingers was giving me a strong erection. We kissed. Wet hungry kisses, my hand moved to her firm breast and my fingers stroked her long nipple and she sighed. She reached and stroked my erection through my trousers.
My hand that had been rubbing her back slid down to her thong, then below, rubbing the soft skin of her ass. She moved so my hand could slip beneath the fabric covering her wet pussy.
As I stroked her there she whispered to me. “I haven’t had a man in so long. I needed a man’s touch so bad. Please make me cum. I’ll wait the two weeks for you if you’ll make me cum tonight.”
My fingers slid between the folds of her labia. Leaning back on the couch, so I could remove her thong, she smiled up at me. I looked at the wonderful, smoothly shaved, inviting pussy and knew what I needed to do to make this right.
Leaning down to her, grasping her lovely legs, I spread them wide as my mouth descended to her glistening pussy lips. Her hands grasped the back of my head as I went down on her. My tongue flicked her clit as I traced around it and then onto the sensitive button.
She came almost immediately, shaking, quivering and moaning. Her second orgasm lasted longer as she kept my face pressed into her wet nether lips. Releasing my head from her grip, moving her hands to her breasts, she pinched and pulled her nipples as she came a third time.
Releasing her legs, I stretched my arms to her chest, and took over stimulating her nipples as I continued my assault on her clit. Her hips began gyrating and pressing into my mouth, as she came a fourth and final time, screaming in pleasure.
Ascending to her beautiful face, I gently kissed her, holding her as she came back down from her orgasmic high.
That was wonderful Thorn. I needed that so bad. She told me. “I really want you inside me, I want you to fuck me so bad.”
Believe me Tammy, I want to fuck you too, but I can’t today.
I know, I’ll wait. Her hand again drifted to my crotch were she stroked my erection once again.
Sure I can’t change your mind? She asked, running her tongue along her lips. “I’d love to return the favor.”
I’d love for you to, but it’s getting late and I better get going. I turned down her invitation.
We finished our wine and I gave her a hug and long kiss good bye. Then she walked me to the door and after another hug and more kissing and my promise to see her in two weeks, I walked to my vehicle.
I stopped at the tournament course on the way back to the hotel. I took a shower there and hoped the fragrance of my afternoon indulgence was washed away. I knew from past experience, that females can detect the presence of another woman on a man, just from smell.
Arriving at the suite, the girls were not back yet. I went into my bedroom and took another shower. No sense taking any chances. Then, as I was changing into a pair of shorts and tee shirt, I heard the suite door open. Amy and Shelly came into the suite full of energy and excitement.

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